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Dawn M-Martin
Bismarck, North Dakota
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex
DawnerzFur Babies
Small rabbitery to ensure healthy rabbits. I raise Pedigreed rabbits for show, 4-H, and have pet bunnies also. I live in Central North Dakota and have been doing this for 15 years. I usually have kits of some kind all year long. Family raised, not mass raised, that way they are more tame and healthy. Belong to ARBA. If you want information call 701-255-2131 or call/text 701-202-4751. Can call just to get answers to your questions about bunnies also. I want to you to be able to enjoy your bunny and keep it healthy. You may call anytime.

Jennifer Pond
Bowman, North Dakota
New Zealand, Siamese, Califnian, Japanese Harlequin, New Zealand cross
Diamond J Ranch Rabbitry
Diamond J Ranch started out raising rabbits for 4-H projects. The kids love them so much we have decided to expand. However we are members with ARBA we only have cross bred rabbits at this time. In the future we will be expanding to include Californians and New Zealand rabbits and possibly more. Rabbits are an easy project for the children even my 5 year old loves them. We also have a pet type of rabbit and they are the Lion Head/Lop cross rabbit. We are located in the South West corner of ND next to the Montana and SD Border.

DICKINSON, North Dakota
Holland Lop, Lionheads
Happy Holland Lops Rabbitry
Welcome to Land of Lovin Holland Lops. We raise quality Holland lops that have a sweet temperament and beautiful colors! We are a small rabbitry located in North Dakota. All our bunnies are handled daily from birth so they go home used to being held, touched and enjoy human interaction. I am a small breeder that wanting to improve the breed to make a better pet, brood, or maybe show bunny. I do not raise them for the money as fees are only a fraction of what it cost to have a rabbitry. I am obsessed with bunnies and truly love each and everyone of them.

Landa & Robert VanderWal
Dickinson, North Dakota
New Zealand, Californian, Mini Rex
Bullseye Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small breeder with 24 sr rabbits in southwest North Dakota. We breed New Zealand, Californian, and Mini Rex. We breed all year round,with new litters born every two weeks. Lots to choose from! Check us out for your rabbit needs

Hannah Satrom
Fargo, North Dakota
Mini Lop
H&A Rabbitry
My brother and I raise purebred pedigreed MiniLop rabbits as 4H projects.

Ramie Rath
Gackle, North Dakota
Netherland Dwarfs
Ramie’s Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry here in North Dakota, where I raise and show Netherland Dwarfs. I specialize in Sable Martens and REWs. I strive for quality, not quantity. I usually have some bunnies for sale… just email me or call and ask!

Jeremy & Sherry Norman
Grenora, North Dakota
Norman Ranch Rabbitry
Purebreed dutch rabbits that exhibit excellent show quality for National and 4H shows. Good bloodlines that have won Legs.

Veronica Opdahl
Harvey, North Dakota
Lone Pine Ranch
I raise a small number of Dutch rabbits. My rabbits are well fed, well cared for, carefully maintained, and completely tame. I am actively involved in 4-H and have won the Wells County Fair two years running with Champion Breeding Rabbits. I’ve chosen the breed for its relaxed nature, it’s smaller build, and their beautiful markings. I have Blue, Black, and Tortoise Dutch. Because I own a smaller number, I have been able to devote more to the ones I have. Give me a call, or message me! 🙂
Veronica of Lone Pine Ranch

Lisa Miller
Linton, North Dakota
North Prairie Rabbitry
We currently are raising satin rabbits for both show and meat. Show rabbits are pedigreed.

John and Sarah Perdue
Mandan, North Dakota
Dutch, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf
JS Rabbitry
Rabbits are a family adventure for us. Our three boys love to help take care of our herd. From building cages, cleaning them, snuggling, or helping with kits, this is a family project. Presently or rabbitry is small. We have a papered champion blue Dutch buck, a young papered steel Mini Lop buck fathered by a grand champion and several non-papered show quality rabbits including: Dutch, Mini Lop and Netherland Dwarf. Our rabbits are snuggled, loved, and enjoyed and breed for temperament and quality. Our bunnies make great pets, 4-H projects, and show prospects for local and state fairs, or other show opportunities. We love rabbits!

Jennifer Brew
Manning, North Dakota
Holland Lops, Satin & Rhinelanders
River Ranch Rabbitry
We have have a small rabbitry that we started as a 4H project. We have Holland Lops, Satins & Rhinelanders. We love our rabbits. We are ARBA members. Check our website to see what we have available or contact us if you are looking for something specific & I can let you know if I am breeding soon. We look forward to selling you rabbits or helping you however we can.

Colt Kersten
Max, North Dakota
New Zealand, Mini Rex, Polish, Harliquin, Netherland Dwarf
Kerstens Critters
We strive to produce show quality New Zealand, Mini Rex, Polish, Harliquin, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We are located in Central North Dakota. Check out our Facebook Page “Kerstens Critters” for availability.

Milton, ND
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops- Rescue
L-R House of Rabbits
I am a small breeder they are raised in the house,handled ever day. I do rescue of rabbits. I only breed the best I can find,I breed for temperament,standards,color.And I do rescue.Working on a web page.I breed rabbits for the fun and seeing people who like rabbits. It isn’t first come gets the rabbits,You have to show me you want them and care for them.

Lindsey Schulz
Morris MB. Canada, North Dakota
New Zealand, Californian, Silver Fox
Marsh River Ranch
My rabbitry is still new. Currently breeding coloured New Zealands and New Zealand X Californian. Will be looking to add Silver Fox in the future. Breeding for meat, fur, breeding stock, and pets.

SouthEast, North Dakota
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex & Polish
S & T Rabbitry
Hello, we are Sadie and Trina of S & T Rabbitry, located in SouthEast North Dakota. We are forever friends who share a love for rabbits! Our mission is to breed quality Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, and Polish rabbits. We breed for quality not quantity. The S & T Rabbitry specializes in Mini Rex colors of; Black, Blue, Broken Blue, REW, and Broken Black. Our Polish are Black. Our Netherland Dwarfs are Black, Sable, Sable Martin, REW, Black Otter, Blue Himi, Black Himi, Lilac Himi, and Chestnut. We do get other colors as well. We raise to the ARBA standards and all of our rabbits are papered and can be registered. We only handle rabbits with good personalities, so you receive only the best. Our rabbitry is small enough for every kit to be tamed personaly before sold. We will only sell to responsible buyers. These rabbits are good for 4-H, breeding, ARBA showing, and pets. Our prices are very reasonable. Come check out our website! We also have some helpful rabbit information online.

Chris Davis
Tolna, North Dakota
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, and Flemish X New Zealand
Blue Mountain Rabbitry
Our rabbit is now 3 years old and through selective breeding we have been able to put out some of the best rabbits possible in terms of size, growth, reproduction success, and breed characteristics. We raise our rabbits for pets, meat, 4-h projects, breeding stock, and fur. Our current breeding rabbits include: Baby-sand color female Flemish Giant, Baby II-sand color female Flemish Giant, Steel-blue male Flemish Giant, Flower-white female New Zealand, Magic-black female New Zealand, and Champ-black male New Zealand. Will also be incorporating several different colors to our breeding program this year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

James Gruman
Valley City , North Dakota
Flemish Giants
Gruman Flemishs
we have been in the rabbit business for 4 years now we are takeing orders for Flemish giant bunnies if interested in putting in a order feel free to contact us.

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