Nova Scotia Rabbit Breeders

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Jan Pineo
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
American Fuzzy Lops
Blossom Bunnies Rabbitry
Blossom Bunnies is located in the heart of the Annpolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Here I specialize in the American Fuzzy Lops. I have Black Torts, Blue Torts, Blues, Opals, Squirrel and a few broken Oranges. Working with the Blue Lines are my favorites. I breed for type and personality to produce show quality rabbits as well as wonderful pets especially for children. I have been a breeder; 4-H leader and competitor for over 15 years. I am currectly working with four 4-H clubs here in Kings County as well as youth co-ordinatory with our local rabbit club. I am a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Ass.), MRBA (Maritime Rabbit Breeders Ass.), and AFLRC (American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club). I have traveled with my rabbits to shows in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward island, Maine, Massachuetts, Florida and Tennessee. I enjoy working with our youth teaching various aspects of owning a rabbit, rabbit husbandry and showmanship.

Tessa Leonard
Aylesford, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex
Maple Front Rabbitry
Small scale rabbitry. I strive for quality and personality in all of my rabbits :)

Ludivine Laperriere & Diego Aguilar Beauregard
Beechville, Nova Scotia
Blanc de Hotot (purebred from Normandy, France), Dwarf Hotot
Maison Laperriere
Our website is under construction. For now, please visit our Facebook page:

Megan Millett
Chester Grant, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex, Holland Lop
Maple Star Rabbitry
We breed quality mini rex, offer lifetime breeder support and return policy should your situation change leaving you unable to continue caring for your rabbit. We also now have holland lops!

Dawn Saulnier
Chester, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Holland Hugs Rabbitry
I am a Holland Lop breeder and I have 22 Hollands here I am established in Chester Nova Scotia and I breed nothing but the best, I have been breeding for 8 years they are all fully pedigreed as well I have my own website

Codi Andrews
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Lots of Lops Rabbitry
We only breed Holland Lops, We have ours as pets (Both from strong Show lines Pure bread pedigreed) And we intend to Have our Daughter do 4H with Hers When she gets older! Known for their sweet temperament and non-aggressive behaviour It’s one of the most docile family friendly rabbits out there, Ours are all handled from birth so they Come already friendly and calm!

Tricia MacDonald
Danesville, Nova Scotia
Netherland Dwarf
Scots Pine Rabbitry
Tiny rabbitry located in Danesville, Nova Scotia. I have been breeding Blue-eyed White Netherland Dwarfs since 2012.

Mary Grace McNeil
Ellershouse, Nova Scotia
Californians, Mini Rex, Dutch, Mixed Meat Rabbits
Heavens Half Acre
We have Californians, Mini Rex, Dutch, and Mixed Meat rabbits (Flemish/New Zealand crosses AKA Flemilands). Most judges (At shows) like the Depth (height), Loin, and heads of our Californians. For Mini Rex we specialize in Chocolate, Lilac, Black in broken and solid patterns. Occasionally a blue shows up as a dilute of black. For Dutch we specialize in show and pet quality, FRIENDLY, black Dutch. For our Mixed Meat rabbits we specialize in fast growing rabbits that reach market weight quickly. They come in almost all the colors of the rainbow. We strive for quality in ALL of our rabbits, purebred or mix. We use ARBA’s Standard of Perfection as a guide, and we are quite happy with our show results. We are members of 4-H, ARBA, and MRBA. Lisa is the 4-H rabbit leader for the Newport 4-H club. Mary Grace is looking at Junior leader for next year. If you ever want to know whats going on check out our website or contact us directly!
~Lisa, Greg, and Mary Grace McNeil

Denyse Barriault
Fall River, Nova Scotia
BEW Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherlands Dwarf, American Fuzzy, Jersey Wooly, Polish
The Magic Hat Rabbitry
Specializing in Blue Eyed White Rabbits.

Camryn Carter
Grandlake, Nova Scotia
Holland Lop
Grandlake Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located on Grandlake. We breed purebred, pedigree holland lops! Contact us at

Olivia Bolt
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Sablequin Rabbitry
Sablequin Rabbitry has pedigree Holland lops of lots of different colors! We have one buck called Bust a Move. He is a Sable Martin. Also we have a doe who is 4 months. She is called Bellatrix or just Bella. Her color is Sable Point. Our other doe is Tricky Nikki. She is 4 months and is a Harlequin. All our rabbits have great temperaments and personalities:)

Donna Dykens
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex, Holland lop, Dwarf hotot, English angora, Lion head
Ravennes rabbits
Ravennes rabbits is a small rabbitry located in Halifax Nova Scotia. All of our rabbits are friendly and hand tamed.

Cody W. Taylor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf
MugShot Hollands
MugShot Hollands is located in the beautiful waterside city of Halifax. I specialize in Holland Lops. The lines in my herd include, THF Saynora, LOV, Cowan, BBF, Cammack and LTD. I strive for the extreme look in hollands. Many of my rabbits go back to convention winners.If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from me, or have any general inquiries please feel free to email or call me.

Tammy Cole
Kingston, Nova Scotia
Californian, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex
Happy Hopping Rabbitry
Happy Hopping Rabbitry is located in the Annapolis Valley. The rabbitry shares 2 homes where the Californians and Jersey Woolies live in one and Jersey Woolies and Mini Rex’s live in the other home. The Rabbitry offers 3 varities of breeds, clean and organized living accommodations for the rabbits, have access to sun and grass during summer and fall. The Californians are good for meat where all of our other breeds are best for show. Both owners are members in the 4H club and are both showing rabbits.
For more information please call Carson Cole 847-2798 or Ray Parsons 765-8446
Happy Hopping

Vanessa Haugg
Malagash, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex, Californian
Bay View Rabbitry
I will be specializing in breeding and showing quality mini rex and californians.
Please make sure to check out my website for updated information.

Julie Beals
Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
Flemish Giants
Beal’s Bunnies
Our rabbitry has amazing Flemish Giant rabbits. Our Does and Bucks have taken first place in show. They have a very kind nature and are wonderful pets.

Mikahla Dorey
New Minas, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex, Havana
Mikay’s Rabbitry
I own a small scale rabbitry. I live in the Valley of Nova Scotia, along the Evangeline Trail. I am an ARBA and MRBA registered breeder. I breed for quality, not quantity. Mini Rex are and always will be my main breed, with specializing in Castor, Chocolate, Black, Broken, Blue and Otters. In Havana I breed mainly Black, with occasional Chocolates. I am an active member of 4H and travel for rabbit shows in the Province and the States.

Tara Hatfield
North River, Nova Scotia
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants
Tara’s Bunny Barn
We started our Rabbitry in November of 2011, and have since been raising quality Mini Rex in Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac and Broken Varieties. We have recently added Flemish Giants to the herd and are excited to start our Flemish breeding program this year! We currently have Sandy and Light Grey and are also getting Faun. Please visit our webpage to see our updates and be added to a waiting list!

Calum Ewing
Seaforth, Nova Scotia
Hawkeye Island Rabbitry
Small scale rabbitry raising Cals for meat and show locally. Breeding stock sometimes available.

Katie Peacock
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Roseway Rabbitry
I breed purebred holland lops with pedigrees.

Asia S
Springhill, Nova Scotia
Holland Lop
ShayD Fields Rabbitry
Small-scale rabbitry striving for health, personality, easy kindling/mothering skills and type in Holland Lops. Working on tort, black, and shaded varieties. If interested please contact me through my website.

Marja Jorgensen
West Branch River John, Nova Scotia
Jersey Wooly, Hollands Lops
Murrayfield Rabbitry
We have Jersey Wooly/ Holland Lop Crosses.
Box 381, Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, B0K1R0

Katherine Berry
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Windynook Rabbitry
I own a small 5 hole rabbitry near Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
I have raised different breeds of rabbits for over 35 years but now concentrating on Holland Lops.

Kimberley O’Connell-Dodge
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Dodge Family Bunny Patch Rabbitry
We are located in the country just a few minutes outside of Wolfville. Our bunnies are our family pets first and are handled daily by us and our children.

Hailey O’LEARY
Wolfville , Nova Scotia
Holland Lops
Mountain Dell Rabbitry
Mountain dell is a small Rabbitry located just outside Wolfville Nova Scotia. My hollands are handled at birth till the time they are ready to go ensuring that they are easy to handle for their new owners. All of my rabbits are pedigreed unless otherwise stated. Feel free to contact me by phone or email to see what I may have available .

Sherry Spinney
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Holland Lops , Mini Satins
Crossroads Rabbitry
I Breed Holland Lops For Show And 4-H And Also For Pet,