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Candace Hudak
Adamsville, Ohio
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Hudaks Rabbitry
We have mini rex in many colors tri, castor, black, broken, chin, and more also have Netherland dwarfs broken, chestnut, otter, silver marten.

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Many Hartman-Horak
Akron, OH
Hartmans Hutches
My mom, Carla Hartman, and I have raised show rabbits for 27 years. We currently have about 140 rabbits consisting of 100 Holland Lops and 40 Jersey Woolies. In the past, we also dappled in many other breeds but have decided that these 2 breeds are our favorites. With the Holland Lops, we currently have many different colors. With the Woolies, we are concentrating on the Selfs, Shadeds, Martens, and Otters. We also strive to produce the best quality and dispositions in our rabbits. We attend many shows in Ohio and surrounding states and try to attend ARBA Conventions and Breed National shows within reasonable driving distance but can usually find transport for sale rabbits if we cannot attend.

Vici Gombaski
Akron, Ohio
French Angoras, Satin Angoras & Jersey Woolies
Celtic Hare Rabbitry (#Z165)
Celtic Hare Rabbitry (#Z165)
A small hands-on, rabbitry, located in NE Ohio, where individual rabbits are lovingly cared for and highly respected family members. Our rabbitry focus is on fiber production, personality, ease of handling and adherence to the ARBA designated standard of perfection for their breeds. We’re also stress learning the value of responsible angora ownership.

Kristi Rummel
Alliance, Ohio
Rummel Rabbitry
We are a small family Rabbitry that breed high quality Purebred Californian Rabbits for show, 4H, breeding and food consumption.

Kylie Baker
Alvordton, Ohio
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Mini Lop
KJC Rabbitry
I breed Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, and Mini Lops. All of my rabbits are fully pedigreed and showable. All of my rabbits are handled on a daily basis and are very friendly.

Emily Wilkinson
Arcadia, Ohio
Silver Marten
Shooting Star rabbitry
Silver Marten blue and black.

Heidi Decker
Ashland, Ohio
New Zealands
Hickory Way Farm
Large white meat rabbit with tall ears, wide head, and deep, broad and long body.

Joe Ferguson
Ashley, OH
Silver Fox, Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot
Ferguson’s Furry Friends Rabbitry
We are located in Central Ohio and specialize in raising Silver Fox Rabbits.

Crystal Freiberg
Ashley, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Crystal Clear Farms Rabbitary
We are a family- owned Rabbitary located in Central Ohio. We began our bunny journey when we rescued a bunny from a local store. She was so sick and we had to nurse her back to health. She is the most lovable, sweetest bunny that took no time to have the entire family in love. That is how we started our climate control Crystal Clear Farms Rabbitary. We are a small Rabbitary, a herd of 10 to ensure the quality, best care, and attention rabbits need. We offer Pets and Pedigree Rabbits.

Chastity Booth
Atwater, OH
Netherland Dwarfs
True Brood Genetics Rabbitry
Our foundations stock is from Harmony Rabbit Trails Rabbitry in Wadsworth Ohio, and we strive to produce Nationally competitive dwarfs. We raise black otter, black, REW, and chestnut. We also come across silver marten from time to time because of genetics. We usually have pet quality bunnies for sale, without pedigree for $20.00, which includes a starter supply of food. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you! Check us out at truebroodgenetics.com and give us a call to reserve your next champion!

Judy Collins
Atwater, Ohio
Jersey Woolies
Moonbi Rabbitry
I have been raising Woolies for about 5 years. I have a small set up of about 25 to 30 holes. I don’t show as much as I would like but hope to change that this year.

Atwater, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, Silver Fox, Champagne d’Argents, Creme de’Argent, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Harlequin, American Chinchilla
Livin The Dream Farm Rabbitry
We are a family run farm inspired by our kids interest I raising rabbits. Each of our kids was able to choose one pet and one meat breed to raise, hence the reason for so many breeds. We have 100-200 rabbits at any one time so plenty available. We breed year round and most of our stock is pedigreed and high show quality. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming litters.
Call/Text 330-814-7588

Tracy Lee Fennell
Bainbridge, Ohio
New Zealands, Californians, Mini Rex – Lionhead Crosses
Misty Valley Rabbitry
We are a growing rabbitry in Southern Ohio. New Zealands are the main breed we raise. We currently have White, broken black(we sometimes get black and agouti from our brokens) and A blue buck (hoping for more blue from him). We also have Californians, and mini rex/lionhead crosses.

Ron Leasure
Bainbridge, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs
Leasures Rabbitry
Small rabbitry consisting of 33 holes. Netherland Dwarf rabbits only. Raise show stock and pets. Have Silver Martin, Otter, Broken. Sia Sable, Himi, Chin, Chestnut Agouti most of the time.

Tim Hosler
Batavia, Ohio
None of the above, Silver Martens
Triple T Rabbitry
Triple T Rabbitry is a new, small rabbitry located in the countryside near Owensville Ohio. We feature Silver Martens. We have eight 6 week old babies for sale. All three colors are available.

Amanda Goodman
Bladensburg, Ohio
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarf, Netherland Dwarf Lionhead cross, Lionhead Lop cross, Dwarf Dutch cross, and Cinnamon crosses.
Twisted Briar Rabbitry
I have been raising rabbits for years now with one of my daughters. Together we provide healthy tame rabbits of different varieties. My daughter has mostly taken over the care of our rabbits while I do the rest. We have started cross breeding some of our bunnies to follow buyer interest, but most of our kits are purebred. While breeding and raising bunnies is an enjoyable side business it comes with it’s downfalls, this is not an easy business. Rabbits are hard to raise and each breed comes with their own challenges. If you want a variety of rabbits to choose from that are tame, healthy, and happy then you’re looking in the place.

Kim Tomlinson
Bellbrook, Ohio
Silver Fox, Rex
Ouandish Rabbitry
Located near South Dayton, Ohio. Colony raised (does only, bucks live in pens outside the colony), natural fed. I breed Silver Fox in blue, black, and white (separate line), and Rex rabbits (not mini) in harlequin and tricolor in all colors. I do show on occasion and my rabbits do pretty well in their classes. I breed from mid February through early October.

Bob Payne
Bellefontaine, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Florida White
S & B Rabbitry
I raise Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops and Mini Rex. I raise litters year round and if your interested give me a call (937-592-2332) and I will tell you what all is available. All rabbits are raised on a self watering system and handled almost daily, thus making them tame.
I have just started raising Florida White meat rabbits. I also can make nest boxes and just started make tattoo boxes which makes tattooing 100% easier, safer and only one person can do it.
You can find more information at our website at www.mayfarms.com/Rabbits.html.

Ashley King
Bellefontaine, Ohio
Sebastian is a 3 year old male harlequin. He does not bite. When he was younger he had an accident so his left foot is a bit crooked but he loves to play and usually doesn’t shy away from people. He is black, orange, and white. My sister and I take in rabbits from people who no longer have time or can care for them, we also take in sick/injured rabbits. I’m selling Sebastian so that he can have his very own family. We usually give them away or sell them after we stablize them. If you would like pictures then you may email me at ashleysmithmay14@gmail.com

Luke Nieb
Beloit, Ohio
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex
Lexi Rabbits
Flemish giant females for sale light gray and steel gray. 3 months old

Eric McClintock
Sandusky, Ohio
American Chinchilla, New Zealand White, Holland Lop
Bunnies 2 Love Rabbitry
We currently have 5 New Zealand White Cross (American Chinchilla Buck), 9 week old rabbits available. They are New Zealand White colored.
There are 3, 2 New Zealand White colored, 1 American Chinchilla colored born September 25, 2014 available.
There is 1 Holland Lop / Netherland Dwarf Cross baby that will be ready in April. It will make an AWESOME pet. The Doe is a Holland Lop VERY gentle and the Buck is a Netherland Dwarf VERY Gentle as well. Not sure of the gender of the kits yet. I will know soon. The Doe is a seal point and the Buck a Seal point as well. Very BEAUTIFUL rabbits!! 🙂
We just got in 2 VERY good Bloodlined Pedigree American Chinchilla rabbits. The doe is 2 months old so she won’t be bred until October.

Brian Ross
Bethel, Ohio
Californian, NZW/Californian crosses
Hidden Valley Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry focusing on raising meat rabbits. We currently have 2-specific non related Californian bloodlines to produce breeding pairs as well. We are hoping our recent purchase of an Altex buck adds to the production and quality in our meat rabbits.
Call or text Brian for Cali breeding pairs; NZW / Cali cross bucks and does or meat rabbits.

Anna Burkholder
Bluffton, Ohio
Holland Lop
Burkholder Bunnies
We are just getting started in Rabbits and hope to be able to post a website as well as rabbits for sale shortly.

Andria Logan
Bowerston, Ohio
New Zealand (whites reds and blues), Californians and Mini Rexes
Little to Nothing Acres Rabbitry
We have new zealand reds whites and blues also we raise californians and mini rexes. Me and my fiancee raise our rabbits and handle then daily we have been in business for over a year now and love working with these soft loveable animals. They are very calming to work with.

Ashley Wenning
Bowling Green , Ohio
New Zealand, Polish, Netherland Dwarf
Jernie 85 Rabbitry
We primarily raise Red and Blue New Zealand rabbits, however we have other colors on grounds. Also have Polish and Netherland Dwarf. Can provide meat, stock, or pets. Discount for 4-h kids who can recite the 4-h pledge, or FFA kids who can recite the first paragraph of FFA creed. Text (preferred) or call for availability.

Amanda Poff
Brown County, Ohio
Holland Lops
Amanda’s Bunny Galaxy
I raise holland lops in southern Ohio for pets, show, & 4H. I am a member of the ARBA, and HLRSC. My rabbitry is registered with ARBA. Please visit my website for more information.

Julie Timura
Brunswick, Ohio
Mini Rex
Fuzzy Hearts Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry in Brunswick, OH where I raise mini rex in Broken Black, Black, and REW…Hoping to raise Blues soon. I breed for Quality not quantity so I usually only have a few for sale at a time.

Wendy Culler
Bryan, Ohio
Standard Rex
Hillbreeze Acres Rabbitry
Raising Quality Standard Rex in Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Opal, Otter(all 4), White and Broken in the varieties for show, breeding stock, 4-H projects and meat.

Colleen Wagner
Burbank, Ohio
English Angoras, Giant Angoras, American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead, Checkered Giants
DustiBunni Rabbitry
DustiBunni Rabbitry is a small family owned operation. We specialize in even tempermented animals that excel at home and on the show table. Our english angoras are of high quality and are known for their beautiful density and conformation at the shows. We work with both whites and colors in the english. In giant angoras we work with both white and colors (black & otter patterns). The lionhead breed has become a joy for the family and an awesome addition to the barn. In lionheads we work mainly with the seal color, but have a few others from time to time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our breeds or upcoming litters.

Courtney Riley
Burbank, Ohio
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads
Dandelion Acres
I am new rabbitry and just starting out. So i appreciate everyone’s help & patience. My rabbits are all handled daily by myself & my family. It’s become a big passion in my life & i want to share it with others! If you have any questions, or are interested, let me know!

Eddie Thompson
Butler County , Ohio
New Zealand, Dutch, French Lop, New Zealand White, Black and Broken Varieties
Buster’s Bunny Barn
We are located in Butler County Ohio and recently have decided to begin raising rabbits again. I started raising rabbits as a young boy and have decided it was in my blood. We are currently raising New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Blacks, New Zealand Broken patterns, 6 Colors of Dutch and French Lops. I love the cute and cuddly nature of the dutch, the massive stature of the New Zealands and there is so much personality to the French lops that I couldn’t decide which to love more. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and high quality. We have meat pens available during the year so, contact us early to reserve a pen for your fair. Want to know more? Need to ask us a question? Feel free to visit our website for more information about our rabbitry.

Gerian Dodds
Cadiz, OH
Mini Rex
BrokenTrail Bunnies
36 Hole- ARBA Registered Rabbitry, Show, Full Pedigree. Bew & a Variety of Colors. Champion Lines in Brokens, (Br.) & Selfs/Solids,(S), in Blues incl. Blue Fawn Tri, Blacks, Chocolates & Lilacs, Castor (S), Black Himi & Otters in (Blk.,Choc. & Blue S/Br). Member of NMRRC.

Daniel Fisher
Caledonia , Ohio
Californians and New Zealands
Fisher and Hecker Rabbity
We raise meat pen and fryers for 4-H and F.F.A. projects we breed for different fairs we also have breeding age stock in the spring we have been providing youth with fair rabbits for over 20 years

Austin Greenblott
Canal Winchester, Ohio
Flemish Giant
Green Gully Rabbitry
all breeder does and bucks are registered and your bunny will come with papers of lineage. you will be able to register your bunny on your own. Green Gully Rabbitry is registered with the Flemish Giant Rabbit Association.
Austin & Amy

Jenn Doll
Canton, Ohio
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops
Dollhouse Flemish Giants
We raise pedigreed Fawn Flemish Giants in Canton, OH. Please see our website or Facebook for more information. facebook.com/DollhouseFlemishGiants

George Wade
Canton, Ohio
Velveteens, Holland Lops, Dutch, and Rexes
Wade’s Bunny Bunch
It is run out of our house. The babies are handled from day one so that they are very tame.

Ed Boutwell
Carey, Ohio
New Zealand & Dutch
Boutwell Bunny Barn
Our New Zealand’s are selected for growth Rate & meat pens. We have been working to improve the New Zealand since 1995. We were instrumental in forming the Ohio Market Rabbit Producer’s Association that sponsors the Barn Sale at the Ohio State Fair. We raise money and present premiums to the top 30 meat pens at the state fair each year. We have developed our line off Crawford, Motter. Grubb,Rogers and Ganger breeding. We hold to a simple pf quality bloodlines,good nutrition and cleanliness.

Alyson Mcnutt
Carrollton, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds
Alyson’s rabbit ranch
I’ve been in 4h for 6 years now showing rabbits. The showing for fair turned into showing for ARBA shows. I now strive for high quality NZ reds. My rabbits have placed in variety and best opposite in ARBA shows. I strive for the rich red color and size that the reds have. All my rabbits are handled from birth and make great pets or breeding stock.
When contacting you will be talking to my mother, our agreement that she talks to any interested buyers and i make fair prices for stock.

Jessica Fair
Cedarville, Ohio
Fair’s Fabulous Dutch Rabbits
We have Tort, Black and Steel rabbits. Our latest litter is 7 tort rabbits available after November 5th. Some are pet quality and some are show quality.

Joe Chestnut
Centerburg, Ohio
New Zealand Whites
Chestnut’s 3J’s Rabbitry
We raise show winning quality rabbits from the finest genetics available. We are a small, family rabbitry focused on quality, not quantity. If it doesn’t meet our standards it will meat our table. We are members of arba and osnzrba. We have show, breeding and 4h meat pen rabbits at fair and reasonable prices!

Betsy Hildebrand
Centerburg, Ohio
MarLee Farm

Amy Smith
Central, Ohio
Champagne d’ Argent
Primal Acres Rabbitry

Lee Miller
Centerburg, Ohio
New Zealand, Californian, NZW, NZBk, NZBlu, NZBroken, Meat Pens, Holland Lops, Mini Rex
MarLee Farm Fakano Rabbitry
Raising rabbits for over 35 years, Specializing in meat breeds with a few fancies. Located in Central Ohio 30 mi north of Columbus. This is a 3 generation joint project….Grandma…..Mom…..kids. We show at Ohio ARBA shows and the grandchildren show at 3 fairs. All rabbits are purebred and pedigreed. We sell for the Easter Season beginning late March and 4H. We offer breeding stock year round and help and advice for the beginner. We are a small rabbitry only about 40 cages. We do not sell cages or supplies. The breeding stock we sell goes very quickly

Katie Ellis
Centerburg, Ohio
Silver fox, Cinnamon
Barefoot Farm
Our rabbitry is part of our family homestead. We breed quality, pedigreed silver fox and cinnamon rabbits for show as well as market. Our silver fox line has consistently produced large rabbits with high quality pelts and carcasses. The cinnamon line is smaller but boast excellent temperaments for easy handling, even by children. We are located northeast of Columbus.

Stephen Smith
Chandlersville, Ohio
Flemish Giant
H&T. Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is located in Ohio.I currently raise pedigree and pet quality Flemish Giants.I plan to add other breeds into our Rabbitry in the near future.our rabbits are given daily attention and babies are used to being handled since birth. We have many different colors available.we will deliver to all 50 states for a fee. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Brittany McMurray
Chardon, Ohio
Giant Angora
Windmill Hill Rabbitry
We specialize in colored giant angoras with a special focus on Chocolates. We have litters once or twice per year. Visit www.thewindmillhillfarm.com for more information

Kayleigh Brubach
Chauncey, Ohio
Britannia Petite
Stay Gold Rabbitry
Quality Britannia Petites in South Eastern Ohio. Focusing on Chestnut, Black, and Otters.

Stephen Hogan
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dutch, Checkered Giants
Hogan’s Rabbitry
We are a southeaser Ohio rabbitry, with Steel and Black Dutch, also Black and Blue Checkered Giants, variety of blood lines.

Tara McDaniel
Chillicothe, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs, French Angoras, Lion heads, Mini Lops
Brier Oaks Farm Rabbitry
We are a small farm in the foothills of chillicothe, are rabbits are well taken care of and are played with daily.

Teresa Steinbrook
Chillicothe, Ohio
Dwarf hotot
Steinbrook bunnies
I’m looking for some dwarf hotot bunnies

Mia Poff
Cincinnati, Ohio
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini Lops, & Lionlops
We are a small rabbitry registered with ARBA, & we are a member of the NALRC. We enjoy raising rabbits for pet, show, & 4-H purposes. We raise Holland Lops, Lionheads, Lionlops, & Mini Lops. We love our rabbits, & devote our time in the raising, & taking care of them.

Nichole Cobb
Cleveland, Ohio
Holland Lop
Orange broken doe

Izabella & Alex Lowe
Cleveland , Ohio
English Angoras, Satin Angoras
Beller’s Fluffy Bunnies Rabbitry
We are small family rabbitry consisting of Izabella and Alex Lowe and our son Oliver. We currently have beautiful English and Satin Angora show pedigreed rabbits who come from Championship bloodlines. Our rabbits are cared for and loved tremendously.

Tim Poff
Cleveland, OH
Mini Lop
Grandpa T’s Rabbitry
We raise mini lops for pet, show, & 4H. We have a variety of colors, and would like to help you find your perfect rabbit. Please visit our website for more information about our rabbitry located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tina Oney
Cleveland, Ohio
Holland Lop, Lionhead Holland Lop
I am located on the west side of Cleveland and I have been breeding rabbits for 4 years. I have Lionheads which have a pedigree and also have Holland lops. The Hollands do not have pedigrees. They are raised outdoors in a large grape arbor and are well cared for. I handle them daily and they are comfortable with children and dogs. I have a Facebook site as well Dust Bunny Rabbitry is the name.

Martha Sicking
Cleveland, Ohio
New Zealands
Quarter Acre Rabbitry
Small urban farm rabbitry that sells New Zealand white rabbits from a small and selective stock.

Denise Williams
Cleveland, Ohio
Rex (Standard), Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop, Silver Fox, French Angora
Rush Hour Rabbitry
Pedigreed Rex in several colors, mainly Black, Blue, Castor, Cal, Otter, REW, Sable and broken. Other colors tend to pp up as well (except Red and Harlequin). Jersey Wooly in Black, Blue, Otter, Siamese Sable, Seal and REW. Silver Fox in Black and Blue, Angoras in REW, Black and Pointed White. Rabbits for show, pet, wool and meat. Kits are frequently available, Rex pelts available on request. Click the Rush Hour link on the main page.

Chuck Waugaman
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Holland Lops, Silver Foxes
C&C Feed and Rabbitry
Raising quality show rabbits accordingly to the American Rabbit Breeders Association’s breed standards, pet rabbits. If you’re looking for a great show rabbit, we’re the ones to keep your eyes out for, if you’re looking for a great “pet” rabbit, for either children or 4-H purposes, we’re the definite ones to come see. We are a registered rabbitry with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (registration #D2043) and also accredited the with the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, American Rabbit Breeders Association, Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association. chuck_waugaman@yahoo.com

Chloe Ruttschaw
Clyde, Ohio
Jersey Wooley, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant
Small Town Rabbitry
I have two of each breed and recently I’ve had 9 babies, unfortunately they all died however I have more on the way.

Angela Mckenzie
Coal Grove, Ohio
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Lion Lops
Mckenzies Heavenly Hares
We are the Mckenzie family and we have a small rabbitry in southern Ohio. We love our bunnies, they are all special to us. We raise lionheads, holland lops and lion lops.

Dave Maldonado
Columbia Station, Ohio
French Lops
Painted Trails Rabbitry
Breeding Quality show French Lops in Columbia Station Ohio. We always offer a 4H discount. Our rabbits are handled daily and also make fantastic pets.

Anna Drewes
Columbus, Ohio
Holland Lop
Drewes Hollands Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in central Ohio; we focus on raising quality holland lops. We mainly specilize in tort and self colors, including black, blue tort, black tort, and a variety of broken patterns.

Pam Johnston
Columbus, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Underground Critters Rabbitry
Underground Critters Rabbitry is located in Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in shaded, Himalayan (black and blue), black otter and Sable Marten Netherland dwarfs. Underground Critters Rabbitry can be found on Facebook.

SZG Rabbitry
Columbus, Ohio
Holland Lop
SZG Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry located in the heart of Ohio. We started as a 4h project and couldn’t help but fall in love with the breed. We only raise pedigree Holland Lops . Everyone participates in the care of the rabbits every day so all of our bunnies are well adjusted to being handled by not only adults but young children as well. We are members of the HLRSC . Please feel free to check out our business facebook page SZG Rabbitry or contact us by email.

Amanda Chavez
Columbus, Ohio
Holland Lop
LuLu’s Bunny Garden
We are a small breeder of home-raised Holland Lop bunnies, aka our LOVEBUNS! We specialize in non-Vienna show lines, as well as blue-eyed Vienna Marked color variations. As a small, hobby breeder we are able to provide generous personalized care to each one of our bunnies. We breed for quality temperament and personally select each rabbit to join our herd based on their unique character, quality type, and color traits. Our goal is to birth not just cute bunnies, but healthy rabbits who are docile in nature; friendly and social companions that will make a perfect addition to your family.

Shelly Lehman
Commercial Point, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs
Gemini Rabbitry
Show quality Netherland Dwarfs.

Dakota Gattshall
Crestline, Ohio
Holland Lop, LionDutch, Lionhead
Kota’s Kool Kits
We are a small rabbitry located in Crestline, Ohio. All of our bunnies get the advantage of being handled daily frequently. Our main focus is to find our bunnies forever homes where they will continue to get lots of love and attention.

Joseph Messina
Crooksville, OH
New Zealand Whites
Hop Along Rabbitry
We are now raising new zealand whites. We will soon be raising them commercially. We started with a good blood line and are growing quickly. If you are looking for qaulity new zealands for show or 4h come check us out. We have rabbits of all ages available.

Kitana Vanoy
Crooksville, Ohio
Polish, Mini Rex, English Lop, Velveteen Lop
Kitana’s Cuddly Kritters
I began breeding Polish rabbits for my 4-H project. I am now expanding into Mini Rex, English Lops, and Velveteen Lops as well.

Laura Pottmeyer
Cutler, Ohio
American Chinchilla
Pottmeyer/ Taylor farm
Would like a small American Chinchilla.

Jalen King
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
King’s Rabbitry
Here at King’s Rabbitry, I raise and show Satins competitively. I currently work with Blacks, Brokens, Coppers, Reds, and Whites. I’m always willing to help any new breeder get started or help someone get some good foundation stock!

Nique Pittman
Dalton, Ohio
Holland Lops, Lionhead
Blue Winter Hollow
We breed and sell Holland Lops and Lionheads for 4H and to be used for pets.

Chloe Bullock
Danville, Ohio
Holland Lop
J&C Rabbitry
Family owned rabbitry located in central Ohio.

Lester Moore
Dayton, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops
Hop, Skip, And Jump Rabbitry
I have Top show line of Netherland Dwarf’s and Hollond Lops .

Katie Sax
Dayton, Ohio
Jersey Wooly
Wool Forest Farm
I breed rabbits for shows and 4h, i have full pedigrees for all rabbits

Mandy Steinway
Dayton, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Blueberry Hill Rabbitry
Here at Blueberry Hill Rabbitry (a rabbitry co-owned by Mandy and Natasha) we strive to raise quality rabbits at a reasonable price for pet, show, breeding and 4-H. We have a wide variety of colors of Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops. Each rabbit comes with a care sheet, some feed to get started, and a pedigree.
We can be found on facebook at www.facebook.com/blueberryhillrabbitry
or email us at blueberryhillrabbits@gmail.com

Eva Wells
Dayton, Ohio
Continental Giants
GWEB’s Continental Giants & More
WEB Rabbitry of Ohio, USA offers Continental Giant Rabbits that are top quality, healthy, pure-blooded, & fully pedigreed. Our Conti lines are primarily of European & Danish origin. We are continually working with importers to maintain a solid focus on breed improvement of size & type while not loosing sight of the amazing personality consistly found in these stunning, huge rabbits.

Katrina Longshore
Dayton, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops
Fuzzy Tail Hollow
We are small, hometown rabbitry located near Dayton, OH. We strive to raise show quality Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs that meet the Standard of Perfection.

Carli Edwards
Deerfield, Ohio
Mini Rex
Berlin Lake Bunnies
I have been raising rabbits for 3 years. I currently raise and sell Mini Rex of various colors.

Brianna Hoffman
Defiance, OH
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Grandma’s House Rabbitry
We are a small, family owned rabbitry in Northwestern Ohio. We have just started out with our rabbitry and don’t have much right now, but should in the near future. Feel free to check out our website.

Wild Vitality Rabbitry
Defiance, OH
American Blues and Whites, Satins, Flemish Giants
Raising Americans, Satins and Flemish Giants for food, fur, fun and the preservation of rare breeds in Northwest Ohio.

Casey Allison
Dellroy, Ohio
Awesome A’s Rabbitry
We are a small, family Rabbity located in Dellroy Ohio (in Carroll County). We . We raise purebred Californian rabbits for 4H, meat, and show. We currently only have Californian rabbits, but hope to expand to other market breeds in the near future.

Carla Holcomb
Dorset, Ohio
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex
Hopping Hope Rabbitry

Theres Fry
Dresden, Ohio
Silver Fox, Cinnamons
Tolemac Microfarm
We raise three breeds, Silver Fox, Cinnamons. Located in Central Ohio, near Dresden.

Gabbi Hackworth
Dunkirk, Ohio
English Spot
Hackworth Rabbitry
I am a small breeder and have only black english spots but would like to have more colors in the future.

Dean Barrick
East Rochester, Ohio
Satin, Mini Lops
C & J Rabbitry
We have been raising and showing rabbits for over 15 years. We currently raise satins in white, black, broken, copper, red, and chinchilla varieties. We raise satins for show and meat. They make excellent market rabbits and beautiful show rabbits. We also raise show quality mini lops. We raise mainly agouti and black varieties. Please contact us to see what we have available.

Sandy Tucker
East Rochester, Ohio
Cinnamon, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Californians
Tucker’s Rabbitry
This just started out as a 4-h project now we have a Rabbitry. All Rabbits are fully pedigreed. We also show when we have time. Anyone interested in any Rabbits of these breeds you may contact us. Well sell for show ,meat and even pets.

Pam & Sophia Lierer
Fairfield, Ohio
English Angoras, Mini Lops, Lionheads
Painted Poppies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in southwestern Ohio. What started as a 4-H project has continued and grown into small rabbitry concentrated on breeding quality rabbits and showing in ARBA shows. We have received wins of top 4-class, reserve best in show and GC legs. We breed Mini Lops, Lionheads, and English Angora.

Wendy Crawford
Findlay, Ohio
Mini Rex,
Tawa Ridge Rabbitry
Breeder of quality Mini Rex for over 10 years in Northwest Ohio. National winners in the Himilayan and Tort varieties. We also breed Californians, New Zealands, and American Chinchilla Rabbits for market pens.

Larynn Cutshaw
Fleming, Ohio
Silvers, Mini Lops
Cutshaw’s Rabbitry
Cutshaw’s Rabbitry is a small rabbitry (about 30 holes) located in SE Ohio, about 20 minutes outside Marietta. I am a member of the ARBA and raise Silvers, Mini Lops, and some New Zealands for meat purposes.

Theresa Garrett
Flushing, Ohio
Flemish Giant, Japanese Harlequin, French Lop, American Blue, Meat cross
Duckrun Farm
Duckrun is a small rabbitry in Flushing, Ohio. We generally only have a few beeding pairs of each breed. We breed for pet, show, and sustinance.

Erica Furr
Forest, Ohio
Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Lionheads
Furry Critter Rabbitry
I am a new rabbitry and I am trying to produce nice quality rabbits.

Cody Cramer Sr
Fostoria, Ohio
New Zealand White and Altex
Cramer’s Rabbitry
I have (12) New Zealand Whites (11)Does (1) Buck and (1) Al-Tex Buck

Amber & Reece Heckathorn
Fostoria, Ohio
Reece’s Rabbitry
We sell Palomino Lynx in North West Ohio, I am 10 years old who has started breeding Palimino which are a dying breed. Check out my special loving rabbits today….

Amanda Rhodes
Fostoria, Ohio
None of the above, Lionhead
Roaring Little Lions Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry that is specializing in pedigreed double maned Lionhead rabbits that are show and brood quality.

Tamara Couch
Franklin, Ohio
Holland lops
Couch Bunny Rabbitry
Located in Franklin, Ohio. We raise Holland Lop bunnies for pet, & show. Member of ARBA. E-mail for available rabbits for sale.

Katie McFarland
Franklin, Ohio
New Zealands, Californian, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini & Holland Lops and Dutch
Dixie Delights
I was a 4H member, then when I was too old to show I turned it into a hobby and now it’s a small business!
I have meat rabbits all year, fancy litters( mini lops, dwarfs, Lionheads) about monthly!
Prices range and all is pedigreed.

Allen Artz
Fremont, OH
Silver Fox, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, LionLops
Kings & Jesters Rabbitry
I’m a small growing rabbitry. I focus primarily on the Silver Fox breed. Im working on expanding to Mini Rex and Mini Lops. I also raise Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, and Lionlops. I do have some SF/NZW mixes I use for producing meat rabbits. Im very excited about the upcoming show season and can’t wait to get started!

Howard & Polly Jones
Fremont, Ohio
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants
P&H Rabbitry
Hello, here at P&H Rabbitry we raise and show Mini Rex in the following variety’s : blacks,blues,brokens,chocolates,blue-eyed-white,chinchillia,otter blacks and chocolates We also raise and show Flemish Giants in the following variety’s : blacks,blues,fawns,and steel If we can ever be of any help PLEASE email us and we will do our best to help you find what your looking for.

Stephanie Lewis
Galion, Ohio
Californians, New Zealand/Flemish Giant/Californian mix
North-central Ohio meat rabbits
We breed for meat. Our bigger rabbits are 75% Californian or new zealand and 25% flemish giant. We do occasionally sell for pets. Normally we eat them but we do sell to a few raw feeders for their dogs.
We are located just outside of Mansfield, Ohio. Our rabbits are handled from just after birth and when we get the occasional cuddle bunny we sell rather than eat.
We are big animal lovers and treat our rabbits very well. They get the best feed and locally grown hay. I make sure they have toys to play with and give them treats daily. We pride ourselves on how our rabbits are raised! We do not have pedigrees as we only do this to feed our family great meat that isn’t full of harsh chemicals.
Thank you for checking out my rabbitry!

Amy Saunders
Gallipolis, Ohio
None of the above, Lionhead
Peppermint Bunnies
We are small hobby breeders of show and breeding quality pedigree Lionhead Rabbits. We offer a variety of colors.

NYLA Champasouk
Galloway, Ohio
Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf bunnies
Dwarf hotot rabbits
I want a baby dwarf bunnie

Goldie Wright
Greenfield, Ohio
Champagne d’ Argent and Dutch
Baker’s Rabbitry
I breed and show Champagnes and Black Dutch…. I am I member of the ARBA…..

Dawn Franklin
Caton, Ohio
Mini Rex , Flemish Giants, Lionheads, Havanas, Netherland dwarfs
Curly Q’s Rabbitry
we are a 20 hole rabbitry at the moment specializing in Mini rex’s, Havana’s, Flemish Giant, lion heads , Netherland dwarf. in Canton Ohio

Mia Poff
Georgetown, Ohio
Mama Mia’s Lions
We raise pedigreed lionheads for pet, show, and 4H. We are members of ARBA, and our rabbitry is registered with ARBA. We are also members of NALRC. Please see our website for more information.

Marissa Morrison
Gnadenhutten, Ohio
Polish, New Zealands
MOV Rabbitry
I raise pedigree Polish and New Zealand rabbits. I have been in 4-H for 3 years and have been involved in rabbit projects every year. I raise healthy and friendly rabbits. Please see my website for more information.

Becky Armstrong
Harrison, Ohio
American Chinchilla
Thistle Hill Rabbitry
American Chinchilla-rare breed of rabbit.

Joe & Elizabeth Sweet
Hebron, Ohio
New Zealands
The Sweet Rabbitry
We focus on breeding good solid, meat quality rabbits and strive to bring out the best genetics possible! Our children have a big hand in caring for the rabbits, so they are all raised with love and handled daily.

Shelley Lazo
Hinckley, Ohio
Mini Lops
Lazo’s Lops
A small rabbitry in Northeast Ohio providing quality show, 4h and pet quality mini lops with great personality!

Kayla Morris
Jackson, Ohio
Dutch, English Spot, Belgian Hare
Hop-To-It! Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Jackson ohio. Raising Show Quality and fully pedigreed stock.

Julie Mcneeley
Lakewood, Ohio
Dwarf Hotot, all breeds
no injections not nuetered or spayed

Keith Brown
Lima, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf,Californians
CoryDawn Douglas Rabbitry
Quality Breeding of Netherland Dwarfs and Californians. Rabbits Raised for
Pet, Show, Meat, 4H and FFA Projects. All rabbits are Pedigreed.
Rabbitry Website limaohiorabbits.simdif.com

Becky Scarl
Medina, Ohio
Holland Lops
Bunny Trail Farm Rabbitry
Breeding healthy, happy baby bunnies. Hand-raised. Held from birth. Love human contact. Great for children.

Kristina Kotarski
Hudson, OH
Netherland Dwarf
Zwergeland Rabbitry
Breeding Quality Netherland Dwarfs, specializing in Otter (all colors but mostly chocolate), self (all colors, but mostly choclate), lynx and tan (chocolate and black), occacionally some chestnut, opal and chocolate chestnut.

Marvin Neer
Huntsville, Ohio
Creme d’ Argent, Mini Rex, New Zealands, Mini Satin
Neer Famliy Rabbits
We are located in Huntsville, Ohio and focus on raising top quality rabbits for show.

Brittany Palmer
Jamestown, Ohio
Silver Martens, Satins, and Mini Rex
Buckeye Bunnies Rabbitry
We specialize in the finest chocolate and black Silver Martens, Siamese and broken Satins, and black and broken Mini Rex. We are located in south central Ohio. We are members of ARBA, National Mini Rex Club, Silver Marten Club, and Satin Club.
937 329 2426

Randy & Cheryl Smith
Jeffersonville, Ohio
Mini Lop
Four Footed Friends Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry of about 38 holes in the west central part of Ohio….Our Mini Lops are bred for conformation, color, temperament, and showability. We have some of the best breeding lines in the US…DRD, Scott, 3Hares,De Surra, & Wolfsong just to name a few of the very successful lines. We strive to provide a show team for ourselves, show individuals for others, high caliber breeding stock to sell, & pets for non-showing individuals. Call us to see what we have available….There might be a champion in your future………fourfootedfriendsrabbitry.com….fourfootedfriendsrabbitry@yahoo.com…….Randy & Cheryl Smith
419 366-6597 or 740 463-2236

Kansas, Ohio
Mini Rex, Polish
Liskai Rabbitry
We pride ourself in our clean facilities. We attened several shows every year to help us select the best rabbits for our kids 4H projects. We have Mini Rex Broken Black, Broken Otter, Black, Black Otter, and Blue Otter. Our Polish herd include Blue, Broken Black, Chocalote, and Black. We are very pickey in choosing whom our rabbits line originate from which has helped our heard become very sucessful. Our inventory changes monthly so feel free to drop us a email to see if we have anything available.

Ruthanne & Anastasia Elencovf
Kilbourne, OH
American (blue & white), Silver (black, brown & fawn)
Short T’s Rabbitat
We are 30 hole rabbitry located just north of Columbus, OH. We love our two rare breeds!
3839 Main Street Kilbourne Ohio PO Box 156, 43032

Mackenzie Bumgarner
La Rue, Ohio
Mini Rex, Tans
We raise mini rex in black, broken, otter, himi, sable point, white, and are trying to get smoke pearls going. We also just started raising black tans.

Allie May
Laura, Ohio
French Angoras, Satin Angoras, New Zealand, meat rabbits
Allie’s Bunny Barn Rabbitry
Hey! I’m located in Laura Ohio. Just out side of west Milton. We raise French Angoras, Satin Angoras, New Zealand’s, and meat rabbits. We breed for mainly for show and brood.

Ann Kretschmaier
Leavittsburg, Ohio
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, English Lop
Cottonwood Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in northeast Ohio.

Molly Jobe
Lebanon, Ohio
American Fuzzy Lop, Jersey Woolies
Miss Molly’s Fuzzy Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry located in Lebanon, OH. We raise quality American Fuzzy Lops and Jersey Woolies for show, 4-H, and for their amazing personalities!

Desiree Hardigree
Lebanon, Ohio
Sweet Clover Rabbitry
A small home breeder, currently breeding castor rabbits as pets, My goal is to work my way up to have a small herd of French angoras. As of now I have breed R.E.W. , New Zealands, Californians, and Castors.

Jennifer Moravek
Lebanon, Ohio
English Angora, French Angora, Lionhead, California Rex mix
Cherry Brook Farms
We are a small hobby homestead. We raise English and French Angora rabbits. They are handles regularly and very tame. We have black, Grey, Butterscotch, Fawn, and Black and White Broken.
We also have a Lionhead Doe who make the most adorable babies. There is a California Rex mix also. We raise dwarf Nigerian goats as well.

Paulette Checkal
Castle Rock, Colorado
Casting Crowns Rabbitry

Soren Hottensmith
Kent, Ohio
Californian, American chinchilla
Rust Belt Rabbitry
We breed throughout the year and have rabbits available almost all year round. We take pride in selling high quality and healthy rabbits and strive for customer satisfaction. Never hesitate to contact us, we will do our very best to fulfill your needs as soon as possible. Our pricing tends to vary depending on what you are looking for. we start to sell our kits from 8-12 weeks old. but sometimes also have older or proven rabbits available. We sell breeding stock, Show rabbits, 4-H market pens, single fryers, and pets. We are always willing to answer any questions regarding our operation as well as tips on raising these magnificent animals. Thank you for considering Rust Belt Rabbitry!

Keith Brown
Lima, Ohio
Californians, New Zealands
Cory-Dawn Douglas Rabbitry
Raise rabbits for meat and show, 4H meat pens and californian and new zealand show rabbits. Call 567-712-0688 for more information.

Barby Sloan
Lima, Ohio
3B Rabbitry
I raised Satins growing up and now raise them with my own family. I love Satins due to their being both a fur and a meat rabbit. We are ARBA members. And my daughter takes her satins to fair thru 4-H. We are a small (anywhere from 8 to 30 depending on litters and sales and such) rabbitry consisting of white, black, and broken satins. I enjoy breeding and showing.

Ryan Patton
Logan, Ohio
Mini Lops, New Zealands, French Lops and a few Netherland Dwarfs
Ryan’s Rabbit Ranch
Hello my name is Ryan Patton I live in southeastern Ohio raising show quality Mini lop rabbits as our main breed ,also we raise some French lops ,New Zealands and Netherland dwarfs.We show on the ARBA and are proud members as well.I am also a very proud member of 4-h which I am very active in.We raise New Zealands rabbits for county fairs and for regular meat production .For any member in 4-h I take $5 off any market animal and $10 off any show animal .All show animals that are going to be shown at ARBA shows will be pedigreed .Also if you have any questions you can call me and I will try help you the best I can.Also remember to read my policy before the animal is sold off my farm .thank you.

Maya Berkey
London, Ohio
Mini Rex
Bee’s Bunnies
Rabbitry just west of Columbus. I have various varieties that include solid black, solid chocolate, broken black, black otter, chocolate otter, and REW. All have either half or full pedigree.

Mark Samson
London, Ohio
New Zealands and Californians
Samson Rabbitry
New Zealand bunnies and New Zealand crossed with Californians and Dutch

Carrie W
Lorain, Ohio
Gypsy Hollow Rabbitry
A small home~run rabbitry just starting out! Will hopefully be having lionhead babies in the Spring of 2014. Please check out the website for more info.

Teresa Skaggs
Lucasville, Ohio
New Zealands – White and Red, Holland Lops
Skaggs Corner Farm Rabbitry
New Zealand White and Red for Meat Pens, 4-H, Show. Does bred on site, spring meat pen rabbits. Holland Lop pet rabbits also for sale now.

Ted Stidham
Lucasville, Ohio
New Zealand Whites and Brokens
LTJ’s Rabbitry
Located in Southern Ohio have been raising quality New Zealand show rabbits for over 25 years. Also specializing in quality meat pens for 4H.

Anita Ambrose
Lynchburg, OH
Lionheads, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
Hole in the Wall Rabbitry
I’ve always kept a couple of pet rabbits for the kids but never got into breeding until I traded for some show quality mini rex. I then purchased 5 lionheads and its spiraled from there. I still have more lionheads than anything right now but since there are such limits on showing them until the breed passes, I have tried several other breeds also. Mini Rex were first and I still have some of those but have cut #’s back as well as on the dwarfs. I have some very nice New Zealands that I am starting up again and also want to focus some time on a medium meat breed. Don’t think it will be harlequins but I still have them. I am looking for chocolate Havana breeders. And would like to purchase some. Colors in Lionheads are primarily chocolate and red and carriers of both plus I also have a lot of brokens in both colors. Most are pedigreed but not all. I sell for pets, brood and show. My prices are more than reasonable and affordable for the average person(in ALL breeds). I don’t believe in charging high prices because of a hot trend or fad in a breed. JMO – In Mini rex- chocolate and brokens. In Mini Lops- black, steel, and brokens- hope to have chocolates soon. In Netherland Dwarfs- chocolate, black, and broken. In New Zealands- broken and white. The Magpies are Chocolate and Lilacs. I don’t breed heavily but have the most for sale in each breed from Easter to October. Email is the best way to contact me or look me up on Facebook and message me. I don’t do many calls due to my minute plan/family share.

John Wright
Malta, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Echo Farms
Rabbits for sale, have all ages. Price $10 for young rabbits, $15 for fryers (4 to 6 pounds) and $25 for breeding adults. These rabbits are very nice and well care for.

Zoe Burba
Madison, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Zoë’s Rabbit Realm
I have a couple kits ready for homes and a few litters on the way. Pet and show quality rabbits. I handle my bunnies daily so they are all very friendly and love attention. I can send pictures also. If interested contact me at 440-228-291one

Bethany Sherer
Mansfield, Ohio
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotots
Harmony Hutches Rabbitry #D895
I am in my third year of 4-H and my third year of breeding Mini Lops. I have been working hard at improving my stock so that I am more competitive at ARBA shows. I won BIS with my own homegrown senior doe at my 2011 fair, and have been promoting mini lops to other 4-Her’s in my area. I have 22 holes for mini lops, 10 holes for dwarf hotots, and about 15 holes to wean litters, so my rabbitry is fairly small. I have to be very picky with what I keep, and I feel I have been improving my herd at a steady pace.

Jeannie Sherer
Mansfield, Ohio
Dwarf Hotot (Black Banded Only), Mini Lops
Harmony Hutches Rabbitry
Located near Mansfield, OH. I work with Black Banded Dwarf Hotots only. My daughter focuses on Mini Lops.

Melissa Daso
Marion, Ohio
Mini Lops, Californian, Mini Rex, and Flemish Giant
Daso’s Busy Bunnies Rabbitry
I have been raising show quality rabbits for over 20 years.. Its a family hobby now.. We love to meet new people at the shows we attend through out the year. Our main 2 breeds are mini lops and flemish giants. We do have Californians we do show , but mainly for meat purposes and meat pens for our fair.. We are just starting with mini rex ..In the mini lops i have different colors, chins, chestnuts, steels( gold and silver tipped) black, rew, just to name a few .. All in broken or solids,. In the flemish we have Fawn, black, blue and light gray..Email me for any questions you may have .

Scott Rife
Marion, Ohio
Mini Rex, New Zealands, Hollands
Hippity Hoppity Rabbitry
We raise Mini-rex in colors Lilac, BEW, Choc, Blues, New Zealands in White, Red and Brokens, Hollands in Sable Point. I as well build and sell rabbit cages and Supplies.

Anita Steiner
Marshallville, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Windy Hill Rabbitry
We have bunnies and rabbits for sale sometimes! Mostly pedigreed. We have high quality Netherland Dwarfs. Some beautiful lionheads too! Contact us for more information!

Megan Church
Marysville, Ohio
Holland Lops
Sweet Pea Rabbitry
I have several colors in my lines, solid and broken. The most promenant are Tortoise based variations. Good rabbits for pets, 4-H projects, and breeding.

Ciera Nicol
Marysville, Ohio
Holland Lop
Vaultaire Rare Rabbits Rabbitry
We are a ARBA registered breeder #D4367. We specialize in rare or hard to find color varieties with excellent domesticated temperaments. Our rabbits are all housed inside our home, each has they’re own hole. We give our bunnies lots of outside playtime, toys and enrichment activities such has hopping hurdles and puzzle toys. We are always trying to think of new things to try to do with our bunnies. Each bunny we sell comes potty trained to a litter box, de-wormed and vaccinated for Pastuerella. We feed our bunnies a high 18% protein pellet diet, unlimited Timothy hay, dried vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. That we dry in house and are all organic and NON GMO. Our bunnies come with Pedigree, Sales Policy, Transition Feed, Cage Tag, Toy and a Rabbit Info Packet if this is your first time owning a rabbit.

Melany Souders
Marysville, Ohio
English Angoras, Lionheads
Melly’s Bunny Barn
Melly’s Bunny Barn is a small rabbitry located on the west side of Columbus in Marysville Ohio. We mainly breed lionhead rabbits for show pet and breeding. also we have just started getting English Angora rabbit we will have litters of those around Fed.2014 ready

Crystal Hidy
Mason, Ohio
Holland Lops
Hetuck Hollands
Hetuck Hoillands is a very small rabbitry in Southwest Ohio.
I strive to focus on personality AND structure. I feel it is important
to breed quality and not quantity, no matter what you species you breed.
Along with quality, pedigreed rabbits, I offer life long support, no matter what the situation. Once you have a Hetuck Holland, you are in the Hetuck Family!
Each rabbit that lives in our home is potty trained and receives daily attention. Managing two businesses from home lets me spend plenty of time with all of the fur babies in our household.

Bryon Jones
Massillon, Ohio
Raising top lionheads for show, breeding, and pets

Elizabeth Skinner
McConnelsville, Ohio
Californian, White New Zealand, Standard Satin, American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla, RhineLander, English Spot
Elizabeth’s Rabbitry
We sell Pedigreed White New Zealand , Pedigreed Californian, Pedigreed Satin (standard – not mini) , Pedigreed Giant Chinchilla , & Pedigreed American Chinchilla Meat Breed Rabbits .
We also sell Pedigreed Black, Blue, Gold, Lilac, Grey, Tortoise & Chocolate English Spot Rabbits & Rhinelander Rabbits for Show and as Pets .
4H Kids get a discount . Located Between Zanesville OH. & McConnelsville OH.
Prices will depend on age of Rabbit and whether you want the Rabbit Pedigreed or UnPedigreed..
Also wether the rabbit is bred or not bred when she leaves … Can breed doe rabbit for an additional fee if breeding aged ..
Prices Start at $15 each and go up … Again prices will very depending on what ur purchasing ..

Randy Gottschalk
Medina, Ohio
American Blue
Rustic Hills Farm
Rustic Hills Farm is located in Medina, Ohio (about 30 minutes south of Cleveland). We raise American Blue rabbits. These are a great rabbit for both meat and fur, or if your looking for a pet rabbit they are docile and pleasant.
We also foster and re-home abandoned bunnies, so occasionally we have other breads available as well.
Thank you for considering us and please call with any questions.

Cathee Arthur
Medina, Ohio
Holland Lops
Sugarhill Hollands
Holland Lops with Personality is our tagline. Raising quality show rabbits accordingly to the American Rabbit Breeders Association’s breed standards, pet rabbits and 4-H rabbits. We strive to keep the greatest “quality,” rather than “quantity,” possessing around 30 or so holes. If you’re looking for a great show rabbit, we’re the ones to keep your eyes out for, if you’re looking for a great “pet” rabbit, for either children or 4-H purposes, we’re the definite ones to come see. Some of our rabbits are even registered therapy pets that visit nursing homes and hospitals. All of our rabbits whether show or pet are nothing shy than the best possible! We are a registered, approved rabbitry with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (registration #D1033) and also accredited the with the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, Ohio Holland Lop Rabbit Fanciers, American Rabbit Breeders Association, Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association, Medina Co. 4-H and Medina Co. Rabbit Breeders Assocation.

Anne Cooper
Medina, Ohio
English Angora, Silver Fox
Sunset Meadow Farm Rabbitry
We have Beautiful English Angoras and Silver Fox Rabbits. We breed to Standard and have nice show quality rabbits.

Diana Hoff
Medina, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
To breed quality netherland dwarfs and holland lops with great temperament.

Hannah Nerlich
Medina, Ohio
Lionheads, Mini Lops
Baby Bunnies Rabbitry
Purebred and Pedigree Rabbits. All show quality. Held daily and have amazing personalities. Would make awesome pets! Many different colors and I always have rabbits available.

Ashlee & Shawna Olah
Medina, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs
Twins of Stonyhill Rabbitry
Breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs, specializing in blacks, siamese sables, lynx, all otters, on occacion REWs, Himis and chestnuts.

Jamie Foster
Miamisburg, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealands, Dutch, Lionheads, Mini Lops, French Angora
Star City Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry in Miamisburg, Ohio. We are involved in 4h, and are registered with ARBA.
We strive to breed good quality rabbits for show and for pet.
Check out our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/starcity rabbitry

Gina Gentry and John Stratton
Miamisburg, Ohio
Mini Rex
Bundles of Blessings
Bundles Of Blessings is a small in home rabbitry, dedicated to the Mini Rex. Its Our desire to breed, raise, and show quality rabbits.
To educate people about proper rabbit care, to help stop abuse, and to provide outstanding quality Rabbits to outstanding people.

Tami Gingrich
Middlefield, Ohio
Silver Fox Rabbits
Mule’s Ear Farm Rabbitry
We raise Silver Fox Rabbits for meat and show. Specializing in chocolate and lilac genetics.

Carl Barrick
Minerva, OH
Satins, Mini Satins, Mini Rex
C and J Rabbitry
We are the home to colored satins. We raise show quality satins, mini satins and mini rexes. We strive for quality breeding and are proud of our herd. We breed for show and meat satins. If you are interested in getting into copper, chinchilla, white, broken or red satins please email me!

Ash Shumaker
Minerva, Ohio
Belgian Hare, New Zealand, Mini Lop, Argente Brun
Silver Runs Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry in Northeast, Ohio raising show quality New Zealand’s in white, black, red, blue, and broken. We also have Mini lops in chestnut agouti and black, argente bruns, and Belgian hares in Black and Tan and also white.

Sara Lewellen
Montpelier , Ohio
None of the above, Rex and mini rex
W&S rabbitry
I breed and raise rex(standard) and mini rex. I have different variety of colors, there are black, blue, white, broken blue, tri, harlequin, chocolate, magpie, and broken black. I am just starting to get more into rex(standard) but have breeding mini rex for a while now.

Carla Hester
Morrow, Ohio
New Zealand
Hester’s Family Farm
We breed and raise quality New Zealand Whites, Reds, Broken Reds and other colors deriving from the red genetics when crossed to a white. Our New Zealands can be sold pedigreed or purebred. They are great for showing, 4-H, pets and meat production. If you are looking for a quality, large built bunny or rabbit check us out.

Susan Pfeffer
Morrow, Ohio
Magnificent Lionheads

Casaundra Daniels
Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, English Lop, English Angora, Holland Lops
Sonies Rabbit Hutch
Hello and I hope you enjoy your visit to sonies rabbit hutch, we here love our rabbits and strive to produce show quality buns. Every rabbit is handled daily. The colors i am working on include, netherland-selfs, shaded,tan pattern, and otters. English lop-broken and solids. holland lops-lionheads-angora- i have not decided on colors i am specializing in yet i want to have a few litters before i decide. please check out my website though to see some of my rabbits. thanks for stopping by sonies rabbit hutch.

Tony Gregory
Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Californian and New Zealand White
Sliver Pond
We are a major grower of Californian and New Zealand White commercial meat rabbits in Ohio. We are a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the rabbitry is registered and recognized by the ARBA. We specialize in support of 4H and FFA Fair projects whether for meat pen or single fryers or show breeders. Our breeding program is set to support all County Fairs.
The rabbitry consists of over 200 breeding does supported by over 40 breeding bucks. We typically house well over 1000 rabbits. Sliver Pond is a full service rabbitry being a grower, buyer and processor of unwanted rabbits for our meat business.
Visit our websites at www.sliverpond.com, www.marketrabbits.com, www.ohiomeatrabbits.com or www.californianrabbits.com for more information.

Heather Emery
Mount Orab, Ohio
English Lops, Mini Rexes and Californians
Starry Night Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Southeastern Ohio. We have Pedigreed English Lops. We are 3 generations into our Mini Rexes, soon to have pedigreed in those as well. We also have Californians.

Taressa Ingle
Mount Orab , Ohio
Mini Rex
Thumping Bunny Rabbitry
Welcome to Thumping Bunny Rabbitry! We are a small family owned rabbitry, Located in Mt. Orab, Ohio (30 miles east of Cincinnati). The rabbits are treated as part of our family! Our Rabbitry started as a 4H project for our son and grew into a family hobby. My rabbits are pedigreed and many come from grand champion breeding stock!

Jo Hawkes
Mt. Sterling, Ohio
Holland Lops
Buckeye Holland Hoppers Rabbitry
We are a small central Ohio rabbitry specializing in Holland Lops. Our rabbits are handled daily and make great additions to your family. We strive to produce quality rabbits for 4-H, brood, show and as pets. Check us out on FACEBOOK at Buckeye Holland Hoppers.

Tara E.
Cleveland, Ohio
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, Lilac/American mixes, Harlequin mixes
Mulberry Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that raises rabbits with a commitment to natural and sustainable practices. Our rabbits make the perfect pet, 4-H, or meat animals. Check out our website to see our animals for more info and to contact us!

Chuck Mann
Nevada, Ohio
English Lop
Mann’s Lavender Hill Rabbitry
We specialize in show quality English lops.

Kathy Mann
Nevada, Ohio
English Lop
Mann’s Lavender Hill Rabbitry
We are a small home based rabbitry In north west Ohio. We are starting to breed and show quality English rabbits,

Tina Vance
Newark, Ohio
French Angora, Lionheads
Nutty Buckeye Rabbitry
Proud member of the ARBA and Registered Rabbitry # B337
Raising & showing quality French Angora bred to achieve or exceed the Standard of Perfection. Several color varieties in one location with option of unrelated pairs and trio’s throughout the year. Also Lionheads are being produced to achieve even temperament while working with the proposed Standard on file with the ARBA. Multiple colors available and are able to put together unrelated Pair’s and Trio’s.

Paige Eyerman
Newark, Ohio
Flemish Giant
Floral rose rabbitry
This is floral rose rabbitry. We got our first none pedigree Flemish giants in late 2019 and started breeding in the fall of 2020. After having are first three litters I started wondering if my rabbits met the breed standard and then stared really researching and studying about Flemish giant’s size, length, personality, etc. After much research and long nights of thinking, we got our first two pedigreed and amazing quality Flemish giants!!! We now breed and raise beautiful fawn and sandy Flemish giants. We are very dedicated to breeding for not only great quality but also for an amazing temperament! Our baby rabbits are handled every day from 1 week of age until 12 weeks when they find their forever homes. We will hopefully be adding blue and black-colored Flemish giants to our rabbitry this fall and have lots of cute, cuddly, and quality Flemish giants the winter and for the next good while!

Preston Lee
Newark, Ohio
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Bunny Business
Our rabbit farm was started in 2021, by our 10 year old daughter Emberlynn. We adopted Winston, Wilma and their kit of 9 bunnies (Holland Lops) from an elderly woman who had raised them, but was no longer able to care for them.
Emberlynn is very passionate about her animals, and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up. This is what inspired us to take the chance of raising bunnies to sell for pets.

All of the rabbits are very sociable and easy to fall in love with. They have been very well cared for by Emberlynn, as well as 2 adults. These little bunnies are waiting for a good home.

If you have any interest, please contact me. Thank you

Ryan Birt
New Bremen, Ohio
New Zealand and Californian
Birt Farms
I will be breeding my Californians and New Zealands next year. I have 1 White New Zealand Buck for sale.

Marsha Springer
Newcomerstown, OH
Jersey Wooly
Springers Rabbitry
All breeding stock is pedigreed or registered. They are handled by my children. Discount to 4-H members.

Gerald Couts
New Holland, Ohio
Holland Lop, New Zealand, Californian, Flemish Giants and Holland Lops
EJC Rabbitry
Breeding REW, blue, black and broken NZ for meet and show. Flemish we are breeding blue, black, light grey and white. Holland ‘s we are working with tort both black and blue. Also in Holland ‘s solid blue, black, broken and BEW.

Nikki Gaona-Maciel
New Holland, Ohio
Satin Angoras, Mini Rex
Michoacana Rabbits
We TRY to show and register all of our Satin Angoras before breeding, due to coat cycles and show sheduals, some rabbits may not be registered until after weaning kits. colors we raise include: black, Chestnut, choc, choc Agouti, red, fawn, tort colors and developing a dilute line.

Rachel Metts
New Middletown , Ohio
Holland Lop, Lionheads
Royal Lions Rabbitry
I breed Lionhead and Holland Lop rabbits. All my rabbits are purebred with pedigrees. I have Show,Brood and pet quality for sale from time to time! Please contact me to be put on a notification list for litters i have in the next box!

Robert Ridgley
New Waterford, Ohio
Mini Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex, New Zealands
I keep my rabbit in a controlled temperature rabbit house. I spend alot of time each day with the rabbits. My rabbit our for pet sale only.

Gina Oradini
N. Ridgeville, Ohio
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs
Dettore Farms
We are registered rabbitry, in North Ridgeville, Ohio we breed, Holland lops, mini lops, Netherland dwarfs, lioheads.
We also board rabbits when needed and our bucks can service your doe .
We have rabitts with papers for without.
call today

Carly Moyer
Oak Harbor, Ohio
Champagne d’ Argent, Argente Brun, Californian, New Zealand
Dark to Light Rabbitry
We are a father-daughter partnership breeding rabbits for show, brood, pets, and meat, but mostly for fun. Our herd is fairly small at this point, with a breeding pair/trio of each breed, but we plan to expand in order to be able to get litters of all of our breeds every month. You can find our rabbitry on Facebook or give us a call for more info!

Amy Jackson
Oberlin, Ohio
Holland Lop
Hot Cross Buns Holland Lops
We are an ARBA (D6175) and HLRSC registered Holland Lop rabbitry in northern Ohio. We specialize in colorful Hollands of correct type, with special attention being paid to temperament. We place the vast majority of our rabbits as pets because we are VERY particular about which ones carry our name on pedigrees. The Buns placed as pets are carefully matched by temperament with their forever families and families are required to sign a Spay/Neuter agreement and placement contract. We occasionally sell spayed/neutered bucks and does who are being retired from our breeding program. Our buns are raised indoors, with lots of love and attention, are fed Sherwood pellets and high quality hay. They receive daily exercise and socialization. We treat them as members of our family so they are ready to become members of yours.

Jason Phillips
Ottawa, Ohio
Giant Chinchilla, Flemish Giant, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox
Memorial Christian Rabbitry
We are a family that loves the heritage breeds of rabbits. We have Giant and American Chinchillas, black and blue Silver Foxes, and sandy, fawn, and black Flemish Giants. We like variety for our children to show in 4-H and enjoy our rabbits.

Amanda Bommer
Oxford, Ohio
Lionheads and Dwarf Hotots
Lilly Ann Acres
I am a youth breed of lionheads and dwarf hotots. I have multiple Best of Breeds and bred only the quality to show and sell.

Cailyn Abernathy
Oxford, Ohio
Dutch, New Zealand
Abernathy Hutches
I just have a small group of rabbits that i use for 4-H.

Haley Kappes
Oxford, Ohio
Holland Lop, Flemish Giants, Netherland Dwarfs
Haleys Bunnies
I have a fairly small herd consisting of about 4 breed-able rabbits but I am always expanding! I got my first rabbit when I was about 10 and continued on from then. I’ve always been excited to see the different colors and mixes in rabbits as well as the true-to-be colors the babies show. I currently only breed Holland lops but hopefully in the future I can include either Flemish giants, netherland dwarfs, or both!

Laura & Heather Labonte
Parma, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
L&H Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry in northeastern Ohio. We love rabbits and treat all of ours as pets. They receive a lot of attention and great care.

Mandy Lichty
Payne, Ohio
Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf
Argyle Bunnies
We are a small scale family rabbitry in Northwest Ohio. We aim to raise the healthiest, sweetest bunnies that conform to the ARBA standards of perfection. We do have an indoor climate controlled rabbitry so we are able to breed year round. Our website is updated frequently. We raise Jersey Woolies in self, pointed, agouti, shaded, and broken. Our Netherlands are otter, chestnut, self and broken.

Amanda Morrow
Pierpont, Ohio
Silver Fox
Acre of Heaven Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in NE Ohio that specializes in breeding and raising Silver Fox rabbits. Our love for rabbits started out as just a hobby which inspired us to start our own rabbitry. The Silver Fox is a rare, beautiful breed and we want to spread the joy of raising them!

Lou Thompson
Piketon, Ohio
New Zealand Whites
Lou’s Rabbitry
Meat Rabbits 4-H… Last 6 yrs grand or reserve came out of my rabbitry in Pike County Fair Meat show. Couple years both. Out of a field of 400+ rabbits Last 4 years 2 reserves in Pickaway Co Fair.

Anna Drewes
Plain City, Ohio
Holland Lop
Drewes Hollands Rabbitry
We are a small scale rabbitry located in the Columbus Ohio area, we strive to better the holland lop breed one rabbit, one show and one person at a time. Our color varities are mainly foucused on tort, black and agouti at the moment but we soon hope to expand! But as always we are NOT raising our rabbits for color but for quantity.

Lindsey Garman
Plain City, Ohio
Holland Lop, Polish
Hello. I’m Lindsey Garman. I raise, breed, and sell rabbits. I’ve raised rabbits for 7 years. Im part of a 4-h club and show at my county fair, and i’ve also been doing that for 7 years. I love rabbits!!

Jolene Naff
Pleasant Hill, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs and New Zealands
J&J Rabbitry
We raise show quality Netherland Dwarfs and New Zealand whites.

Sandy Stevens
Prospect, Ohio
Mini-Rex, Mini-Lop, Holland Lop
Stevens’ Rabbits
We are located in Prospect, Ohio. We began raising rabbits through 4-H and FFA. Our first year, we received Grand Champion and 1st runner up at our fair. We have pedigrees for most of our rabbits. We have a broken mini-rex doe, an albino mini-rex buck, a chocolate otter mini-rex doe, and a dark chocolate otter mini-rex doe. We also have a broken chinchilla mini-lop buck and a sable mini-lop doe. Lastly, we have a siamese Holland lop doe. Our rabbits are very gentle because they are handled and taken care of daily.

Courtney Gray
Quaker City, Ohio
New Zealand, Californians, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolys, Lionheads
Gray Acres Rabbitry
Hello, My name Courtney and my husband and I started our rabbitry up in 2008 with a few rabbits. Over the years we have expanded and acquired pedigreed stock. We started raising meat rabbits when I found out that our local 4-Hers couldn’t find good quality rabbits in our area. They were traveling hours away. One of our goals is to provide rabbits for these 4-Hers and others in the surrounding areas. We are a christian family and believe in the saying. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We pride ourselves in raising healthy rabbits. We will never purposely sell any animal that may be sick. I want you to have the best success in rabbit raising as possible. We have great new zealands which come from excellent blood lines (Crawford), and they make excellent meat rabbits. They are pedigreed along with my californians, and mini lops. I(Courtney) am a member of ARBA #GRAYCO00. Feel free to contact us with any questions. I hope to hear from you soon.

Ruth Kurilich
Ravenna, OH
Lionheads, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops
Bouncing Bunnies Rabbitry
In the 70’s way before my kids were born my parent-in-law’s started a small rabbitry. In a few short years it had grown to 300-400 rabbits of many different breeds. Sadly my father-in-law became ill in 2002 and the rabbits had to go. In 2004 my father-in-law passed away and the last few rabbits were placed.
In 2007-2008 our daughter talked us into re-opening the rabbitry. We started with 4 Jersey Woolies and have since added Lionheads, Holland Lops, Flemish Giants and a brother. We no longer have the Jersey Woolies. As of 2011 they are showing in the ARBA shows. Mom, dad and grandma are all helping to support their rabbit adventures. ”

Lincoln Biery
Rawson , Ohio
French Lop
Lincoln’s Lops Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in NW Ohio. We breed and show French Lop rabbits and other livestock.

Shania Baker
Reno, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Mixed
Shania’s Rabbits

Nicholas Riley
Richwood, Ohio
Holland Lops
Nick Riley’s Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry. Raising show quality holland lops. Some of the colors I have are blue tort, black tort and REW.

Sara Bailey
Rogers, Ohio
Diamond B Rabbitry
Diamond B Rabbitry is a rabbitry in Rogers, Ohio focused on breeding high-quality, pedigreed Dutch. I am a member of the Columbiana County 4-H program, and I will be joining the ARBA soon. I raise black Dutch now, but will be adding chocolates in the future. I offer pedigreed, show-quality rabbits, or pets. My rabbits are treated humanely and handled often. If you contact me through my phone number, I will typically ignore calls, so I suggest texting me with your name and whether you would like a doe or buck, pet or pedigreed, and black or chocolate. Thank you for selecting my rabbitry!

Michelle Puckett
Sardinia, Ohio
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Lion Lops, Am Fuzzy Lop
The Corner Bunny Ranch Rabbitry
We raise fancy rabbits for show and pet.

Andie Bash
Scio, Ohio
Dutch, English Spot mixes, Mini Rex
Wild Hair Rabbitry
At Wild Hair Rabbitry, I raise mix breed and full blood of the above breeds.

Teresa Skaggs
Scioto County, Ohio
New Zealand, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Skaggs Corner Rabbitry
60 hole Rabbitry specializing in show winning New Zealand ( White, Reds, Broken Black); Holland lop ( broken and solid), and Lionhead’s with double mane and show able variety. Located in Scioto Count, family owned closed barn. Rabbits are worked with from birth. Will have spring babies in all breeds, and some adult NZ Does for sale. NZ go fast as 4H projects, ours are winners in the show ring. Call for appointment 740-876-8728

Grace Smith
Scio, OH
Lionhead Mixes
Gracie’s Rabbits
I have mixed rabbit breeds.

Greg and Tosca Geeslin
Seaman, Ohio
New Zealand Whites , Blue And Brokens
A&W Rabbitry
We have outstanding show quality New Zealand Rabbits.

Robyn Ferguson
Senecaville, Ohio
None of the above, American Blue, American White, New Zealand
Robyn’s Rascally Rabbits
Breeding pedigreed, show-quality American Blue Rabbits in southeastern Ohio. We are members of the ARBA and are dedicated to help restore this breed as they are on the endangered species list. We also have a breeding pair of New Zealand rabbits for 4-H show and fairs.

Becky Scarl
Seville , Ohio
Holland Lop & Netherland Dwarf
Bunny Trail Farm
Rabbitry, Adoption Service, Breeder, Tri-color, Harlequin, red/orange, Magpie

Samantha Wilson
Shelby, Ohio
English Angoras, French Angoras, New Zealand, Californian, New Zealand/Californian mixes
Furever Peace Rabbitry
We are small family ran rabbitry In Ohio. It is myself and my husband that run it. We only feed our animals Good healthy food. We raise meat rabbits Californians, And New Zealands, And sometimes we mix them both. I also raise Angoras, Both French and English.

Terry Kirtley
Sherrodsvile, Ohio
New Zealand
Kala’s Bunny Farm
We are a tiny breeder in Ohio, and we love rabbits. My daughter is in 4-H and she adores the rabbits that we have, including her show rabbit. My daughter wants to make a new breed that is popular. This would include New Zealands as well. We have a herd of 8 New Zealands,including kits and adults.

Christine Clayton
Sidney, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Artist Acres Rabbits
We’ve always had rabbits as pets as we just enjoy having them around, and this summer we had two litters of adorable little Netherland Dwarfs. Some have pedigree parents, with papers available. Looking for a good home for them asap, as we’re running out of room!

Knox Wilson
Somerville, Ohio
New Zealand Whites and Blacks
K.B. Rabbits
If you are looking for the highest quality market rabbits or pet rabbits, you have come to the right place. K. B. Rabbits provides you with the best market, show, of pet rabbits that you can find. K. B. Rabbits has been located in Somerville since 2009. let us put our experience to work for you.
14770 State Route 122 Somerville, Ohio, 45064

Wesley Taylor
Stout, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Red, Black and Blues
Sat RAbbitry
We have New Zealand meat rabbits for meat and show.

Bronson Dicken
Lancaster, Ohio
Flemish Giant
D&J Rabbitry
My rabbitry is located in Ohio. I currently raise pedigreed or pet quality Flemish Giants. I plan to add Mini Lops into my rabbitry in the near future. My rabbits are given daily attention and babies are used to being handled since birth. I have many different colors available. Will deliver to all 50 states for a fee. Contact me with any questions.
Fax: 740 785-4444

Emma Early
Shawnee, Ohio
Holland Lops, Britannia Petites
Pocketful Of Bunnies
Holland Lop Program:
I work with quality chocolate and dilute Hollands. Also have torts and other selfs. I have won Best Opposite of Sex with my juniors and my herd buck has won many BOVs, BOBs and one RIS.
I focus on quality over quantity, we aren’t focused on getting chocolates right away, I want the type with them, now I have the rabbits to get that type 😀
All my babies are handled from day 1 and make excellent pets and 4H animals.
Lines I work with: Saynora (majority), Lori’s, Muddy Creek, Narrow Gate Farm, Hartmans, Lund Lops and Crossroads and Daybreaks.
Britannia Petite Program:
I will be focusing on otter/self/agouti Petites, maybe some dilute too. I love this breed! I just started with Petites in Summer 2016.
Lines I work with: Wolfs Rabbitry
About Our Rabbitry:
I am a youth breeder, I buy most of my stuff for my bunnies! I love them and fuss over them daily 😉
We feed MannaPro, Hay and Fresh Water. Molting rabbits get BOSS daily. Others get it occasionally as a treat or if needing to put on weight. We give out cheerios as treats, they LOVE it!
Our rabbits have an exercise pen, and they get to run around plenty.
Instagram: @pocketful.of.bunnies
Website: http://pocketfulobunnies.weebly.com/
Youtube: Pocketful Of Bunnies
Facebook: Pocketful Of Bunnies

Bailey and Brittney Jackson
Springfield , Ohio
Mini Lops and Thrianta’s
BJ Rabbitry
Here at BJ Rabbitry we focus on breeding and showing top notch Mini Lops and Thrianta’s. My sister and I started out in 4h a few years ago with Mini Lops and continued to show and breed after our 4h careers. 2015 was a great show year for our herd, and we’ can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us! We are a small rabbitry with about 20-30 rabbits at all times. We do not cull rabbits unless they’re sick. We sometimes have pet quality rabbits range from $45-$65. Our show stock starts at $70 and up. We do not ship our rabbits. We will help find transport if needed. Thank you for checking out our rabbitry page! 🙂

Carmen Hoobler
Stubenville ohio, Ohio
English Spots, Britannia petites, French Lop, Harlequin
Royal Spots Rabbitry

Emily Johnson
Toledo, Ohio
Satin Angora, Satins
MckLynn Farms
I raise satin angoras in black, chocolate, red, and torts.
I live near Toledo Ohio call or text me for mor information

Destiny Rollman
Toledo, Ohio
New Zealand, New Zealand Red and White, Californians, Mini Lops
Little Critters
I have new Zealand reds and whites. I also have Californians and mini lops. I raise all my rabbits for 4-H and other shows.

Alless O’Malley
Trumbull County, Ohio
City Side Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Warren, Ohio. I breed and sell satins. I only have litters in the spring and sell them at the Trumbull county fair. In the last years, i did lionheads and mini lops but had bad luck. To contact me: email deeedeluxe@icloud.com I’m currently working on a website.

Kala Montgomery
Utica, Ohio
KM Rabbitry
A small home rabbitry. I am a jr. fair board member for my local fair. I breed my pedigree show lionheads to let other kids enjoy 4h or just to have a fluffy pet

Ann McClintock
Vermilion, Ohio
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Bunnies 2 Love Rabbitry
We raise show quality Mini Rex and Holland Lop Rabbits with great bloodlines as well as pet quality rabbits, both are based upon the SOP Standard Of Perfection for each breed.

Rachel Ault
Versailles, Ohio
Himalayans, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Hotot, Cinnamon, Silver Back, Dutch, Mix rabbits
Rachel’s Farm Rabbitry
My rabbits are taken care of with love. Need good forever homes.

Kobe Epperly
Versailles, Ohio
Mini Rex, French Lop, New Zealand, Creme de Argent, American Sable
Double K Rabbitry
We have Mini Rex in almost all varieties, beautiful Red New Zealand have a little whites and hoping for blacks, French Lop, Cremè de argent, and American Sable, not all are bred but if you want something specific just ask. Prices will vary on variety, quality, and breed. I have pet, show, and meat rabbits.

Kaitlyn Frazier
Wakeman, Ohio
Mini Rex and Holland Lop Silver
Kaitlyn’s Rabbitry
I sell show quality mini Rex rabbits. Most of my mature rabbits have been shown at local fairs and done well. I have 25 breeding does and 4 breeding bucks. I am in 4H and FFA.

Kimberly Davis
Walhonding, Ohio
New Zealands
Heritage Homestead Rabbitry
Heritage Homestead is a family owned and operated rabbitry. We currently have New Zealand Blacks and Brokens, but are hoping to add blues soon.

Madison Stevens
Walhonding, Ohio
Silver Fox, New Zealand
I raise silverfox and New Zealand rabbits. Both breeds are pure and stay that way. I have litters every other month and babies are sold at 8 weeks old.

Natalie and Allyson
Warren Co., Ohio
Holland Lops
Hollificent Lops Rabbitry
Show quality Holland Lops in tort – broken and solid varieties.

Averon “Chris” Ackley
Washington CH, Ohio
Californian, Californian, Creme D’Argent, New Zealand and Silver Martin’s
3k’S Rabbitry
Here at 3K’S Rabbitry we are proud members of Californian rabbit specialty club- Ohio Californian Specialty Club- New Zealand Rabbit Federation-Ohio State New Zealand Rabbit Club- and the National Creme D’ Argent Rabbit Club- where I serve as a Open Director and my daughter Sarah Duron is a youth Director.
Our main objective here is raising quality meat pen projects for our local youth. In 2017 we sold the Grand Champion pen in Lawrence Co. Ohio to Leah Gorby. Which was a very big accomplishment for our Rabbitry. This year we are focusing our attention on Californians and Blue and Broken Blue New Zealand’s for meat pens.
And for Arba Shows we will be showing a lot of our home bred Cremes in 6 class. And in 4 class Black sliver martins. If we can be any assistance in you finding your next project. Please contact us.

Belinda Arnold
Port Washington, Ohio
Mini Lop and Lionhead
River Hill Mini Farm
We are a small rabbits that focuses mainly on Mini Lops but we do have a cpl Lionheads as well…All are stock is pedigreed.

Elyse Julie
Waterford, Ohio
Mini Rex
Green Acres Rabbitry
Pedigreed Mini Rex’s available in a variety of colors. For show, pet and 4H. Located in Waterford, ON.

Melody Simpson
Wauseon, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Champion Dwarfs Rabbitry
We raise, show and sell quality Netherland Dwarfs and compete nationally in ARBA.

Ryan Henricks
Wauseon, Ohio
Mini Rex, Mini Satin, California, New Zealand, Silverfox, and Netherland Dwarf
Fluffy Butt Acres
I raise a variety of rabbit breeds including some meat rabbit crosses. My breeders are purebred Mini Rex, Mini Satin, California, New Zealand Whites, Silverfox, and Netherland Dwarfs. As much as possible I prefer to breed for variety in color on the non meat type rabbits. You can reach me through either email or text message.

Tim and Vickie Campbell
Waverly, Ohio
New Zealand
Campbell’s Rabbitry
We own and operate a small rabbitry in the foothill country of Southern Ohio. We have New Zealand whites, of which we breed and exhibit at shows across Ohio.

Jack Cooper
Waverly, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf
Cooper Rabbitry
We breed and raise Netherland Dwarf rabbits for both ARBA & 4-H show. We raise the following varieties: Himilayan Black, Siamese Sable, Rew & Chocolate (as well as a few others)

Dennis Justice Jr.
Wellston, Ohio
New Zealands (Black & Broken Blacks), Netherland Dwarfs
Peace River Rabbitry
We currently have a small Ohio rabbitry, but are growing.

Heidi Baumbarger
Wellston , Ohio
Holland Lop, Lion Lops
Blueline Bunnies
Pedigreed Holland Lops, bred to standard. Lion Lops also occasionally available. All of our bunnies are handled daily and well socialized. All babies guaranteed healthy.

Addison Flynn
Wellington, Ohio
Mini Rex
Flynn’s Mini Rex Rabbits
Hello, I’m Addison from Flynn’s Mini Rex Rabbits. We breed quality rabbits for show and pets.

Diane Hook
Wellington, Ohio
Holland Lop
Hook’s Hollands
Hook’s Hollands – Ohio Holland Lops raises a small herd of litter-trained Holland lop rabbits in solid floor cages. All of our bunnies are provided with frequent exercise indoors and outdoors, high quality pellets, organic hay, filtered water, lots of hands-on attention, and are housed in a climate-controlled building with plenty of daylight. Colors include orange, cream, frosty, tort, blue-eyed-white, sable, seal, chestnut, chinchilla, and more.
Located in northern Ohio 45 minutes west of Cleveland with air shipping available. Proud members of ARBA (#D4893) and HLRSC, breeding for proper type and pleasant temperament. Foundation stock acquired from breeders across the United States. Most of our customers seek indoor pet bunnies, but we do offer pedigreed junior and senior Holland lops for sale on occasion.

Bryanna Linton
Wellston, Ohio
New Zealands and Californians
Bre’s Bunnies
We have been raising rabbits for years now. I took the bucks and does this year to the fair for breeding pens and got 1st place with them, so these rabbits come from very good stock. Currently we only breed and sell New Zealands and Californians, but in the future we will be selling Lionhead rabbits. I also have one black dwarf rabbit, that I am selling for $15.00, but I would like that whoever buys her is an experienced owner with no kids because she is not good around kids. The rest of our young bunnies are great with kids and they are very cute and smart. The baby rabbits are $15.oo. For more information call or email me.

Bunnies In A Basket
Westerville, Ohio
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Mini Lops
Bunnies In A Basket
Bunnies in a basket is a small home based rabbitry in Westerville, Ohio. We specialize in selling gentle and show-able Holland Lop rabbits that you will love!!! Our bunnies are bred to be friendly and make excellent pets for adults and children. You will love our pure bred Holland Lops and Lop mixes. Holland Lops and Lop mixes, have a great temperament and personality. Lops besides being cute, are the perfect apartment pet and make great 4H projects. We have sold numerous bunnies to college students, kids and retirees. For us, the best part about breeding bunnies is seeing the joy they bring to people!!! Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits, weighing between 3 and 4 pounds when fully grown and come into two different varieties – true dwarfs (smaller and shorter ears, show type) and the false dwarfs (usually weighing 4 pounds or more – pet or brood type). To see current bunnies for sale go to the Current Bunnies section of The Bunnies in a Basket website.

Laura Gowe
West Salem , Ohio
Thrianta and Netherland Dwarf
Gowe Farms Rabbitry
Small hobby farm and rabbitry located in West Salem, Ohio. Currently offering show and pet quality registered Netherland Dwarf and Thrianta.

Debi/Jessi Wagner
Wheelersburg, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealand Whites
Jessi’s Tortoise N’ Hare Rabbitry (JTH)
Very small rabbitry, just now getting started trying to make a business venture of it for my younger daughter who is very interested in making it more than just about one 4H show a year. So, we will have litters several times a year that we cannot keep due to space constraints, so contact us, we may be have something you need. We deal with selfs and tan variety mostly in the Netherlands and white only in New Zealands.

Mike Hill
Whitehouse, Ohio
Rex, Mini Rex
Life is Good Rabbitry
We raise and show Rex in the Varieties of black , blue , broken, lilac , chocolate, otters, red , and White.
12536 Waterville-Swanton Rd. Whitehouse, Ohio, 43571

Katelyn Spalding
Whitehouse, Ohio
Netherland Dwarfs
Ramm Roads Rabbitry
Raising and showing Netherland Dwarfs, we strive for quality not quantity. Give us a call or send us an e-mail (Yes I do check my e-mail everyday!) if you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from us.

Rev. Alan Ivan Jr.
Willard, Ohio
Californian, Mini Lops, New Zealands, Lionheads, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Dutch, and American Chinchillas
S and A Rabbitry
We are ARBA members and have been breeding rabbits for many years. We have everything from your pet rabbits to show rabbits and everything in between.

Molly Biller
Willard, Ohio
Champagne d’ Argent, Mini Lop, New Zealand Red
Biller’s Rabbitry
Type before color mini lops but we have a range of colors. We have champagne d argents. We are working on getting Bruns and cremes. We also have chocolate mini rex. I am neighbors to s and a rabbitry who has several breeds. Our home grown mini lop just won bob bosv. We are located Willard ohio 44890. Call 4197069839. Email mbiller14@gmail.com

Bekah Jordan
Williamsburg, Ohio
Thrianta, Holland Lops
Bekahs Cottontail Cottage
Bekah’s Cottontail Cottage is a small rabbitry, located in southwestern Ohio. We raise Holland Lops and Thriantas and do our best to produce healthy show quality rabbits!

Elizabeth Smits
Williamsburg, Ohio
French Angora, American Chinchilla, Holland Lop
Snuggly’s Burrow
Snuggly’s Burrow is a small rabbitry located in Southeastern Ohio. I strive to raise high quality rabbits that will do well in shows, expanding your breeding stock or just as a sweet pet. All my rabbits are pedigreed. I have litters born throughout the year, so check in to see what’s available!

Lizzie Willard
Wooster, Ohio
Mini Rex
EW Rabbitry
We both rescue and breed rabbit for pet and shows. They are good quality and most have pedigrees .

Chuck Lewis
Xenia, Ohio
New Zealand White
Lewis Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand Whites for show and meat because they have a good meat to bone ratio plus there fur can be used for many things as well. Plus we are ARBA members striving to help 4H and FFA clubs also Thanks.

Nick Kurko
Yorkville, Ohio
Rex, Chinchilla, Jersey Wooley, Lop, Silver Fox,
Nick’s Rabbits
Small rabbitry enjoy raising rabbits like they are part of the family looking to find good homes and people who will take care of my bunnies

Sharon Epps
Youngstown, Ohio
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Amberrose Rabbitry
Beautiful, sweet, small(2-3 lbs),quality rabbits for pets or show. Small rabbitry that started as 4H project with my children 16 yrs ago & progressed to us doing rabbit shows & breeding. Nice line with some champions in pedigree. Phone best way to reach me 724-841-4286

Vicki Weimer
Youngstown, OH
Beach Bunny Lionhead Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in Northeast Ohio. I strive to be a breeder of high quality and showable Lionhead rabbits.

Andre Williams
Youngstown, Ohio
Californian Meat Rabbits

Tonya Woolensack
Youngstown, Ohio
English Angora, Royal line of English Angora rabbits.
The Woolensack Woolery
We are a small rabbitry located in Youngstown, OH. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ARBA) and the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club (NARBC) and we deal exclusively in English Angora rabbits. Our line of English Angora’s are from some of the best show stock with many Best in Show and Best of Breed. Our rabbits come with a pedigree and a 100% money back health guarantee for one year from your date of purchase.
All rabbits are eligible to register with the ARBA and fur production is three inches or greater and is thick and soft. You may see others selling English Angora’s, but if quality and affection is important to you, you have come to the right place. Bunnies are loved and handled from birth to give the best temperaments and to make grooming and showing easy.
Contact The Woolensack Woolery today for your next furry addition!

Carissa Webb
Zanesville, Ohio
Mini Lop, Holland Lop
Ridge Hop’s Rabbitry
We are a ARBA recognized rabbitry. We have our rabbits in a temperature controled barn. We show in ARBA but also are involved in 4-H.

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