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Misty Thurmond-Barnett
Altus, Oklahoma
Dutch (Blue and White)
The Little Blue Dutch Hutch
Home grown, spoiled rotten dutch kits!! Of show quality yet not established enough yet. I am looking forward to completing my application with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

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Stan Sawyers
Ada, Oklahoma
Texas A&M Tamuk
Sawbuck rabbit farms
Raising Tamuk meat rabbits. Raising pedigreed breeding stock. Currently running eight does with plans to expand soon.

Jamie McCoy
Atoka, Oklahoma
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex
Dancing Rabbit Rabbitry
My name is Jamie McCoy. My rabbitry is located in Atoka County, Oklahoma. At the present time I raise Jersey Woolies and Mini Rex. I am hoping to expand soon, as I desire to raise other breeds. Rabbit lover from childhood explains my involvement. My bunnies are very well nurtured, and are members of a clean, stress free environment, with plenty of exercise and lots of love! I plan to start breeding again in September so I will have fall bunnies ready to go. My only problem is I fall in love with ALL of them, knowing I can’t keep ALL of them!

Richard Davidson
Bixby, Oklahoma
Netherland Dwarfs
Bixby Bunny Barn
I am a new breeder but specializing in Tiny Blue eyed white Netherland Dwarfs. My rabbit are housed in an indoor climate controlled facility. They are played with and allowed to run freely in their indoor run. They are pure white and show quality. Expecting first set of litters in early June. Our bunnies weigh 16 oz to 32 oz. Price includes pedigree. $100 to $200 . $50 to $100 deposit will reserve bunny.

Calep Yingst
Bristow, Oklahoma
Standard Chinchilla, American Chinchilla
Yingst Ranch
We are a new rabbitry adding american and standard chinchillas to our ever growing flock of animals. We will have meat as well as show quality rabbits available spring 2020

Lori Austin
Catoosa, Oklahoma
Tan, Mini Rex, Lionhead, English Spot
Austin Rabbitry
We are a 30 hole rabbitry near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have raised rabbits off and on for 11 years. We currently only show Tans, but raise a few other breeds as well just for fun! Our rabbits are handled a lot by our children, and are part of the family. We support 4-H and FFA.

Mark Lollis
Catoosa, Oklahoma
New Zealand
Mom And Pops Farms
We are starting a new a new rabbitry we have new Zealand cross Californian.

Daniel Rackley
Chandler, Oklahoma
New Zealand Whites
Lost Creek Rabbitry
We are a small operation, and specialize in meat-producing New Zealand Whites. We breed strictly for meat and fur production. I have unrelated bucks, and unrelated does, and with enough notice, can provide unrelated bucks and does sufficient to start a new breeding program.

Ed&Debra Doshier
Chickasha, Oklahoma
We raise and show these rabbits. This is our hobby. We are members of the ARBA, LOP CLUB, and we are joining the CINNAMON CLUB. We show our rabbits in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Missouri. Our rabbits are healthy and show well. We have never had any bad feed back from anyone who has purchased our rabbits.

Keely Gerlach
Claremore, Oklahoma
Holland Lops
Doodle Bugs Farm
I raise all of my rabbits indoors. Each has their own home and they also have several runs outside to play in, when the weather is good. I make sure that each rabbit is handled from birth, however, I have very few litters throughout the year. I raise my rabbits for indoor pets and 4-h projects for those who need a project for 4-h.

Erica Marshall
Claremore, Oklahoma
Holland Lop
Rocky Meadow Rabbitry
Whether you are looking for pet, brood or show, we are here to help! We pride ourselves in our rabbit’s clean environments and our variety of color/patterns while working toward the breed’s standards of perfection. Here at Rocky Meadow you will friendly, down to earth people who love their little rabbits .

Sierra Smith
Claremore, Oklahoma
Holland Lop
Sierra’s Sweeties
Sierra’s Sweeties is a small youth rabbitry. Most of our rabbits originate from Stone Hill Rabbitry and we continue to linebreed so our bunnies are consistent in type. We specialize in broken Hollands and strive to keep a red, white, and blue rabbitry. This means our rabbits and the three generations before them meet ARBA breed standards and showable animals free of any disqualifications. Personality and mothering abilities are just as important to us as overall type. We love our buns and they enjoy snuggles as they are our a part of our family. Good homes for our sales bunnies are a must!

Timothy Roberts
Crescent, Oklahoma
New Zealand, Californian, New Zealand White, Tamuck, Havanah, Flemish Giant
Iron Cross Farms
Complete indoor Rabbitry, we run nothin but RabbitTech by KW Cages. Little over 175 holes. Main industry is the Meat Industry.

Crystal White
Claremore, Oklahoma
Holland Lops and Mixes
Loving Lops Rabbitry
We our a small family owned rabbitry. We specialize in loving Holland Lops. We raise them for fun and as pets right now. Maybe when my daughters are older they will show some of our little furry guys.

Chris Bacon
Cleora, Oklahoma
Giant Chinchillas, New Zealand (BB, Red, Black), Production White
C & K Rabbitry
My son Kody and I have a small Rabbitry here in Northeast Oklahoma. We started the Rabbitry with meat and fur breeds for our own use but we now have enough rabbits that we are able to sell kits. All of out rabbits are handled and have very nice and clean living conditions. If you are interested in quality breeding stock or some rabbits for the freezer, contact us. We have pedigreed, partial pedigreed, and non pedigreed rabbits.

Melissa Jones
Davis, Oklahoma
Mini Lops, Champagen D’ Argents
GingerBred Bunnies
We are starting rabbit breeding /sales out as a family as my children start going to the 4H club.

Roxanne Hanna
Duncan, Oklahoma
New Zealand, American Blue
Roda Rabbitry
My husband, Chad Hanna, and I raise New Zealands and American Blues. We are raising all the varieties of the New Zealands. Bloodlines include Esterline, Rummerfield, Mangione, & Basgil/Borden. Have show stock, meat pens, and breeding stock for sale. 4-H & FFA discounts. Call or text.

Laura Thomas
Duncan, Oklahoma
New Zealands (Red, Black, Broken Black and occasionally Broken Red).
The Chughole Farm Rabbitry
The Chughole Farm Rabbitry is a small operation with only about 10 brood does and half as many bucks. We’re small enough to be able to keep the facilities clean but just big enough to be able to selectively breed for good quality bunnies. Our rabbits are wormed 3 times a year and vet tested for coccidia and worms routinely. Bunnies are tested and must be negative before being sold. We breed for individual show rabbits and also for meat pens. (Because of the small size of our rabbitry the number of meat pens we can make are limited so we recommend reserving your pens in advance.) We show our rabbits in Oklahoma and north Texas. Please visit our webpage at www.thechugholefarmrabbitry.com to see some of our show accomplishments.
(580) 656-4202 TEXT ONLY

Addie Detrich
Edmond, Oklahoma
Mini Lop, Dutch
Cross Timbers Rabbitry
Just getting started with a herd of Mini Lops. We currently have mostly steels in our growing herd. We have a couple of Dutch leftover from the Dutch program but plan to sell out. All of our rabbits are pedigreed with Scott’s and Harmon’s lines. Thanks for checking us out!

Sarah Tracy
Edmond, Oklahoma
Mini Rex
Purple Bunny Rabbitry
I raise pedigreed Mini Rex rabbits. I currently have a litter of 4 that was born on April 27, and all of them are available. They would make great pets or show rabbits. There are two boys (one black and one chinchilla), and there are two girls (both chinchilla). Cost is $45 each. If you want 2, the cost would be $40 each. Please let me know if you are interested!

I have several litters a year, so please contact me if you are looking for a mini rex!

I have been breeding in Edmond Oklahoma for the past 6+ years, but am unable to continue. I am giving away the remainder of my breeding stock! I have 2 does: a chinchilla (4-5 years old) and a booted/broken fawn (2 years old), and 1 buck (4 years old). Each are free to good homes and come with a food container and water bottle. Please let me know if interested at all. I am needing to move them quickly!
(A text is easiest, but I can also take phone calls or emails. I have updated photos I’d be happy to share- so please ask!!)
405-938-7320 (text)

Kristin Black
Edmond, Oklahoma
KT Black’s Rabbitry
KT Black’s Rabbitry are Rhinelander rabbit enthusiasts! Our focus is to promote and preserve this beautiful breed!

Sicilly Sain
Elmore City, Oklahoma
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads, and Holland lops
Insane Rabbitry
I mainly breed Netherland dwarfs and lionheads but will be starting on Holland lops soon. Right now I have 1 pregnant female and will be breeding the others soon.

Morgan King
El Reno, Oklahoma
Netherland Dwarf
My Little Mutations
Hi, we have a small rabbitry located in El Reno, Oklahoma. We specialize in Netherland Dwarf’s. We have many colors to pick from including , Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Black Otter, Blue Otter, Chocolate Otter, Lilac Otter, Chestnut, Chinchilla, Tort , Orange, REW ( Red Eyed White or Albino), BEW (Blue Eyed White) , Vienna Marked Black, Vienna Marked Blue, Seal, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Himilayan Black, Himilayan Blue, and Broken in most of the above named colors. We often add more options and variety of the breed, don’t be afraid to ask if your looking for something specific. We breed for show and pet, not for meat. Prices vary mattering on quality and rarity of color ( size and specifications to match breed standard and how common or uncommon the color is) . High quality bunnies come with pedigrees, pet quality bunnies will not. All bunnies are played with and raised indoors around other pets.

Pamela Waters & Kenneth Lindsey
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Jersey Woolies, French and English Angoras, Mini Rex and Polish
Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry in Central oklahoma. All our bunnies are handled from birth and are loving and gentle. Raised with love by our family, to make pets and show animals with the best personalities.

Jessie Lucas
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Holland Lops
Tiny Paws Charm Rabbitry
We breed a small family of Holland Lops. We will have babies for sale quite often, all will come with their pedigrees. I love the Holland Lop breed and want to provide the perfect Holland to anyone who loves them as well.

Ethan Stevens
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Mini Rex, American Chinchillas, New Zealand, Standard Rex
Ee rabbitry
I have pedigreed rabbits and pet rabbits

Tina Naylor
Hodgen, Oklahoma
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Dutch, Mini Plush Lop, New Zealand Red
Cedar Creek OK Rabbitry
We are a small family operation in Southeast Oklahoma, homesteading and raising a few animals for food, fun and show. We raise pedigreed Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Holland Lop (also VM and White Ear), Dutch, and New Zealand Reds. We started with our 1st breeding pair of Mini Rex in September 2021 and now have about 40 breeders.

Tonya Reeves
Inola, Oklahoma
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs
Blackfox Haven Rabbitry
Blackfox Haven’s Rabbitry also know as K&T’s and Terry’s Bunny Paradise. We raise Mini Rex, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, and recently have aquired a pair of French Angoras. We are currently working with many varieties in our breeds at this time. In Mini Rex we are working on Sable pts, otters, chocs, lilacs, rews, blues, blacks, and brks. In hollands we are working on sable pts, torts, steels, otters, and chocs. In netties we are working on chests, otters, and rews. In Fuzzies we are currently working with torts, sable pts, and agoutis. We always have something for sale. Willing to ship in the united states weather permitting

Hope Harrendorf
Kiefer, Oklahoma
New Zealand and New Zealand Mixes
H-n-H Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that specializes in New Zealand and New Zealand mixes. We keep our rabbits in outdoor hutches, they are provided ice bottles any time it’s necessary, heat lamps in winter, and there is always someone home to care for them. Fresh feed and water twice daily and plenty of love and care each day. kits are well cared for and gentle, our rabbits have wonderful temperaments. Rabbits would be good as pets, breeders, or meat rabbits. We breed during the colder months of the year, but usually, have kits available through the summer months. Please contact me by calling or texting,
As of 5-6-2018, we have 1 buck and 2 does (a bonded pair cannot under any circumstance be separated) born on 2-5-17 that are up for sale.

Waylon Fortune
Kingston, Oklahoma
Dutch, New Zealand, Harlequin Rex, Mini Rex.. Purebred Black Dutch..Mini Lop..Flemish Giants..many others…
Fortune’s Bunny Farm
We’re about 60 head strong with custom services
Such as custom crossing different breeds. we also slaughter. Process, and vacuum pack your meat if you wish!! If we have the stock, you won’t be disappointed! We sell pet breeds AND meat! Butchered or live… your choice… give us a call!!

Waylon Fortune
Lebanon, Oklahoma
New Zealand, New Zealand/American chinchilla cross, Mini Rex
The Bunny Farm
We’re a small rabbitry just ten miles west of
Kingston, OK. Specializing in production, processing,
Packing meat rabbits….and we’re very efficient at it!
Live or custom butchered, we aim to please!!?
Call us and see…

Amy Clark
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Flemish Giant
Peanut’s Flemish Giants
We our a small family owned rabbitry. We specialize in loving Flemish Giants. We raise all of our rabbits indoors. They have their own room and a fenced in yard outside to play in, when the weather is good. I make sure that each rabbit is handled from birth. We currently have a litter of 5 at 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes. 2 blacks and 3 greys. Very friendly. handled daily since birth. Almost completely litter trained. They are house pets only. will not survive outdoors. Also are too big to be in cages, either fenced in area or free roam. Are wonderful therapeutic rabbits. Very docile, laid back, love to be petted. Basically, just lazy. Although lots of fun when they break out in their happy dance.Our rabbits are raised for indoor pets and 4-h projects for those who need a project for 4-h. They are full blooded Flemish Giants, also known as Gentle Giants.

Beth Dupree
Westport, Oklahoma
Flemish Giant
Bella Bunnies
Bella Farms is the Premier Purebred Flemish Giant Breeder in OK. Our Rabbits not only the cutest, cuddliest pets but highest show quality with perfect conformation, large erect ears, well rounded dewlap, average 25lbs or more and large healthy litters.
I only have black, steel grey or pure white with red eyes. My parents come from different states and are not related.

Hope Harrendorf
Kiefer, Oklahoma
New Zealand, Havana, Mini Rex
H-n-H Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that specializes in New zealand mixes. We keep our rabbits in outdoor hutches, they are provided ice bottles any time it’s necessary, heat lamps in winter, and there in always someone home to care for them. Fresh feed and water twice daily and plenty of love and care each day. kits are well cared for and gentle, all rabbits have wonderful temperaments. All rabbits would be good as pets, breeders, or meat rabbits. We breed during the colder months of the year, but usually have kits available through the summer months. Please contact me by calling or texting, visiting H-n-H rabbitry on facebook would also help you to get to know our stock.

Chase and Jaime Murphy
Hulbert, Oklahoma
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Murphy Farms and Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Hulbert, Ok who specializes in NZWs. We have the capacity for around 240 breeding does but currently run about 100. We raise fryers for meat and sell to multiple processors and stores. Can fill small to large orders and will have kits up to fryers available for breeding, meat and pets starting October 2017. Any questions feel free to email or call.

Waylon and Debra Fortune
Kingston, Oklahoma
New Zealand
Fortune’s Bunny Farm
We have a small heated and air conditioned building to house our 8 does and 2 bucks. We handle all the rabbits to ensure gentleness to us and the babies. We are located between Kingston and Madill, Oklahoma.

Jeff Taylor
Kingston, Oklahoma
Rex, Mini Rex, Standard Rex, American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian
Feathers & Fur Homestead
We are located in south east Oklahoma. The majority of our rabbits serve as meat in one way or another. We do however offer our Mini-Rex line as pets.

Bugos Family
Mcloud, Oklahoma
Jersey Woolies, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Kristdala Kritters Rabbitry
We raise quality Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, and Holland Lop rabbits. We strive to produce rabbits with great dispositions that do well on the show table. We usually have something available……. whether your looking for a show quality rabbit to improve or start your herd, a 4-H project, or just a family pet, check out our website to see what is currently for sale. Also follow us on facebook!

Kristen Bryant
Mead, Oklahoma
New Zealand, Californian, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Dutch, Rex, and Lionheads
Honey Bunny Rabbitry
Hi, I’m Kristen. I own Honey Bunny Rabbitry. I have many rabbit breeds for sale and I take as good of care of them as I can. I spend most of the time I have with them so they are very tame and ready for a new home. I keep their cages clean at all times and make sure they have plenty of food, water, and hay. I hope we have the breed you’re looking for. If we do, come and choose your new rabbit!

Chris Bell
Midwest City, Oklahoma
Florida Whites (BLUE EYE white, Albino Red eyed)
C&T Rabbitry
Large white 4to 5lbs grown,raise them for pets or fryers.

Heather, Christie, and Niki Layman
Midwest City, Oklahoma
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
HCN’s Rabbitry
We sell, show, and raise mini rex and netherland dwarfs. We are getting out of hollands for now.we are on facebook too! Just look up Hcn’s Rabbitry and add us!!

Karla Maxwell
Midwest City, Oklahoma
None of the above, Lion head bunnies
Karla’s Kit
lion head rabbits, long mane with short hair on the body.

Liberty Acres
Noble, Oklahoma
Mini Lops
Liberty Acres
We are a small family farm near Norman, Oklahoma. We sell beautiful, pre-spoiled mini lop bunnies.

Norman, Oklahoma
Gentle Lions Rabbitry

Breeding Lionheads for Therapy, Show & Pet.

Mckenzie & Robyn Ham
Oklahoma City Area, Oklahoma
Mini Rex and Standard Rex
Rex Rabbitry
We sell show quality and pet rabbits.

Dawson Garber
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mini Rex
D&D Rabbitry
Our Mini Rex rabbits are raised with care. They have plenty of space in their cooled and heated outdoor hutch. They are let into a run almost every day for exercise. Contact us for prices and to find out if we currently have babies or not.

Caroline Langley
OKC, Oklahoma
Mini Rex
Pinky’s Mini Bunnies
My name is Caroline Langley. I am a mini rex breeder in OKC. I do my very best to make sure that when you buy a rabbit from me you are getting top of the line bunnies. They will be litter box trained, pedigreed, well behaved, and absolutely gorgeous. If you are interested in buying a rabbit or housing a rabbit feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Pam Lowe
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mini Rex
Whimsical Warren
Mini Rex Exclusively. For 4-H and Pet homes. Small hobby breeder located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Raising Mini Rex in mostly Blue and Chocolate Tri Colors but other colors do pop up in our litters. All of our Bunnies are pedigreed.
We prefer to keep our rabbits on a very small scale, as we believe quality is so much more important then quantity. We do offer our bunnies for sale on occasion.

Rachel Martin
OKC, Oklahoma
Mini Rex
The Traveling Bunnies Rabbitry
I breed for quality and temperament. I have a small rabbitry currently in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and I keep my rabbits inside so that I can keep a close eye on them as well as give them the proper love and attention that they require. I’m not breeding for profit, I’m breeding for the love of the animal, and the joy of new owners, as well as keeping in mind the quality of my Mini Rexes and a good temperament. I have seen too many rabbitries that appear to be like “puppy mills” I do not agree with this way of breeding and selling rabbits. All of my rabbits are healthy, handled, and loved. I personally clean their cages every day to ensure a clean living environment for them. I provide my rabbits with extras; such as toys, and a litter, as well as play time in a room that is environmentally safe for them. If you are interested in contacting me about my rabbits feel free to do so. I will respond to serious buyer’s messages with my number, as well as to answer any questions you may have. Anyone else that is not a serious buyer is still welcome to message me with any questions you may have about this page, or rabbits in general. You can find me on facebook, “The Traveling Bunnies”
I have decided to lend out a bunny for photographers to use in pictures. I will charge the full price, but I figured that would cut down on bunnies that go to shelters and rescues. ~May God Bless You~The Traveling Bunnies-

Daniel McClure
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Polish, Non Pedigreed Flemish Cross
McClure Family Farms Rabbitry
Black, Chocolate, and Broken Polish Rabbits.

Robert Pearson
Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Silver Fox, Californian, Mini Lop, Mini Rex & English Angora
Pearson Family Rabbitry
We are a small family Rabbitry located in central Oklahoma. We are ARBA & NSFRC members. We breed Silver Fox, Californians, Mini Rex, English Angora and Mini Lop. Please feel free to call or visit our website www.pearsonfamilyrabbitry.com

Anthony Thomas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mini Rex, Dutch and New Zealand White Rabbit
A.C.T Rabbits
We are a new small family owned and operated rabbitry in rural Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are currently trying to get solid footing as a rabbitry. We mainly sale mini rex, dutch and new zealand white rabbits. Besides breeding and selling rabbits though we also make costume made rabbit hutches, sale rabbit manure, and rent out certain bunnies for parties and other occasions. Currently we have 5 bucks and 6 does in our herd. The oldest rabbits in our herd are a year old and the youngest are 6 months old. Our rabbits are good for show, pets and breeding. Our prices range from $20-$100 per rabbit. At ACT Rabbits we are committed to raising healthy, happy and loving bunnies. Our main goal is to bring love and joy into the world through our bunnies and other services.

Jonathan and Alicia Koscinski
Norman, Oklahoma
Netherland Dwarf
Charm Farm
Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale in Norman, Oklahoma. We have show quality and pet quality rabbits available. We have many different colors available, but specialize in brokens.

Krystle Smith
Paoli, Oklahoma
English Lops
4 S Rabbitry
We are small breeder of pedigreed show quality English lops we are located in south central Oklahoma

Melissa Ward
Pryor, Oklahoma
New Zealand Giants
P and M rabbits
Every rabbit is organicly fed. We keep males and females in separate cages.we have large pens were the rabbits are free to run around safely.Our rabbit are healthy enough to eat and fluffy enough to make great pets or great show rabbits. We are a small family run operation yet large enough to fill large orders.

Heaven Branco
Purcell, Oklahoma
English Angora
Oklahoma Sunshine Rabbitry
Oklahoma Sunshine Rabbitry specializes in top quality English Angoras. Our rabbitry was founded in January of 2018 and we have never looked back. English Angoras are our passion. We frequently have bunnies available and love to help out beginners. We have tons of useful information on our website and are available to chat there as well. We are located in the heart of Oklahoma, Purcell. Our baby rabbits are handled frequently and raised indoors. We have a plethora of colors to choose from including rare colors such as Otter, Fox, and Broken Otter but we also have showable colors as well. Please feel free to contact us through our website and we will return a message as soon as possible. Happy hopping! – Heaven Branco

Billy Crose
Red Oak, Oklahoma
New Zealand, New Zealand/California Cross
Choctaw Ridge Rabbits
Just getting started here, but plan to get bigger fast.

M.A Gentry
Sallisaw, Oklahoma
New Zealands, Texas A&M New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Satins, Mixes
Mag Little Farms Rabbitry
We carry a strong line of Texas A&M New Zealands all ages… We try and keep kits yr round excluding the heat months… Flemish Giants we have a nice gray strain of these check for availability… Satins we have one breeding pair and several others we use to breed for mixed color Also check for availability… We are located in Sallisaw Oklahoma… Eastern Oklahoma 20 miles from the Arkansas border right on I-40

Candi Russell
Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Mini Rex, Netherland dwarf, New Zealand, Britannia peiti, New Zealand red
Windwalker rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry, our main focus is on health and Temperament, we breed to ARBA standards. Our rabbits are raised in a loving humane environment, we don’t breed all year round the first litters are due in October and the last litters in april.

Jenifer Hargrove
Sterling, Oklahoma
Dutch, Flemish, Rex, New Zealand
Just Dreaming Ranch
The just dreaming ranch sells baby rabbits from weaned age to 6 months. They are great for meat, pets or show. Please contact us for pictures or more information.

Yvette Ford
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Mini Rex, New Zealand, Mini Lop, Havana and Polish
Diamond I Farm Rabbitry
We are a family owned and operated rabbitry. Our rabbitry started with our son wanting to show rabbits. Now the whole family shares his love of rabbits and each one of us has our own breed that we breed and show. Rabbits are amazing little animals with a personality all their own. We have white and black broken New Zealands that my son enjoys. My husband has the Mini Rex. Colors black, black broken and REW. Myself I enjoy the Mini Lops and their variety of colors. My daughter who will be show this next year is starting with Polish and Havana’s. May your lives be as blessed as ours with a rabbit in your life. God Bless!

Qadoshyah Fish
Tahlequah, OK
Mini Lops
Hoppin’ Herd of Hares
I raise Mini Lops for in quality & color. We work on chocolates, lilacs, pointed whites, shadeds and more. Where Quality & Color are Combined!

Grace Young
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Californians, Production Whites, Altex
Sunny Dayz Rabbitry
I raise Californians, Production Whites and Altex in NE Oklahoma. I breed them for Quality and Meat. The Production Whites are like New Zealand’s, but they have been bred by Texas A&M to withstand heat & humidity. To be finer boned and to grow much faster. Therefore you get more meat for your money. THEY EAT MUCH LESS than other meat breeds, so they are the perfect breed for meat. I weighed the Production White breed v.s the Californian breed (freezer weight), and found that you get much less meat on the Californians at 10-11 weeks (typical slaughter age); I got about 1-1.5 pound of meat. With the Production White breed, I got about 2-2.5 pounds of freezer weight meat, & was able to slaughter much earlier (8 weeks). If you have any questions you can call or email me.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Holland Lop
Rhonda’s Garden Buns
Raise pet, brood and show quality Holland lops. PLEASE TEXT 9185413056

James & Julee Barton
Tulsa, Oklahoma
English Lops, French Lops, Flemish Giants, and New Zealands
Barton’s Big Bunnies
We breed high quality large breed bunnies. We have English Lops, French Lops, Flemish Giants, and New Zealands. All of are rabbits are loved and given alot of attention. Each litter is handled from birth. Find is on Facebook.

Gary Floyd
Tulsa, OK
Mini Lops, Lionheads, New Zealands, Mini Rex
MBG Rabbit Farm
We are a small rabbit farm in NE oklahoma.

Sara Dunn
Tuttle, Oklahoma
Pepper’s Bunnies

Megan Shilling
Wainwright, Oklahoma
Havanas, Tan, Holland Lops, Satins, Lionheads
Long Patrol Rabbitry
I have a small Rabbitry in Wainwright OK I show in 4-H and ARBA and have done Havanas for awhile now.

Alton Goodwin
Wetumka, Oklahoma
New Zealand Whites
Goodwin Rabbitry
I specialize in raising and breeding quality new zealand white rabbits in the state of Oklahoma.

Iris Cole
Wilburton, Oklahoma
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, English Angora, Giant Chinchilla, Lionhead, New Zeand Reds, and Mini Plush Lops
Damon Valley Rabbitry
We raise quality Mini Lops, Mini Rex, New Zealand Reds, Lionheads, and Giant Chinchillas. We are located in Southeast Oklahoma…All of our bunnies are pedigreed. Please call, text, or email with any questions. We are Arba members. Look us up on facebook to see available bunnies Damon Valley Rabbitry.

Ann Ketron
Woodward County, Oklahoma
Silver Fox (Black and Blue), English Angoras
Country Claire Rabbitry
Breeding Silver Fox in Black and Blue. Breeding trios of all black (no blue in the pedigree), or Black/Blue for the deep blue coat. Quality lines, comparison pedigrees available upon request. English Angoras in REW, black and other colors. Limited breeding, so en-quire on litter availability. All kits have been socialized and as “bomb proof” as possible, exposed to cats, dogs, construction equipment, etc. including colony living. Kits are available after 20 weeks.

Amanda & David Gibbs
Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Champagne D’ Argents
Gray’s Gardens
A small ARBA registered rabbitry providing Champagne d’Argents.

April Foster
Yukon, Oklahoma
English Lops
A small rabbitry specializing in QUALITY over quantity. English lop brood stock has been obtained from the 2012 BOB ARBA convention winner and babies are in various stages of development. One of the first litters has already received a BOS at less than 3 months old against 48 other rabbits! Two siblings also took home BOV honors. Member of ARBA and LRCA. Rabbitry is registered with ARBA. In process of getting all show & brood stock registered to maintain the highest of quality. First litters of babies will be red/white seal registered. All bunnies pedigreed. Contact me for current availability. E-mail is best. This was posted in March 2013.

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