Ontario Rabbit Breeders

Find rabbit breeders locally in the province of Ontario using our Canadian Rabbit Breeders List or submit your own rabbitry to the list today.

Eric Lalande
Alfred, Ontario
Mini Rex
Old Dairy Barn Rabbitry
Individual cage in an old dairy barn.

Jesse Lambourn
Alvinston, Ontario
Jesse’s Hilltop Rabbitry
I raise show quality Himalayan’s as well as Teddy Cavies.

Cody Lane
Arthur, Ontario
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, New Zealand Red/White, Californian Button Nose
Lanes Rabbitry
We have a small operation now with about 15 does but i plan to get much bigger

Genevieve Paquet
Arthur, Ontario
Flemish Giant
Edelweiss Rabittry
We begin in 2019, always been around animals since kid. We wanted our daughters to have their own line. We love gentle giant as a Flemish Giant. Great rabbits and sooo gentle! We own: Black- Fawn- Sandy- Lite gray & White. We are located just 5 min from outside of Arthur, Ontario on a hobby farm.

Marty Tomlin
Arthur, ON
Californians, Red New Zealands
Mart’s Rabbitry
Hobby Have only 14 doe herd. Also raise turkeys & cornish hens.

Madelyn Dupuis
barrie, Ontario
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Top Line Rabbitry
Hi there we started out in orillia when we bought a doe form the SPCA and she was pregnant and we loved having her babies. So we bought our first two mini rex does , which are our starter does, now we breed and show mini rex and would like to start Holland lops.
We are LOOKING for show quality Holland lops so if you have any for sale email me plez! thanks we are located in orillia , very close to barrie.
Like us on facebook or join my group or pm me on facbook –

Colin Giffen
Barrie, Ontario
Mini Rex
Giffen Farms
I have a small scale rabbitry only 6 holes, raising for pet, show and brood stock in both solid and broken colouring from Canadian & American bloodlines

Gerry Latondress
Barrie, Ontario
Britannia Petite, Netherland Dwarf
Loon Rabbitry
After fostering a little cottentail back to health we became interested in rabbits and started to do some research on rabbit breeds.
We started out with netherland dwarfs and couldn’t be happier with these little cuties but when we came across the britannia petite we were hooked.
We will start showing, breeding and selling in 2012, all of our rabbits are handled daily with lots of TLC.
We are located in barrie, ontario and also breed canaries.

Sue Needle
Barrie, Ontario
French Angoras – show and wool
Fuzzie Wasie Rabbitry
We breed top competitive show French Angoras keeping rich colours with density and ease of plucking. We also have raw and spun yarn.

Liz Van Leeuwen
Beamsville, ON
Leeuwen Lionheads
We are a small hobby rabbitry located in the Niagara region. We focus only on lionhead rabbits and have a very small heard. Our first litter was born March 16th 2012. We strive for breed standdard but also feel producing well adjusted and socialized rabbits is also important. Our babies are raised in house and our loved and played with daily. They leave here used to be handled by children and other animals.

Doris Brady
Beaverton, Ontario
Flemish Giants, French Lops, Mini Lops, Satin, Giant Chinchillas, Mini Satins
Shannondoe Rabbitry
We have around 100 holes, we run on the average of 45 Flemish Giants.

Lindsay N
Blyth, Ontario
Havanas, Velveteen Lops, Dwarf Hotots, Polish
Country View Rabbitry
Rabbitry located in Huron County Ontario. We breed Velveteen Lops, Dwarf Hotot, Polish, and Havana. We breed pedigreed rabbits and strive to have quality animals that meet the Standards of Perfection set out for each breed.

Dan Levesque
Bracebridge, Ontario
Flemish Giants
Muskoka Pastures Rabbitry
I am just starting back up and I am in the beginning stages again. I am currently looking for more giants for my breeding program. I would love a pair of giant chinchillas and I am looking for a pedigree pair right now.
705 641 1728

Michael M & Laura W
Bridgenorth, Ontario
Holland Lops
M & L Rabbitry
Located in the Peterborough, Ontario area. Specializing in Pure-bred Holland Lops. We are a small Rabbitry that strives to create adorable friendly lops. Being a small Rabbitry means we can provide our rabbits with lots of attention that they deserve. Every rabbit is pedigreed. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

Ashley Brown
Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada
New Zealand, Harlequins, Dutch, Californian/Zealand, Chinchilla/Zealand
AB Sunset River Rabbitry
Here at the Rabbitry we breed
New Zealand, Harlequin (Pedigreed), Dutch, Cross Breds (Chinchilla/Zealand) (Californian/Zealand)
We have lots of babies born here handle the day they are born so babies always are friendly. also so many Colours to pick from. Babies do not leave here until 6 weeks old. all babies that leave here are healthy and great.
Purebred (Pedigreed) Rabbits Sell for $30
Purebred (Non Pedigreed) Rabbits Sell for $15
Cross Breed Rabbits Sell for $10
Please Contact me on Email or you could contact on facebook love new likes and viwes on the page 🙂 Thank you Please Cheak it out also you will get to see all the breeders and the litters on the page and get to see updates 🙂
Please Contact to see if any babies are here

Misti Bottenfield
Caledonia , Ontario
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Dutch, Mini Lops, California, New Zealand, Dwarf, Velveteen Lop, Lionhead
Kooler Bunnies Rabbitry
Kooler Bunnies Rabbitry is a mother daughter team of all kinds of rabbits. Vickie and Misti show in small local fairs and take pride in caring for and breeding for the perfect colours. We have many colours and prices are well worth the drive.

Jim Pearce
Caledonia, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, French Lops
Bassets & Bunnies Rabbitry
Small time hobbyist raising rabbits and showing in local fairs for over 20 years. Usually like to keep 20-30 rabbits of various breeds specializing in Netherland dwarfs.

Tabith Paddock
Caledonia, Ontario
Continental Giant, German Giant
Oak Creek Farms
Oak Creek Farms is a small, family run farm situated on 100 acres in beautiful Caledonia, Ontario. Although our fields are full of lush hay, and our sawmill is always running, our specialty is the rare Continental Giant Rabbit (also known as the German Giant).
Here at Oak Creek Farms we love our “Giants”! This fantastic breed of rabbit is considered to be the largest in the world, and can reach sizes of almost double that of most North American Giant Breeds (Flemish Giant, Californian, etc). Although they are quite popular in Europe, they are practically non-existent here in Canada and the USA. In fact, we are the ONLY breeder of these beauties in Canada.
Fortunately for us (and other giant rabbit lovers in Canada and the US), after much time and effort, we were able to import some breeding stock. We have litters throughout the year, and more details can be found on our website.

Amanda Gibson
Cambridge, Ontario
Legacy Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that specializes in Polish rabbits, in Chocolate and Black (both solid and broken varieties). Our goal is to breed show quality animals that conform as closely to the breed standard as possible. We are active members of the rabbit show world, and have memberships with both the DRCBA, Forest City Rabbit Club, and the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs.

Samantha Handley
Cameron, Ontario
New Zealand, Flemish Giants
Coyote Creek
Small rabbitry, looking at expanding in the near future. Would like to acquire some Giant Chinchilla and Beveren rabbits.

Ashley Haynes
Campbellville, Ontario
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Bunnyville Rabbitry
Bunnyville is a small rabbitry that focuses on breeding top quality Holland Lops and Lionheads. Rabbits here are prized for their calm and friendly temperament as well as their great conformation. Their lionheads have won Best of Breed for doe and litter as well as many other awards. This year (Nov. 2012) their lionhead buck won 1st in standard rabbit and showmanship and their lop doe won 1st in pet rabbit. These are a few of the awards they have won and are always working hard to keep up their rabbit quality. Bunnyville has it’s first book being published and available for sale (email for details). They sell rabbits for show and for pet. Rabbits are also great for breeding stock and are pedigreed.

Cayuga Rabbits
Cayuga, Ontario
New Zealands, Flemish Giants
We are a growing rabbitry located just outside of Cayuga, Ontario. We currently breed rabbits that are giant breed (New Zealands; Red and White, Flemish Giants). Our young meat rabbits are selling for $2.00/lb and are typically about 3 months of age, weighing approximately 7 to 8 pounds. Please note that all rabbits are sold live. Breeding stock may be available at certain times and will be sold for $25.00 to $30.00 depending on the age of the doe and whether or not you require a doe that has been exposed to one of our White New Zealand bucks. Feel free to drop us an email at Cayuga.Rabbits@live.ca for more information.

Emma Van Kesteren
Chatham-kent, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf and Holland lops
Bunny Station Rabbitry
We breed for quality tri Holland lops and have started to dabble in Netherland dwarfs.

Megan Billey
Cheney, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Twisted Whiskers Rabbitry
We are Breeders of Purebred, & pedigreed netherland dwarfs and lionheads! We are located approximately 30 minutes east of Ottawa, Ontario. We work with many colors, in both breeds. particularly, Blue-eyed whites and vienna marked. We also have Brokens, selfs (black & blue), agouti (lynx, chestnut, opal), and shaded (siamese sable, smoke pearl, sable point).

Susanna and Madeleine Allan
Cobden, Ontario
Lionhead and Mini Rex
Black Spruce Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry that breeds Mini Rex and Lionhead rabbits for pets and good breeding stock. We breed from March-September and enjoy bringing up good children pets. We have good variety in color, all have good temperaments, and we offer free pedigrees to those who what breeding stock. We only charge 20$ for each Mini Rex and Lionhead breeds.

Rino Ferreri
Cobourg, Ontario
Majestic Hills Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry, specializing in Black and Chocolate Tan’s.

Gulien Foley
Collingwood, Ontario
Satin, Chinchilla Satin
River Haven Rabbits
We love the chinchilla satin, “the shining star of the satin breed”; for it’s soft, rich and lustrous coat. We breed mainly for meat, but also for show and fur.
Our rabbits have luxurious outdoor accomodations, plenty of room to exercise, personal attention, and lots of fresh hay and green foods to suppliment their diets. This effort to ensure humane treatment of food animals is very important to us, and the main reason we decided to raise meat rabbits.
Please visit our website and Facebook pages, or feel free to contact us with any questions!

O Russwurm
Collingwood, Ontario
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Satins, Commercial Mixes, about all we can get our hands on!
Russwurm in the Woods Rabbitry
A smaller rabbitry, looking to expand, Our rabbits sell for meat, breeding stock and pets mainly, But we do have a couple that could be shown.
Would like a few Champagne d’argents, but maybe once I really get my rabbitry off the ground.

Nicole Heath
Conn, Ontario
Mini Satin, Florida White
Veliraf Rabbitry
Raising Mini-Satin in a variety of colours. Show, pet, and breeding stock available.

Missy Blanchet
Cornwall, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf
Double C Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry that concentrates on 3 things, conformation, colour and personality. Being small, that gives me time to give each rabbit individual attention.
My rabbits are pets and part of our family.

Christine Boyer
Delhi, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Mini Satins
Chrissy’s Critters Rabbitry
My name is Chrissy, Im 18 years old and I’ve been in 4-h for 9 years. I have had rabbits all my life. Over the last eight years I’ve worked on the challenge of breeding and selling show quality, pedigreed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarves. I also started showing, I havent been to many shows but every show I’ve been to I do quite well. I’ve been told I am a great showman, which my many ribbons and trophies prove :) Because I’ve been in 4h for nine years I show many animals. I shown rabbits, cavy, horses, cattle, goats, llamas and poultry. Once I got a taste of the 4h life, I enjoyed the challenge and they couldnt keep me away.
161 Falkirk Dr. Delhi, Ontario N4B 2W4

Cameron Matthews
Delhi, Ontario
Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Lion heads, Flemish Giants
CM Rabbitry
I am 16 years old and just started my own rabbitry, reason for doing so is that it brought back memories of my old holland lop that I had when I was little. I have been into Animals, Reptiles, & amphibians my whole life and have owned almost every one of them lol (except barn animals as I live in town). I currently have 4 rabbits that are very healthy and friendly. My mini rex just had her first litter but unfortunately lost all of the babies which can be normal as she is a first timer. I am not planning to have any show breeds or do anything like that I just do this as a hobby and maybe sell a few buns to loving homes.

Naomi Hall
Earlton, Ontario
Californian, New Zealand Reds, and Flemish
Rachael’s Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in northern Ontario. Looking to expand. I sell for pets and also for meat. I have mostly California/new zealand cross with some flemish, and just recently purchased a harlequin and a single mane lion head. :)

Earlton, Ontario
Holland Lops
Holland Day Inn Rabbitry
Small hobby breeder of pedigreed holland lops.

Virginia Tache
Earlton, Ontario
English Lop, Mini Rex
Lopping Along
Small 6 hole rabbity with focus on pet and show quality English lops and occasional mini Rex. Located in Earlton , Ontario Canada.

Jeannette Mongeon and Michel Dignard
Embrun, ON
Hyphus Rabbits imported from France
Lapinière J & M Rabbit warren
We have been selling genetics from grimaudfreres.com since 2009. We have about 150 does in production. Please check out our web site for more information at lapinrabbitry.com. Thank You!

Lorna Mccleary
Ennismore, Ontario
Lion Heads, Holland Lops, Lion/Lops
Lorna’s Lions, Lops and more rabbitry
Lions, Lops and More is a small hobby rabbitry composed of lion heads, lops, and lion lop crosses, bred for family pets.

Jack Scott
Ennismore, Ontario
Mini Rex
Jack’s Rabbitry
Just starting out. Going to be small for now, hoping to grow and have one more breed.
705 292 0217

P. Rose Primeau
Escott (Mallorytown), Ontario
DM Lionheads, Angora Woolers, Lion Lops
Whitechurch Dust Bunnies
Small-scale rabbitry focused on breeding sweet-tempered and fibre-friendly dustbunnies.
We focus on pure-bred DM Lionheads and Angora (and Angora-crossed) woolers. We also have a soft spot for Lionlops, which make great companions.
Our baby buns are handled daily and afforded plenty of cuddles and kisses. Grooming tools are introduced early, so our dustbunnies are comfortable and even eager for some quality grooming time.

Exeter, Ontario
Holland Lops, Polish, Mini Rex, Harlequins
AT Home Pets
I raise holland lops, polish, and harlequin breed rabbits. I enjoy raising rabbits and focus on health and temperament. I continue working on breeding for the breed standard in each breed. I show my polish and harlequin rabbits. It’s a lot of fun.

Mikala Schweyer
Fisherville, Ontario
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Cedar Lane Rabbitry
Cedar Lane Rabbitry breeds Mini Rex & Holland Lop Rabbits. It seems to be a continuous experiment of trial and error to find ‘the perfect rabbit’ and though all of our rabbits are not labeled as ‘show quality’, they are all happy, healthy, and friendly, which make for great pets!

Harold Wiederman
Flamborough, Ontario
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites and Californians
Chris’s Rabbits
Purebred replacement New Zealand bucks and does available. Occasional Californian. Also have show quality stock available.

Susanna Allan
Foresters Falls, Ontario
Mini Rex
Black Spruce Rabbitry
We currently breed Mini Rex in blue and blue otter but will be introducing black and black otter aswell. We are located in Ontario, Canada an hour west of Ottawa.

Alexandre Cyr Gauthier
Fournier, Ontario
Alex & Jess Rabbitry
I sell my rabbits for meat or pets!

Clauida Goud
Goderich, Ontario
Moonlight Rabbitry
After raising some different breeds of rabbits for a couple of years (Californians,New Zealands,mini Rex and Hollanders) I can now say that I found My breed in the Lionheads.
1519-955-3083 or 1519-524-9544

James & Jordyn O’Connor
Gormley, Ontario
Flemish Giants, French lops
Wild Rosé Rabbitry
Pure bred Flemish giant and French lop.

Leanne Smith
Grafton Ontario
Flemish Giants
Smith Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with only a few does. We don’t show our rabbits but they are all purebred and come from registered breeders who show their rabbits.

Pop Stubbington
Grand Valley, Ontario
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Dutch, English Spot, New Zealand, Flemish Giant, American Chinchilla, English Lop, French Lop
Pops Family Rabbitry
Country family run rabbitry featuring a variety of breeds including pet, meat and show rabbits.

Ana Johnston
Grimsby , Ontario
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, Red and Broken, Californian
Grimsby Rabbits
We specialize in raising New Zealand rabbits in the white, red, and broken varieties and cross bred fryers with Californians.
Fryers for sale for $12.00 per rabbit. All meat rabbits are sold live.
New Zealand purebred white breeding stock $25.00 to $30 depending on the age. New Zealand Red and Broken $30-$40.

Roy Dale
Guelph, Ontario
English Spots
Shanroy Rabbitry
Small home based Rabbitry. English Spots Only.

Sarah M
Guelph, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs
Sarahs Rabbitry
Pictures are available – All rabbits are orange in color.

Melissa Cassidy
Hagerville, Ontario
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Rocky Pine Rabbitry
Striving to produce great family pets and show rabbits as close to their standard of perfection as possible.

Rachel Harrington
Haley Station, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs
Fadjesstic Ali Rabbitry
Started my rabbitry in spring 2013. Focusing on breeding pedigreed and eventually show quality Netherland Dwarfs. Expecting my first litter in just a couple of weeks. All rabbits are handled daily and are accustomed to harnesses. With just over 12 years of rabbit raising experience (NZ, Lop, Mini Rex) I have decided to dedicate myself to my most favorite small breed. NDs make great family pets. Website to come.

Courtney Green
Hamilton, Ontario
D’Argent, Lionheads
Furry and Fuzzy Rabbitry
We have beautiful D’Argents in 3 Different colors and lion heads in 2 different colors. very affectionate and friendly.

Tobin Looyenga
Hamilton, ON
Netherland Dwarf
Crown Point Rabbitry
Hello! My name is Tobin and welcome to my rabbitry located in Hamilton, Ontario. I have a small herd of Netherland Dwarves with 4 does and one beautiful BEW buck named Olaf. I am a member of a 4-H rabbit club located in Flamborough. My bunnies are sold mostly as pets but also as show rabbits. They are handled daily as I come from a family with four children who love to cuddle baby rabbits.

Leslie Crawford
Hampton, Alabama
The Winding Path Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry registered with ARBA who breed lionhead rabbits for show and pet working hard to strive for the breed standard. We breed torts, chocolates and blues.

Justine Whittaker
Harriston, Ontario
Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop
Raonboe Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry breeding high quality rabbits with lines from all over Canada we usually always have something available and if we don’t I can give you contact information for other breeders so if you are interested in one of these beautiful rabbits then email or phone me thanks we are located in Harriston, Ontario.

Marni Shpur
Holland Centre, Ontario
Flemish/Rex cross, Holland lop, Dutch
Shpurshire Farm Rabbitry
We are a 100 acre farm that raises our rabbits med and antibiotic free. We choose to treat holistically and grow our own grasses and such for the rabbits. We even have a geodome so we can grow grass and dandilions all winter!! Check out our website @ www.shpurshirefarm.com.

Sheila and Cailey Hartwick
Huron Park, Ontario
Cailey’s Bunnies Rabbitry.
Home raised lionhead rabbits in Ontario.

Lori Barkley
Ingleside, Ontario
English Angoras, American Chinchillas
Shady Bank Rabbitry
We are a small family based rabbitry. Raising English Angora and American Chinchilla rabbits. We raise rabbits for show/wool/meat. We also raise Japanese Bantams and Dorking Chickens.

Eugene Fenton
Innerkip, Ontario
Mini Rex
Fenwood Hobby Farm
We are a small family based hobby farm, we have about 10 breeding adults of the mini rex breed. All our rabbits are purebred with full pedigrees. I am a member of the DRCBA. Check out our website it has lots of pictures and details whats for sale at any given time. Thanks a lot.

Kathy Atfield
Kearney, Ontario
Flemish Giants, California, New Zealand
Grandpa’s Farm Rabbitry
Breeding and raising meat and replacement stock. Using careful selection to develop our own bloodlines that provide excellent mothers and superior meat rabbits raised in a low stress environment.

Alisha Downes
Kendal, Ontario
Holland Lops
Downes Rabbitry
Breeding Holland Lops in Ontario.

Jamie Ellis-Sgro
Keswick, Ontario
Dutch, Dwarf-Spotted English
Ellis-Sgro Rabbitry
Backyard hobby raising of different rabbit breeds.

Lynda Heaslip
Kingston, Alabama
English Angora
Harvest Hill Rabbits
We are small hobby breeders of pedigreed English Angoras just outside Kingston, Ontario. Lines from Candy’s, Laurie’s Jersey Hare, Stardust, and Blustery Farms. Our main colors are torts, rew, sable and sable point. All our rabbits are handled daily from birth and make excellent fibre pets for spinning and felting.

Jennifer Mattson
Kingston, Ontario
Lionheads, New Zealand, French Lops
The Bazaar Barn Rabbitry
At the Bazaar Barn I collect and sell unique items such as antiques, crafts, handmade items etc. I also raise Silkie Bantam chicks. When I took in my first lionhead rescue bunny I was hooked. Now I strive for PERFECTION!!!
613 572 2883

Heather Rose
Ontario, Canada , Alabama
Netherland Dwarf
Summerose Netherlands
I have raised and shown Netherland Dwarf rabbits for several years specializing in the himalayan and siamese sable varieties. I am a member with ARBA and ANDRC Charter breeder. I show all over Canada and the United States and enjoy attending ARBA Conventions and ANDRC Nationals!
My bunnies are selectively bred to compliment the desired breed type along with great temperaments making them excellent family pets or for show.
Please join us on Facebook at Summerose Netherlands & Nigerians
Online www.summerose-lions-minis.webs.com
Email summerose12@hotmail.com

Betty Fletcher
Komoka, Ontario
Mini Rex
Gold Creek Rabbitry
Small rabbitry-30 holes, breeding mini rex in tri,otter,red and black. Located 10 west of London Ontario.

Lansdowne, Ontario
Casablanca Lionheads
We are a small rabbitry that currently only breeds Lionhead rabbits

Lynda Turcotte
Lansdowne, Ontario
Flemish Giants & Lionheads
Sereno Valley Rabbits
Raising pedigreed Flemish Giants and Lionheads. We are located in eastern Ontario and are proud members of ARBA and DRCBA.

Steven Fidom
London, ON
New Zealands, Californians
Fidom’s Rabbit Ranch
When I was a little boy my father was in the rabbit business and I loved watching him. Now I am doing the same thing and love it.

Sydney Hayward
London, Ontario
Mini Rex, Lionheads, Dutch
LHB Farms
Here at LHB Farms we strive to raise the best show, brood or pet quality Mini Rex out there. We are based on a at home farm where i currently have 35 holes, to hold rabbits in. We are recently getting into Double Maned Blue Eyed Lionheads, and the Black Dutch. Hoping to here from you!

William May
London, Ontario
New Zealand Whites, Californian, Mini Rex
BKM Rabbitry
We are 150 hole rabbitry located outside of London, ON. We have successfully shown locally and state side. We have high quality rabbits available for sale sometimes.

Jim Witowski
London, Ontario
Holland Lops & Polish
J and V Rabbitry
I raise Holland Lops and Polish rabbits for show and also for pets. I do not show but some of my bunnies have made it to the show table and have done very well. I’m just a small breeder here in London, only 8 Does and 3 Bucks.

Joanna Zeelenberg
London, ON
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Polish
Omajohanna’s Bunnies and Rabbits
At home and rabbits are raised for pets and are friendly and trained.

Benjamin Newton
Long Sault, Ontario
New Zealand Whites, HYPLUS 19
BJaniman Rabbitry
I breed & raise top quality meat rabbits. My rabbits weigh 9-12 lb each and I can get 9 litters a year , with 10-18 kits per litter. I can breed them sooner than expected and I wean them at 35 days old. My rabbits always have clean cages and fresh food & water.

DJ Evans-Rompen
Lucan, Ontario
Californians, New Zealands, Flemish Giants
Blue Springs Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Lucan, Ontario. We currently breed rabbits that are giant breed (New Zealands ,Flemish Giants) as well as Californians.
We raise rabbits for meat, (Prey Model, Raw or B.A.R.F. diets also) as well as pets. Cost is dependant on breed.

Yvonne Seeley
Lunenburg, Ontario
Champagne d’ Argent, Argente Brun, Argente Lilac, Britannia Petite
Sleepy Shepherd Farm
Focusing on Argente brun’s, but have all 3 colours. We breed pedigrees rabbits for show, breeding, and meat (also for dog RAW, Prey Model and B.A.R.F diets). Our rabbits are very affectionate, well handled and socialized with children, they are our pets with a job. Pastured and rotated in the summers, naturally raised without antibiotics in small family groups.

Mandy Battler
Lynden, ON
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Brier Patch Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Lynden, On. Our main focus are the Holland Lops but we do have pedigree Mini Rex available from time to time.

Leslie Welch
Kingston, Ontario, Alabama
New Zealand, New Zealand White, New Zealand Red, Californian, American Chinchilla, Lionhead
Cambraelyn Rabbitry
We are a 50 doe, commercial meat rabbit operation offering rabbit meat and breeding stock. New Zealand, Californian, and Chinchilla purebreds as well as excellent quality commercial crossbreds. We focus on breeding for the meat market, but enjoy showing at some local shows and the Royal Winter Fair. We also have a few Lionheads. Visit our website for information on our rabbits and our educational petting zoo! We usually have rabbits available year round for the commercial market and and showed our meat pens at the 2012 RAWF with good results. In 2014 we won Best In Show Rabbit with a Californian Jr Buck at the Lansdowne Fair Poultry and Rabbit Show.

Ron Adams
Marmora, Ontario
Flemish Giants
Hastings Rabbitry
ARBA and DRCBA registered. I breed for size and show only. Top Canadian and US bloodlines. Fawn and sandy only. Breeding pairs are over 25 pounds each. Large and beautiful rabbits. True Giants!

Tracey Clark-Wood
Marmora, Ontario
Lionheads, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex
Rags ‘n’ Ruffles Rabbitry
We are currently a small home based Rabbitry concentrating mainly on Lionheads at this time. All our rabbits are raised in our home with special attention paid to color and temperament and thus are handled daily and raised around children and other pets. In the spring of 2014 we hope to expand more into American Fuzzy Lops as well as increase our Lionhead heard. Bunnies produced from our breeding stock in both these varieties will be sold with pedigree and registrations. Our Mini Rex have occasional kits and are sold as pet only,

Percy Marsh
Melbourne, ON
Dwarfs (multiple colors)
Marsh’s Dwarf Rabbits
Hobby rabbitry in Southwestern Ontario. Attend Canadian and American rabbit shows.

Alicia & Ian G
Orillia, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex and mini and dwarf crosses
Bouncing Bunnies Rabbitry
We breed to provide the best pet rabbits we can . We ensure ALL babies are handled daily, socialized with cats , dogs and the vacuum. We take pride in our babies and will take back any of our babies at any time. We are getting into breeding pedigree Netherland dwarfs which will be suitable for breeding , showing and of course as pets . We are excited for what the future holds for this small hobby rabbitry.

Mary Grillo
Toronto-Mississauga, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf, Doublemane Lionheads, American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop
Megs Fancy Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry and we take pride in raising all our rabbits for pets and sometimes for show. Our rabbits are raised in a clean and healthy environment as well as a high traffic area where they can get good social and psychological development. Our rabbits are held daily and are litter trained by the time they have to leave. Our rabbits breeds are the Doublemane Lionhead, in a variety of colours, the Netherland Dwarf in Broken white, black and BEW. Our other breeds are the American Fuzzy Lop in broken white and frosty and the Holland in broken and frosty as well. Feel free to visit us on our web page and face book.

Meg G.
Mississauga, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Doublemane Lionhead, Holland Lops
Megs Fancy Bunnies
I have been breeding rabbits for the past 25 years and enjoy every minute of it. I started out with the Flemish Giants and found that the breed got a little to large for me to handle. It was like having 20 pound pups come run at you in the morning, they were lovely though. I decided to go with the small breeds because I found they were very different and you could keep them in a home as a pet. I chose the Netherland Dwarf for their small size and lovely temperament, they are appreciated more by City folk who want small pets. I have three colors of the Netherlands, Jet Black, Black Otter and the Broken White. These bunnies are very happy and fun to have, they are pint sized and you can carry them in your tote just like one would a small dog. In the early years of 2001 2002 I found a breeder who had the Doublemane Lionhead breed. I found them so gorgeous that I had to have one, then two and so on. I find this breed of rabbit is very calm and super gentle. They demand alot of attention and get it. I understand that they are a newer breed, but what some people do not understand is that they are a Dwarf rabbit with wool. This doublemane Lionhead breed is very loving and smart, anyone who gives them a chance will see what a unique rabbit they really are. The colors I have are Torte, Sable Point, Seal Point and sometimes Smoke and Red Eyed White. With my bunnies I decided to open a rabbitry for people to come and see what gentle breeds I have, I called it Megs Fancy Bunnies. People who do the exotic pets pet shows have approached me wanting to ad this breed to their show, and boy are they loved out there. Come and visit my rabbitry and web site at www.megsfancybunnies.webs.com and on Facebook. See you there, and thanks for reading!

Nicole Tian
Mississauga, Ontario
Holland Lops
Coco’s Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry currently raising holland lops. We specialize in blue eyed white, chocolate, lilac, and otters.

Deanna Glasgow
Moffat, Ontario
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Caput Leonis Rabbitry
I am 20 years old and have a small rabbitry with less than 10 rabbits located in Moffat, west of Toronto. I am a member of the DRCBA and am an active member in 4-H. I raise both pet and show quality rabbits, with 1 -2 litters born per year. I aim to breed for correct conformation, but temperament is just as important. All of my rabbits are handled daily and treated with love! Prices for baby bunnies range from 25$ – 40$ depending on colour and quality. Send me an email if interested! (:

Josh Martin
Moorefield, ON
Californian, Dutch
Josh’s Bunnies
I started a little rabbit business so I could make a bit of money and play with my bunnies too. I am starting with 3 does and 1 buck. I like the colorful ones best.

Russell Farquhar
Mossley, Ontario
Blue Eyed Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Happy Rock Rabbitry
A small Rabbitry just outside London Ont. Raising well pedigreed Bunnies.

Tanya Monique Beaudry
New Liskeard, Ontario
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
TMB Rabbitry
Small 20 hole rabbitry located in northen Ontario. Working on Tri color holland lop and tri mini rex and maybe next blue eyed white’s in the future. Search for TMB Rabbitry on Facebook!

Lynn Fielding
New Liskeard, Ontario
Harlequin, Dutch Cross (tri-Colors)
This and That Farm
A very small Rabbitry, we usually keep 1 or 2 bucks of each breed, and 2-3 does of each breed. Currently have 1 buck, 2 does in Dutch, 2 bucks, 2 does in Tri-Color Dutch, and 1 buck, 2 does in purebred, pedigreed Harlequins.

Sasha Deanna
Niagara region, Ontario
Silver fox, Giant flemish, Giant Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, German Angora, Giant Angora, Tan, Champagne d’argent, English Spot, English lop, Rex, Satin
Two Blonde Bimbos (with a Plan)
We will have more stock available Summer/Fall 2013. Please contact us if you have rare breeds or know someone traveling from the states that would be willing to bring a rabbit. Maybe they’re going to a show nearby? We are conservationists and raise rabbits for meat, fur, show and most importantly to preserve genetics. All of our livestock are rare breeds and/or rare varieties. We are always expanding our rabbitry, adding more rare breeds/colours. Some animals may be sold with pedigrees. Breeds include: *Flemish (all colours), some with pedigrees – we are looking forward to what our buck out of 26lb and 27lb parents produce. *New Zealand (red, blue, black, white, agouti chinchilla) – if you have dark red NZ please contact. *Silver Fox – last known breeders in Ontario, we bought out Nancy’s stock. Thanks Nancy! Black and the rare blue. *Giant Chinchilla x blue silver fox (experimental breeding due end of June 2013).
*D’argents, various colours *We are also looking for a buyer for the pelts *We are looking for more rex rabbit genetics – standard, not mini.

Little Giants Rabbitry
Orangeville , Ontario
Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchillas, New Zealand White, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Little Giants Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry, located ten minutes north of Orangeville Ontario, raising quality rabbits, as well great pets! we are currently raising Flemish Giants, Giants Chinchillas, White New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex’s and soon will be adding a pair of beautiful Holland Lops. We have over 15 years of experience raising rabbits. Feel free to check out our website, for more info and pictures, and for updates on what we have available.

Orangeville, Ontario
New Zealands (White, Black, Red, Blue, Broken), English Spots (Chocolate, Lilac)
Liani of the Valley
We specialize in raising New Zealand rabbits in the white, blue, broken, black and red varieties. Their lines proudly trace back to Chantal Bechervaise, Andre Forget and Peter Tursa. Recently, we added a lovely pair of English Spots to our herd as well. Our rabbits are suitable a variety of purposes – including loving pets, breeding stock, 4-H, fur and meat. They’re 100% organically raised and are drug-free.

Madelyn Dupuis
Orillia ON, Ontario
Mini Rex
Cold Creek Mini Rexs
We sell Breeding and pet and show quilaty mini rexs, email me for babys for sale! Were located in orillia, ON (near barrie)

Les, Janice & MK Hess
Orrville, Ontario
New Zealand Whites, Californians and Crosses of each
BrambleRidge Rabbitry
Small scale Hobby operation, but we do have good stock.

Jamie & Alexis Burridge
Pembroke, Ontario
Mini Rex, Lionheads, Lion Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Fancy Free Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry breeding fun and unique pet sized bunnies that the whole family can enjoy.

Peterborough, Ontario
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch
=4 Rabbitry
Top Quality Rabbits

Kate Tindale
Peterborough, Ontario
Holland Lops
Urban Burrow Rabbitry
Urban Burrow is a small rabbitry located in Peterborough, Ontario providing fully pedigreed, high quality Holland Lops. The focus of my rabbitry is on rarer colours like chocolate. All Urban Burrow rabbits are carriers of the chocolate gene. My rabbits are exercised, handled daily and are part of the family. They are well tempered, very social and highly interactive. It is my hope their offspring will be the same creating wonderful pets. Please feel free to e-mail with any inquires and check out the Urban Burrow website.

Janice Irwin
Petrolia, Ontario
French Lops, New Zealands
RFarmHasLops Rabbitry
We have always raised animals and usually had a rabbit or two around the place. I had a couple Holland Lops and my daughter was raising French Angoras. We were picking up a new French Angora for her….when I saw my first French Lop rabbit and was completely smitten. She only had the one…and it took some talking to convince her to part with it…but I left there happy with my first French Lop. My daughter no longer has much interest in rabbits but I now have a farm full and my first love is still the Frenchies.

Janet Groves
Port Hope, Ontario
Lionhead, Polish, New Zealand
Bad Habit Rabbits
Small rabbitry focusing mainly on Lionhead rabbits. Our rabbits are suitable for pets or show, however we also breed meat rabbits. Most rabbits available with full pedigrees. Please feel free to browse our website for helpful tips and tricks as well as to view our stock. Reservations can be taken for specific breedings, and I often have stock for sale.

Debbie Gauthier
Powassan, Ontario
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians
Fiddle Farm Rabbitry
Large individual cages, female flemish giants are kept in a large pen in barn, including there babies. All males are separate and in large enclosures.

Mary Ann Dubois
Renfrew, Ontario Canada
French Angora
Maple valley Rabbitry
All different colors good fibre on my rabbits. Solids and brokens.

Jose Costa
Richmond Hill, ON
Giant Flemish
Rigidstone Rabbitry
I breed both sandy and fawn colors at our rabbitry. I also have white and may possibly have greys too with the breeding that has just occurred. All my rabbits are pedigreed and tattooed and have come from great breeders who show there stock.

Ken, Heather, Ryan & Josh Heyboer
Ridgetown, ON
Mini Rex, Holland Lop
R & J Rabbitry
We are striving to produce quality pedigreed Mini Rex and Holland Lops for pet, breeding and show. Located in southwestern Ontario.

Megan Billey
Russell, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads
Twisted Whiskers Rabbitry
Here at Twisted Whiskers Rabbitry, we strive to produce quality Netherland dwarf rabbits, as close to the standard as possible. We are proud members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We breed Netherland dwarfs in the self variety ( Blue-Eyed white, Black, and Blue ), and the Agouti Variety ( Opal, and Chestnut ). Our main focus is on the Blue-Eyed White variety, however, we do bring in other colors to help improve type. Located just 30 minutes East of Ottawa, Ontario.

Diana Hunt
Schomberg, ON
Gardsmere Lionheads
I breed purebred, double mane lionheads, concentrating on Black and Blue Torts, and starting Chestnuts and Siamese Sables.

Sean, Debbie and Shannon Slater
Sharon, Ontario
Flemish Giants, Mini Rex
Slater Farms Rabbitry
We raise flemish giants in sandy, fawn and blue color, and mini rex in otter, chocolate and lilac. We are a family operated rabbitry. we do have rabbits for sale most times of the year.

Zach Carroll
Shedden, Ontario
Mini Rex
Talbotcreek Rabbitry
Fully pedigreed Mini rex rabbit breeder in ontario. I breed in the colors of black and blue solid and broken.

Westley Dearlove
Simcoe, Ontario
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Dwarf Hotots, Jersey Woolies
Lynn Valley Rabbitry
Lynn Valley Rabbitry is a Youth run rabbitry that raises Holland lops and lionheads as there main breeds but do also have other breeds.
How it started: Me and my sister started the usual way…. by accident :p We started in 4H 5 years ago and got are first three bunnies but they were just to keep for the summer. about 2 weeks after getting them we found out that they WERE pregnant and now had 3 litters to take care of :0 But tragedy struck and one whole litter died :( So are 4H leader helped us through it and by the end of the summer we had around 15 bunnies, are 4H leader took the bunnies back except for 3 of the babies that we got to keep. So since then me and my sister have been hooked on rabbits and been breeding ever since!
519 582 1109

Alyssa & Alexandria Dobias
Simcoe, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and English Angoras
Dobias Rabbitry
Hello, we are youth rabbit breeders from Simcoe, Ontario. We are a 30-40 hole rabbitry consisting of show-brood-pet quality Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and English Angoras. Our main focus for netherland dwarfs is BEW’s and Sable Points, and for Holland Lops is also BEW’s and hopefully get into chocolates. We are currently getting into English Angoras and are hoping to have a few litters by spring/summer. We plan on attending the 2013 Royal Winter Fair and the 5 ARBA shows this year. Thanks!

Jack Hibbs
Simcoe, Ontario
New Zealands, Californians
Hibbs Family Rabbitry
New Zealand and Californian Meat Rabbits. Sold Live. Fryer Rabbits $12.00 each. 10 or more $10.00 each.

Chloe Nadrofsky
Simcoe, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Blue Berry Hill Rabbitry
Hello, my name is Chloe and I am 12 years old. I mainly try to focus on Netherland dwarfs and holland lops. The color that I am working on right now is BEW Netherland dwarfs and I should have some show/brood/pet babies for sale in the next 1-2 months. I also have other colors that I breed. I have a pair of BEW lionheads that I get very nice litters out of. I will be going to the royal winter fair his year so if you are interested in bunnies and you are far away from me, I will be going to the 2012 royal winter fair and could meet you there. Thanks!

Lori Campbell
South River, ON
Flemish Giant
Tail Feather & Fluff Farm
Breeding purebred Flemish Giants in Northern Ontario.
Docile, hardy rabbits and kits in various colours for pets, breeding or meat.
All of our kits are handled daily, and well socialized with children, ducks and dogs~ making them friendly and easy to handle (a plus in a 20 lb rabbit!).
Our breeding stock and older kits are pastured, and fed a varied, healthy diet.
Inquire about available babies and ready to breed.

Cyndie Upton
Southwold, Ontario
Lionhead and Rex
Cyndie’s Sanctuary
Family raised rabbits.These bunnies are loved and cared for on our small hobby farm. They are handled and played with by our children daily and exposed to other animals for the best socialization. All bunnies born here at Cyndie’s Sanctuary are fed a variety of healthy foods and given daily vitamins to ensure the best of health and growth of coat. Cyndie’s Sanctuary bunnies are sold with a birth certificate and picture. Support offered to the adoptive family for the life of the bunny.
When looking for a pet bunny consider Cyndie’s Sanctuary.

Ashley Camci
Spencerville, Ontario
Mini Rex, Satins and Mini Satins
Dream Maker Rabbitry
I raise competitive winning Mini Rex, Satins and Mini Satins that do very well on the show tables. Most of my herd is registered along with Grand Champions. I have a very stricked breeding schedule and only keep the very best.
Many colors to choose from.
My babies are handled daily to ensure they have good table manners as well as being great friendly pets when they go to new homes if it be a show/breeding home or a pet home.
I’m located in Spencerville, 35 mins South of Ottawa on 416 highway.

Anatole Cannon
Fort Erie/Ridgeway, Ontario
New Zealand, New Zealand (Red, Black, Broken)
Anatole’s Rabbits
Very small hobby herd. Young rabbits available most times.

Skyler Powers
St. Thomas, Ontario
Holland Lops
Skyler P Rabbitry
Hi, my name is Skyler and I am 22 years old. I have had an interest in raising rabbits since I was young.I have decided to start breeding holland lops as this is my favorite breed. I only have a herd of 4 at the moment. I am hoping by spring I will start to have offspring and that my rabbitry will be able to expand. I work in a vet clinic so I make sure that all my rabbits are healthy and happy.

John Leonard
Sudbury, Ontario
Californians, Mini Rex, Lionheads, etc.
Leonardbrook Farm Rabbitry
Family of rabbit fanciers breeding for meat, pets and showing. Involved with local fairs and 4-H. Almost 5 years with Californians and just started with Mini Rex to add some colour and start showing. Often have young stock available and occasionally breeding stock. Contact us for current offerings. No shipping at this time. Pick up or arrange a drop off.

Kevin Byerlay
Tillsonburg, Ontario
Harlequin (Japanese and Magpie), Jersey Woolie, Rhinelander
Imperial K Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry of about 30 to 40 holes. I love genetics, and like working with rabbit breeds to try to improve and work towards the Standard of Perfection for each breed I raise.
Inquiries are always welcome at my rabbitry. I show on the rabbit curcuit in Ontario Canada. My main breed is the harlequin but also enjoy working with Jersey Woolies and Rhinelanders.

Sherry Cheng
Toronto, Ontario
Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Lionhead
Curious Dwarf Rabbitry
We raise healthy & spirited rabbits, feeding them with 50% of organic diet, fresh out of the earth.

Becky Mackay
Toronto, Ontario
Holland lops, Mini Rex, Dutch, Flemish giants, New Zealands
B+B rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry since October 2011. All our rabbits are hand raised and well loved, making really friendly and easy to handle babies! Our prices are very reasonable.

Utopia, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Pine River Rabbitry
I have been raising and showing rabbits for over 30 yrs. My main breed is Netherland Dwarfs and I raise black otters, choc. otters, sable points, and sometimes fawn and orange and also brokens. I also raise Holland Lops in rare colors such as harlequins and tri’s. We also have a lot of other colors. We have won a lot of Best of Breeds, and several Best in Shows.

Wardsville, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs
Breeding Netherland dwarfs for over 25 years . Live near London Ontario canada. My main colours are Sable points, Chocolates,Lilac ,Opal,Chestnut, lynx and now some Blue Eyed Whites. Housing 40-50 max at one time. I have shipped rabbits all over the world, I also bred and raise the andrc 2008 rabbit of the year.My bloodline consist of top american and import lines.Many rabbits sold here have went on to win many legs for the new owners.Please see my website for more info on me. Thanks, John

Nancy Casserly
Warsaw, ON
Giant Angoras, Silver Fox, Rhinelanders
Maple Lane Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is attached to our house and heated in the winter months. In warmer months our rabbits stay outside in spacious outdoor runs which each have weather shelters. We keep our rabbit populations small and manageable, and strive to breed to the ARBA breed standards.

Elyse Leduc-May
Waterford, Ontario
Mini Rex
Green.Acres Rabbitry
Pedigreed Mini Rex’s available in a variety of colors. For show, pet and 4H. Breeding multiple varieities including Blue Eyed white, Black, Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Tri.

Annie Serez
Waterloo, Ontario
English Lops
Avondale Acres Urban Rabbitry
We are located in the heart of Uptown Waterloo, Ontario. We breed pedigreed English Lops in an urban setting. We have outdoor enclosures with insulated hutches. Our rabbits are lovingly handled and have daily free range exercise. They are accustomed to dogs, cats, children and snuggles.
Come see our rabbits and enjoy the Mennonite Countryside!

Deb Griffiths
Welland, Ontario
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarfs, Tan
Hop Along Rabbitry
Hello there! Welcome to Hop Along Rabbitry! We believe in breeding for quality not quantity. We are selective about colours. We breed for temperament. Our bunnies are hand raised from birth within our home. They are well socialized with both kids and our dogs.
We breed BEW Netherlands, Holland lops. Smoke pearls in Lionheads. Our tans are bred twice a year. If interested please email us.

Gaëtan Lalande
Wendover , Ontario
American Chinchillas, Californians, New Zealands, Broken, Rex, Harlequin, Dutch, Polish, Giant chinchilla
Lapinlande Rabbitry
I have been raising rabbits for four years. I am located in Wendover Ontario. I sell rabbit meat to neighbors and friends. I own approximately 40 adult rabbits all through winters and I have been selling over 50 rabbits for the meat during the past two years. I am always buying and selling live stock for anyone interested. I have been having trouble with the small types such as Harlequin and Dutch. Cold weather seems to be harder on the small rabbits.

Rachel Hewetson
Williamsburg, Ontario
French Lops, Flemish Giants
R&K Rabbitry
We are a family rabbitry in Eastern Ontario that raises quality French Lops and Flemish Giants (sandy).

Brigitte H
Williamstown, Ontario
Netherland Dwarfs
Mamachoo Rabbitry
Mamachoo Rabbitry is located in Williamstown Ontario which is located one hour south east of Ottawa. We raise Netherland Dwarfs in many colors.

Jennifer Quiring
Windsor, Ontario
Silver Fox, Netherland Dwarfs
The Rabbit Annex
We are a small rabbitry located in Windsor Essex County. I show rabbits in Michigan, and breed toward the ARBA breed standards.