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Marinda Bennett
Albany, OR
Holland Lops
Marell’s & Raeben’s Rabbitry
We raise beautiful show quality Holland Lops with wonderful blood lines, Marell’s is owned by Marinda Bennett & Raeben’s is owned by her Mother and sister Dale Bennett & Summer Carmona, Our lines are: L&R, Campo’s, BB’s,Bunny Hutch, DTL.

Dana Brumbaugh
Albany, Oregon
Blanc de Hotot
Brumbaugh Blancs
We are not breeding at this time. However we are looking at getting some Blanc de Hotots

Sydney Kemry
Albany, Oregon
None of the above, American chinchilla, Californian, Holland Lops, Dutch
Paradise Farm Co.
We have America Chinchilla, Californian, and Holland lops.
We are a small farm, located in Albany OR.

Sydney Kemry
Albany, Oregon
American Chinchilla, Californians, Dutch, and Holland Lops
Paradise Farm Co
We have American Chinchilla, Californian, Dutch and Holland Lops. We are a small farm, located in Albany OR. Feel free to message us we currently have a few litters that will be available! Check out our page on Facebook!

Rebecca De Vries
Aloha, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Rosewood Rabbitry
Rosewood Rabbitry is based in Aloha, Oregon. We are a small rabbitry breeding only Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Our goal is to keep it a small rabbitry so we can offer the best care to and well-socialize each of the rabbits we raise. In this way they will be happy and comfortable around people so they are well-suited to be kept as pets.

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Mikala Brinson
Albany, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf, Californian, Dutch, Holland Lop
RM Rabbitry
We are raising rabbits for quality not quantity and want the best.

Taylor Kasten and William Bender
Albany, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Little River Rabbitry
Little River Rabbitry is a small rabbitry of about 30 holes. We raise netherland dwarfs in chinchilla, chestnut, martens, and otters in solid and broken varieties. We strive for excellence in breeding both show quality rabbits with great personalities. (:

Melissa Becker
Aloha, Oregon
Palomino, Golden Palomino
Archie’s Golden Palomino Rabbit Lair
I have been raising Golden Palomino rabbits since 1991. I got my first Palominos from Gary Jundy. My favorite and most showable in 4-H and FFA was my herd buck Archie. He was large, handsome, and very gentle. I named him after Archie the comic book character because both shared reddish hair. Up until 2000 my rabbitry was Stark’s Lair but after I got married I named in after Archie (the rabbit). All of my rabbits that carry the name of Archie’s ____ are related to Archie. I am headed into my 10 generation of Archie related rabbits. I am also the webmaster for the Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Club. To see more about how I got started go to my website.

Applegate, Oregon
Holland Lop
Butterfly Bunnies
A small rabbitry full of adorable shaded colors! It started as one bunny for FFA and grew from there!

Larissa Schultz
Astoria, Oregon
Mini Rex
Blue River Mini Rex
I raise and show Mini Rex in a local and National level. I specialize in Black, Chocolate, Otter, Lilac, White, and the newest Mini Rex color, Silver Martin!!

David Doty
Aurora, Oregon
Beveren, New Zealand
DJD Rabbitry
We have Beveren and New Zealand rabbits.
Most stock is a cross from Red New Zealand buck and White Blue Eye Beveren buck and Blue Gray Beveren doe’s kits.
Focus in 2011 primarily was for meat production. Now focusing on solid color body with facial features of white nose and feet.

Morgan Beavers
Baker City, Oregon
Mini Rex, Florida Whites
Wild 1’s Lil Farm
We are a small rabbitry in eastern Oregon raising quality Mini Rex’s and Florida White’s. We are currently working on Black, Otter-Black, Himalayan, and Broken Black Mini Rex’s. We attend shows in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and in the future Cali. and Montana.

Jason (Brooks) Sullivan
Baker City, Oregon
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, French Lop, Lion Head
B2 Rabbitry
We raise quality rabbits for 4H, show and meat. We also have pet quality rabbits.

Heather Delaney
Bandon, Oregon
Silver Fox
Northwest Farm
Hand raised siver fox rabbits

Carrie Allen
Beavercreek, Oregon
Giants, American, Standard Chinchilla
Lapin of Luxury
We are located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We raise all 3 chinchilla breeds and have recently added purebred German Angoras and Belgian Hares as well.

Lacey Reyes
Beaverton, Oregon
Holland Lop, Mini Plush Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Shady Grove Rabbitry
Our small family owned Rabbitry raises Purebred Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Plush Mini Lops.
We focus on standards of quality and specialize in unique colors.
We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Beaverton, Oregon).
Our lovely property is home to many second-growth pine trees standing more than 30 feet! The perfect shady play space for rabbit zoomies.

Our rabbits are well socialized, hand-raised and litter box potty trained. We focus on breeding quality kits over quantity. Our rabbits are indoors on soft/solid surfaces like carpet, rugs, mats, tile, and hardwood flooring along with their paper bedding, wood toys and tunnels, blankets, and bunny beds. They are used to a lot of noisy things like; children (volunteer cuddlers), vacuums, and our Corgi Puppy, Einstein.

Our breeding Bucks and Does are chosen for their chill temperaments, unique colors, and quality build. Our goal is to pass these traits to their offspring producing quality pet companions that are healthy and sustain a long life.

We feed natural single source pellets and varieties of quality hay and fresh foods appropriate for their age and development.
Our rabbits have open access to mentally stimulating enrichment activities with many things they can safely chew on and explore.
Check out our rabbit care section to see what we’d recommend and use in our program.

We are members of the American Rabbit Breeder Association and the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club.

Our website is set up to give complete and total information. If you are interested in adopting our Holland Lops, please read through the information here on our website as it contains the most up to date information.

Christine Cole
Bend, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Forrest Floor Dwarfs Rabbitry
Raising dwarfs in the shaded group plus compatible colors. My goal is to raise dwarfs of quality type, color and temperament for 4h, open show and pets.

Maya Wolf
Bend, Oregon
Flemish Giant
Cascadia Rabbitry
Light grey, steel, white and black…quality friendly pedigreed Flemish giants, with champion lines!

Tricia Cooksey
Bend, Oregon
Holland Lops
Cooksey Holland Lops & Mini Rex Rabbitry
Exclusively raising Holland Lops in Bend Oregon. Over 15 years of raising rabbits. We are a small rabbitry focusing on the standard set by ARBA, will ship.

Theresa Denham
Bend, Oregon
New Zealand
Juniper Meadow Rabbitry
Very nice growing NZ meat rabbits. Some pedigreed, all excellent growers. We have 4-H Meat pen rabbits generally available. Managed by a veterinary technician. Over 30 years of animal husbandry, with 20 years in rabbits. We dont show, but our lines have come from show and are bred for excellent confirmation and meat production. We are happy to supply 4-H meat pens at a discounted 4-H pricing.

Crystal Folmar
Bend, Oregon
Holland Lops, New Zealands
Precious Lops Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in central oregon, we breed Holland Lops and New Zealands. All of our rabbits are high quality and all have pedigrees. Every time we breed we are choosing bucks and does very carefully to increase our rabbitry’s quality.

Ashley Guyette
Bend, Oregon
Lil’ Buns Rabbitry
Hello, Lil’ Buns Rabbitry raises quality show and meat satins in beautiful Central Oregon. We raise satin in the chocolate variety (including broken) and we are considering adding the otter variety to our rabbitry also! Come stop by our website and see what’s happening. (We have photo contests also!) 🙂 Thanks! ~Lil’ Buns Rabbitry

Quincey Smith
Bend, Oregon
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly
Bend bunny Barn
Bend bunny barn we are located in bend Or,
We raise:
American fuzzy lops
Holland lops and
Jersey Woolys
Our Main breed colors;
– chestnut Agouti ( jersey wooly)
– Chocolates ( jersey wooly)
– Torts solid+ broken (American Fuzzy Lops)
– blues. ( holland lop )
– blue otters ( Holland lop )

Savannah Wilson
Bend, Oregon
Mini lops
Central Oregon Lops
Here at Central Oregon Lops we breed only the sweetest and most beautiful mini lops. We breed our rabbits for show and pet. We hope to expand our rabbitry in the future.
Be sure to check out website!

Bend, Oregon
Dutch, Mini Rex, Britannia Petites
Gemini Rabbitry
Gemini Rabbitry is a small rabbitry Located in Central Oregon. Our main focus is Chocolate Dutch, but we also breed Britannia Petites in REW variety. Feel free to visit our website, where you can see our newest litters, our show stock, and our breeding stock!

Esther Jewell
Burns, Oregon
New Zealand
JC Rabbitry
Raising quality New Zealand show stock, breeders and meat pens.

Olivia Mims
Burns, Oregon
Dwarf Hotot, Champagne D’ argent
Livias Rabbit Managerie
My rabbitry is very small right now, soon to grow larger, I hope. I will not be breeding my rabbits very often only because I do not have a lot of business.

Tammy Hunt
Burns, Oregon
Californians, New Zealands
Harney Meat Rabbits
Small, sell to 4-H kids and locals for meat.

Lisa Steiner
Canyonville, Oregon
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
KNL Hoppin Dwarfs & Lops
I have a small rabbitry of holland lops and netherland dwarfs, in hollands I breed tort, broken, selfs. In netherlands I breed blk otter, starting in rew.

Ashley Guyette
Central, Oregon
Dutch, Florida Whites, Britannia Petite
Skittle Buns Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry breeding show quality Florida Whites, Chocolate Dutch and Britannia Petites. Check out our website see if we have what you are looking for!

Kelsey Trent
Central, Oregon
Satin, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Himalayan, Cinnamon
Hidden Paradise Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits for 4 years and have 9 different breeds. My daughter started this project for 4-H and is expanding into meat rabbits for the market as well as for other 4-Hers and pets.

Zoe and Eden VanderHoek
Central, Oregon
Florida White, Dutch (Chocolate), Britannia Petite (REW), Netherland Dwarf (Chestnut, REW and compatible varieties)
Stunt Buns Rabbitry
Hello! We are currently raising Florida White, Dutch, Britannia Petite, and our Newest addition, The Netherland Dwarf. We are raising dutch in Chocolate only, Britannia Petite in REW only, and the Netherland Dwarf in Chestnut, White, and compatible tan varieties. We are located in Central Oregon and really enjoy raising rabbits for 4H and arba shows. We raise rabbits for quality, not quantity! We have about 22-24 holes at a time filled. We do our best to let each and every rabbit have equal attention and exercise. We let them out in a dog run (No dogs in it, don’t worry…) so they can run and jump, and do all sorts of things rabbits like to do. We also participate in rabbit hopping at the County fair, which is a new activity for us. We usually use unsold dutch mis-marks for this, as they love it so much! We also do our best to have any and all kits reserved before a litter is born, or a doe is even bred. We have about 3, (give or take) litters a year depending on the demand for breeding or show stock. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, or visit our website!

Travis A
Central, Oregon
New Zealand, New Zealand black and broken (black&white)
Highland Rabbitry
We are nestled away in the Cascade Mountains of Beautiful Central Oregon. Raising New Zealand Rabbits. Our goal this year is to focus on our black New Zealand rabbits. If you have questions that our website does not answer about raising rabbits let us know, we are all ears. But please check out the website first, we have a decent amount of information on here.
?Thank you

Ashleigh Johnson
Central Point, Oregon
Flemish Giants
Get Er Done Rabbitry
I raise Fawn Flemish Giants. Show and breeding stock available almost year round as well as pets.

Marina & Marisa
Central Point, Oregon
Holland Lops, Mini-Holland Lop(mix breed)
Bluemoon Miracles
We’re just a small rabbitry with Holland Lops and hopefully we’ll expand to more 🙂 Plz visit our website for more info!!!

Lexie Allen
Chemult, Oregon
Rex, Lionhead Angora mix, Purebread Netherland Dwarf, Cottontail, and Cottontail Rex mix
Big Hosse’s rabbitry
Bought my Rex’s from a feed store in la pine a wile ago, they are last year’s bunnies, approximately a year or 8 months, have 12 right now, looking to sell for meat rabbits. For more information contact me on my cell for more information about Rex’s and other rabbits I have.

Michelle Boice
Coos Bay, Oregon
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Z and D Rabbitry
Zachlyn Rabbitry is a small 4-H owned rabbitry that produces kid friendly show and breeding quality Holland Lops and Mini Rex rabbits for other 4-H’ers. Owners Zachary, 12 and Dylan 9 feel their bunnies are not only great quality but have wonderful temperaments. They feel their rabbits are ideal for the 4-H circuit because they are raised and cared for by children for children.

Annmarie Haberman
Corvallis, Oregon
New Zealand, Giant Chinchilla, Californian, and mixed meat breeds
Three Sisters Rabbitry
I am a 15 year old girl and I have been raising rabbits for 6 months now. I specialize in New Zealands but I also have Giant Chinchillas and Californians. All of my rabbits are allowed out into our garden to roam around and get excersize everyday. I have 6 NZ does, 3 GC does, 1 Cali doe, and 2 mixed does. You can contact me at any time during the day and I will get back to you ASAP!

Moksha Hatton
Corvallis, Oregon
Lionhead, Lion Lop, Helicopter Lop, Pixie
Pixie Rabbits
I fell in love with rabbit breeding in college when a roommate and I decided to get some rabbits to live in our garden. I strive to breed the friendliest and sweetest natured rabbits. My rabbitry is small, averaging 5-7 adult rabbits at any given time. This is because my rabbits do not ever live in small stacked cages. Rather, they are house-pets or yard pets. The ones in the yard are free to roam in grassy pens as much as possible. The smallest pen they will ever be enclosed in is 3×8 feet in area and 4.5 feet tall. So they always have the space to hop around freely! I let them form their own social groups and rabbits who get along and groom each other are allowed to live together. I love the lion mane rabbit, so nearly all of my rabbits have this characteristic. Their ears range from upright to helicopter to fully flopped. I am going more toward upright natural ears though because I think this is better for the rabbits. I will breed once a year or once every two years depending on demand. My rabbits are small bodied, with friendly personalities and good instincts. I know my rabbits very well and I can help any new pet owner get started on the right foot with a rabbit or two. I breed exclusively for pet owners and breeders. I don’t breed for profit so buyers find my prices extremely reasonable. I emphasize forming deep social bonds with these animals as they are very intelligent and we can learn a lot from them.

Naomi Trent
Corvallis, Oregon
Satin, Californians
Hidden Paradise Rabbitry
We have 9 different breeds and are trying to get into commercial fryers. My daughter does 4-H with her rabbits and is planning on having fryer pens during fair time.
37146 Belden Creek Rd. Corvallis, Oregon, 97330

Amanda Fox
Corvallis, Oregon
Mini Lop, New Zealand, Rex
Fox Farms
We breed and sell purebred pedigreed Mini Lops, as well as New Zealand/Mini Lop crosses and New Zealand/Rex crosses. I’ve been breeding rabbits for 2 years, but I’ve been raising other livestock on my farm for 13 years.

Jennifer Bryant
Cottage Grove, Oregon
American Blues and Whites
Rhapsody River Ranch Rabbitry
We breed meat and fur breed rabbits, rare, exotic and dual purpose poultry, turkeys, guinea fowl, Ducks, geese, quail, pheasants, and peafowl with special consideration to heritage breeds and especially endangered breeds of poultry and rabbits. We also raise Livestock Guardian Dogs, practice organic gardening with the use of poultry and farm animals, with a focus on full-circle self sustainability.

Courtney Dempsey
Cottage Grove, Oregon
CD Rabbitry
We breed and sell Rex rabbits consisting of Blue otter, Black otter, Blue, and Black colors. Parents are pedigreed, but the offspring will not be. The offspring will be handled daily, so would make great family pets, but if you wanted to add some color to your herd, these are the perfect option.

Patty Feola
Creswell, Oregon
Californians, New Zealands (White, Black, Red, Blue, Broken), Champagne, Harlequin, Flemish Giant, Satin (White, Copper, Siamese, Broken)
Bonfire Rabbitry
We are actually a horse breeding family with a self-sufficiency interest. We re-started a rabbitry after 15 years because of our growing realization that anything edible that you can provide for yourself is not only effiecient but also absolutely healthier! Currently, we focus mainly on pedigreed breeding stock production (most of our sales) but also sell pets and fryers of all of our varieties.

Jane Marquess
Creswell, Oregon
Satin Angoras, Holland lops
The Country Bunny
I sell satin angoras and will be selling Holland lops… please Email my site will be up soon.

Susan Cady
Dallas, Oregon
Flemish Giant, Continental Giants
North West Continental Giants, LLC
North West Continental Giants offers a wide range of color: Black, Dark Steel, Light Steel, Agouti, Red Agouti, Opal, yellow and White

Tianna Kent
Dallas, Oregon
English Spot, Lionheads, Red New Zealands
Daisy’s Rabbitry
My name is Tianna and my Rabbitry is located on a farm outside of Dallas, Oregon. My rabbitry holds 35 holes. My breeding focus is on English Spot, Lionheads and Red New Zealand. Rabbits are just wonderful and I really enjoy raising them. Feel free to contact me about my rabbits. Thank you.

Don Arbuckle
Damascus, Oregon
New Zealand
Pigeon Lake Farm
We raise New Zealand mix meat rabbits. Delicious and healthy for people or pampered pets. Our rabbits are fed very well. Their diet consists of home grown barley fodde, timothy or Alfalfa hay, a 15% protein pellet, and oats. Our rabbits are humanely raised and carefully bred to produce a tender, mildly flavored lean meat that has been praised by local chefs.

Marlowe Lynn
Damascus, Oregon
Holland Lop
Marlowe’s Many Lops (MML)
I strive to create stunning show buns and amazing brood does, as well as ample socialization, that is detrimental for pet buns.

All buns are well socialized around young children and cats.
We offer lifetime support, transition food/oats and hay.
All come with 1 week guaranteed health, nails trimmed, and health check.

(De-worming, nail trims, treated for mites, fleas and ticks on all rabbits over 3 months..)

Gabe Hasbell
Elgin, Oregon
Checkered Giant
Gabes giants
They can way up to 50 lbs and they can come in a blue color.

Grace Kirby
Eugene, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Whistling Trees Rabbitry
Our rabbits share Outlands and Bun’nays lines, aiding us in starting with strong foundation stock. We are members of the OLRCB, ARBA, and ANDRC and strive to produce beautiful show quality animals. Our rabbitry focuses mainly on the shaded variety.

Katie Scheid
Eugene, Oregon
English Lop, Californian
Broken C Rabbitry
his is a small rabbitry located in Eugene, Oregon!
The first rabbit I got was back in 2007. “Bella” was a broken castor Mini Rex. I started breeding mix-breed rabbits in the beginning of 2009 after I got Bella. With a Mini and a Holland mix. In 2009 I started breeding Purebred Mini Rex Rabbits and a few other rabbits in between there. In 2010 I fell in love with the English Lop breed. I started searching everywhere to find one. In 2011 I decided to just raise the English Lop breed. I finally got my first English Lop (Finley) in late 2010 from a local “for the fun of it” breeder. The English Lop have the greatest personality! Currently I am starting my own bloodlines in the English Lop breed. I do my best to breed good personality, health and overall balance into my rabbits. The name of our rabbitry comes from my first rabbit Bella, she was a Broken Castor Mini Rex. Broken ‘C’ stands for Broken Castor. In 2013 I began to add the Californian breed to my Rabbitry. Check our facebook page for updates!
Currently raising English Lops and Californians! (Mini Lops coming soon!)
“Like” us on FaceBook!!

Katie Shiery
Eugene, Oregon
New Zealand, New Zealand Blacks, Brokens, Reds, and Whites
Happy Moon Rabbitry
Hello We raise New Zealand for show, 4-H and meat.

Jerry Vicars
Eugene, Oregon
Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand whites, Red, Brokens, Californians, American Blue
Bunny Palace
All rabbits are pedigreed, Giant Chinchilla’s are my show breed with Grand Champions in bloodlines, New Zealand Whites, Red’s, and Broken Red/White, Black/Whites, Californian, American Blue’s Flemish Giants. At any given time I have 60-150 rabbits to include Kits.

Marisia Ybarra
Eugene, Oregon
American (blue & white), Silver Fox mix
Gamboling Goats Heritage Farm
In our Rabbitry we have 7 American Rabbits and 5 Silver Fox mix Rabbits. As well as other mix breed meat rabbits. Of our 7 Americans, we have 4 different blood lines. We have blues and white Americans
All of our rabbits live in larger than normal cages and most of them live in warren type settings with multiple rabbits in one pen for a more natural social environment. These pens are on the ground and moved daily.
Our mission is to preserve and promote heritage breed livestock.
Along with preserving heritage breeds, we believe that all animals are to be cared for with respect, kindness, and caused the least amount of stress as possible. Our holistic approach ensures we have happy and healthy animals on our farm.
It is important to GGHF to provide a life most natural to our animals. All of our farm animals are free-range. They spend their days roaming the farm grazing or browsing or swimming or dabbling or pecking or what comes most natural to the individual species. The majority of their sustenance is derived in this manner. We do not use hormones and we strive to use antibiotics as a last resort in cases of illness or injury.

Sarah Sisson
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Holland Lop
Blue Mountain Rabbitry
Blue Mountain Rabbitry is a small Rabbitry specializing in breeding quality holland lops. Blue Mountain Rabbitry also runs a rabbit rescue program, and has child services including bringing rabbits to visit at school activities, and hospital visits.

MJ Snyder
John Day, Oregon
Holland Lop, Rex, Rex mixes & French Angoras
Snyders-Agape Angoras & Bunnies
All adult rabbits,are bred for temperment and color.All bunnies,are held,since birth.Great for beginners 4H ior pet.

Julie Minton
Salem, Oregon
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Mint Hollow Rabbitry
We are a small mother-daughter ran rabbitry located in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. We started out by getting a pair of Fuzzy Lops as pets in 2008, and one year later, decided to start our own rabbitry and get into showing and breeding. Now, we have raised and bred show quality Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops for the past seven years. Our Fuzzy Lops have the prefix “Mint Hollow” and our Hollands have the prefix “Mints”. The “Mint” part comes from our last name.

Erica Bancroft
Grants Pass, Oregon
Twin Pines Rabbitry
Standard Rex in Castor and Broken (Castor & Amber)
Pedigree includes Judon, Epema, and Circle T (formerly of Snowy River Rabbitry, Grants Pass, Oregon)
(541) 761-0110

Kaylie Duncan
Grants Pass, Oregon
Rex (Chinchilla, Castor & Chocolate), Champagne d’ Argent, Creme d’ Argent
Snowy River Rabbitry
We are a small 4-H/family owned Rabbitry and hobby farm specializing in show quality Rex, Champagnes and Cremes.

Cary Polka
Grants Pass, Oregon
Flemish Giant, Fawn And Sandy Flemish giants
3 River’s Rabbitry
I raise quality flemish in fawn and sandy’s. I strive to maintain the standard of the breed.

Tina Cripps
Grants Pass, Oregon
Harlequin , Rogue Harlequin
Rogue Harlequins
I have a small herd of beautiful harlequins. I raise them in a community with lots of room to stretch there legs. Very spoiled rabbits!. Currently have 8 week old bunny rabbits that are ready for homes. I make sure to give each one love so they are friendly.

Amy Schettini
Gresham, Oregon
Lionhead rabbits
Mossy Ranch Rabbitry
We are a small lionhead rabbitry with focus on BEWs, VM & sports. We also are working on some shade colors like sable points, Siamese sables, seals, smoke pearls & also blacks. We raise pedigreed quality show, brood & pet lionheads that come from great lines.

Terri Hoskin
Happy Valley, Oregon
Holland Lop
Rose City Rabbitry
Specializing in top quality Hollands from champion lines.

Molly Golter
Hermiston, OR
German Angoras
Thee Art in Me Rabbitry
Raising quality fiber angoras for the discriminating fiber artist.

Ashley Longhorn
Hermiston, Oregon
French Lops, New Zealands, American Chinchillas
Running Roan Rabbitry
At Running Roan Rabbit I raise show quality French Lops, New Zealands, and American Chinchillas from some of the top lines in the United States !

Eva Murray
Hood River, Oregon
Holland Lop, New Zealands, and Jersey Woolies at the time
AshRose Rabbitry
Hi! My friend Emily, and I own a small rabbitry with 6+ rabbits in Hood River, OR. We both have been involved in 4-H for 2+ years. We can answer questions about rabbits or tell you what we think a good place to get one would be. Feel free to email us at anytime!! -Eva & Emily

Ginny Thompson
Hoodriver, Oregon
Bunny Love
We are,looking for a pet bunny! That would provide companionship for my four year old daughter.She is very caring and Gentle with all life creatures. I also would be committed to teaching and caring for a precious bunny. We have a large well fenced in back yard. And lots of delicious organic vegetables.

Tim and Kaila Lapp
Hubbard, Oregon
Mini Lop
Long Eared Little Blessings
We have two beautiful bunnies that make wonderful little show bunnies. Our doe is a 6.5lb Chocolate and our buck is a 6.5lb Broken Chestnut Agouti.

Donna Dovey
Independence, Oregon
Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot
Half Pint Acres
Small rabbitry and rescue. I am focussing on the three breeds listed. I have pedigree and non pedigree available different times through out the year. I also rescue and rehome unwanted bunnies. My rabbitry is home to close to 45 rabbits, including my own. If you are looking for a certain breed, I can help you locate it. I am hoping to add Mini-Rex and Jersey Wooly later this year. Email at HalfPintAcres@outlook.com Call or text at 503-983-8488. Thanks for looking.
I also have a facebook page in the works. Keep checking for updates.

Monica Honeywell
Jefferson, Oregon
Holland Lops
Be A Jemz Rabbitry
Be A Jemz Rabbitry started out with a few 4H bunnies and have now expanded into a small, family business specializing in 4H and show quality Holland lops. Our lines include Bunny Hutch, Campo’s, KB Lop Bunny Hutch, and L&R. Our bunnies are raised by our young children and have great temperaments.

Leslie Allen
Klamath Falls, OR
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Satins and Netherland Dwarfs
Leslie’s Bunny Barn
I am a small rabbitry in Southern Oregon raising quality Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Satins and Netherland Dwarfs. I am a Youth member of 4-H, ARBA, ANDRC, OLRCB and HLRSC. I show rabbits in 4-H and ARBA shows, and am currently in the Top 5 in Youth points in the Oregon League of Rabbit and Cavy Breeders.

Jazmin Bogart
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Flemish Giant, New Zealand
Bugs Rabiits
I not only breed purebred show bunnies but I rescue rabbits that have been abused.

Jennifer Hopkins
Klamath Falls, Oregon
New Zealand, American/New Zealand cross
Hopkins Family Hoppers
We raise our grass/hay fed American/ New Zealand
Rabbits to be happy, handleable and suculant!!
Our does average 10 large kits per kindle. They are not territorial or aggressive,as they have free range of our rabbit room .
Our does hold their condition very well, produce tons of milk for healthy 9lb fryers at 8 weeks.
We have white and opal does and bucks.
Please call for prices on breeding stock.

Cindy Page
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Page’s Rex Rabbitry
I have been breeding standard Rex since 2016. I mainly breed for fur and meat, but do sell to other breeders and occasionally to others for fair or show rabbits. Some have gone to be great family pets.
I strive to breed healthy, happy rabbits that improve the breed type.

Zoe Levin
Lafayette, Oregon
Holland Lop, Pedigreed Holland Lops
Whispering Woods (WW) Rabbitry
Hello, I am currently a small rabbitry, only owning around 7 rabbits at a time (at the most). I have always loved Holland Lops and in my opinion they are the sweetest, cuddliest, easiest to care for rabbits around! On average they only grow to be about 3-4 pounds. They are little love bugs!
Our rabbits are handled daily and are well-loved. We have a pedigreed smoke pearl buck, a pedigreed broken opal doe, a non-pedigreed blue eyed broken chocolate purebred Holland Lop (who we don’t breed as often), and another bunny or two to come! Our smoke pearl buck has won 3-4 legs in shows and has a good crown, good ears, a fantastic head, and beautiful bone. He will have some nice show quality babies!
Our rabbitry started with me and my mom with our Holland Lop, Thunder, who is the broken chocolate mentioned above. I am a youth (11 years old) and my mom helps me run the rabbitry. My love for bunnies started this rabbitry, although I couldn’t have done it without my mom.
We have a a wait-list for Oakley and Opal’s babies. They will be bred on July 16th, 2018. Information on them and their upcoming litter is below. E-mail to be put on wait list. winter9166@gmail.com OR TEXT ONLY to 503-752-2104.
Oakley X Opal babies!
Due: around August 15th
Colors expected: chocolate, black, broken opal, tort, broken black
Show quality: some babies will be show quality
Brood quality: most/all babies will be brood quality
About parents:
color: smoke pearl
legs: 3-4
pedigreed?- full pedigree
age- 4 years
show quality- yes
proven?- yes
color: broken opal
legs: none, dad recently won 4-H show and she has champions in her pedigree
pedigreed- full pedigree
age- about 10 months
show quality- not the best but yes
proven?- yes
1st pick- taken!
2nd pick- open!
3rd pick- open!

Kade Bartlett
La Grande, Oregon
English Lop, Standard Rex
Three Wise Lops Rabbitry
Three wise lops is a new rabbitry to Eastern Oregon and we are very happy to be here. Got out of raising rabbits in 2003 and have now picked back up but this time with a breed I always longed to own but decided to bide my time and when it was supposed to happen it would and now here we are nine years later. HAPPY AS CAN BE!

Amy Hillecke
La Grande, Oregon
Rex, Californian, New Zealand
Hill Rise Rabbitry
I raise New Zealands, Californians and Rex for meat, fur, and show. I also have experience with Flemish Giants and Mini Rex. I love to work with 4-H/FFA kids to get them good starts on their projects, with lots of help along the way. Feel free to ask any questions you have about rabbits and genetics!

Alyson Yates
Lakeview, Oregon
New Zealand, Silver Fox
Wild Wings Farm
Wild Wings Farm is a small farm located outside of Lakeview, Oregon. We have been raising goats and market rabbits since 2012. We raise and sell New Zealand and Silver Fox meat and show rabbits (in several color variations). We enjoy supporting 4H members by supplying project animals. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

George, Heather, Devon & Keegan Daniel
La Pine, Oregon
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, and Lilacs
Daniel Farms Rabbitry
We are a smaller scale rabbitry that raises Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Lilacs for show and meat (Lilacs) since 2010. We are 4-H and ARBA members. Our stock is proven with proven lines. Contact us or visit our website for further information.

Christina Pillado
La Pine, Oregon
Mini Rex, Lionhead Angora, Mini Rex, New Zealand
JC Rabbits
Beautiful hand tamed babies raised with lots of love and attention. Solid colors and brokens available.
(541) 408-7932

Shelly Johnson
Lebanon, Oregon
Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, English Lops, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Johnson Bunny Briar
Johnson’s Bunny Briar is located in Lebanon, Oregon in the beautiful Willamette Valley. We raise rabbits for show, pet and meat. Specializing in Silver Fox, French Lops, Flemish Giants, Dutch, English Lops, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and even mix breeds. We are a small rabbitry that is “hopping” to grow. Right now we have just a few does and bucks from each breed, we are working hard to expand our rabbitry. Our cages are incredibly spacious to let our rabbits have lots of room to move and on nice weather days they get out into the dog x-pens to play around and enjoy the grass.
Our rabbits are very social and love attention! We spend a lot of time socializing each and every baby bunny. We usually have rabbits for sale and I strive to keep the site updated.
I am a veterinarian assistant who is working on becoming a certified veterinarian technician. The health of my rabbits are very important to me and I strive to provide excellent care.

Darlene Yablonski
Madeira Park Canada , Oregon
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Rex
Cinnamon Indigo Rabbits

Jennifer Dobkins
Madras, Oregon
New Zealands(white, red, broken red, black, broken black, blue, and broken blue) and lionheads
4D’s Rabbitry
I strive to raise show quality new zealands in all the recognized colors plus blue. I regularly show my stock and improve on my herd by culling hard to maintain a quality herd of new zealands. I also raise them for meat, breeders, and pets. All my new zealands are pedigreed and only the animals meeting the standards will be sold with pedigreeds. I sell fryers to 4h kids for market rabbits as well at a reasonable price so the kiddos can make a profit from their hard work. I also raise pedigreed lionheads. I only breed them once or twice a year. I also raise new zealand/flemish/checkered giant crosses for meat. I get a faster fryer in quicker time than with the purebreds. I can deliver my sold rabbits free of charge to any show I am attending. I attend shows in Oregon and Washington. I also offer transport to shows and anywhere I am going I usually post on facebook ect to offer transport.

Shirley Kaufmann
Milwaukie, Oregon
Dwarf Hotot
Where Wonders Abound
I have been breeding and showing Dwarf Hotot rabbits since 1992. And was a 4-H leader for over 10 years. I had the Best of Breed Rabbit from the National ARBA Convention in 1996 (Portland, Oregon) who was also the group three winner at the same show. I keep about 30 animals at all times but during breeding seasons, I can have more than 50 at a time. I often have a short waiting list when someone is looking for something specific. I will be happy to work with you.

Maggie Means
Milwaukie, Oregon
French Lop, Americans, French Lop, English lop, and guinea pigs
Means rabbitry
A small rabbitry raising only three breeds of rabbit.

Amanda H
Molalla, Oregon
American Fuzzy Lop
Wooli Buns Rabbitry
We are an ARBA registered rabbitry #D1098 located in Molalla, Oregon about 45 minutes south of Portland. We specialize in American Fuzzy Lops in broken and solid patterns. We work as close as possible to the Standard of Perfection in our breeding program concentrating on health and temperament as well. Our lines consist of AK’s, M&G’s, & Brian’s. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

Kendra Renard
Molalla, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf, We specialize in breeding the BEW Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf rabbit
Noteworthy Rabbitry
Here, we are focused on ONE color in two breeds: the Blue Eyed White Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead rabbit. All of our rabbits are quality, purebred and pedigreed. Our Lionhead foundation stock lines include: Aspenleaf, Legendary, Ariant, Mossy’s and Wren’s. Our Netherland Dwarf’s foundation stock lines are: Reese’s, Lone Star, Star Struck and Lil’ Bit. Our dream is to someday develop our own, signature BEW lines that are reliably consistent and uniform to type. While I’ve observed many people breeding this color, I’ve also see them become quickly discouraged when they aren’t progressing as quickly as other colors would. The vienna gene can be a challenge to work with, which can lead to people giving up too quickly. For this very reason is why I am dedicated solely to preserving and developing the BEW! It is so rare, and so striking, I feel that it is extremely important to keep these genes going and even more importantly – progressing properly!

Allison Taylor
Molalla, Oregon
Creme d’ Argent
Molalla River Rabbitry
Small rabbitry located in Molalla, Oregon. Breeding heritage rabbit breeds including Creme D’argents and occasionally Champagne D’argents.

MJ Snyder
MT.Vernon, Oregon
Holland Lop, French Angoras, Mini Rex
Agape Angoras & Bunnys
I’m semi retired .Rabbits are a hobby,for me.I breed for temperment and color.All my babies are held,since birth.I also love the unusual..I raise “Long Eared” BE,VC,VM Holland Lops,Blue and assorted colored,Angoras,and a rainbow of Mini Rex.I breed,, beautiful,docile pets.

Michael Harris
Myrtle Point, Oregon
New Zealand Blues
Millennial Homestead
Here on the Millennial Homestead we are a ARBA certified Rabbitry. We raise high quality Pedigreed New Zealand blue Rabbits. The “RARE” New Zealand Blue are really one of kind. We are dedicated to raising the happiest and healthiest rabbits possible. Here on the homestead we focus on sustainability and effective practical applications to raising the highest quality rabbits we can.
New Zealand blue rabbits are great companion/meat/fur rabbits that are all around wonderful. New Zealand’s are naturally docile and are not known to nip or bite and overall have great temperament. New Zealand blues are good for all ages.
These are great “SHOW QUALITY” rabbits that will be sure to bring happiness to their new homes.
Males and Females available!
Very Respectfully,

Zoe Levin
Newberg, Oregon
Holland Lop – Unique Colors with Blue Eyes
Whisper Lops Rabbitry
Hello! I’m Zoe, and I am the one behind Whisper Lops Rabbitry.
We are a small, family oriented rabbitry that focuses on the temperament of their rabbits first and foremost. All of our Lops are raised indoors, in their own room called the “Bunny Room” which is in our home. They all live in huge bunny condos (7.5-12 square feet each) and are spoiled rotten! All babies are hand raised and socialized daily, from birth. They are also used to dogs and kids. Our buns are fed an organic, non goo corn & soy6 free diet (Modesto Millings feed) and are fed unlimited local Orchard Grass hay. We focus on quality over quantity, always.
~ We raise a very wide variety of rare and unusual colors, some of which that can be quite hard to find elsewhere! As well as Blue Eyed & Vienna Marked Lops. These colors include, but certainly aren’t limited to:
~Blue eyed white, Chocolate, Lilac, Blue, Harlequin, Silver marten, Tort, Opal, Chinchilla, Chestnut, Cream, Orange, Blue point/Sable point.

Northeast, Oregon
Rex, New Zealands, Californians
Hill Rise Rabbitry
I raise New Zealands, Californians and Rex for meat, fur, and show. I also have experience with Flemish Giants and Mini Rex. I love to work with 4-H/FFA kids to get them good starts on their projects, with lots of help along the way. Feel free to ask any questions you have about rabbits!

Deb Loftis
Noti, Oregon
Mini Rex
Elk Prairie Rabbits
I raise Lynx, Chinchilla, Blue-Eyed-White, Red, Lilac and Brokens of all those varieties including Broken Black. I have 120-hole Rabbitry located in the country west of Eugene, Oregon.

Shelene Castro
Nyssa, Oregon
Mini Lops
Hill Top Lops Rabbitry
I have a small (50 hole) indoor rabbitry and I raise pedigreed mini lops. I strive to breed to the standard and attend as many ARBA shows as I can. I enjoy helping youngsters get involved in 4H and have often sold some of my best stock to a 4H’er. I almost always have a rabbit or two available for sale, just contact me!

Carrie Allen
Oregon City, Oregon
Giant Chinchilla, Standard Chinchilla, American Chinchilla
Lapin of Luxury Chinchillas
We specialize in all 3 chinchilla breeds. Our main focus is showing and raising breeding stock to the highest ARBA standard. Our residents are housed in large size hutches to provide optimal freedom of movement and health.

Monica Golic
Oregon City, OR
Lionheads, American Fuzzy Lops
Lilac Hollow Rabbitry
Small rabbitry breeding for show quality as well as pet, brood quality rabbits. We do 4-H discounts!

Kylee C
Philomath, Oregon
Mini Rex, New Zealand Reds
C and R Rabbitry
Hello, my name is Kylee. I am located around beautiful Philomath OR. I currently breed Non Pedigreed Mini Rex, Non Pedigreed New Zealand Reds and soon to be Pedigreed Mini Rex. I’m also a member of the ARBA. Feel free to check out my website to see what’s available.

Meghan Farrell
Portland, Oregon
Flemish Giant
Bridlemile Bunnies
Blue Color Flemish Giants- Show Quality, Breeding stock and Pets. Very well socialized!

Meghan Farrell
Portland, Oregon
Flemish Giant
Bridlemile Bunnies
Small home run Rabbity breeding Blue Flemish Giants. Full Pedigrees. ARBA registered : Member #: FARRME00 On instagram at @bridlemile_bunnies

Erin Rose Latta
Portland, Oregon
Satin Angora, Pre-order Satin Angoras, Satin Angora Hybrids, and Pure-bred German Angoras
Opal Hill Angoras
I am a 15 year-old 4-her who breeds this wonderful animal. We specialize in high-quality, show-quality Satin Angoras. We breed for the best and only the best. We are having new rabbits brought in to our rabbity soon so that will be exciting! We feel we have a good website that helps answer questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for…just email us.

Arianne Ferguson
Portland, Oregon
Angoras, French Angoras, Giant Angoras, German Hybrid Angoras
Celestial Farm
Celestial Farm specializes in top quality fiber and show Angoras. High yielding, non-matting, non-molting coats, excellent temperament, and good conformation mark these versatile animals. Truly a triple purpose breed – Wool / Meat / Show. Many Best Of Breed awards to our credit. All colors and white.

Terri Hoskin
Portland, Oregon
Holland Lop
Rose City Rabbitry
Our Pedigreed holland lops come from great blood lines and champion lines such as Campo’s.

Erin Latta
Portland, Oregon
Purebred Satin Angoras
Opal Hill Angoras
We specialize in high quality, pure-bred Satin Angora’s. We work with all colors but specialize in Reds, Fawns, Torts (specifically Chocolate and Lilac), Pearls, and Dilutes.
We are on hiatus through all of 2016 but will continue breeding in Spring of 2017!
NOTE: I had to re-submit this form because I gave the wrong website address. The web address you see down below is the real one!

Laura Perez
Portland, Oregon
American Chinchilla, Satins, Dutch
Fruitful Eden Rabbitry
I raise heritage breed American Chinchillas. These are wonderful 4-H rabbits who have great temperaments and are gorgeous animals! These rabbits are a rare breed, there are very few breeders in the Northwest. My goal is to breed these beautiful rabbits according to the breed standard as described in the Standard Of Perfection of the ARBA. American Chinchillas usually get to 9.5lbs at full size… https://www.facebook.com/cedarcreations

Julia Praegitzer
Portland, Oregon
The Holy Grail Lionhead Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry consisting of only Lionhead Rabbits. We started off with one Pet and adore Her so much that we expanded.

Christal Thomson
Portland, Oregon
Thomson Urban Rabbitry
Our rabbitry focuses on the health and happiness of all rabbits. For this reason, all rabbits have several hours per day of cage-free pleasure through our fully enclosed back and front yards. They are provided with organic feed and fresh fruits and/or vegetables from our garden daily, and are given a lot of love and attention from our four children. Our rabbits live in clean hutches without wire mesh bottoms to protect their lovely feet from sore hocks. To maintain this level of care, we are a small rabbitry and will carry no more than 12 rabbits at any one time.

Hannah Tran
Portland , Oregon
Holland Lop and Lionhead
Bethany Bunnies
At Bethany Bunnies, we pride ourselves for the habitats of our lovely Bunnies. They each have 300 square ft to run around in, no cages EVER! Happy bunnies means we’re happy! We have one male Holland Lop named Thumper with 4 female Lops named Moshi, Toffee, Fish, and S’mores!

Audrey Folwell
Portland , Oregon
Rex, Gold Palomino, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Audrey’s Funny Farm
I have been raising rabbits for over 30 years, I have Rex, Golden Palomino, Holland Lop & Lionheads,
I live north of Portland Oregon, I breeding all year around, I do give a FFA & 4-H discount.

Dawn Hightower
Portland, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, American white, party colors, smaller breeds for Companion Pets.
Honey Buns
I have beautiful hand raised Neverland dwarf lion head mixed bunnies. Very friendly and very tame ready for their role as a comfort/ Companion Pet. Most of my rabbits are three to four pounds. These pets are intended for house pets not cage pets.

Vicki Hemphill
Prineville, Oregon
Silver Fox, Satins, English Lops, American Chinchilla, Californians
Trinity Gardens Rabbitry
We run a small scale family rabbitry. We love our bunnies! We have runs that allow them outside time where they get to stretch their legs. Our bunnies are handled by both adults and children. We pride ourselves on friendly, healthy bunnies.

Kylie Hendrix
Prineville, Oregon
French Lops, English Lops, Angoras, Meat Rabbits
Storybrooke Rabbitry
I raise French lops English lops Angoras and meat rabbits.

Michele McIntyre
Prospect, Oregon
Rex, Flemish, Beveren, New Zealand
Joyful Buns Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry raising healthy, happy, nice, well-adjusted, dog friendly bunnies. Purebreds, mixes, and crosses with pedigrees & amazing temperaments. Future focus is on expanding competitive hopping & agility interest and activities on the West Coast. Member of ARBA and OLRCB.

Grace Shulda
Rainier, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Alston Hill Rabbits
My name is Grace and I have a small herd of Netherland Dwarf rabbits. I quickly fell in love with this tiny breed when I first got one in fifth grade. I am a member of both 4-H and FFA. My rabbits are pedigreed and we have won many shows together! The main colors I have are Siamese Sable and Ruby Eyed White. If you have any questions about these little guys let me know! Thank you!

Kayden Goodman
Redmond, Oregon
New Zealand, Polish
Little Hill Farms
Little Hill Farms is a small rabbitry in central Oregon specializing in New Zealands we also have a couple Polish Bunnies. please visit us at www.littlehillfarms.com or contact us for more infomation

Jennifer & Ricky Brown
Redmond, Oregon
Rex, Pedigreed Standard Rex & Mini Rex, Holland Lops
JuniBerry Rabbitry
We’re a mother and son run Rabbitry. The Rabbitry was started for my son and his great love for animals. We love our rabbits, each and everyone . We have Broken Blue, Blue and Red Satin rabbits, several varieties of Rex both Standard and Mini (Black Otter, Broken, Tri, Harlequin,REW, Blue, etc). My son’s favorites are Mini Rex and Holland Lops. We breed to ARBA standards, raising show quality and meat rabbits. We cull hard to ensure quality rabbits leave our Rabbitry.
My son also raises Fancy Pigeons, Jacobin, West of England and Fantail.

Christian Walker
Redmond, Oregon
Rex, Himalayans
AC Walker Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in Central Oregon. We attend many shows in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho as well as some others. We sell fully pedigreed Rex and Himalayans.

Roxie Taylor
Roseburg, Oregon
Holland Lop, New Zealands
B&R Paradice In Motion Rabbitry
Raising QUALITY colored Holland Lops and New Zealands. In my Hollands I have quite the variety including: chestnut, opal, chinchilla, squirrel, steel, orange, chocolate, lilac, REW, black, blue, otter’s, tort, sable point, silver martens, all in broken or solid. In my new zealands I only have red (broken and solid) for now but looking on adding in Blue, black and REW. Quality color comes from B&R Paradice In Motion Rabbitry the “Candy Shop Hollands”

Shanel Taylor
Roseburg, Oregon
French Lop
Triple Oak RAbbitry
We are a ARBA registered rabbitry raising quality French Lop Rabbits.

Kris VanHouten
Roseburg, Oregon
Meat Rabbits; New Zealand, Californians, Flemish Giant, Crossbred Meat Rabbits, Holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs
New Birth Rabbitry
My children and I raise rabbits together. We have New Zealands (red, white, broken red, blue, agouti, broken agouti, black, broken black), Californians, Flemish (white and blue), Holland Lops (tort, broken tort, black, broken black, blue, broken blue, blue tort, broken blue tort, sable point, broken sable point) and Netherland Dwarfs (himi, sable marten, smoke pearl marten, REW and brokens). We breed year round for the most part and enjoy attending rabbit shows when time allows.

James Conley
Salem, Oregon
American Chinchilla
Noble Furs Rabbitry
At Noble Furs Rabbitry, we take pride in raising these beautiful and gentle rabbits. Whether you are looking for a rabbit for show or just a good family pet…these rabbits are a great choice!

Kaley Mehrer
salem, Oregon
ABC rabbitry
Small and cute

Shayla Muchmore
Salem Area, Oregon
Holland Lop
Lil’ Muffins Rabbitry
Striving to raise quality Holland Lops near Salem, OR.

Ruby N
Salem, Oregon
Holland Lop
Ruby’s Rabbitry
I’ve been breeding rabbits since early 2018, I started with meat rabbits, but then I was won over by adorable Holland Lops. I recently started breeding them, and I love them so much.

Melinda Schacher
Salem, OR
Mini Lops
Tucker Creek Rabbitry
Champion Mini Lops in Oregon.

Ruby Troncin
Salem, Oregon
French Angora
Anna Rose Farm
We have a small rabbitry of healthy and good quality French Sngora rabbits. We enjoy helping F-H groups , responsible pet owners and shoe rabbit enthusiastists select the perfect French Angora who can bring them joy and a happy home for years to come. We specialize in knowledgeable after care and high rates of success.

Payton VanBeek
Sandy, Oregon
Satin Angora
Maple Leaf Angora’s
My sister and I decided to start this rabbitry together. I have been in 4-H for four years now and have been really enjoying it. So I decided to get even more involved and start a rabbitry. We breed show quality Satin Angora’s. We specialize in Tortoiseshell, Fawn, Chocolate Agouti, Ruby eyed whites, and we will sometimes get surprise colors. We will be showing off and on at ARBA and 4-H shows. We will only be breeding about three to four times a year for the health of our rabbits. All our rabbits are groomed often so that they stay mat free and so that they are friendly and used to being picked up. All of our rabbits are purebred. We do our best to breed high quality rabbits.

Joshua Sarver
Scappoose, Oregon
Cinnamon, New Zealand, Mini Satins, Mini lops, Flemish Giants, Silver fox
Stands Alone Rabbitry
Veteran owned family ran rabbitry

Ashley Moore
Scio, Oregon
Holland Lops
Sparkle A Rabbitry
We are breeding for quality not quantity at Sparkle A Rabbitry. We mostly have brood, show, 4H available, but we also have pets from time to time. We are focusing on Torts and Sable Points but we also have broken black otters every now and then. Check out our rabbitry. We are always happy to help and reply to email within 24 hours. We are located in Scio, Oregon.

Kaya Diem
Seaside, Oregon
New Zealand
Diem Rabbitry
At Diem Rabbitry, we breed quality New Zealand rabbits for meat and show. We select does and bucks for conformation according to the ARBA standard of perfection and place further emphasis on animals that gain weight quickly and efficiently. We also select for does that produce large litters and have good survival rates. Established in 2016, please email if you have questions. Thank you!

Devianna Gerr
Sherwood, Oregon
Holland Lop
Mountain Home Rabbitry
Hi! My name is Devianna – I am 11 years old and absolutely love bunnies! I started breeding Holland Lops last year. My first bunny Jack-Jack really helped me get through a tough time with friends at school. When I met Jack-Jack I felt an instant passion for bunnies and wanted to find a way to bring bunny-love into other’s homes. I take finding homes very seriously and only want the best for my bunnies. I hope you find the same love and connection that I found.

My bunnies are all litter box trained, and are raised in a healthy, loving environment. They get lots of time outside to play and are handled by kids and adults from birth.

Rosalie Culver
Sherwood, Oregon
Mini Lops
Winterbrook Rabbits
Currently breeding Mini-Lops because of their docile personalities and size (for my young children). I breed for temperament, body, and of course I am working for the color!…..CHOCOLATE! Broken chocolate and chocolate are my two VERY FAVORITE colors! All my bunnies have champion lineage and are very loved.

Nikki Manley
Sprague River, Oregon
Harlequin, American – Blue & White, Champagne D’Argent
Sprague River Rabbits & Poultry
We are a small rabbitry in Southern Oregon specializing in both Japanese and Magpie Harlequins, Blue and White Americans, and Champagne D’Argents. All of our stock is fully pedigreed. Litters are born every two to four weeks nearly year round! Contact us for more information.

Douglas Richardson
Stayton, Oregon
Silver Martens, Californians, Mini Satins, Dutch, Tans
North Star Rabbitry
I started my Rabbitry in 1985 in Wasilla, Alaska. Founded the Alaska Youth Rabbit Breeder’s Association. I Raised New Zealand Whites, Chinchilla Satins and White Flemish Giants. My New Zealands won champion status but they were out of Fibber Magee’s stock. I was mentored by the former President of the Alaska State Rabbit Breeder’s Association Robert Fowlkes who with his wife Le treated me like a son. Nita Boatman inspired me to be a Judge and I am happy to finally be reengaging in that dream. I am the proud father of three little boys who are my helpers. I am so looking forward to establishing relationships with other breeders and helping out however I can with shows and clubs here in Oregon.

Lexi Ramirez
Sutherlin, Oregon
French Angora
Foxpaw Farm
We are a multi purpose rabbitry producing show lineage French Angora rabbits for competitive ARBA showing, wool, and meat. Our line highlights optimal wool quality and friendly temperament on top of a body able to be utilized for commercial meat if desired. Foxpaw Farm is an organic agriculture preserve located in the central valley of beautiful OR. We do offer multiple purchase discounts, breeding pairs, breeding trios, homestead start ups, wool producing pets, and more.

Heaven Roberts
Sweet Home, Oregon
Hardway Harlequins Rabbitry
Breeding quality Japanese and Magpie Harlequins in all recognized colors, focusing on Blue and Black Japanese. Partnering with Run A Fowl Farm in Central Oregon to improve our herd and maintain genetic integrity. Breeding to standard with color, clarity, growth and type. Would love to see more Harlequins at the shows and meet more breeders, so feel free to contact us today!

Sherry Cheng
Toronto, Oregon
Netherland Dwarf
Toronto Dwarf Rabbit Breeder
We raise healthy & spirited rabbits.

Tomalene Borquez
Tualatin, Oregon
Mini Lops, and Florida Whites
Velvet Touch Rabbitry
We strive to raise the best quality possible in our breeds. We cull hard and sell even our best!

Sonja Laufer
Veneta , Oregon
Rex, Standard Rex, New Zealand, Satins, Composite Tumuk
Whiskers & Tails
We offer pedigreed Standard Rex, New Zealand, and soon Satin rabbits with solid champion lines.
Our rabbits are organically raised. We breed for Show quality confirmation and temperament to supply for showing, 4H, FFA, breeding stock, and companion animals. People come from all over to purchase our rabbits. Our rabbitry is located in Veneta Oregon but for health and safety reasons we arrange to meet with our prospective purchasers at our business office in Eugene.
A down payment is required to reserve a rabbit. Heather Cummings & Sonja Laufer are the contacts for Whiskers & Tails

Jessika Goodman
Vernonia, Oregon
Mini Rex
Whispering Meadows Rabbitry
Whispering Meadows Rabbitry is a small Rabbitry. Although we do raise crossbreds for meat our mini rexes are at the top! I am starting small (I only have a trio) but I hope to soon enlarge and refine my rabbitry.

Jim Barber
Warren, Oregon
New Zealand
Barber’s Backyard Bunnies
We have fryer rabbits for sale. Nice tender fryers. All organic, locally grown here in Warren Oregon. Best meat to eat with the highest protein per pound, highest meat to bone ratio, lowest fat, lean and tasty. Well fed, well taken care of and humanely treated. No antibiotics, alfalfa and organic fed.
$20.00 ea Cash, firm on the hoof. 5lbs+ come to about ~3.5lbs dressed.
Please bring a suitable box or carrier for transport.
Will instruct in slaughter and butcher for free however, a $5.00 disposal fee is required. (you provide your own packaging or +$2.00 instruction vacuum materials).
Free Recipes.
No packaged meat available. Please do not ask.
9:00 – 6:00 Mon-Sat. or by Appointment

Stephanie Rosenaur
White City, Oregon
Velveteen Lops, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf
Fancy Foo Foo Rabbitry
We have around 20 rabbits plus babies. We have mostly Lionheads and Velveteen Lops and a breeding pair each of Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarves. Our rabbits are well cared for and are all purebred and pedigreed. ARBA registered. Website coming soon.

Zoie Willie
Willamina, Oregon
New Zealand & Polish
Twisting Oak Farms
We sell high quality New Zealand rabbits, specializing in blues. We also have whites, blacks and brokens. We also breed chocolate and broken Polish rabbits.

Paula Faubush
Winston, OR
New Zealands (white, red, black, blue, broken), Californians, Flemish Giants
Stump Acres Rabbitry
Stump Acres raises quality Californians, New Zealands (in white, red, black, blue, and broken), and Flemish Giants.

Valerie Howell
Woodburn, Oregon
Pepper’s Family Farm
Standard Rex in Black, Grey, Black and Tan, Grey and White. All are beautifully marked and unique. No broken coloration. All friendly and parents on site. Asking $25 for males and $30 for females. Please call or test for more information and pictures.

Rainne Daaye
Woodburn, Oregon
American Chinchilla
Rainy Day Rabbits
We fell in love at first sight with the American Chinchilla Rabbit 15 years ago and have not stopped since. We breed with with an eye for fast growth believing this breed is a perfect family meat producer. Our second goal is to bring quality conformation onto the show table. The third goal and by no means last is temperament. Finally we believe that careful breeding with an eye for health as breeders. This is a sacred trust we hold to make choices that will ensure in healthy, fit and contented livestock. Yes we eat them, but we make sure their lives enjoyable, that they continue this unique American heritage breed for the future
Our rabbits are friendly, lively and curious. They make great pets when handled often with a gentle hand. Our favorite thing to do is put a litter of young kits out onto the lawn to watch them doing zoomies and bink jumps. Even Mom will join in the fun. There is nothing more pleasing to see an older rabbit entering in the joy of life with the youngsters.
If you are interested in quality breeding to start your breeding program, please contact us at rainydayrabbits@outlook.com

Alexis James
Yamhill, Oregon
We raise rex in Blue and Black Otter, Chocolate, Blue, Red, Tri colors, Castor and Opal. Mini Lops in most steel and Agouti colors
Camo Creek Rabbitry
Camo Creek rabbitry is a small rabbitry (Under 60 Holes) Dedicated to improving our breeds and varieties. I am also a local 4H leader.

Linda Kirkpatrick
Yamhill, Oregon
Rex, Standard Rex, Thrianta, Champagne d’Argent
Tarawold Camelids and Rabbitry
We are a dedicated and caring ranch that practices good animal husbandry; the science of breeding, feeding, playing, snuggling, showing and enjoying and tending domestic and farm animals.
The Encyclopedia Britannica describes animal husbandry as the Controlled cultivation, management, and production of domestic animals, including improvement of the qualities considered desirable by humans by means of breeding. Animals are bred and raised for utility (e.g., food, fur), sport, pleasure, and research.

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