Outstanding Mini Lop Litter for Easter


Seller Name: Dianne Bauer
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lop Ear and Angora Lop Ear

Adorable Lop ear bunnies. Friendly and smart.Born in home and held from birth. As the owner of this line of bunnies for over 20 years I have great love for each litter. This is a surprise litter of Lopear bunnies that do not have the colors of any others that I have bred. I have named the orange female, Pumpkin and the male, Freddie They are awesome! The colors of the two other babies are broken white and graybrown,much like their great great grandmother.One is a short haired male named Jacque and the female has a beautiiful Angora coat and is named Prissie.

They were all born on February 10, 2015 and ready for pick up now.

I include a 15 page “How to” booklet and starter food with each purchase and am available for care and health tips after purchase.

Seller Email: diannesjoy@aol.com
Seller Phone: (623)238-8509

Mini Lop Ear and Angora Lop Ear Rabbits
Outstanding Mini Lop Litter for Easter