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This page is a topic page which provides links to the individual breed pages of the best breeds of pet rabbits. For those of you searching for pet rabbits I would recommend choosing a smaller breed. Most people would not exactly enjoy having a 20 pound rabbit for a pet as much as a cute little 5 pound -full grown one. When choosing a pet rabbit breed you would ideally like to animals to be calm, gentle, cute and friendly. Where as a breeder looking to breed for meat might actually favor the total opposite.

Of course almost all rabbits can be used as pets as long as they are trained to be calm when they are young enough. (Do not aspect to have too much success trying to train a huge full grown doe who has never been handled in her life before)

If I could only recommend one breed for a pet, I would choose the Lop, specifically the Holland Lop. They are tame, cuddly, cute animals who supposedly are pretty easy to tame. I love their nice coloring and markings. Other good chooses would be the Dutch, Polish, Satin, Angora, Rex and maybe even the Californian Rabbit.

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