Prince Edward Island Rabbit Breeders

Find rabbit breeders locally in the province of Prince Edward Island using our Canadian Rabbit Breeders List or submit your own rabbitry to the list today.

Brittany Biggar
Albany, PEI
Mini Rex, Dutch, Californians
B’s Bunnies
We have Mini Rex, Dutch and Californians. Meat, Pet, and show quality. We are located 5 minutes off the bridge.

Paula Balsor
Montague, Prince Edward Island
Flemish Giants, Netherland Dwarfs
The Dam Rabbitry
We have a small scale rabbitry consisting of the smallest and largest breeds-Netherland Dwarfs and Flemish Giants…we keep small so all the rabbits can get lots of love and TLC…we show and all our rabbits are pedigreed.

Lorraine Gallant
Wellington, Prince Edward Island
Californians, Jersey Woolies, English Angoras, Polish, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Lops
Blooming Rabbitry
We have 2 small barns that are insulated. In the winter months, we have small heaters to provide enough warmth so the water bottles don’t freeze. Also, if we have babies, we keep it warmer.
We have hanging cages with trays that slide out.