Purebred Netherland Dwarf Himalayan Doe


Seller Name: Mary Turney
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rabbit Breed(s): Netherland Dwarf
Rabbitry Website: Autumn Ridge Rabbitry

For sales is a purebred Netherland Dwarf Himalayan Doe. She was born on 8/15. She is very friendly and active. Her mother is a Smoke Pearl and her father a Siamese Sable. (Genetically she is aaB_CchCchDdE__). She would make a great pet or brood doe (especially if you were looking for a doe that carries both the dilute and non-dilute gene) She comes with a three generation pedigree and some transition bunny food (about the size of a sandwich bag). For more information on our rabbitry, please see our website at autumnridgerabbitry.weebly.com/. If you would like to visit her in person, please give us a call at 260-637-8629.

Seller Email: mary3791@frontier.com
Seller Phone: (260)637-8629

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Purebred Netherland Dwarf Himalayan Doe