Quebec Rabbit Breeders

Find rabbit breeders locally in the province of Quebec using our Canadian Rabbit Breeders List or submit your own rabbitry to the list today.

Lorraine Weston
Adstock, Quebec
French, Giant and German Angoras
Cottage Craft Angoras
We run a Angora rabbitry with mostly pure bred German and some pure French angora at times we can have up to 200 rabbits inplace. Our website is out retail outlet for the yarns that we make in our mill. We retail 100% angora yarns & knitwear.

Isabelle Lepage
Drummondville, Quebec
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Dwarf Netherlands, Lion Heads
Clapier Lapinet Doucet Rabbitry
Raising Holland Lop, Dwarf Netherland, Lion Head in Quebec.

Annie-Pier Raymond
Drummondville, Quebec
Netherland Dwarfs
La Maison Des Nains Rabbitry
La Maison Des Nains is specialized in Netherland dwarf rabbit breeding ONLY. We are really preoccupied by the perfection of the breed and we are trying very hard to represent as the best as the race is told. Specialized in tan pattern and eventually in shaded/AOV pattern. Thanks!!!

Michele Henri
Dupuy, Quebec
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Au Joyeux Lapins
Family-run, small rabbitry of 45 holes, , pedigreed, very nice stock.

La Visitation de l’île Dupas, Quebec
French Lops
La ménagerie des Îles
Small operation of pure bred French Lop.

Nathalie Patry
Magog, Quebec
Holland lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini-Rexes and Lionheads
Clapier Lapiland Lovering Rabbitry
We raise 4 breeds : Holland Lop, Netherland Dwaft, Mini-Rex and lionhead.

Janouk Marien
Montreal, Quebec
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Clapier Rock & Bel Zoreilles Rabbitry
We are a small but effective rabbitry situated in the Montreal City, Quebec, Canada. We love our animals, we breed them as pets and show rabbits. We have a site: come and visit us!

Richard Chicoine
Ste-Brigitte de Laval, Quebec
Lionhead, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Polish
Clapier 101 Lapins Rabbitry

Pascale Petit
St-Pie, Quebec
Holland Lop
Petit Clapier Lapinou (PCL)
I am a small rabbitry located in Quebec, Canada. I raise holland lop with passion for many years now; quality show, breeding and pet.

Helene Ready
Trois-Rivières, Quebec
American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead, Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop
BEWBIQ Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in the province of Quebec in Canada and we specialise in the Blue Eyed White color. We raise Lionheads, Fuzzy Lops and Holland Lops. Our bunnies are both inside and outside depending on the weather so they are not stuck in small cages but have nice grass fence areas to run in and nice hutches at night and warm indoor cages for the bad weather.

Joyce Veilleux
Woburn, Quebec
French Angora, French/German Crosses and English Angoras
J + J Bunnies
J + J Rabbitry Joyce + James Veilleux
500 Rue St. Augustin
Woburn, Quebec, CA 1-819-544-9565 Email:
4+years raising rabbits. Presently have adult French/German crosses and English Angoras. I process wool and Angora fiber with traditional methods and teach spinning, non chemical dying and felting classes. We work with local farms and use only Quebec sheep fiber for roving and yarn. All bunny sales are limited to spinners only. Raising quality Angoras for fiber and personalities is our mission and quality customer service and helpful information is our goal.