100 Cute and Funny Male (Buck) Rabbit Name Ideas (with Meanings)!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for naming your adorable new male rabbit! Finding that perfect name to match your bunny’s personality is such an exciting part of becoming a rabbit owner. We have names inspired by your rabbit’s looks, quirky behaviors, favorite books and movies, and more. From tiny dwarf rabbits to big velveteen lops, you’ll find the ideal boy bunny name here. So get ready to find that perfect moniker to give your fabulous furry friend a hopping good identity!

What Makes a Good Male Pet Rabbit Name?

Choosing the perfect name for your new male rabbit is an exciting part of welcoming him into your home. When thinking about names, it's important to consider your rabbit's personality and appearance to find a name that fits him well. You'll also want to pick a name that you enjoy saying and that your rabbit can recognize easily when you call him.

Short 1-2 syllable names are ideal so your bunny can learn his name quickly. It's best to avoid names that sound too similar to common commands like "no" or "down" to avoid confusion during training. An ideal male rabbit name is distinct, easy to say, and captures your pet's unique personality.

When brainstorming name ideas for your bunny, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Appearance – is he fluffy, sleek, big-eared or tiny? Choose a name that matches his looks.

  • Personality – is he energetic, curious, shy or independent? Pick a name that fits his temperament.

  • Favorite Foods or Activities – name him after treats he adores or things he loves to do.

  • Pop Culture References – name him after a favorite fictional character, musician or celebrity.

  • Meaningful Names – choose a meaningful name that symbolizes a treasured quality you see in your rabbit.

The most important tip is to give your rabbit a name you genuinely love! Try out a few options and see which name suits your new furry friend best.

Most Popular Male Rabbit Names

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the most popular names people pick for their male pet rabbits:

  • Thumper – the famous rabbit from Bambi
  • Bunny
  • Peter – inspired by Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit
  • Bugs or Bugsy
  • Jack
  • Oreo or Cookie – perfect for black and white rabbits
  • Coco, Lilac or Latte – named after the color of their fur
  • Hopper
  • Oswald – the classic cartoon rabbit
  • Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail – characters from Peter Rabbit
  • Chip or Chippy
  • Rex
  • Patches
  • Einstein – for a super-smart rabbit
  • Hopscotch
  • Hazel – for rabbits with hazel or brown eyes
  • Scout
  • Pepper
  • Peanut
  • Benny
  • Clover

Many of these popular picks are short, cute and easy for a rabbit to recognize. While naming trends come and go, these classic names have staying power.

Names for Male Rabbits Based on Appearance

One of the best places to find name inspiration is simply by observing your rabbit's looks. Here are some names for male rabbits based on different features:

Coat Colors

  • Ebony – for a black rabbit
  • Snowball – an all-white rabbit
  • Cinnamon – for a reddish-brown bunny
  • Smokey – grayish colored fur
  • Midnight – dark colored coat
  • Shadow – black with gray tones
  • Blizzard – white with gray spots
  • Sandy – beige or light brown fur


  • Patch or Patches – spotted fur
  • Speckles – small dots on their coat
  • Domino – black and white markings
  • Bandit – raccoon-like mask pattern
  • Chips – tiny flecks of color
  • Flash – a lightning bolt shaped marking
  • Radar – for a rabbit with large lop ears


  • Lop – for a floppy eared lop breed
  • Tex – short for Texel, a fluffy breed
  • Rex – for rabbits with a velveteen coat

Body Types

  • Tiny – a diminutive dwarf rabbit
  • Stretch – tall, lean build
  • Flops – oversize lop ears
  • Thumper – muscular back legs
  • Twitch – energetic and fidgety

When you pick a name based on looks, it helps cement your rabbit's name to their appearance and makes it more meaningful.

Boy Rabbit Names from Myths and Legends

Male rabbits are energetic, mischievous and fun loving – just like many of the characters from myth and legend. Naming your bunny after a mythical figure adds a touch of magic to his identity. Consider these boy rabbit names drawn from mythology:

Greek Mythology Names

  • Apollo – Greek god of music and light
  • Atlas – Titan condemned to hold the sky on his shoulders
  • Zeus – the king of all gods in Greek myths
  • Hermes – messenger god known for speed
  • Achilles – hero of the Trojan war
  • Orion – a great hunter turned into a constellation

Celtic Folklore Names

  • Finnegan – clever Irish hero and prankster
  • Lorcan – little fierce one
  • Delaney – descendant of the dark warrior
  • Emrys – immortal one
  • Briar – thorny shrub representing resilience

Norse Mythology

  • Loki – mischievous god known for trickery
  • Freyr – god associated with peace and prosperity
  • Thor – god of thunder and lightning, protector of humanity
  • Baldur – god of light
  • Magni – son of Thor, god of strength

Ancient Egyptian

  • Osiris – god of life, death and resurrection
  • Horus – god of the sky, war and protection
  • Ra – the sun god, source of all life on earth
  • Anubis – god of mummification and the afterlife

Picking an ancient mythical name gives your rabbit a sense of presence and personality.

Names for Boy Rabbits Taken from Foreign Languages

Looking to other languages is a unique way to find an exotic and meaningful name for your male rabbit. Here are some international name ideas from different cultures:


  • Pierre – means "stone" or "rock"
  • Henri – means "ruler of the home"
  • Marcel – means "young warrior"
  • Didier – means "desired" or "longed for"
  • Beau – means "handsome"


  • Diego – means "supplanter"
  • Alejandro – means "defender of mankind"
  • Antonio – means "priceless one"
  • Andres – means "manly" or "brave"
  • Miguel – means "like god"


  • Benedetto – means "blessed"
  • Fabrizio – means "craftsman" or "artisan"
  • Emiliano – means "rival"
  • Giorgio – means "farmer" or "earth worker"
  • Niccolo – means "victorious people"


  • Haruto – means "shining person"
  • Hayato – means "falcon person"
  • Hiroshi – means "generous"
  • Ikumi – means "liveliness"
  • Kenji – means "strong and vigorous"

Selecting a foreign language name can make your rabbit's name unique and give it a worldly feel.

Male Bunny Names Based on Books and Movies

Give your male rabbit a literary or pop culture inspired name by choosing from favorite books, shows, films and more. Here are fun boy bunny names from popular media:

Movie Character Names

  • Indiana – inspired by Indiana Jones
  • Neo – the hero from The Matrix
  • Gandalf – the wizard from Lord of the Rings
  • Obi – short for Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars movies
  • Simba – the adventurous lion from The Lion King

Book Character Names

  • Pippin – one of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings
  • Darwin – Charles Darwin, naturalist who developed theory of evolution
  • Gatsby – Jay Gatsby, protagonist of The Great Gatsby
  • Percy – main character in the Percy Jackson book series

TV Show Names

  • Joey – character from Friends known for his playful personality
  • Scooter – Muppet Show character known for his boundless energy
  • Dale – chipper chipmunk from Chip 'n Dale cartoons
  • Spike – tough guy bulldog character from Tom & Jerry

Comic Book Names

  • Clark – mild-mannered journalist secret identity of Superman
  • Bruce – given name of Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne
  • Archie – main character from Archie comics
  • Alfred – Batman's loyal butler
  • Jughead – Archie comics character known for his big appetite

Picking a name from books, film, or television gives your bunny's name more color and context.

Fun Puns Based on Famous People’s Names

Bring some levity into choosing your male rabbit's name with these fun puns using famous people's names:

  • Harry Hops – wordplay on Prince Harry
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Rabbitson – inspired by actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  • Jack Rabbitsparrow – based on Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean character
  • Sir Hops-a-Lot – a royal rabbit pun on Sir Lancelot
  • Willium Shakespaw – a rabbitized version of famed playwright William Shakespeare
  • Mr. Bun Jovi – Jon Bon Jovi, rock star frontman
  • J Rabbit – plays on rapper Jay-Z's name
  • George Washington Carrotings – presidential pun name
  • Arnold Hopparino – action star Arnold Schwarzenegger reference
  • Brad Pit – Brad Pitt's last name lends itself to this simple rabbit pun

Giving your male rabbit a funny celebrity-inspired pun name will make you smile every time you call him.

Names Inspired by the Behavior of Male Rabbits

Observe your bunny's charming behaviors and choose a name that reflects his endearing personality quirks:

  • Nibbles – loves to gently nibble and gnaw
  • Dusty – enjoys rolling in dust for a sand bath
  • Pouncer – has a habit of pouncing and jumping
  • Cuddles – very affectionate and snuggly
  • Velvet – has irresistibly soft, velvety fur
  • Slippers – quietly follows you around like a pair of slippers
  • Twitch – twitches his nose frequently
  • Flick – flicks his back feet while resting
  • Scout – has to investigate every sound and smell
  • Thumper – thumps his strong back feet

Picking a behavior-inspired name can capture your rabbit's unique personality while also helping train him when you call his name as he performs the action.

Boy Rabbit Names Inspired by Food and Drink

Food and drink inspired names are fun picks that nod to a rabbit's love of fresh greens and high quality hay:

  • Biscuit – warm, fluffy baked good
  • Peaches – sweet, fuzzy fruit rabbits enjoy
  • Popcorn – fluffy, bouncy snack like a rabbit
  • Butterscotch – caramel candy reflecting tan rabbit fur
  • Marshmallow – soft and white like some rabbits
  • Nutmeg – warm, spicy seasoning
  • Waffle – grid shaped breakfast food
  • Cinnamon – reddish brown spice
  • Olive – food name good for gray-green colored rabbits
  • Pepper – black pepper seasoning
  • Peanut – protein-rich legume rabbits enjoy
  • Cashew – subtly sweet nut treat
  • Latte – perfect for a light brown rabbit
  • Basil – fresh herb rabbits like
  • Brioche – soft, airy bread
  • Kale – leafy superfood for bunnies
  • Pudding – sweet creamy dessert

Food inspired names are fun and playful while also showing your affection for your pet.

Best Names for Male Dwarf Rabbits

Does your new fuzzy friend have dwarf bunny status? Here are some perfect pint-sized names for diminutive male rabbits:

  • Itty – short for "itty bitty"
  • Tiny – perfect for a petite dwarf rabbit
  • Teacup – inspired by their small teacup size
  • Nugget – a small chunk appropriate for dwarf bunnies
  • Pixie – magical name for a tiny creature
  • Dash – short, fast one-syllable name
  • Eggbert – cute pun for a small, oval shaped rabbit
  • Keebler – the famous cookie elf brand, fitting for a little bun
  • Peewee – another term meaning small in size
  • Shrimp – a very small crustacean
  • Tidbit – a little piece, befitting a compact rabbit
  • Thimble – miniature sewing tool name
  • Pickle – small crunchy gherkin

Don't underestimate small rabbits – they have huge personalities! But a petite name definitely suits a dainty dwarf bunny.

Iconic Male Rabbit Pair Names

If you're bringing home two male rabbits, give them paired names that complement each other! Here are some famous rabbit duo ideas:

  • Peter and Benjamin – Peter Rabbit had many siblings including brother Benjamin
  • Hansel and Gretel – sibling pair from famous fairy tale
  • Luke and Leia – Star Wars twins Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
  • Chip and Dale – Disney's adorable chipmunk duo
  • Fred and George – famously mischievous Weasley twins from Harry Potter
  • Merry and Pippin – "Lord of the Rings" hobbits known for causing trouble
  • Harry and Lloyd – title characters from comedy "Dumb and Dumber"
  • Calvin and Hobbes – iconic comic strip boy and his tiger friend
  • Lewis and Clark – famous explorers who led expedition across America
  • Abbott and Costello – classic comedic performer duo
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle – cartoon moose and squirrel pair
  • Tom and Jerry – cat and mouse from classic cartoons

Double the fun by giving your pair of male rabbits coordinated names!


With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your one-of-a-kind male rabbit. Pick a name that captures his looks, personality and your own personal tastes. Getting to call your bunny by his special name will be a joy as you form a lasting bond. Whether you go for something cute, funny or meaningful, have fun picking the ideal moniker for your fabulous furry friend!

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