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Search for local rabbit breeders by breed using our Rabbit Breed Index. Find the type of rabbit(s) you have been looking for or add your rabbitry to the index today. All Breeds listed on this page are ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) recognized. You can find the breeder listings on the individual breed pages. At the time of this writing there are currently 47 different breeds of rabbits according to ARBA.

Some of the most popular breeds of rabbits in the United States include the Californian, New Zealand, Holland Lop, Angora, Mini Rex, Satin, Mini Lop and Flemish Giant.

Breeder Listing Information

Please make note of the following breeder listing information before beginning a rabbit search:

Breeds are listed alphabetically not by preference. Please note that I cannot personally verify the individual integrity of the breeders in the index.

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