Rabbit Pedigrees

Rabbit Pedigrees. Find information about rabbit pedigrees and learn how to create your own rabbit pedigrees.

Rabbit Pedigrees

What is a rabbit pedigree?

All rabbits have ancestors, right? But not all rabbits have pedigrees. A pedigree is simply a record of a rabbit’s ancestors. If you have a document that lists your rabbit’s parents, grand-parents, and great-grandparents, your bunny is fully pedigreed.

A pedigreed rabbit is not necessarily the same as a purebred rabbit. Any rabbit can have a pedigree, even if it comes from a mixed lineage. A purebred rabbit has at least three generations of ancestors of only one breed. If you lose the pedigree on your purebred rabbit, it’s still a purebred. Both terms are also different from the term “registered.” A registered rabbit is a purebred that has a full pedigree, and that has been officially been filed into the records of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. A registered rabbit must have a full purebred pedigree, but a rabbit may be a purebred and have a pedigree, but still not be registered.

How do I produce a pedigree for my rabbits?

Only a licensed registrar can register your rabbit with the ARBA, but any breeder can make an official pedigree for the babies they produce. If both parents are pedigreed, you have all the information you need to make a pedigree for the babies. There are several ways to produce a pedigree. You can order pedigree blanks from some cage suppliers. If you’re good with the computer, you can produce your own using Microsoft Word or a similar program. You can Google “custom rabbit pedigree designs” to find companies that offer this service. Or you can buy rabbitry management software such as The Easy Rabbit Pedigree Generator which we recommend to help aid you in the pedigree data storage and generation process.

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What information does a rabbit pedigree contain?

The pedigrees you provide for the bunnies you sell should contain all the information that people need to register their rabbits with the ARBA if they so choose. In order to be ARBA registered, a rabbit must have a pedigree that contains the following information on the bunny itself and three generations of its ancestors, i.e. its parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

-Name – Breeders can name their rabbits anything they like. Most breeders use a prefix before the rabbit’s name to indicate the breeder, such as Katie’s Fluffy, Jones’ Cookies, or BTR’s Bucky.

– Color – This is the registration variety; the exact color of the bunny. Write “broken blue” instead of just “broken” or “blue tortoise” instead of just “tort.”
– Ear Number – this is the tattoo found in the left ear of the rabbit.
– Weight – Weights on rabbits’ pedigrees are written with a decimal point, however, weights are not written in the metric system. Instead, the number 4.5 would indicate four pounds and five ounces, not four and a half.
-Registration and Grand Championship numbers – Provide these ARBA numbers when applicable.
That’s all the info that pedigrees must have, however, breeders often like to provide a few more details. Optional information includes winnings, number of Grand Championship legs, genotype, ear length, and additional generations of ancestors.

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