Rabbits for sale. Babies and adults


Seller Name: Bethanne Tinnin
Location: Summers, AR
Rabbit Breed(s): Dutch, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex
Rabbitry Website: Bethanne’s Bunny Barn

I have 10 Flemish Giant nearly ready for their new homes. 2 steel does and 7 fawns that i havent sexed yet. They can all be fully pedigreed.
I also have 2 mini rex. One is the dad who is a year old and is a Himi. The other is his REW daughter who was born 1-21-15. They are not pedigreed
I also have 7 newborn dutch that are new born and will be ready at 6 weeks old. They are not pedigreed
I have several litters of carious breeds in the way also.

I would be interested in trading a few of the dutch babies or a baby and the momma for a pedigreed tort doe. Or the daddy and a baby for a black pedigreed buck. If i can get a pedigreed buck and doe then the mother and father will be for sale as well. Im also needing a pedigreed Giant Chinchilla buck, a pedigreed doublemaned lionhead doe, and a new zealand or californian buck(preferably pedigreed but not necessary). Also I have a male and female pedigreed silver fox pair but they are related. I would like to trade the buck for an unrelated buck.

Seller Email: bethannesbunnybarn@gmail.com
Seller Phone: (479)871-3995