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Looking to find rabbits for sale in your area or state? If so you have come to the right place. Find rabbits for sale using our rabbit breeders directory today! You can use our directory to find local rabbit breeders in your state. Feel free to use the state map below to locate rabbit breeders.

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Rabbit Breeders in Canada

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Bunny Rabbits for Sale

Thousands of rabbit enthusiasts worldwide use our rabbit breeders directory to find rabbits for sale in their area.

Rabbits for Sale

Find hundreds of beautiful looking rabbits for sale using our directory (like the rabbit shown above).

In addition to providing you with state rabbit breeder listings we also help you find specific breeds of rabbits for sale by allowing you to search for bunny rabbits using our rabbit breed index. It is our long term goal to continue to expand our ever growing rabbit breeders directory and like always, help connect rabbit breeders and buyers. If you are interested in learning more about raising and breeding rabbits be sure to subscribe to our Popular Rabbit Breeders Newsletter. We also have a cool Rabbit Breeders Facebook Page that we invite you to join. On the facebook page you are free to ask questions about raising rabbits and chat with fellow rabbit enthusiasts from all around the world!

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Finding Rabbits for Sale

Here are a few tips to consider when searching to find rabbits for sale…

  • Search Locally: It is important to begin searching for rabbits in your area. Although there are literally hundreds of different rabbit breeders listed in our directory, the majority of rabbit raisers do not ship their rabbits. So it is important that you take into consideration a rabbit breeder’s location before you contact them and request rabbits. Ideally you would like to find bunnies for sale within a couple hours driving distance.
  • Choose your Breed Wisely: One of the most important decisions that you will ever make when raising rabbits is selecting your initial breed to purchase. Be sure that you take time to research the breed of rabbits that you are interested in purchasing beforehand. Different breeds are raised for different purposes and some breeds have their own unique care requirements.
  • Purchase your Supplies First: I recommend that you purchase your rabbit supplies before buying your animals! I have seen quite a few people make the mistake of trying to cram their initial few rabbits into makeshift rabbit cages. Don’t compromise your rabbits’ safety by failing to prepare!!
  • Get a Good Rabbit Book: Having a good rabbit book on hand is a good idea, if you are even thinking about raising rabbits. I recommend that you grab a copy of Raising Rabbits 101 if you are indeed interested in getting started raising rabbits.

Buying Rabbits

The rabbit buying process has a reputation for overwhelming the first time rabbit raiser. Sometimes a rabbit enthusiast will fail to purchase a desired rabbit breed due to the fact that they are unable to locate any available stock. Many times people don’t even know where to begin looking for rabbits. Sometimes people take a guess at where they should buy and later regret their decision.

Popular Places to Buy Rabbits From

  • Pet Shops
  • Flea Markets
  • Rabbit Rescue Centers
  • Backyard Rabbitry Breeders
  • Dedicated Rabbit Fanciers & Hobbyists

Pet Shops

One of the most popular places to buy pet rabbits seems to be from the local pet store. You probably remember walking through the pet store as a little child looking at all the cute little animals. Maybe you still do! I remember the “pet store” used to be my favorite stores in the entire mall to visit. Maybe you asked a family member multiple times… “Can I keep him.. He is sooo cute; yes of course I will take good care of him”.

Just like puppies, kittens and mice, rabbits are frequently sold in pet stores to unprepared owners. Although they are a popular pet store animal I would not recommend buying them from a pet store. I have heard of multiple people who have had bad experiences with purchasing bunnies from pet stores. Unfortunately one of the reasons behind this is the fact, that pet store owners don’t tend to know very much about caring for rabbits. Sure they might know everything there is to know about dogs and cats but generally not rabbits.

Rabbits will frequently die after being brought home from pet stores due to lack of care. Also another factor behind the general poor health of pet store bunnies is the fact that they are usually taken off their mothers too early. Pet stores tend to want to buy “small” rabbits, many times “too small” of rabbits.


Flea Markets

Another popular place to find bunnies is Flea Markets. I personally have never purchased rabbits from a Flea Market and quite frankly don’t intend to for the following reasons:

Reason 1: Normally Flea Market Rabbits are of mixed rabbit breeds, if you are thinking about ever showing your rabbits this is a bad idea. Also, most of the time rabbits found there will not be the ideal meat rabbit stock.

Reason 2: You do not know the history of where these bunnies came from. What were their previous living conditions? Are they truly healthy bunnies? Why did the breeder sell them? – For all you know these rabbits could be the culls (undesirable ones) of a litter.

Reason 3: You will not be able to get pedigrees on your bunnies… the fact of the matter is Flea Market Rabbits generally have zero chance of coming with pedigrees. FYI, rabbit pedigrees are essential part of record keeping.

Reason 4: You will not be able to contact the breeder with questions… this is an important advantage of buying from a rabbit fancier.

Conclusion: Yes, Flea Markets might be a great place to find cheap rabbits however I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere for rabbits.

Rabbit Rescue Centers

Rabbit Rescue Centers are generally good places for adopting a rabbit. Often you can save a life by deciding to adopt a bunny.

One thing I want to point out about shelters and rescue centers is the fact most of the bunnies would not be suitable for showing or breeding for meat. In fact many rabbits taken to shelters are automatically spayed or neutered.

Conclusion: If you want to try and help an abandoned bunny find a lost home, shelters may work great for you. If you are looking for breeding rabbits or show stock – this is definitely not a good option.

Backyard Rabbitry Breeders

One of the better places to buy rabbits is from Backyard Rabbitry Breeders. These breeders tend to be small time rabbit raisers and usually keep between three and twenty rabbits at a time.

They generally know at least the minimal information needed to care for their bunnies properly. So on average rabbits bought from them will be in better health.

Conclusion: Backyard Rabbit Breeders are one of the better places to find rabbits. My best recommendation however is to buy from serious rabbit hobbyists and fanciers.

Dedicated Rabbit Fanciers & Hobbyists

My number one recommendation regarding buying rabbits… is to buy from Serious Rabbit Hobbyists and Fanciers. These are the dedicated people who normally have larger rabbitries and generally know a lot more about their breeds.

These are the type of people who will frequently go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need to care for your bunnies.

Conclusion: Buy from serious rabbit hobbyists and fanciers, although you will most likely have to pay more for your bunnies this way, I can almost guarantee that “the investment” will be worth it in the long run.