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Raising Rabbits 101 – Download a free copy of our Best Selling Raising Rabbits 101 4th Edition eBook written by rabbit raiser Aaron Webster.

As of the end of 2016 the author Aaron Webster is now donating the book in eBook format (free of charge) along with the other best selling Rabbit Empire products (books & software), as a gift to all fellow rabbit raisers and enthusiasts. You now have permission to share the complete Raising Rabbits 101 eBook & other product downloads (listed below), with all your friends and rabbitry customers.

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Raising Rabbits 101

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Raising Rabbits 101 Download

Additional Book Downloads

1. Raising Meat Pen Rabbits eBook – complete guide to raising and showing meat pen rabbits.
2. Pet Rabbits 101 eBook – complete guide to owning a caring for a pet rabbit.

Rabbit Software Downloads

1. Easy Rabbit Pedigree Generator Basic – create your own rabbit pedigrees in minutes.
2. Easy Rabbitry Management Software – manage all your rabbitry records.
3. Easy Rabbit Weight Tracker Software – manage and track your rabbit weight records.

Software Tutorial Videos:

Pedigree Generator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DShiRRMTk34
Weight Tracker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB1ZqzUq-nE
Management Software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB1zTAG_fTk

Raising Rabbits 101 Book – Bonus Downloads:

1. Rabbit Supply Catalog PDF
2. Rabbitry Interviews PDF
3. Rabbit Resources PDF

Rabbit Hutch Plans:

1. Rabbit Housing Manual PDF
2. Home Made Rabbit Cages PDF
3. 4 Rowed Rabbit Cage Plans PDF
4. 6 Rowed Rabbit Cage Plans PDF
5. Rabbit Housing Plans PDF

Top 11 Reasons to Raise Rabbits

People from all around the world have chosen to raise domestic rabbits for a multitude of different reasons. Here is a list of 11 reasons why you should consider raising rabbits…

1. Rabbits are Low Maintenance- One of the best things that I like about rabbits is the fact that they are relatively low maintenance animals.
2. Rabbits are Quiet- Yes I said it, rabbits are actually one of the quietest types of animals on the planet
3. Economical- Breeding rabbits can indeed be economical, even extremely profitable if you put forth the time and dedication
4. Rabbits can indeed “Multiply like Rabbits”- Although struggling breeders will sometimes tell you different, rabbits can indeed multiple like rabbits
5. Rabbit Meat is Healthy- Even if you never plan on eating rabbit meat yourself, if you breed rabbits you can rest assured that there is a market for rabbit meat in case you need to sell off stock or culls
6. Rabbit Manure is Valuable- Believe me when I say that rabbit manure works great as a fertilizer! Apply it to your garden and watch your plants bloom or bag it up and earn a little spending money off of it.
7. Rabbits Can Make Great Pets- Rabbits can indeed make great pets- just make sure you choose the right breed or you might be disappointed!
8. Self Fulfilling- When you successfully breed rabbits you will most likely begin to feel self-fulfillment in your accomplishment (There is something about watching your rabbits grow that gives you a good feeling inside)
9. Chance at Showing- If you plan on showing rabbits, you will most likely have a great time and make some new friends!
10. Great Learning Experience- It would literally take an entire book to tell you about everything I have learned from raising rabbits!
11. Raising Rabbits is Fun- Most importantly raising rabbits can be a fun enjoyable experience as long as you do your research ahead of time

Raising Rabbit Freebies

Here is a list of raising rabbit freebies that I suggest that you take advantage of…

1. Free Rabbit Breeders Newsletter: If you are serious about raising rabbits, you need to go ahead and claim your free subscription to our rabbit breeders newsletter. As an email subscriber to our newsletter you will receive free periodic information on raising and breeding rabbits in addition to exclusive rabbit product discounts and occasional gifts and giveaways.
2. Raising Rabbits in the Summer: Here is a free pdf that I made up for you which provides tips and tricks for raising rabbits in the summer. The pdf was inspired by the record breaking 2011 summer heat that I and many other rabbit raisers received that summer. Feel free to download the free raising rabbits report and share it with your friends.

Raising Rabbits Articles

Looking for more information about raising and breeding rabbits? If so check out the following articles on our website…

1. Rabbit Facts: a really cool list of flat out amazing facts about rabbits
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3. How to Buy Rabbits: information and walk-through on how to buy your first rabbits
4. About Rabbits: an article about rabbits in general
5. Rabbit Breeds: learn about all the different breeds of rabbits
6. Types of Rabbits: discover how rabbits are classified in this unique article
7. How to Sell Rabbits: information and tips and tricks on how to sell rabbits

Cool Rabbit Resources

Here is a list of some really cool rabbit resources…

1. Rabbit Pictures: find tons of award winning and flat out amazing rabbit pictures
2. Rabbits for Sale: locate rabbits for sale using our huge rabbit breeders directory
3. Rabbit Breeders on Facebook: become a fan of our popular and fastly growing rabbit breeders facebook page

Raising Rabbits Blogs

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