Rare Giant Angora kits for sale


Seller Name: Nancy Miller
Location: Statesville, NC
Rabbit Breed(s): Giant Angoras, English Angora’s
Rabbitry Website: Our Liberty Hill Farm

Big “wabbit” Giant Angora kits ready to rehome. Very social, handled daily by myself and a gang of grandchildren ! Eating and drinking well from water bottle. Fiber (fur) is dense and so so soft. Because this breed has “big hair” they require at least weekly brushing or blowing out their coat. If not their long hair becomes matted, is unsightly and uncomfortable for your bunny. We sell all the fiber we obtain from our bunnies~ weavers, felters and spinners love this very warm fiber. Bunnies need to be kept in the shade with good air exchange during summer months. Our customers tell us that their bunnies are easily house trained. Rabbits make good pets, they are quiet, clean, loyal and frequently live 10 or more years. Only Doe’s available. Unable to ship d/t heat . We live in Western NC where I40 meets I77 near Statesville, NC. Zip is 28677 We have pet quality, woolers and those with show potential. Email, text or call number below. Bunnies available with or without 3 generation pedigree . 100$ without pedigree or 125.$ with 3 generation pedigree
* No voice calls after 9PM/EST (us Rabbitry folk need our beauty sleep)

Seller Email: nancythemadsoaper@yahoo.com
Seller Phone: (704)682-7638

Rare Giant Angora Rabbits
Rare Giant Angora kits for sale