Red Mini Lop Junior does and bucks


Seller Name: Jody Rosnik
Location: Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lops, Dutch, Rex, New Zealands, Standard Chinchillas

6 Pedigreed Red Mini lops, 2 bucks and 4 does, are ready to go to their new homes: Show, 4H, or just a great non-breeding companions! Born August 13, 2014. Call or text 719-276-3311 or email at for availability and delivery/pick-up options. Price for these gorgeous Reds are $75 non-breeding or $100 with pedigree. Other ‘gorgeous’ varieties will become available soon and are in the nestboxes! other breeds, too, so check back often.

Seller Email:
Seller Phone: (719)276-3311

Red Mini Lop Junior does and bucks