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Jill Morton
Chepachet, RI
Holland Lops
Woodland Acres Rabbitry
We have about 30 buns presently. We raise our buns for show as well as for pets. All our buns have pedigrees. We often have a wide selection of buns for sale.

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Katelyn Leigh
Coventry , Rhode Island
Rex, Mini rex, Lion heads, mixes
Fairy Tale Farms
We are a small rabbitry operating out of coventry, RI. We have mini rex, regular rex and lion heads. Looking to add some angoras in the near future. All different colors avilable. Harliquens, REW (white with red eyes) reds and sables.

Natalia Rollings
Cranston, Rhode Island
Mini rex and Flemish Giant/new Zealand mixes
Lucky paw rabbitry
Im a small rabbit breeder. I mainly breed mini Rex mixes because it’s proven that if you breed a mixed breed rabbit they will live longer and be healthier. Text me at (401)649-3234

Robert A. Plante
Cumberland, Rhode Island
New Zealand Whites
Bellevue Rabbitry
The Rabbitry consists of five does and three bucks, all New Zealand Whites.

Tracy Sivo
Exeter, Rhode Island
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Hippity Hop Rabbits
We are a mother and daughter team operating a very small rabbitry. We have done quite a bit of research (and will continue) on both of the breeds we have decided to work with to help the breed lines become better in the show circuit.

Jean Feeney
Foster , Rhode Island
American Chinchilla
Forest Glenn Farm
American Chinchilla Rabbits are a critically endangered breed of rabbit. They are very friendly, docile, and have super soft fur. We need more breeders to help bring this breed back from the brink.

Linda Kokoszka
Foster, Rhode Island
Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits
Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry at Forest Glenn Farm
Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry at Forest Glenn Farm is a family run Rabbitry with locations in Foster, RI and Attleboro, MA. We raise loving pedigreed Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and as pets. We welcome you to visit with us and view our rabbits that are for sale (appointment required). We provide complete one on one care instructions with every rabbit we sell. Please contact us with any questions (even if you did not buy your rabbit from our Rabbitry). Thank you and we look forward to helping you find a loving rabbit! info@fluffybunnyrabbitry.com
800-951-0760, Facebook link to “Jean Forest Glenn Farm”: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008471328363

Kayla Barr
Hopkinton , Rhode Island
Mini Lops, Lionheads
Our Little Farms Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry in Southern, RI specializing in lionheads and mini lops. We breed for show and pets as we love to see our line better as time goes on. We live on a small piece of land that we like to call our micro farm. We have 8 holes, soon to be 12-14 which allows us to keep the highest quality and our few breeding projects. All our rabbits come with a pedigree and a health guarantee! We are happy to deliver your new bunny to you.

Kelly Burton
Hopkinton, Rhode Island
Holland Lops
Clover Ridge Hollands

Robert Basha
North Kinstown, Rhode Island
Flemish Giant, New Zealand Whites, Mixes
Bobby’s Bunnies
Just a simple rabbit operation built with tlc. Not in it to make money, just gives me free manure and lots of fun in the process.

Jeremy Gaudreau
North Scituate, Rhode Island
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Flemish Giant, Silver Fox mix
Jack Russell Farm
We are a small farm specializing in New Zealand White
Rabbits. All rabbits are well cared for and healthy please contact us for availability and any questions you may have.

Lucille Guilbault
Pascoag, RI
New Zealands, Californians
Log Cabin Rabbitry
Small farm breeding New Zealand Whites and Californians. Breeding stock and meat productions.

Tony Marandola
West Warwick, Rhode Island
Double AA Dutch Rabbits
Have been Raising quality Dutch Rabbits since 1970. I started in 1970 In West Warwick RI and Relocated to San Dimas Ca for 33 years and I am now back in West Warwick where I am starting up my Dutch breeding program. I will soon be breeding and showing and helping new people into rabbits to start off on the right path. See you soon and bunny’s will be soon to follow.

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