Sexing Rabbits

Sexing rabbits step by step tutorial. Information and pictures are provided to help you accurately sex your rabbits from an early age.

Sexing Rabbits

I recommend that you learn how to properly sex rabbits before you even begin searching for rabbits for sale from a local rabbit breeder. Plain and simple; you need to be able to tell male rabbits and female rabbits apart when you are buying rabbits from a breeder. It can be very annoying to find out several months later down the road, that you purchased the wrong rabbit gender. When rabbits are very young, they are commonly sexed wrong, especially by novice rabbit owners and breeders. For this reason alone, it is a very good idea to learn how to sex a rabbit in advance before purchasing, just in case the breeder that you are buying from makes a mistake. In this article I will be providing you with step by step instructions on how to sex a rabbit. If you are looking for more information on raising rabbits, I suggest that you subscribe to our Free Rabbit Breeders Newsletter.

How to Sex a Rabbit

In my opinion every rabbit raiser needs to know how to accurately sex a rabbit. Below I have included a set of step by step instructions on how to sex a rabbit

Step 1: Bring the rabbit that you wish to sex to a flat surface such as a rabbit judging table.

Step 2: Next carefully grab a hold of the rabbit’s tail and lift it upwards so that the rabbit’s back feet are off the ground. Note: Some people recommend cradling the rabbit in your arm instead.

Step 3: Use your forefinger and middle finger to press down on your rabbit’s vent area which is just in front of the anus. If the rabbit is a buck the penis should protrude. If the rabbit is a doe you should see a slit or central line running up and down. See the picture below…

Quick Tip:
If you are having trouble sexing a rabbit on your own, try to find a local rabbit breeder who would be willing to help teach you hands on.

How to Sex Rabbits

When Sexing is Easy

Once a buck reaches several months of age you should be able to tell that he is a buck by just glancing due to the fact that his testicles will begin to protrude.

Believe it or not I can tell the sex of a full grown rabbit by simply glancing at its head and chin! Once you have seen enough rabbits you should be able to do the same. The easiest way to tell that a rabbit is a doe is by looking at its chin. Does naturally develop dewlaps (fat rolls) under their chin to store up fat. When a doe has bunnies her dewlap will usually shrink.

When Sexing is Hard

Unfortunately when bunnies are really small it can be hard to tell whether a rabbit is a doe or a buck. From time to time you are bound to make a sexing error, even I do sometimes.

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