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Christy Kenzel
Lonoke, Arkansas
Cd’s Lil’ Lagomorph’s Rabbitry


Seth DeHerrera
Pueblo, Colorado
Rebel Organic Rabbitry


Rachel Ortiz
Danbury, Connecticut
Munchkinland Rabbitry


Tracey Brock
Madisonville, Kentucky
Hare raiser rabbitry


Steph Keranen
Wolf Lake, MN
Steph’s Rabbitry


Brianne Orr
LarkSong Rabbitry


Emily Wilkinson
Arcadia, Ohio
Shooting Star rabbitry

Brittany Palmer
Jamestown, Ohio, Ohio
Buckeye Bunnies Rabbitry


Douglas Richardson
Stayton, Oregon
North Star Rabbitry

Francis Ramos
North Houston, Texas
Jes Rabbitry


Rachel Warren
Des Moines, Washington
Warren’s Rabbitry

Ethan Shillo
Kfar-saba, Washington

Grethe Steensgaard
Redmond, Washington
Golden Heart Rabbitry
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Silver Marten Rabbit Breeders

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Breed Information

The Silver Marten is a medium-sized rabbit breed that originated in the United States in the early 20th century. This breed was developed by selectively breeding Chinchilla rabbits with other breeds including Himalayan, Belgian Hare, and New Zealand Whites. The goal was to create a rabbit with the Chinchilla's coat color but a better body type for meat production.


Silver Martens have a distinctive color pattern that makes them stand out. Their fur consists of blue-gray and black bands, giving them an agouti pattern. The guard hairs are tipped in black while the undercoat is a slate blue or dove gray color. The fur on the belly is a pure white. Other distinct features include dark eyes, ears tipped with black, and pink nose and paw pads.

The ideal Silver Marten has a compact, well-rounded body weighing 9-12 lbs. The head is broad and rounded, sitting atop a strong, medium-length neck. The ears are carried erect and the legs are of medium bone. The fur is dense and roll back slightly along the spine. Overall, the Silver Marten presents a commercial meat rabbit with a unique color pattern.


Silver Martens tend to have energetic and curious personalities. They are active rabbits that enjoy playing and exploring their environment. Owners describe them as intelligent and responsive to humans. With regular gentle handling from a young age, Silver Martens become quite friendly and bonding strongly with their owners.

While generally docile, Silver Martens can be skittish around loud noises or rapid movements. Care must be taken when handling them to avoid injury from kicking or scratching. Proper socialization helps counteract their natural wariness. Silver Martens make good 4-H and pet rabbits for attentive owners able to provide adequate space and interaction.


Proper housing and nutrition are key to raising healthy Silver Martens. As medium-sized rabbits, they require adequate cage space to move around. The minimum recommended is 24 square feet. The enclosure should also be tall enough for the rabbit to stand on its hind legs without hitting the ceiling. A hiding box gives the rabbit a place to retreat and rest.

The cage bottom should be solid and non-slip to prevent sores on the feet. Wire flooring requires rest boards. Bedding materials like straw or shredded paper provide insulation and comfort. Keep the enclosure clean by replacing bedding regularly and removing droppings daily.

Silver Martens should be fed a diet comprised of high-quality hay, pellets, vegetables, and limited fruits. Unlimited grass hay provides essential roughage and nutrients. Introduce leafy greens and vegetables starting at 12 weeks old. Limit treats like carrots, apples, and berries due to high sugar content. Fresh clean water must always be available.

With proper care, Silver Martens live 7-10 years. Monitor them for signs of illness and schedule annual check-ups. Common health issues include gastrointestinal stasis, ear mites, malocclusion, urine scald, and sore hocks. Spaying or neutering is recommended to prevent reproductive cancers later in life.


Silver Martens are one of the more challenging rabbit breeds when it comes to achieving the ideal coat color. The genetics behind their unique agouti banding pattern are complex. Both parents must carry the silvering gene to produce true Silver Martens.

Breeders often keep meticulous pedigrees documenting coat qualities through generations. Outcrosses to other breeds may be done to improve body type or fur quality but can dilute the silvering pattern. Close attention during mate selection is necessary to breed quality Silver Martens.

The doe can begin breeding around 6-7 months old. She will produce 1-14 kits per litter with 8 being average. Nest boxes should be provided 2 weeks prior kindling. Kits will open their eyes by 10-14 days and be weaned by 8 weeks old.


In American Rabbit Breeders Association shows, Silver Martens are judged on their type, condition, and silvering pattern. The ideal color is described as having slate blue undercolor with black ticking and dark guard hairs. The ticking coverage should be uniform over the body. The saddle is widest at the hindquarters and narrowest between the shoulders. Disqualifications include white toe nails, stray white hairs, lack of undercolor, and graying of points.

Silver Martens compete in the Full Arch class. At shows, exhibitors should check coats for stains, stray hairs, molt, and rubs. Present Silver Martens with compact, well-filled bodies in excellent condition to accentuate the breed's commercial qualities. Grooming products can enhance sheen but cannot disguise poor silvering.


While not as common as breeds like New Zealand Whites, Silver Martens have a devoted following. They are eye-catching rabbits that stand out in showing. Their mellow temperament also makes them suitable as pets. Silver Martens produce high quality meat and fur. Breeders must balance careful coat genetics with maintaining vigorous health and body type. With their stunning looks and utility, Silver Martens are likely to continue delighting rabbit fanciers for years to come.

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