So adorable baby Lionhead bunnies being born middle of February ready for Easter 2014


So adorable baby Lionhead bunnies being born middle of February ready for Easter 2014. So adorable baby Lionhead bunnies being born middle of February ready for Easter 2014.
Hello everybody and thank you for looking at my ad. I have the cutest little lion head bunny rabbits I have ever seen. I am NOT saying this just because I raise them in my home. I truly love my bunnies as my pets. I am considered a breeder quote on quote. but I think I am more than that , I have built my reputation up so high I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished with my baby bunnies. I have only been raising bunnies for not even two years. and I have already have one school that got funding for two of my bunnies and I have my bunnies in shows, I have my bunnies in organizations, my bunnies have been around children now for almost 2 years. I only have litters 3 times a year for this reason I always have a waiting list. I started my Easter 2014 list already it has been about 1 month and I have maybe 10 available spots for people as of now. I have a lot of pride in what I have accomplished I only have 6 bunnies that I keep as my own for this reason mine are spoiled rotten and very lovable and unlike any bunny you have probably ever seen. My bunnies can be held on their backs and fall asleep on your lap or in your hands, there temperament is so amazing as they are held from day 1. I feel it is very important to take the time to train a loving animal as these are . these bunnies are very smart there used to being clean as they’re clean daily. they use the litter box and are familiar with it in their cage as their mother uses it all the time. if you are looking for a bunny for a child or want a furry friend to cuddle with I highly recommend you getting on this list to ensure that you get one for Easter 2014. Or get on the list for my next litter being born in June 2014. I have people that will wait almost a year for one of my babies. please visit my website and also look on my feedback left from others it is full of comments so I cannot get any more feedback on my website at the moment but you can get an idea on my reputation. Also on contAct me I do have buttons for emailing me And Also looking At my facebook page which has A lot of positive feedbAck left from others As well And pictures. I hope to hear from you soon I am available usually all the time for any questions answers . Thank you for looking and have a great day 🙂

Location: Dudley
Rabbit Breed(s): Other
Seller Name: Krista Shultz
Seller Email:
Seller Phone: 508-335-1383
Seller Website:

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