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Brooke Schlomer
Aberdeen S, South Dakota
None of the above, Lop
Female lop baby

Paul Eitel
Colome, South Dakota
New Zealand Whites
Broken Arrow Rabbits
Specializing in raising quality meat rabbits. Currently raising pure bred New Zealand Whites, and Californian / New Zealand White cross breds.

May Wichers
Hot springs , South Dakota
Rex (Red)
Hot springs rabbitry
Specializing in raising peered red rex only.

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Ginger and Tom Fonck
Keystone, South Dakota
Mini Rex, Silver Fox, American Chinchilla
Folsom Fur Company Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbity in Western South Dakota, specializing in Mini-Rex. We also have two heritage breeds, the American Chinchilla and the Silver Fox.

Savannah Toth
Moose Jaw, South Dakota
English Angora, Lionhead Angora
Thomas-Toth Rabbitry
We are selling English Angora’s and Angora Lionhead cross rabbits. They come in a variety of different colors and range in weight from 3-5 pounds. They are fluffly and adorable rabbits with beautiful manes. We are located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada!

M Brant
Piedmont, South Dakota
New Zealand, Californian, Standard Rex
West River Rabbits
New Zealand, Californian and Rex rabbits for pets or meat. Pedigreed Rex Rabbits.

Matt Thompson
Mitchell, South Dakota
Mini Lop, Dutch, Californian
Rising Sun Bunnies
Show, Pet, & Meat Rabbits for a Purpose………
Youth Ministry and Missions
We are a small family rabbitry, that work at providing beautiful bunnies.

Grace Dawn
Rapid city, South Dakota
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Mini Lop, Mix Breeds
RC Rabbits
Rapid city rabbitry. Breeding multiple breeds for show, pet and meat

Penny LaReau
Rutland, South Dakota
French Angora
LD Ranch
Top quality french angoras.

Cheyenne Albers
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Ethereal Rabbits Rabbitry and Farm
I’m relatively new at raising and breeding rabbits. I breed Harlequins currently and eventually want to raise Californians as soon as I can expand. I currently(as of 3/11/2016) have 2 three month old Harlequins for sale, a buck and a doe as well as another litter i’m expecting mid-April. If you’re interested email me. I’m willing to send pictures to anybody seriously interested in rabbits be it for pet of breeding purposes.

Myrna Berryhill
Spearfish, South Dakota
Mini Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex
Berryhill Bunny Farm
Welcome to The Berryhill Bunny Farm, by appointment, please. We have a wide variety of colors to go with our 4 breeds of rabbits. We shoot for excellence in calmness, friendliness, and showing. We’re always open for suggestions, cause we’re here to learn, too. Stop by just to look and your heart will be stolen.

Western, SD
English Spots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf
K&K Rabbits
Approximately 35 hole rabbitry in western SD. Specializing in English Spots (gold & black). Also raise Mini Rex (tort, black, sable point & brokens of those varieties), Holland Lops (black, tort, sable point & brokens of those varieties, & Netherland Dwarf (broken). We attend shows in SD, MT, WY, & CO.

Beth Chapman
Winfred, South Dakota
Champagne d’ Argent, Californians, Himalayans, and Harlequins
A.C.O.B.E Farm Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry breeding meat, pet, and show rabbits.

Mackenzie Warner
Vermillion, South Dakota
We are a relatively new rabbitry focused on breeding and showing quality Lionhead rabbits per SOP. Members of ARBA, SDRBA, NALRC. Torts, REW’s, and Blacks. Check out our Facebook page: Royal Stewart Rabbitry. We also occasionally have some pet quality rabbits available.

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