Rabbit Accessories

Finding the best rabbit accessories is an important task to make sure your bunny is happy and safe. Bunnies need lots of water, fresh food, and places to play and sleep. If you plan to keep your rabbit indoors, you will need a cage, while outdoor rabbits can often get by in a hutch or outdoor living area. Choosing the right accessories is dependent on how often your rabbit will need to be outside of his or her cage, as well as how many rabbits you plan to house within your holding area.

Below, we’ve identified the top seven rabbit accessories based on user reviews, durability, and security.

Top 7 Rabbit Accessories Reviews 2023

1) Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed

Woven Grass Pet Bed

Bunnies can now have a safe and comfortable home thanks to Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed. As one of the top rabbit accessories available, this product helps to protect the sensitive paws of pets everywhere. Rabbits love how soft and gentle this bed is to lie upon, and it can also double as a bowl as well.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/Peter’sWovenGrassPetBed

2) Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Pet Pen

Prevue Multi-Color Pet Pen

A great choice to let bunnies of all shapes and sizes play, this unit measures 13 by 9 inches and helps to provide a safe and non toxic pet area. Using multiple shapes and colors, this pen is great to give your bunny a safe space to play in when he isn’t sleeping or eating.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PrevuePetProductsMultiColorPetPen

3) Living World Hay Feeding Station

Hay Feeding Station

A fun and easy way to get hay to your bunny quickly and easily, this unit also helps to prevent hay from getting on the cage floor and making things unhygienic or dirty. Accessible through both the back and from tot the wheel, it is helpful in encouraging the natural foraging behavior of your rabbit, as well as supplying him with a great and healthy source of feed.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/LivingWorldHayFeedingStation

4) Prevue Products Wood Rabbit Hut

Prevue Wood Rabbit Hut

Made from solid wood construction and providing a full sleeping, playing, and hiding place, this product comes with both right and left entrances. A great hideout hut to let bunnies climb and nest while being out of the cage.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PrevueProductsWoodRabbitHut

5) Ferplast Large Rabbit Water Bottle

Ferplast Water Bottle

With a removable cover and watertight holding, this unit is a great way to control your rabbit’s water level while fixing easily to the cage’s wire. Providing practical sucker technology that lets it also secure to plastic surfaces, the tank comes in .16, .08, or .03 sizes to allow your rabbit to have plenty of fresh water at all times.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FerplastLargeRabbitWaterBottle

6) Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle E Cup

Kaytee Sleeper Cuddle E Cup

A soft fleece bed that lets your rabbit have plenty of comfy sleeping space, this design is great for rabbits, being made from durable polyester and cotton. Machine washable, the unit is 10 inches long by 12 inches wide and has the ability to withstand plenty of use. Comfortable and safe for all rabbits.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/KayteeSuperSleeperCuddleECup

7) Trixie Soft Rabbit Harness

Trixie Rabbit Harness

Designed for small rabbit breeds, this unit can be used to allow your bunny out to play without needing to be in his cage. Using an elastic lead and adjustable stomach area, the hardness is made from nylon and hard-wearing mesh. For best use only under supervision.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieSoftRabbitHarness

Types of Rabbit Accessories

There are a number of rabbit accessories available for aspiring owners of bunnies, no matter what breed or age. Accessories include sleeping beds and comfort areas, harnesses, water bottles, feeders, and even toys for rabbits to play with. It’s important to have accessories on hand to keep your bunny happily occupied as he goes through his day.

Feeders are important accessories that supply additional types of food to your rabbit, including Timothy Hay and other types of natural grass that mimics what your rabbit would eat in the wild. The more natural forms of food you can give your rabbit, the better.

Rabbit Accessories Cost

The cost of rabbit accessories depends mostly on the type of item you’re looking at. Feeders range anywhere from $10-$20, or sometimes slightly more for feeders that are a bit higher in quality. Water bottles tend to be on the cheaper side and can be purchased in bulk if you are supplying numerous rabbits for commercial or breeding purposes.

Selection Tips

Selecting the best rabbit accessories depends a lot on what type of rabbit you have and what conditions he or she will be living under. If your rabbit will mostly be indoors, you can simply provide her with a cage, some toys, and possibly a play pen or bedding area. If you plan to take your bunny outside, you will definitely need a hutch, plenty of extra water, and possibly a harness or two.

To select the best accessories, start by comparing prices and brands. Most brands of rabbit accessories have their own unique perks such as durability and lifetime. Good brands to look for include Ferplast, Kaytee, and Prevue Pet Products. All of these brands are known for their durability and success as well as positive user reviews and feedback.

Finally, be sure to take your budget into consideration, as well. You’ll need to make sure you don’t spend too much on a rabbit bed while not allowing for costs of food and water, as well. As long as you make a quick budgeting plan to ensure you’re prepared for rabbit accessory costs, you should be able to afford current and future purchases — which may include extra water bottles, feed, and bedding.

Additional Info

Important Rabbit Accessories

Many rabbit accessories are available, including woven pet beds, pet pens, feeding stations, special water bottles, and even toys to keep your rabbit happily engaged and occupied. Most rabbits enjoy fresh food — such as hay and veggies — and prefer to eat fresh sources rather than pellets when possible. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for natural feeding stations that let you add hay to your rabbit’s diet.

Additionally, you will need at least one or two water bottles in your rabbit’s cage — preferably ones that can attach to the outside of the unit. This way, your rabbit won’t be able to remove or knock the bottle off on his own. Water needs to be replaced regularly, which is why a good bottle or two is such an important accessory for your collection.

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