Rabbit Cage Wire

Building wire rabbit cages or obtaining pre-built cages is a great way to ensure your rabbit has a safe, sturdy, and durable home. Rabbit wire can be obtained when you are building your own cage, and then attached to the outside. For many rabbits, wiring is a good choice as it is chew-proof and secure, ensuring that bunnies cannot escape on the fly.

Here are our selections for the top wire for rabbit cages. These selections are based on user reviews, length and sizing, and strength of the wire as it comes in the package.

Top Rabbit Cage Wire Reviews 2023

1) Galvanized GB Rabbit Wire


With high quality galvanized steel, this unit provides welded cross wiring for additional strength and smooth edging. With 16 gauge steel and a one inch mesh, this is some of the best wiring available for rabbits everywhere to stay securely inside their cages.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GalvanizedGBRabbitWire

2) GB Galvanized Welded Mesh Rabbit Wire


Including high quality steel for welding cross-wiring, this galvanized rabbit wire is trimmed for uniform safety and edging that will keep your bunny secure and safe. It is soft and chew-proof so that your rabbit won’t be exposed to any sort of harmful material.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GBGalvanizedWeldedMeshRabbitWire

3) Galvanized Mesh Garden Wire


Suitable for rabbit cages as well as any other sort of enclosure or fencing, this galvanized rabbit wire is secure and safe. Including uniform welding, the product includes 24 inch by 50 foot wiring that can be added to an existing cage for maximum security.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GalvanizedMeshGardenWire

4) Garden Zone Galvanized Wire


Great for bunny cages of all types, as well as rabbit condos, this rabbit cage wire is designed to keep animals safely contained while providing easy setup.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GardenZoneGalvanizedWire

5) GB Galvanized Welded Mesh


Providing pre-welding galvanization, this top-quality wire mesh is great for inexpensive wiring for your rabbit’s cage. Using 16 gauge steel and cross wires that are trimmed for uniformity, this is some of the most affordable and highly rated rabbit wire on the market.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GBGalvanizedWeldedMesh

Rabbit Wire Selection Tips

Choosing rabbit wire is a very important step in building a cage or choosing a cage for your pet. You want to make sure your pet has a safe and secure caging structure, preventing him or her from slipping out. Additionally, the cage wiring should be secure, easy to install, and soft enough that your rabbit won’t be cut or hurt if its body touches the wire.

To choose weird, you should also ensure that your cage wiring will fit the exterior properly. It’s very important to select wiring that provides enough protection for the cage while still being pliable enough to adjust if you need to cut, alter, or otherwise change the wiring you set up.

Types of Rabbit Wire

There are many different types of rabbit wiring. These include metal wire, garden wire, galvanized wire, and steel wire. Each type of wire has perks and bonuses, with some types of wire providing greater strength and durability with others being easier to attach to the cage exterior.

Metal Rabbit Wire

Most rabbit wire is made of mesh or steel wiring. These wires for rabbit cages tend to be pliable, easy to install, and generally safe for rabbits to live with. Most cages will have metal wiring installed, with it being either galvanized steel or garden type wiring.

Garden Rabbit Wire

Some rabbit wire cages can be set up using garden wire. This type of wire is easy to cut and section, which can be helpful when you have a cage that needs to be adjusted to fit your rabbit’s size.

Galvanized Rabbit Wire

Galvanized wire is made from durable, high-quality steel and is intended to stay in place and wrap around a cage unit. Including self-tying properties, galvanized wire is the most popular choice for most rabbit cage builders, and can be found cheaply through online sources or at local garden stores.

Steel Rabbit Wire

For extremely strong caging, you can seek out steel wiring for your cage. Rabbit wire crafted from steel is a good idea since it will be strong enough to hold rabbits inside and prevent chewing.

Rabbit Wire Sizes

Sizing for rabbit wire varies. Rabbit wire usually comes in a bundle or cloth, allowing you to section out parts of wire you need to add to the cage. The typical sizing is 24 inches by 50 feet and a half. You may also find � inch mesh wiring for slightly more expensive prices.

Rabbit Wire Prices

Prices for rabbit wire range from $20 for a smaller sheathe to slightly higher prices (upwards of $50) for longer sections. A standard roll will cost about $33 and can be purchased for free shipping using Amazon.com’s pricing structure. Most rabbit wire prices are quite affordable. If you plan out your wiring needs ahead of time, you will be able to obtain the correct amount of wire and be able to save money in the long run, rather than getting too much and having to cut into sections with a wire cutter.

Building a Wire Rabbit Cage

To build a wire rabbit cage, you’ll first need to obtain a set of plans that tell you exactly how to build your cage (such as a wooden hutch with metal wiring, a wire/mesh combination, or a different type of cage such as a condo.

Once you have found the appropriate plan for your rabbit cage, you’ll need to lay out materials properly. This means getting enough wood, metal wiring, and locks for the doors which can be bought from hardware stores. Once your supplies are obtained, simply section out the amounts of each material that you need until you’ve properly cut and measured all items.

After that, be sure to properly, securely assemble each section and then tie it with wire ties or binds. The important thing is to cut your wire for the outside of the cage so that it fits properly into the door interiors, securing as indicated from the wire rabbit cage plan you’re using.

Once complete, be sure to test out your cage and make sure your wire is securely in place. Your rabbit will have a safe, well-built new home to give him comfort and security.


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