Best Rabbit Condos

Rabbit condos are great choices for pet owners who want to give their animals a safe, spacious home. Offering little assemble and comfortable living spaces, rabbit condos also provide easy cleanup and access to your pet at all times. Some condos have two stories for multiple rabbits or bigger bunnies who need to move around quite a bit throughout the day.

Below are the 5 top rabbit condos that allow your pet to enjoy a life where he or she can move about freely while staying secure and safe at the same time.

Top Rabbit Condos Reviews 2023

1) 2 Story Condo Bunny Cage

2 Story Cage

Measuring 24 by 24 inches, this unit requires a minimal amount of assembly and provides a comfortable living space for you pet. Made from galvanized wire, the unit is highly durable and includes a plastic sliding pan with simple cleanup and rustproof design. Includes plastic guards for urine, as well as casters and legs with separate purchase.

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2) Richell Mobile Critter Condo

Richell Condo

Includes trays to keep animals hygiene and safe. Using special tension locks for the doors, this unit keeps your bunny inside the condo safely at all times. Includes a bottom shelf for treats, food, and other items. Also has easy mobility with wheels at the bottom for moving from one room to the next. Easy to clean and wash.

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3) Posh Pets Felix Indoor Cage for Rabbits

Felix Indoor Cage

Includes blue base and black bars for stylish design. A great value for the price, this sturdy condo gives your bunny a happy healthy home that lets him move around as much as he’d like. Comfortable and safe, the condo is a double decker unit that includes a stand.

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4) Midwest Critter Condo

Midwest Condo

Includes a wide expanse shelf area with a full plastic floor pan for prevention of falls. Also has a slide out easy clean tray with happy feet ramp for pet feet to stay happy and comfortable. With a half inch wire spacing, pets can explore safely while staying locked in the cage at all times.

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5) Living World Rabbit Habitat Condo

Rabbit Habitat Condo

Providing all you need to safely keep your pet inside the condo, this unit includes a balcony with special tip proof dishes for keeping food inside. Available as both large and extra large, the unit is well ventilated and safe for bunnies of all types and sizes.

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Rabbit Condo Selection Tips

Choosing the best rabbit condo is a very important part of providing for your bunny. Rabbits need to feel safe and secure inside their home, and a condo gives them a great way to do so while also providing an excellent lookout area. If your rabbit lives indoors, a condo can give him the secure, spacious living quarters that he needs to remain healthy, happy, and comfortable at all times.

When selecting a rabbit condo, be sure to select a unit that includes soft bottom areas for your bunny’s paws. Rabbits have sensitive feet, so finding a padded condo is a good idea. Additionally, be sure to choose a unit that has wire mesh to prevent being chewed or clawed open. Keeping your rabbit safely inside the condo is critical, so proper locking mechanisms are also important.

Rabbit Condo Sizes

Rabbit condo sizes come in an expansive variety, including single story condos, double story condos, and those measuring a full-sized rabbit hutch. Some condos double as both cages and hutches, holding two or more rabbits. For these units, you may allow up to four or five feet in height with width ranging from 4 to 6 feet in general.

Rabbit Condo Prices

In terms of prices, rabbit condos range from $30 or $40 for the smallest units to upwards of $300 for some more expensive, large-size condos. Expect to pay on average about $70-$100 for one condo. You will find that the more rabbits you need to house, the more prices will go up. Additionally, you may pay more for added features such as extra locks, more than one story, or food and cleaning trays.

Rabbit Condos vs. Rabbit Cages

Selecting a condo over a rabbit cage is a good choice when you want to keep your rabbit indoors but also want to give him or her a nice space to be able to look out at the world. Some condos are built on platforms to let your bunny look down from a height, which many rabbits may find to be a fun experience.

Condos are a good choice for smaller rabbits, since the condos themselves can often be smaller in size. Additionally, if you’d like to later attach the condo to a hutch or other unit, some condos include this ability. They also tend to be quite easy to remove the rabbit from, generally moreso than cages. If you need to remove your rabbit often from its living space, a condo can be the best choice.

Using a traditional cage is a good idea if the cage is big enough to house your rabbit. The bunny should be able to stay up on its hind legs, stretching out easily. The door should be quite wide, so that you can easily put the litter box in while also providing plenty of floor space. Using a solid bottom floor with cushioning can be helpful as this will give your bunny a secure place to move around while also keeping its feet happy. Avoid using a glass cage because these do not give your rabbit proper ventilation. You will need a cage that is open using mesh or wire siding.

Building Your Own Rabbit Condo

To build your own condo for your rabbit, start by first finding a suitable plan that is spacious enough to house the bunny. You will need adequate dimensions such as 46 by 22 inches (length and width) to give your bunny enough room to move around. Find a plan that includes diagrams, materials you will need, and thorough instructions for how to assemble the condo.

Once you have selected a plan, acquire all the needed parts, including wood, metal, wire, locks, and doors. You can cut down any wood parts that you need to resize using a hacksaw or simple tool that is similar. Once assembled, be sure to test out the flooring to make sure it is soft enough for your rabbit, adding blankets if necessary.

Then, let your bunny in to play inside the condo and make sure it is adequately sized and contains appropriate food and water accommodations. Most rabbits will quickly adapt to a condo, which can be a safe and spacious area for bunnies to grow up in.


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