Rabbit Scales

Rabbit scales provide an easy, accurate means of measuring the weight of your rabbits.

Below are some of the top rabbit weighing scales to provide accurate measurements for your bunny’s weight.

Top Rabbit Scales Reviews 2023

1) W.C. Redmon Precision Digital Scale

Featuring a special pet weighing mechanism that provides easy-to-read display and small sizing, this scale holds up to 55 pounds with a minimum of 3.5 ounces. Great for weighing rabbits, the scale includes graduation, previous weight remembrance, delta weight calculation, and a low battery meter.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/W.C.RedmonPrecisionDigitalScale

2) HomeImage Digital Pet Scale

Holding up to 44 pounds, the HomeImage pet scale is great for rabbits. Providing an extra large LCD reading area, the unit also includes a durable, light design and protective overload system. Gives an accurate reading no matter how much your bunny is moving on top of the unit.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/HomeImageDigitalPetScale

3) ZIEIS 30 Pound Pet Scale

Good for rabbits and small animals, this unit is accurate to less than one ounce. Providing a 100V adapter, the scales provide a full 10 year warranty in case you aren’t totally happy with your purchase. Highly accurate, readable, and simple to use.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/ZIEIS30PoundPetScale

Rabbit Scale Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit scale is very important, as your bunny’s weight is one of the key parts of his or her health. A bunny should be within the proper weight range to ensure good blood flow, exercise capability, breathing, and disease prevention. When choosing a rabbit scale, there are a few key things to keep in mind, including scale sizes, prices, and how to weigh your rabbit when placing it on the scale. Weighing a rabbit can be done by using a normal scale or a pet scale, but rabbit-specific scales make it much easier.

Rabbit Scale Sizes

Sizes for rabbit scales vary from small scales that hold up to about 30 ounces and measure roughly a foot long and 6 inches wide, to those that can hold rabbits of much higher weights, even up to as much as 40 or more pounds. For bigger bunnies, you may need a full-size rabbit scale that measures 1-3 feet in width and is high enough to let you properly set the rabbit on top and keep him stable.

Rabbit Scale Prices

Prices for rabbit scales on average are about $20. Rabbit scales can cost as much as $30 or $40 if you add more features, such as digital screen capability, auto-shutoff, or a lit LCD monitor. On average, though, the scale won’t cost more than $30 for a basic functioning rabbit scale.

How to Weight Your Rabbits

To weight your rabbit, first turn on the scale and get your bunny ready to be weighed. You’ll need to place the rabbit appropriately on top of your pet scale and make sure his weight is distributed evenly. Make sure there are no other items on the scale. When the rabbit is securely placed on top of the unit, the screen should display in ounces, grams, or pounds what his or her weight is.

Weight Management Tips

To appropriately manage your rabbit’s weight, it’s best to chart weight changes over time using a simple notebook or other tool to keep track of rabbit weight changes. Your rabbit’s weight shouldn’t fluctuate too much, and should remain within a healthy range for his breed, height, size, and overall physical activity level.

Managing your rabbit’s weight depends on a careful balance of diet, exercise, and overall level of activity. You’ll also need to make sure your rabbit has a way of properly exercising — either through use of an outdoor rabbit run, a hutch, or some other type of activity. Rabbits crave physical activity just like humans, and need it in order to remain healthy through blood, bone, and body. To remain at a stable weight, rabbits must not overeat, as well.

Food Measurement

Measuring out your rabbit’s food is an important part of weight management. If your rabbit typically eats pellets, you will need to make sure you adequately feed your rabbit while also preventing him or her from eating too much. It’s best to look at the recommendations for pellet feeding according to your rabbit’s height and weight for the type of food you’re feeding him.

Fresh Foods for Obesity Prevention in Rabbits

If your rabbit doesn’t get enough vegetables and fresh foods, as well, this can be a problem for weight. Rabbits need lettuce and other natural additions to their daily amount of intake. By eating enough natural foods such as grass, lettuce, and foods designed to keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy, he or she should not suffer from weight gain and should be able to stay at a healthy weight at all times.

Water for Weight Management

Finally, be sure to let your rabbit drink plenty of water each day. Some rabbits don’t get enough water as part of their daily intake, which can be a problem for weight management. Without proper amounts of water, your rabbit’s system won’t function adequately, and he or she may actually gain weight simply from being dehydrated. The best way to make sure this problem is avoided is to give your rabbit plenty of water through bottles or bowls. Rabbits will naturally drink as much as their bodies need each day provided enough fresh water is given, so ensuring that rabbits have access to water is of vital importance.

Additional info:

Rabbit Weight Management

To avoid gaining too much weight, proper rabbit weighing tools should be used including scales. Additionally, your rabbit should be fed a proper diet with plenty of fresh foods, veggies, and pellets if necessary. The rabbit needs to be given proper amounts of water to maintain a healthy weight, as well.

If you intend to breed rabbits, or have more than one, it’s very important to measure your rabbits’ weight consistently. Some breeding areas or rabbit shows require that bunnies be within a certain weight range to qualify for displays or events. To make sure you know your rabbit’s weight, it’s a good idea to invest in a proper scale designed for small pets such as rabbits.

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