Rabbit Tattoo Kits

Whether you keep a bunny as a pet, for shows, or to breed, you’ll want to invest in a rabbit tattoo kit so that you can quickly identify your herd. Just like tattoos for people and other animals, advancements in technology has made this process less painful and more effective when you go with the best rabbit tattoo equipment. Here we look at the best tattoo kits, how to tattoo a rabbit and much more to help you get going in the right direction.

Top Rabbit Tattoo Kits Reviews 2023

#1: Grand Champion ¼ Inch Tattoo Kit with Case

Grand Champion Kit with Case

With this rabbit tattoo kit, you can hold up to five digits and quickly read the identification of your herd. You’ll have to get the alphabet separately if you want to use letters, but this tattoo kit will get the job done and make rabbit shows and identifying simple and precise.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GrandChampion¼InchTattooKitwithCase

#2: Grand Champion ¼ Inch Tattoo A-Z

Grand ChampionTattoo A-Z

Some people prefer to use letters and numbers to make herd identification even easier. Many will use a letter to identify the sex of the rabbit, and then the number or other letters for identification purposed. Whatever system you decide to use is perfectly fine, and Grand Champion wanted to make sure that you had options. You may find that when you are just starting out the numbers will work fine, but as you get more involved, you’ll want to add the letters to give your rabbit’s names and more variety.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GrandChampion¼InchTattooAZ

#3: Complete KBtatts Rabbit Tattoo Kit

(Product discontinued)

Our number one rabbit tattoo kit is by KBtatts, and it is the most efficient and the most comfortable for bunnies (that’s just one of the reasons we think Premium Rabbit Supplies is the best place to purchase your rabbit tattoo kit and accessories). If you’ve ever used clamps or a low-quality tattoo pen, then you’ve probably noticed that your rabbits jump and are uncomfortable. However, this rabbit tattoo pen will be ideal for you and your bunnies.

#4: KBtatts Rabbit Tattoo Equipment

(Product discontinued)

You’ll find that the KBtatts brand is going to provide you with the best rabbit tattoo equipment such as pens, bunny balm, ink, replacement parts, inkwell holders, stencil marking pens and much more! These accessories will make your rabbits experience much less stressful, and your job will be much easier.

Rabbit Tattoo Kit Selection Tips

When selecting a rabbit tattoo kit, you’ll want to find one that is made with quality materials, has all of the appropriate accessories, and that you are confident using. It’s important that you practice on paper or cloth so that you are familiar with how to tattoo a rabbit before you begin on the actual bunny ear.

Types of Rabbit Tattoo Kits

The main types of rabbit tattoo kits are pens and a clamp style tattoos. People will have their different preferences, and some will even use the rabbit tattoo pen for small bunnies, and then use the clamp style equipment for much larger rabbits.

Reasons to Tattoo a Rabbit

There are two primary reasons to tattoo a rabbit. The first is for herd identification because you’ll want to know what rabbits belong where and give them an identity. Another paramount reason is for shows. To ensure that your rabbit can enter competitions, the judges will need to be able to identify them from the tattoo in the left ear.

How to Tattoo a Rabbit: Step-by-Step

Step #1: The first step when learning how to tattoo a rabbit will be to prepare your tattoo equipment and grab a partner to help you out with the process. You’ll then prepare the rabbit’s ear by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol.

Step #2: Now, you’ll want to have your partner secure the rabbit so that you can safely tattoo it. You don’t have to do this tightly, but make sure they are nice and snug and can’t move around. If your rabbit heavily resists, see if letting them tuck their head under the arm while holding the bunny helps. Many rabbits find comfort in having their heads covered.

Step #3: Draw the tattoo in with a marking pen unless you are confident putting the permanent tattoo on right away. Before you begin with the tattoo, be sure that you add a balm to the rabbit’s ear to ensure smooth lines and to keep the ink from spreading too much.

Step #4: Now it’s time to turn your pen on and dip it into the ink, or follow the directions for the particular rabbit tattoo kit you purchased (don’t forget to be sure you practice before you try it on a rabbit).

Step #5: Now you tattoo the left ear as you press it against your hand or finger.

Step #6: Once the job is done, you can smear the ear with balm and put the rabbit back in the cage. You’ll want to clean your kit and workspace, and record the rabbit’s identification letters and numbers before moving on to the next bunny.    

Rabbit Tattoo Identification System

If you don’t plan on showing or breeding your rabbits, but simply want them as pets, you can tattoo anything you would like on them from hearts to smiley faces. However, if you have more official purposes, you’ll need to stick with numbers and letters only. Some people prefer to use the first letter of each rabbit to identify whether it’s a male or female, and then they choose other numbers and letters from there.   

Rabbit Tattoo Kit Accessories

There are multiple rabbit tattoo accessories that make the job faster, more efficient and easier on your rabbits and yourself. If you’re just starting out, or switching from a different method like clamps, getting the complete rabbit tattoo kit from Premium Rabbit Supplies will be the best option. It comes with almost all of the accessories and includes a replacement needle, black ink, inkwells, a holder for inkwells, a skin marking pen, and the bunny balm. As you give more bunnies their tattoos, and you run out of these essentials, you can buy them separately. You can also purchase the rabbit tattoo pen separately if you find that you need an upgrade.

Now that you know how to tattoo a rabbit and the best supplies to get, you can get started identifying your bunnies for breeding or the next show they are sure to win the blue ribbon for!

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