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Laura Atwood
Alcoa, Tennessee
Flemish Giant
Bees’ Needs Dirty Arts Farm
Small breeding operation. Pets only. Rabbits live in hutches outside and have ample grass/outdoor time to play but sleep inside protected. Good homes get good discounts.

Joe Rader
Arrington, Tennessee
Californian, New Zealand, Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Polish, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex & San Jauns
Independent Hill Rabbitry
We here at Independent Hill Rabbitry raise nearly all breeds. We breed for pet , show , and meat
We strive to produce the smallest of all toy breeds by selected breedings for size
We also strive for big litters fast growing offspring in our meat rabbits
Give us a call. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we may be able to produce it for you

Toni Harris
Atoka, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Small Town Lops
Our bunnies are our pets as well as breeders. We strive to better our Holland lops type and produce friendly buns.

Jessica Inman
Baxter, Tennessee
Jersey Wooly, Fuzzy Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Jessicas Rabbits
I am an animal lover i have 2 dogs, a chinchilla, guniea pigs, hamsters ,fish tank and I am 22 and happley married ,.And i breed rabbits for the love of there cuteness and compassions and make my money that i put into them back if i can and at finding them good pet homes no food rabbits thats wroung too eat a rabbit or any pet.

Thomas RonQuillo
Bluff City, Tennessee
English Spot, Flemish Giants, Dutch
Boone Lake Rabbitry
We have quality pet and meat rabbits for sale year round.

Carla Hobbs
Bon Aqua, Tennessee
American Chinchilla, Rex Mix
Hobbs Homestead Rabbitry
We sell American Chinchilla Rabbits and Rex Mix breed rabbits. Contact us for availability. Also see our Facebook group Hobbs Homestead Rabbitry for pictures.

Bristol, Tennessee
Holland Lops
Broken Spoke Rabbitry
Our farm, Broken Spoke Cattle Co., is located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Tennessee. We are just minutes from the world famous Bristol Motor speedway. Our rabbitry is small and our goal is for it to slowly grow and provide high quality pedigreed rabbits that will make wonderful pets as well as be successful in show. We feel that all creatures are created by God and we are very interested in our rabbits being placed in loving homes where they will be properly cared for. “And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:25

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Jean Nelson
Athens , Tennessee
New Zealand, California, Lionhead
Bad Bunnies Rabbitry
We’re a small Rabbitry that started as a hobby. We raise our rabbits indoors and socialize our rabbits to create the friendliest rabbits that families can love. Our rabbits are mixed, but mostly gave Lionhead genes.
We strive to make families happy, just like we’ve been happy with our bunnies!

Jeb Icenhour
Bristol, Tennessee
Rex, Holland lop, Netherland dwarf and Lion head
We offer a variety of both pet and breeding rabbits in a variety of breeds all rabbits are pedigreed Call for more information! Located in Bristol, Tennessee

Tanya Tinley
Bulls Gap, Tennessee
Standard Rex
Thumper Valey Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry but we only deal with pedigreed show quality rabbits.

Holly Winebarger
Butler, Tennessee
Lionhead, New Zealand
Located in north east TN breeding BEW/VM,harlequin,tri and magpie lionheads. and New Zealand rabbits

David Jordan
Chapel Hill, TN
Dutch (black, blue and chocolate)
Chloe’s Bunny Farm
We have all three colors available most of the time. This was good yeay in shows with Chloe wining best of shows with chocolate and bov with the blues and blacks.

Nathan Cole
Chattanooga , Tennessee
Mini Lop
Lt. Nibbles 1st Class
I had the best pet I ever had, Sgt. Nibbles, die last year. He was a black mini lop, and was house broken & for the most part, he roamed Freely through my apartment. I want another male, black, mini lop to carry on the Nibbles Dynasty in our home. ?

Shirley Stewart
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Silver Fox
Wabbits and Wigglers Rabbitry
Silver Fox Rabbits have a reputation for their wonderful dispositions! They were breed in the USA for meat and fur and we nearly lost them. They are now making a come-back an “endangered” status. We choose this breed for all those reasons. We compost the “proceeds” via vermiculture (worm composting); thus our name. All our breeders are pedigreed with some champions in their linage.

Amanda Howard Clayborn
Chattanooga, Tennessee
English Angora, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Lionlop, Dwarf Lionhead, Jersey Wooly
Brother Bunny Rabbitry
All of our bunnies here at River & Sky Rabbitry are raised indoors and handled daily. I have pedigree and non pedigree pets available. All our babies will come with a bag of transition feed and a bunny care sheet.

The Dancing Farmer
Chickamauga, TN
Silver Fox, American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla
The Dancing Farmer
Registered and pedigreed stock. Grass fed and pasture raised.

Sara Poff
Church Hill, Tennessee
Flemish Giant
Blessed Acres Giants
I am a small hobby breeder. My goal is to breed big, healthy, natural meat rabbits. I also sell for pets. If you are looking for a pet I will make sure to handle your rabbit as much as possible.

Cathy Dyer
Clarksville, Tennessee
Netherland Dwarf
Cathy’s Cuties
We raise Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants and Lionheads

Darcy Jean
Clarksville, Tennessee
French Lop
Darcy Jean’s Rabbitry
We are located between Nashville Temnessee and Paducah Ky off I-24. Our focus is on the ARBA’s standard of perfection for the french lop breed, which leads us to continuous showing of our French lop rabbits to ensure quality of the breed continues.
We sometimes have rabbits to sell as pets, though you will need to have researched the breed, understand the care involved in owning a French lop rabbit, and have suitable housing for the pet before inquiring about purchasing one from us.
Our facebook website shows pictures of our rabbits. Even numbered rabbits are girls while odd numbers are boys. Provide number when inquiring about a specific rabbit. If your specific rabbit has shown, we will provide copy of the judges comments and, when applicable, their win placements.

Tara Moyer
Clarksville, Tennessee
Fancy Fur Rabbitry
Calico rabbits. Colors include orange, white, black, grey brown, tan, and chocolate. Blue eyed whites. Add some color to your herd. Some calicos have blue eyes as well.

Harold Rives
Clarksville, Tennessee
Giant Chinchillas, New Zealand White, ALTEX.
HARCON Rabbitry
Small rabbitry raising show quality Giant Chinchilla, Mini Lops, New Zealand White and ALTEX meat rabbits. Best form of communication is by e-mail. harold.rives@gmail.com.

Duncan Kinder
Clarksville, Tennessee
English Lop, Champagne D Argent, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf and Velveteen Lop
DT rabbitry
We sell rabbits for both pets and show. We do sell one meat breed. We have 12 yrs experience. If we dont have have what you want we can take a name amd number for next available litter. Prices range from 10 to 80. Rabbits are well kept and guarenteed healthy. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Tara Moyer
Clarksville, Tennessee
Fancy Fur Rabbitry
Calico rabbits. Colors include orange, white, black, grey brown, tan, and chocolate. Blue eyed whites. Add some color to your herd. Some calicos have blue eyes as well.

Dennis Young
Clarksville, Tennessee
New Zealand Whites
Integrated Organic Farms Rabbitry
New Zealand White only, Started out with only the finest breeders we could find in this part of the country. Plan to move everything to Fl in the near future to set up a compact organic mini farm to include Aquaponics coupled to Aeroponics to produce a variety of Vegetables and Herbs along with White tilapia, Rhode Island Red layers for their large brown eggs, Honey bees to assist in polination along with their healthy sweetener {Honey]. Plus supplying Tilapia fingerlings and organic heritage seedlings for our operation as well as others and then top it all off with a few milk goats and red wiggler worms. This is all planed to take full advantage of the word integrated utilizing the waste from one area to einhance the economics of the others.

Mary Capen
Clarksville , Tennessee
Netherland Dwarf
Beautiful Botanical Netherland Dwarfs
Small operation. Love my babies and all have VM line.
Chestnuts, Black otters, broken black otters, Colors vary depending on litter. Babies are socialized in the home. Pedigreed.

Haylet Geren
Clinton, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Hayley’s Hop’s
I have always enjoyed Rabbits, I started out with a Mini Lop. But she died, Then as i was searching for another rabbit, i fell in love with the Hollsnd Lop. I am a small rabbitry located in Clinton TN. I raise Pure Bred, Fully Pedigreed, Hollands. They are daily handled by kids. I will sell for Breeding, Pets, and Show.

Drake Abernathy
Columbia, Tennessee
Flemish Giant,Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Drake’s Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry growing and experimenting call or text for more info

Shelby Church
Columbia, Tennessee
Holland Lop
The Holland Hideaway
The Holland Hideaway Rabbitry is a small scale rabbitry located in middle Tn. We focus on providing show quality animals that closely conform to the standerd of perfection. All of our animals are pedigreed and a majority are registerd and have won grand champion legs. You can check us out on Facebook to see updated information and a for sale list.

Scott Payne
Columbia, Tennessee
Flemish Giants
Circle P Flemish
Circle P Flemish specialize in fawn and light gray Flemish. We strive to produce the highest quality Flemish according to the ARBA and Flemish Federation. We show Flemish all across the southeast part of the United States. We have acquired some of the highest quality genetics from all over the country. We reside in southern middle TN.

Danielle Thomaas
Columbia, Tennessee
New Zealands, Californias, Dutch, Lionhead, lops, harliquin, rex, mini rex, hotot, tan and etc.
Somebunny’s Business Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry but growing everyday. We have various different breeds to fit everyone uniquely. Our breeds include New Zealand, California, Dutch, Lionhead, lops, harliquin, rex, mini rex, hotot, tan and etc.

Ivan Wentzel
Columbia, Tennessee
Rex, Himalayan
Wentzel Bunny Farms
We sell Himalayan rex hybrid rabbits. They super healthy and very well taken care of. We pride ourselves on only selling best!

Lionhead Rex
Cookeville, Tennessee
English Angora, Lionheads, Fuzzy Lops
LionheadRex Rabbitry
Lionhead Rex specializes in lionhead rabbits in the Middle Tennessee area. All of our rabbits are fullblooded, litterbox trained, and child tamed.
Now offering delivery to Nashville!

Lauren Connors
Cookeville, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Lion Lop & Lionhead Rabbits
The Lilliputian Crown Lions & Lops
We are a family oriented, 15 hole, hobbyist rabbitry, that specializes in both show & pet quality dwarf sized breeds, such as Holland Lop, Lion Lop & Lionhead rabbits. The biggest advantage of getting a rabbit from a private, hobbyist breeder like ourselves, is that ALL of our rabbits are PUREBRED
(*pedigrees upon request) & each breeding has been previously thought out & carefully planned, with regard to producing rabbits that are of good health AND temperament. Our goal here at TLC’s, is to produce rabbits that are great examples of their breed, in accordance with that (specific) breed’s show standard. We breed with the intention of keeping some of the young rabbits for ourselves, to either be shown or as new breeding stock for our herd. Of course, we can’t keep them all & although we hate to see them go, there will be times when we have to find good, accommodating homes for the rest. If you are looking for a rabbit to show, or to have as a pet, please feel free to contact us at ANY time! No matter how unique your situation, we aim to please & will do our very best to meet you &/or your family’s specific needs.
We prefer to think of ourselves as more of a “Nursery” than a rabbitry. Most rabbitrys are very crowded, have tiny cages, know their rabbits by number as opposed to name & have more rabbits (who more often than not are extremely skittish around humans, not used to being held & are simply untame) than they know what to do with. That’s why we choose to keep our herd nice and small, so that each of our rabbits gets the personal grooming time, exercise & attention that he or she deserves. Our rabbits are a part of our family & they deserve to be treated like so. They are both pellet AND pasture (grass) fed & in addition to their daily servings of Timothy &/or Alfalfa hay, our buns receive fresh greens (ie. Kale, Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, Broccoli, etc.) & treats (carrots, fresh fruit, yogurt bites, whole oats, etc.) several times per week. When you come to collect your new show or pet rabbit, you will receive a bag of food & some hay. The food should be gradually mixed with the feed of your choice, to allow the rabbit’s belly to get used to it. As for the hay, I’m a big believer in bunny protein. Their diet should consist of 80% grass hay & only 5% of pellets. This small kit will give you a head start on how to properly care for your new rabbit. Thanks for your interest & we hope to hear from you!
*Please note that any funds earned go to the health and upkeep of our rabbits.

Lionhead Rex
Cookeville, Tennessee
Lionheads, Lionhead Lops
Lionhead Rex Rabbitry
Lionhead Rex specializes in lionhead rabbits in the Middle Tennessee area. All of our rabbits are fullblooded, litterbox trained, and child tamed.
(931) 292-4251

Marilyn Becker
Cottage Grove, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Purebred Holland Lop
Mops and Lops
We are a small rabbitry located in Northwest, Tn, close to Western Ky state line. We dearly love our rabbits and specialize in Holland Lop Rabbits. Our rabbits get played with from the moment their eyes open and as a result, we can offer rabbits who are used to people.

Corey Ridiner
Cristiana, Tennessee
New Zealand, New Zealand Red, New Zealand White and New Zealand broken
Ridiner Rabbitry
Small hobby Rabbitry. We specialize in New Zealand white, red and broken red. We also sell single and made to order cages. We started in December of 2012 with 2 pedigreed New Zealand red does and one buck. We now have a main herd of 20 does and 5 bucks. We will have a cooled and heated building for the rabbits by summer of 2014 so we can breed year round.

Crossville, TN
Focus on Astrex Coated Rabbits, English Lop, Lionhead
DumansArk Rabbitry
A small rabbitry in Tennessee that is raising rabbits purely for the enjoyment of it. They are a hobby, a pastime, and a whole lot of fun. We are in love with the ridiculously adorable appearance of the English Lops, as well as their sweet natures. We are also raising Astrex coated rabbits (wavy, curly coats that look like the rabbit is wearing a lamb’s wool coat) for the very same reasons. We also make rabbit related art and gifts for the animal enthusiast. For more information, please visit our site at www.dumansark.com.

Alan Wilder
Culleoka, Tennessee
New Zealand (White)
Driftwood Farms
Raising New Zealand (white) Meat Rabbits for sale to individual or wholesale buyers. Currently breeding 60 does and ever expanding each year. Rabbitry is climatically controlled to allow year round , monthly breed schedules.

Jill Sowders
Cumberland Gap , Tennessee
Fluffy Bunny Club Rabbitry
We have a small home based rabbitry with 12 holes. All of our babies are handled daily to ensure they will be sweet pets. We focus on small stature and double manes. Delivery within 60 miles may be available for a small gas fee. For pictures please email.

Lazy H Rabbitry Lazy H Rabbitry
Dandridge , Tennessee
The Lazy H Rabbitry
******!!!!!!Due to health issues Selling out rabbitry!!!!!!******
1 Senior Trio Broken Blue of 2 Does and 1 Buck~$235.00
1 Senior Trio Broken Black of 2 Does and 1 Buck~$235.00
1 Senior Trio “Purebreed” White of 2 Does and 1 Buck~$235.00
1 Trio Broken Copper of 2 Does and 1 Buck~$235.00
1 Pair of Broken Red of 1 Doe and 1 Buck~$120.00
1 Broken Black Doe~$55.00
1 Black Doe~$80.00
1 Blue Doe~$80.00
3 “Purebreed” White Does~$80.00″EACH”
1 Californian Buck~$75.00
1 Siamese Buck~$175.00
****ALL WERE BREED ON 5/17/15****

Victoria Ledbetter
Dandridge, Tennessee
Ledbetter Farm Rabbitry
The Ledbetter Farm Rabbitry is a small yet growing business located in Dandridge, TN. We specialize in Standard Rex rabbits.
This business is owned and operated by Victoria and Madeline Ledbetter, ages 17 and 15. We went into the rabbit business in September of 2015. After a long, difficult road the business of finally starting to grow and prosper.
We currently have three black otter does and one grey/white broken buck. We are not members of the ARBA. We’re just a small town, family operated, trying to make it business. And we love every minute of it!
If we can help you in any way, or you are interested in purchasing a rabbit please visit our website, call, text, or email us any time!

Myranda Shelton
Decatur, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Red Rose Rabbitry
Small rabbitry focusing on Holland Lops.

Jennifer Vaine
Dickson, Tennessee
English Lop, Holland Lops and Lionheads
Lunas Lops and Lionheads
Here at Luna’s Lops we raise English lops, Holland lops and Lionheads.

Joseph Mohr
Dover, Tennessee
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Mohr Farm
Mohr Farm is a small rabbitry that is able to have daily interaction with every rabbit which allows for constant monitoring of health and cleanliness of the rabbits and cages.

Patricia Anderson
Dresden, Tennessee
English Spot
We are a small rabbitry that is just starting up. We currently only have a few rabbits right now with one pair of breedable rabbits, and some young kits. I raise rabbits for primarily pet. All of my rabbits are pedigreed so they can be shown with the right pattern too. I am a student so I might not always be able to answer emails quickly, but I will always try to answer within a day. I will not ship rabbits, but will try to find a way to transport rabbits if able.

Jacob and Tabatha Swatzell
Dresden, Tennessee
Flemish Giant
JT’S Rabbitry
We Provide the best quality of show Flemish Giants. We Breed all 7 colors of Flemish Giants. Our stock comes from grand champion blioodlines and are bred color correct.

Bre Mccary
Dunlap, Tennessee
American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Rex, Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop, French Angora, New Zealand
Absolutely Rabbits
I have a small variety of breeds. I have a set price for all breeds, so no ‘based on color’ pricing. pedigrees are free. I am not picky so you can buy to breed, show, or have as a great furry friend.

Carson Rust
Dunlap, Tennessee
New Zealand, and California Lion Head, Dutch
C&C Rabbitry
Rabbits raised in enclosed housing with all in seperate cages. I have no papers on any of my rabbits but do not cross breed.

Jason Lloyd
Elizabethton, Tennessee
New Zealand, New Zealand Blacks, New Zealand Reds, New Zealand Whites
Bunny Tracks Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in the mountains of Upper Northeast Tennessee. We are about 20 minutes from Bristol Motor Speedway, 15 minutes from Johnson City, TN, and about 25 minutes from the Tennessee/North Carolina state line.
We specialize in pedigreed Black, Red, & White New Zealands for breeding stock, pets and meat. We provide our rabbits with a clean and healthy environment and top quality feed. Every rabbit we sale includes a care packet with pedigree papers, information on raising health rabbits and a few days worth of feed to help them adjust. Please call, text or email us for more information.

Jennifer Wilson
Franklin, Tennessee
English Angoras, Holland Lops
Wilson’s Warren Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Franklin, TN. We raise show quality Holland Lops as well as English Angoras for wool and show. We are members of ARBA, HLRSC, and NARBC.

Brent & Christana Tucker
Cleveland, Tennessee (Georgetown)
Californians, New Zealand Whites, Silver Fox
Farms of Avalon Rabbitry
* We are a commercial rabbitry 100+ breeding rabbits.
* Sales include: breeding stock, FDA processed rabbit, manure, feeder rabbits
* We’re always looking for new breeders; regular training classes available
* Serving farm-to-table restaurants in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Knoxville.
* Founders of Commercial Rabbit Farmers of the Tennessee Valley (CRAFT).
www.farmsofavalon.com (Our Rabbit Farm)
http://tennesseerabbits.wix.com/commercial (C.R.A.F.T.)
CONTACTS: farmsofavalon@gmail.com
Cell: 423.404.4886 BARN 423.336-2039

Holly Evis
Fayetteville, Tennessee
New Zealand, Rex
Gammy’s Bunnies
Gammy’s Bunnies is a small family owned rabbitry. Our rabbitry was established with a white New Zealand buck and 2 does, both being a New Zealand / Rex mix. One doe, a Blue, the other, an Otter. Both does were excellent first time moms
The colors of kits from litters black, white, broken black+white, orange, broken orange + white, brown.
Currently we are not line breeding. We prefer to find similar characteristics in a broader genetic field.
All rabbits are given personal attention each day, and kits are handled from birth daily. With the goal of having, manageable docile rabbits that are easy to handle, regardless of their ultimate use.
Rabbits are on pellet and hay diet, with occasional treats of different flowers or vegetables or fruit. Again with the goal, of being able to easily adjust to any new environment.

Carly & Natalie Andrews
Flintville, Tennessee
Holland Lop
C&N’s Rabbitry
Pedigreed, show quality, sweet, Holland lops.

Victoria Anglin
Friendsville, Tennessee
Champagne d’Argent, Thriantas and Champagne D’Argents
Marblecreek Rabbitry
We are located near Friendsville Tennessee and raise rabbits for Show, meat or pets. Mainly for show using the Standard of Perfection as a guide. They are well maintained. Feed high quality natural feed. Please email if you are looking to get into breeding quality animals or just want to chat about rabbits. I will answer all questions.

Austin Selph
Gadsden, Tennessee
New Zealand (White and Black), California, Broken Rex, Dutch, Silver Fox, Standard Rex, Holland Lop
Austins Rabbitry
you want em i got em

Dennie Eckert
Greensville, Tennessee
Netherland Dwarf
Spring Creek Gems
Specializing in Broken and Himalayan, along with other varieties that come out of them. Site also includes an extensive article section about raising Dwarfs, and a large collection of helpful links.

Christy Strand
Grimsley, TN
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Dwarf Mixes
Flat Rock Miniatures
ARBA Rabbitry #D818.
All of our rabbits are handled daily. They are used to kids and are very friendly. We offer rabbits that you are sure to fall in love with!

Hartsville, tn, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf Bunny
I’m looking for a Holland lop bunny or a Netherland dwarf bunny for sale under $30 in Nashville tn, Gallatin tn, Murfreesboro tn, or Lebanon tn. Please contact me and state your offer by text or email. I will get to you as soon as possible.

Scott Lang
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Flemish Giants, Checkered Giant, Silver fox
Ground floor

Tonya Kellett
Hendersonville, TN
Mini Rex
TK’s Critter Care
Small Rabbitry just starting. Breeding only Mini Rex.

Ashley Himmelsbaugh
Henderson, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Grace Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry raising Holland Lops for pet and show. We raise for quality not quantity. We hope to here from you soon.
By the way the best way to get in touch with me is by email.

Melissa Bates
Hixson, Tennessee
Silver Fox, Harlequin
Romping Around Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Hixson, TN 30 mins north of Chattanooga TN. We primarily raise the rare Silver Fox rabbits but we also raise the uniquely colored Harlequin rabbits. Our rabbits are handled daily and we feed them a nutritious diet of grass, weeds, seeds, along with some fruits and vegetables.. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and out of great stock..

Lee Cutshaw
Johnson City, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Boones Creek Holland Lops
We are ARBA & HLRSC members with a very small Holland Lop rabbitry in Northeast TN, focusing on health and striving to follow the Standard of Perfection.

Diana Rodgers
Johnson City, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Gravel Hill Farm
GHF specializes in show quality rabbits with attention to the ARBA SOP. We are ARBA members and try to stay active in local shows when our schedule permits it.
Not all kits are show quality so holland lop pets are a great benefit to our rabbitry and helps to support our love for these adorable pets.
We have a small horse and rabbit farm located in east TN, with lots of children visiting and handling the kits often. All our customers become lifelong friends and we share information as much as is needed.

Angel Hobbs
Kingsport, Tennessee
Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Hollands Lops, Lion Head
Hippity Hobbs Rabbitry
Family owned small rabbitry.

Deborah Stallard
Kingsport, TN
Lionhead and Mini Lop
The Rabbit Cottage
I have a small rabbitry I have started. I have lionheads and mini-lops. I enjoy rabbits and am looking forward to a litter soon.

Katelyn Quillen
Kingsport, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Love Mountain Rabbitry
I’m Katelyn Quillen and I have been raising rabbits since I got my first doe in 2017. I raise rabbits because I love them and I enjoy learning about them. I have 11 Lionhead and 3 Holland Lops as of October 2020. I usually have a few litters every spring, but this year I’ll have double the babies, as I’ve spent the year expanding my herd. Call/text for info or pictures.:)

Alexandra O’Neal
Kingston, Tennessee
Netherland Dwarf
Lexy’s Bunny Nether-Land
I have a small rabbitry of usually only one litter at a time. I strive to provide only tame, docile and very sweet Netherlands to new homes. Each of my babies are raised indoors and I personally handle them every day. I litter box train the parents and the babies are well on their way to fully litter box trained when picked up. I train my babies with small bits of dehydrated fruit and they will line up along the hutch door and wait for their little goodies. So important to provide the very best Netherlands that are little dolls, healthy and always improving my lines and colors.

Nora Anderson
Knoxville, TN
Mini Lops, French Lops
Nora’s Floppy Shop
We are a small rabbitry located in Knoxville, TN. We specialize in both Mini and French Lops. While we do have a wide variety of colors, we mainly concentrate on type first, color second.

Meghan Atchley
Knoxville, TN
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Pearlies Fuzzy Wuzzy Rabbitry
Pearlies Fuzzy Wuzzy Rabbitry is owned by Meghan Atchley. PFWR is a small rabbitry dedicated to breeding bunnies with adorable personalities and excellent type. Our herd consists of Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs. We put a lot of effort into handling and taming our kits before they leave us. Our Rabbitry is Registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Rabbitry Number D924.
Our bunnies are kept indoors away from extreme heat and cold. The kits are pet and socialized daily. Kits are fed mothers milk until eight weeks of age , then are placed on a balanced diet of quality Manna Pro. Feeding fruits and vegetables for treats. All of our bunnies are in individual cages supplied with fresh water and food daily. Each kit gets a chew toy to support their dental health. All bunnies are groomed on a daily basis.

Katie Bohannon
Knoxville, Tennessee
None of the above, Mini Rex, NZ, Sallander, Lionhead
Willow Lane Homestead
I am a vet tech and love raising rabbits. All my kits are handled by 3 kids (2 special needs) and are used to our other animals as well. I have a yorkie, cat, and sugar gliders. I keep my numbers low so that each rabbit is spoiled.

Pam Fitzgerald
Knoxville, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Flop-A-Lops Rabbitry
Small family Rabbitry. Pedigreed Holland Lops given quality care and daily handling, producing quality Holland Lops for show or domestic pets.

Donald Greene
Knoxville, Tennessee
New Zealands Whites, Californians
Greene’s Rabbitry
Greene’s Rabbitry is a small, family operated farm located in East Tennessee about an hour north of Knoxville on I-75. I am in Knoxville a lot so most of the time I will deliver to north Knoxville. We specialize in producing outstanding New Zealand White, New Zealand Red, and Californian rabbit breeding stock. Our goal is to raise rabbits that reach market size from 8 to 10 weeks of age. We raise both commercial and pedigreed New Zealand Whites with some of the best bloodlines money can buy and will be introducing pedigreed New Zealand Reds to our rabbitry soon. 865-385-6987

Michael & Jamie King
Knoxville, TN
Netherland Dwarfs
King’s Gems Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry, raising show quality and pet quality Netherland Dwarfs.

Larke Sherrod
Knoxville, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Mountain Sky Rabbitry
Mountain Sky Rabbitry is a small local breeder specializing in fully pedigreed Holland Lops. We are ARBA registered and focus on nice type, unique colors, and VM(blue eyed) bunnies! Our buns are raised indoors, litter trained, and socialized every day from birth. We never breed more then we can hand raise, and only have a few litters per year. We breed for temperament as well as quality! Mountain Sky offers lifetime support, following you along your bunny journey and always there for questions or concerns! Visit our site to reserve or adopt a bunny, and feel free to email us with any questions!

Jeffrey Ashe
Kodak, Tennessee
New Zealand, Chinchilla , Lionhead
Hopping Creatures Rabbitry
Hopping Creatures Rabbitry is established
In 2014 in Kodak , Tn. We are specializing in meat rabbits and also pets .
Former rabbitry was the Ashe rabbitry of Franklinton , La.
Moved to Tennessee by the smoky mountains.
Email at. Hoppingcreatures123@gmail.com
Owner and operator the Ashe Family

Steve Kitts
LA Follette, Tennessee
None of the above, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot
Rocky Top Rabbitry
We breed and show rabbits in East TN. We can be contacted thru our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RockyTopRabbitryTN

We have many Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot and have friends that raise other kind so just contact us on what breed you want.

Beverly Appleton
La Vergne, Tennessee
English Angoras, French Angoras, Satin Angoras
Dirty Paws Rabbitry
We strive for Standard of perfection and love and adore all our bunnies. Prices range from 40 ( no pedigree) to 150 for show stopping quality.

Chad Boyce
Lebanon, Tennessee
Californians, New Zealands, Rex, Harlequin, Dutch
Breaking B Farms Rabbitry
We have a small farm located in Lebanon, Tn. We take great pride in raising our rabbits for pets or meat and some stock/show quality available. We have Californian, white and broken NZ, Opal and Otter Standard Rex, Chocolate Dutch…and many more. We have a few crosses available at times also. Please visit our website: breakingbfarms.com. thank you.

Wendy Cruz
Lebanon, Tennessee
English Angora, Giant Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, Polish, Californian
Humming B Rabbitry
We have a small farm in Lebanon, TN were we strive to have the best angoras, Polish and Californian rabbits that we possibly can. We love raising and bettering our rabbit breeds. We have show and wool angoras. We also have show and pet polish. ,We have approximately 30 rabbits in our Rabbitry. we are a member of ARBA.
Our website is www.hummingbfarm.com. You can also find us on Facebook. Humming B Rabbitry.

Melanie Hamilton
Lebanon, Tennessee
Mini Rex, Lionhead, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, English Angora
Hamilton Hill Rabbitry
Hamilton Hill is ARBA registered. We are focusing on the following colors in each breed, for show quality and breeding stock.
Lionheads-Tort, Black, BEW
Mini Rex-Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac
Flemish Giant-Black, Blue, Steel, Light Grey
English Angora-Chestnut, Chocolate Chinchilla

Brittany Henson
Lebanon, Tennessee
Flyin B Rabbitry
Breeding Harlequin/New Zealand Whites for meat and pets.

Noah W
Lebanon, Tennessee
Lionhead and Mix Breed miniatures
Doaks Crossroads Rabbitry
I raise rabbits in Wilson county TN between Lebanon and Watertown. In the past year I have begun raising Lionhead rabbits, which I handle regularly and make into excellent pets. In addition to selling pet rabbits directly to customers, I am also a supplemental breeder for a local pet store. My rabbits generally start at $10 each
I look forward to hearing form you soon.

Randy Woods
Lexington, TN
Lion Heads, New Zealand
Woods Rabbit Farm
We have a good choice of rabbits

Ed Sutherland
Limestone, Tennessee
New Zealand, Palomino, Mix
Limestone Rabbits
Small Rabbitry providing meat and pet rabbits. The mix breeds provide plenty of color variation that pet owners enjoy. I only breed the best of the stock so my meat rabbits are large at an early age and provide plenty of very tasty meat. They are not feed any hormones or any thing other than a high protein pellet, hay from my mini farm & apple wood sticks from my orchard.

Danielle Perdue
Livingston, Tennessee
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, New Zealand Flemish Giant Crosses, Lion Head New Zealand Crosses and much more…
Perdue Rabbitry
We just got started about 6 months ago we have many meat rabbits as well as pet rabbits we have papered flemish giant blues as well.

Molly Cornelison
Manchester, Tennessee
English Lops, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Whispering Winds Farm
We are a small Rabbitry Located in Manchester TN. We started out with numerous breeds and now only specialize in Mini lops, Holland Lops, English Lops and Dwarf Hotot. Our goal is to raise Quality, Healthy, Loving Bunnies for 4-H, Show and or Pet purposes. Note we were previously known as: Molly’s Bunny Patch Rabbitry.

Stephanie Hicks
Manchester, Tennessee
Dwarf Hotot and Rex
Willow Wren Acres Rabbitry
Started in the spring of 2012, Willow Wren Acres is a small, family operated farm and rabbitry in Southern Middle Tennesee, specializing in Dwarf Hotot and Rex breeds. We strive to produce well rounded rabbits for both pet and show prospective homes. We breed for superior temperament, conformity to standard, and above all health. Our rabbits are raised in a family environment and loved on daily by our two daughters, who very much enjoy their jobs as “bunny cuddlers” in addition to assisting with their overall care.

Kristen Derrico
Maryville, Tennessee
Mini Lop
Maryville Bunny House
Brand new breeders. Have a site that has more info. We only sell to those who would like to become rabbit owners. We will not sell to those who buy rabbits for food or clothes.

Tee Scott
Maryville, Tennessee
Lionheads, Holland Lops, French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Flemish Giants
Primified Stars Rabbitry
We aim to breed for show qualties in our bunnies. We handle and socialize our bunnies as they grow and they will come to you socialized. We are focusing in the quality from top lines.

Mark LaVine
McEwen, Tennessee
Californian, California King and Mixed
Bucksnort Rabbitry
We are a retiree couple that makes sure that our rabbits are raised in a clean and caring environment. Feel free to call any time to make an appointment. Thanks !

Debra Hogman
Memphis, Tennessee
Silver Fox, Champagne d’ Argent, Giant Chinchilla and Holland Lops
Silver Hare Rabbitry
Family run Rabbitry raising quality, well socialized rabbits for Pets and/or Meat Rabbits. We love our rabbits and handle them daily.

Deborah Gibson
Memphis, Tennessee
French Angora, English Angora, Satin Angora, American Silver Fox, Mini Rex, Blue Eyed White Angoras and Vienna Marked Mini Rex
Kokopelli’s Surprise Rabbitry and Hen House
We raise English, Satin, and French Angoras, American Silver Fox and mini-Rex rabbits. We now have Blue Eyed White French Angoras and Vienna Marked Mini-Rex rabbits, as well!! Several breeding pairs have been bred, and we expect to have Christmas bunnies available for purchase. If you would like to reserve one, please contact me as soon as possible, as our Blue Eyed bunnies go fast!!

Adam Matlock
Michie, Tennessee
New Zealand Whites and Dutch
A&B Rabbitry
We raise purebred New Zealand whites and purebred Dutch for meat and pets they are very well natured and very loving. we are located in the West Tennessee area all of our rabbits are loved and very well taken care of. please feel free if you would like to contact us for more information 6624710506.

Deborah Gibson
Memphis, Tennessee
French Angora, English Angora, Satin Angora, American Silver Fox
Kokopelli’s Surprise Rabbitry & Hen House
Kokopelli’s Surprise Rabbitry & Hen House is an urban homestead rabbitry and chicken garden. I raise American Silver Fox rabbits for meat, and Angora rabbits for their fiber (to spin & weave with) and to sell as pets. I raise chickens of many breeds, both for eggs and meat, and as “gardeners” responsible for compost production and pile management. My rabbits also contribute their wonderful poop to the compost pile and garden. They enjoy daily romps in their play yards, and may be either purebred French Angoras, or mixed English/Satin/French Angoras. Kokopelli is my French Angora male, who was sold to me as a female, but revealed his true gender last winter, when he fathered 5 lovely kits by surprise! I have since learned how to determine a rabbit’s gender myself, so you WILL receive the gender you desire, when you purchase a rabbit from me! 🙂 All my rabbits LOVE to be groomed, and I also sell their fur as prepared, mixed “Angora/Romney wool tops” for spinners and weavers to enjoy.

Amber Cowan
Millington, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Lunar Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Millington, TN. Just 30 minutes away from Memphis, TN. While we are still small, we aim to have a larger scale rabbitry to produce Holland Lops that are out of this world! You can keep up with whats for sale on our instagram and Facebook page @lunarrabbitry.

Robert Gabrielle
Monteagle, Tennessee
New Zealands, Californians
G and G Rabbitry
Breeders of pure New Zeland Whites and Californian Rabbits also have New Zealand and Californian mix.

Jim Argenio
Morristown, TN
Californian, New Zealands Cross
We raise the very best californians for meat quality not pets.

Rebecca Gromley
Munford, Tennessee
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, English Lops, Californians
Rebecca’s Rabbit Ranch
We raise Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Californians. and English Lop. For Netherland Dwarfs, we specialize in Blue-Eyed White and Otter varieties.
We have both show and pet quality rabbits. All rabbits are pedigreed.
We are located near Memphis, TN.
Please email rebecca@rebeccasrabbitranch.com or visit our website at http://www.rebeccarabbitranch.com for more information.

James Mason
Murfreesboro, TN
New Zealands, Californians, Lionhead
Mason’s Rabbits
We have 30 does and 3 bucks. We hope to have 100 does by June. We are buying does if you have them, please give us a call. We are looking for good bucks too. Thank you!!

Ashley Peters
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
New Zealand, Dutch
Ashley’s Bunnies
I have one month old New Zealand bunnies, they are red. I also have Dutch bunnies that are black and white. They are about 4 months old.
Both litters are very beautiful. If you are interested please contact Ashley @ 615-605-9014 or email me @ ashley8461@gmail.com

Brenden Fraine
Nashville, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Fraine Farm Rabbitry
We raise and breed many animals, but especially Holland Lop Rabbits at The Fraine Farm. We have many colors, and lots of good pedigrees. We even have BEWs and will be breeding for some VMs.

Jenna Flatt
Newbern, Tennessee
English Lop
Bella, Fluffy
I want my rabbit to be a baby fluffy Sweet and loving and I love animals.

Dorinda Trumble
Old hickory , Tennessee
Holland Lop, Texel Guinea Pigs
Hickory hills Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry east of Nashville that breeds and shows Holland lop rabbits and as a labor of love, I breed purebred Texel guinea pigs.
All my animals are kept indoors and spoiled rotten!

Dorinda Wolentarski
Old Hickory, TN
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Hickory Hills Rabbitry
Ours is a small rabbitry, but I have spent years working with and showing pedigree rabbits. I enjoy this hobby immensely, and love my rabbits very much.

Cynthia Noel
Palmer, Tennessee
Californian, New Zealand–White, Black, Red, Broken, Sable
Noel Farm Rabbitry
We raise rabbits commercially with a few colored rabbits for breeding or pets. We generally have White New Zealand and Californian or a mix of the two from weaned to young adult for sale. We occasionally have solid Red NZ, True Black NZ, Sable and Broken NZ–the broken we have are Black & white, Red & White, Brown & white with the occasional Blue.

Sara Miller
Palmer, Tennessee
None of the above, Holland Lops, New Zealand’s
Barker Bunnies
Here at Barker Bunnies, we breed quality pet and meat rabbits. We strive to provide healthy and happy rabbits for your family. We work hard to provide our rabbits the best care and to insure that they have space to grow and feel safe. We’re happy to answer any questions, and to make sure you get the perfect new addition to your family.

Karen Green
Philadelphia, Tennessee
New Zealand Whites
Front Porch Rabbits
My small rabbitry is located 30 minutes from Knoxville, TN., in the countryside of Philadelphia. We raise our own meat, produce and keep dairy goats. After doing our research, we decided to raise purebreed White New Zealand rabbits. This allowed us to have a good meat source year a round, with better output and good fertilizer. We currently have 20 does and two bucks. We always have young fryers available and if you buy our rabbit(s), my husband will butcher it for you at a small price. My cages are kept clean and all rabbit manure is quickly placed in my garden. !We feed Purina Show feed, give them good hay and they are all healthy and happy.

Christy Capps
Powell, Tennessee
Mini Rex, Rex, Lionhead, Velveteen Lop
The Rabbit & The Roost
The Rabbit & The Roost is a family owned rabbitry. We specialize in breeding Pedigreed/Papered rabbits. We moved to TN from FL in the summer of 2018, so that we could focus on God, nature, and homesteading. We brought our small group of rabbits with us. We have since accumulated several more breeds of rabbits. Our rabbit breeds include: Mini Rex, Rex, Lionhead, and Velveteen Lop. Currently, all of our breeds come fully pedigreed and papered, except for the Lionhead, which we are developing our own pedigree line. We also sell fresh, free range eggs and other fine homesteading products. We are located in Powell, TN, which is just outside of Knoxville. Please contact us at: ChristyCapps4@gmail.com; 727-385-7475; Our FB Page: The Rabbit & The Roost; or our website: http://www.therabbitandtheroost.com/

Elisabeth Norman
Powell, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Rex, Lion Head, Dutch, Vienna
Norman Family Funny Farm Bunny Burrow
We are a Family Run Hobby Farm and we have Grown to love and keep a number of rabbits for various reasons. We mainly breed Holland Lops as we just love them and think they are the best pets, We also have the fuzzy Lion head as pets. We breed Dutch, Vienna, and Rex as Meat Rabbits to Feed our Family as well as sell them to others wanting them as well.

Erika Creekmore
Memphis, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, American Fuzzy Lop
The Willow Stone Farm and Garden
We are a family with 5 children living out in the country, gardening and growing our own food, raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, and other pets, such as dogs, cats, pot belly pigs, a pony, birds, and fish. We have about 20 rabbits, raising Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and a Fuzzy Lop. All of our Rabbits are Pedigreed and Show Quality. Our rabbits are handled and cared for regularly, playing in their outdoor playgrounds during the day, and stay in our barn at night. We are located in Proctor, AR, which is 30 minutes away from downtown Memphis.
Please like our Facebookk page @ The Willow Stone Farm and Garden
for updates on our litters, pictures, and more!

Anna Underhill
Newport, Tennessee
Holland Lop
Underhill Holland Lops
Here at Underhill Hollands we are a small scale Rabbitry striving to produce quality Holland Lops . We usually have available bunnies all year round for pets or brood, and occasionally show. Our Holland Lops are litter trained, fed quality food and hay, and given lots of attention! If interested in adopting one of our sweet bunnies, please contact us!

Mark Ferguson
Rockvale, Tennessee
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Californian, Mix New Zealand White and Californian
AHA Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry of 20 does. We run a very clean and organized rabbitry. We keep great records on all the animals we breed. Our main business is to raise animals for use as meat (Human consumption).

Justin Hilton
Rogersville, Tennessee
Dutch, New Zealand Whites
Daydream Rabbitry and Rescue
We raise purebred Dutch rabbits that are show and pet quality. we also do rabbit and small animal rescue when needed. i have always loved all animals, especially rabbits. The dutch breeds are my favorite, due to their beauty and temperament. We are a small rabbitry in the smokey mtns of east tn and raise only a few litters a year. Our rabbits are raised with lots of TLC and have daily interaction and fresh clover.

Casey N David Johnagin
Rogersville , Tennessee
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, & Polish
Stone Mountain Farm Rabbitry
We are registered with ARBA. Located in Rogersville, TN more towards Mooresburg & Bean Station Area. Our Main Rabbit Breed is Lionhead Rabbits. We have Fully Pedigreed Lionheads from Show Lines that start at $65 & go up depending on the quality of the rabbit. We also have Partial Pedigreed Lionheads that are $20-$45 depending on the information on pedigree and quality of the rabbit. Our Lionhead Adults weigh between 2 pounds- 3 1/2 pounds. All rabbits are handled daily by my 2 daughters and me. We are raise Netherland Dwarfs. Netherland Dwarfs with partial pedigree range from $25-$40 depending how much information is on pedigree & quality of the rabbit. Pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs are $40 & up depending on the quality of the rabbit. We also raise Mini Rex. The Mini Rex prices range from $15-$25 (all as of right now are partial pedigreed). We have recently started raising Holland Lops & Polish. We also have lots of other animals on our farm. You never know what we may start raising next.

Jennifer Collins
Rutledge, Tennessee
French Angora & Holland Lop
JLC Rabbit Wonderland
I started my rabbitry for the love of these sweet babies. I broke my back when a drunk driver hit me. I am disabled but still can walk. So since I’m able to be home all the time now I can devote alot of time to my rabbits. I love French Angoras they are so sweet to sit and let me brush them. I’m helping my Son start with mini Holland lops. My husband builds my cages and encourages me because he loves them to.

Cheryl Searle
Sardis, Tennessee
Fleming Giants
Rolling Hills Farm
Pedigreed Fleming Giants

David and Debra Roe
Sharps Chapel, Tennessee
English Spot, Chocolate, Black
D&D Rabbitry
English Spot rabbits chocolate and black pedagree Sharps Chapel Tennessee phone 865-773-4855text or call

Deborah Toews
Signal Mountain, Tennessee
American Blues and Whites
Achin’ Back Farm
American Blue Rabbits

Stacey Waldrop
Signal Mountain, Tennessee
American Chinchilla, Flemish Giant
Blue Moon Farms
Pedigreed and non-pedigreed crosses available.

Caleb Matthews
Smithville, Tennessee
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giants/Satin/Half Flemish Giant Half Satin
Matthews rabbitry
I raise Flemish giants rabbits I started off with a couple as pets and started to breed them I like raising them from babies I can’t keep them all so I sell most of the babies I wants to see them go to good homes right now I have 4 3 months old 2 males 2 females and 9 2 months old I hadn’t checked how many males and females there are but they are ready too sell 30 each please call or text 615-692-4417 if interested

Earl Penney
Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee
Mini Rex, Mini Rex, New Zealand, Holland Lops, Lionhead & Harlequin
Penney’s Barnyard Pets
Penney’s Barnyard Pets offers several breeds of Rabbit to personalize your farm. Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Lionhead & New Zealand, to name a few. If you Have questions, please contact us at 423-463-2112 or email us at earl@penneysbarnyardpets.com.

Penney’s Barnyard Pets cares as much about your pets as you do. In the event you can no longer take care of your Rabbits, we will foster them for you. Please contact us at 423-463-2112 for more information.

Mary Harris
Jackson, Tennessee
Netherland Dwarf
Harris’ rabbitry
I have pedigreed Netherland Dwarf rabbits

Luke mullins
Seymour, Tennessee
New Zealand, Holland lops
Luke’s Bunny Barn
We have very friendly tame rabbits. We started three years ago for 4H and now have lots of bunnies to choose from. Kept indoors and very well cared for.

Casey Romines
Seymour, Tennessee
Holland Lop, Mini Plush Lop
Black Sheep Farm
-We are registered with Tennessee Department of Agriculture!
-We are ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) certified with a registered rabbitry.
– We are also members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC)
-Specialize in holland lops and mini plush lops

-Facebook page Black Sheep Farm

Valeri Mullins
Smithville, Tennessee
New Zealand, New Zealand cross meat rabbits
Blue Roof Rabbitry
Back yard breeder. I keep 2bucks/6does. I breed primarily for meat. I do sell breeder pairs as well as starter groups. Which consists of 1buck/2does. I also sell dressed and ready for the skillet. 25 years Experience.

Lainee Boyd
Somerville, Tennessee
New Zealand, NZ/Rex/Cali Meat Mixes
Lazy Oaks Homestead
We are currently only breeding NZ meat mixes.

Nena Spurgeon
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Mini Lops
NMS lops
I raise rabbits in south Tennessee. They are pet or show. Feel free to text call or email!

Joshua Lance
Summertown, TN
New Zealand Whites
The Lance Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand Whites for meat and pets. They are very healthy. Right now I have 40 does and 5 bucks. I am looking to expand my herd to 300 does and 60 bucks. I am still fairly new at raising rabbits but I truly love it.

Brenda Foriska
Sweetwater, TN
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarf
Busy B Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry of 60. Raise Torts,REW , BEW and Pt.White in Lionheads. Raise Otter’s, Martens,Himi and BEW in Netherland Dwarf.

Bruce Holland
Thorn Hill, Tennessee
New Zealand ( black, red, white, and broken)
Clinch Valley Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand rabbits with detailed care, allowing for great pets and good-quality meat. Our rabbits are available in many different vibrant fur colors and patterns, and are so soft you’ll never want to stop cuddling! As a homeschool family with excited, animal-loving kids, we are able to give our rabbits all the care and attention they need to thrive. Our rabbits are raised inside of an enclosure with nutritional food and fresh, cool water. So far, we have 7 breeder does and 3 bucks, producing many sweet furbabies.

Vivian Key
Union City , Tennessee
Holland Lop, English Lops, French Lops, and Velveteen Lops
Clementine Grove Rabbitry
Our rabbiitry moved from Virginia to Tennessee about a month ago. We have been raising pedigree Holland Lops for some time now but have also been expanding our rabbirty to include English Lops, French Lops and Velveteen Lops as well as the Hollands. I enjoy the rabbits greatly and have so much fun with them, all of the babies are petted and loved on from the very beginning to ensure we sell you the very best not only show quality bunnies but also pets as socializing them has a huge role to play in how friendly and kind they turn out. We take great pride in breeding to the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) breed standards and have such fun loving on our furry friends.

Jessica Armstrong
Watauga, Tennessee
English Lops, Flemish Giants, Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Lion Heads, Mini Lops, Dutch
Bunny Hop Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry providing quality rabbits for our clients. Health is our top priority, and we have the reputation to prove it. We have pet quality, show quality, and pedigreed stock available. We are active ARBA members.

Robert Berresheim
Waynesboro, Tennessee
Californian, New Zealand Whites
Robs Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in rural wayne county, tennessee. We sell rabbits for pets and meat. Our rabbits are fed a commercial pelleted feed and organic grown grass hay which is grown here on our farm. Our rabbitry is operated using modern techniques. We follow strict sanitation which attributes to healthier rabbits. Our rabbits if sold for breeding, are guaranteed.

Ayla Wilkens
Tullahome, Tennessee
Coat of Many Colors
Coat of Many Colors Rabbits raises all a large variety of colorful Pedigree Standard Rex. All of our rabbits are lovable and friendly.

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