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AA Rabbits
Willis, Texas
Raising Californian Rabbits since 2006. We have built a unique and successful herd from about 10 original rabbits. We have emphasized width, firm expressive loin, full hindquarter, great fur and balance. From 2010 to 2018 approximately 20 belt buckles have been earned from kids in Montgomery, Live Oak, Brazos, Anderson, Cherokee, Ellis, Trinity, Gonzales, Nueces, Tarrant Counties. We are proud of the families we’ve helped and that approximately 50% of the pens made auction. One year we estimated $50,000 in auction winnings.
We will still raise rabbits but now on a much more limited scale. We can probably help most with 4H families who want breeding stock. We may occasionally have meat pen bunnies for shows, but bunnies can not be reserved until they are at least one week old. We need to charge $100 per breeding rabbit and $50 per bunny with a $200 minimum order to cover our costs.
Contact/Text Mr Webster at 936-703-8055

Californian Rabbit Trios

Update: We currently have 15 californian rabbit breeding age trios for sale. $300 per trio. Contact/Text Mr Webster at 936-703-8055 if interested. Our location is Willis, Texas (North of Houston, Texas).

Breeding Trios

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Dylan Swaim
Abilene, Texas
D&M Rabbitry
I have been raising Texas 4H and FFA show rabbits ( Meat pens ). You will have to pick up in Abilene, Texas as we cannot deliver. Our rabbits are healthy and are breeding quality. We currently have over 40 working does and 20 Different blood lines to choose from our bucks.

Mike Norris
Adkins, Texas
Californians, Californian Whites
Norris Girls Rabbitry
Norris Girls Rabbitry started out as a Wilson County 4-H project in 1999. We are past members of the San Antonio rabbit breeders and current members of the Texas rabbit breeders. Over the years we have grown to a hutch of only quality Californian rabbits and decided to have a max of 35 coops. If you are interested in buying call (830)393-9285 or email smnorris333@gmail.com. Phone is preferred contact. For meat pens call about 145 days BEFORE YOUR SHOW DATE; to be added to the breeding list.

Selina Godines
Alice, Texas
Giant Chinchilla
Select the best breed for Jr. FAA project.

Alanna Hall
Amarillo, Texas
Lana’s Polish Rabbitry
I am a top quality Polish rabbit breeder and have rabbits for both showing and pets. Please visit my website and contact me to see the rabbits I have available at the time.

Jamie Seymour
Amarillo, Texas
Netherland Dwarf
Seymour Bunnies
5 babies will be ready on Feb 10th! Just in time for VALENTINES DAY!!
Rabbits will stay small and about 1 foot in length & they are super easy to care for. They eat Timothy hay & bunny pellets. They require a full bottle of water every day.
They will be calm and will be black or grey in color.
Momma is black & Daddy is grey. Daddy is 1 year old and Momma is 9 months old. Bunnies are full grown at 6 months.
We raise and breed our bunnies in separate rabbit hutches for baby safety, and it also gives momma security.
My husband and I have been breeding them for 6 months, as we love our babies. It is such an amazing experience.
$50 deposit will hold your baby & the total upon pick up including deposit, the total qis $75.

John McConnell
Angleton, Texas
Californian, Dutch
Slo Slough Rabbitry
Breeding & Meat Pen Rabbits. Most times. No A/C so we breed for the stress of So. Texas. Angleton, TX.
979 848 7503 [no texting]

Rachel Sword
Anna, Texas
Holland Lop, Lionheads and Mini Rex
Dream Land Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry out of Anna, TX. We specialize in Lionheads but also have Holland lops and Mini Rex’s. We almost always have stock for sale, feel free to look us up on Facebook at Dream Land Rabbits to see pictures and sales!

Nadia Coleman
Arlington, Texas
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Little Munchkins Rabbitry
We are a small family owned hobby Rabbitry in Texas that has a true love for rabbits. Little Munchkins’ rabbits are also pets, they live indoors where they can enjoy themselves year round in a climate controlled area. We are able to enjoy them and their cute little antics as they get used to every day household noises such as; the vacuum, TV, music, dogs barking and other house pets. We also introduce them to litter boxes so they can start their training at an early age. We’d love you to have the best pet possible.

Cora Cook
Arlington Texas , Texas
Champagne d’ Argent
Abc rabbitry
I am in 4h and would like a per breed champagne d’ argent bunny that will be able to live out side. I also have a little brother so I will need one that is good with kids,I would rather have a female, not a male. I have been wanting to show one of these rabbits for s long time I hope it will work out! Thank you.
-Cora Cook

Danny Huynh
Arlington, Texas
Flemish Giant
I’m a father with 1 kid, and my daughter has always wanted a bunny. I thought that a dog and cat wouldn’t be suitable because of it being expensive and that they are too violent personally. My daughter, Luuly, I think a bunny would be nice. Flemish Giant, is big/giant and I thought, knowing my daughter, she would love them! She loves cuddling, likes company, very aware if something/someone needs something, caring, etc.

Richard Caraway
Atlanta, Texas
New Zealands
Pine Crest Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Northeast Texas. I raise pedigreed New Zealand Reds, Blacks and Whites. The Whites are of the well known Basgil and Borden bloodlines.

Lindsey King
Atlanta, Texas
Dwarf Hotot, Standard Chinchilla
4 Kings Rabbitry
Quality black banded Dwarf Hotots

Krissy Jury
Aubrey, Texas
Dwarf Hotot
Krissy’s Rabbitry
We raise quality dwarf hotots in north Texas. We started out in 2013 and we show in 4H/FFA shows along with many local shows. Our animals are kept in a temperate controlled room and we are a smaller rabbitry.

Kasidy Wheel
Aubrey, Texas
Holland Lops, Mini Lop
Little Pet Palace
Little Pet Palace is a well-known rabbitry in North Dallas area, focused on raising the perfect indoor holland lop rabbits. We have been involved with raising rabbits since 2012, when what started out as an accidental rabbit pregnancy turned into a fulfilling and life-changing experience. Our main priority is ensuring the health, happiness and well-being of all our rabbits from birth until they leave with their forever family – and beyond.
We are an ARBA registered rabbitry.

Ashley Gonzalez
Austin, Texas
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Polish
Boutique Bunnies of Austin
We specialize in the smallest of rabbits, the dwarf breeds. We have an indoor air conditioned rabbitry which allows for year round breeding. We have Smoke Pearl Martens, Chinchillas, Chocolate Martens, Lilac Martens, Brokens, Blue Silver Martens, Black Otters, Broken Chinchillas, Blue, Chestnut, and many more beautiful colors! We have show quality rabbits available and strive for the strongest representation of each breed.

Cheyanne Huntsman
Rex, Otter Rex Buck
Looking for an OTTER REX rabbit to have as a pet. Wanting to find a male that is young and very friendly. Looking for a breeder in the Austin, Texas area. I’M NOT SELLING A RABBIT, WANTING TO BUY ONE!

Danielle Nieskes
Austin, Texas
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Cuddles4Keeps Rabbitry
My two girls and I run a small rabbitry and have been raising, and showing, for a few years now. We specialize in holland lops and pride ourselves in raising colors of the rarer sort, like steel and sable point.

William Whitfield
Austin, Texas
Mini Rex, Mini-Rex Dutch Hybrids
Ranch Rabbits
At Ranch Rabbits we strive to provide the highest quality pet rabbits on the market. In order to do this we handle our rabbits from day one to ensure that they grow up to be comfortable with people. We are always weighing our rabbits to make sure that they are healthy and we play with them daily.

Rose Wardley
Austin, Texas
Holland Lop, Netherland, Tamuk
Rose’s Rabbit Boutique
Providing well socialized and loved bunnies. Rabbits are raised in our home and selected carefully for breeding based on rare and beautiful characteristics and calm personalities.

C Baese
Austin, Texas
Netherland Dwarf
Simply Loved Bunnies
A closed, boutique rabbitry located just south of Austin, Texas. We specialize in show quality Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

We do not rehome or kill our bucks or does after they are finished breeding. And we do not over breed, as this can cause genetic and neurological defects. Our bunnies, even the TAMUKs are loved upon and brought up around dogs and children around loud sounds. If you have a specific worry or request, please let us know so we can help socialize your bunny to this to make acclimation as easy as possible.

JoAnn Harris
Bangs, Texas
New Zealand Reds
Harris Ranch Rabbitry
I have wonderful New Zealand Red Rabbits. Pens are kept clean, always have fresh food and water available.

Shannon Horton
Bastrop, Texas
Californian, NWZ, San Juan
Horton and Sons Rabbitry
I have a small Rabbitry with my two young boys. We primarily raise Californian/black New Zealand mixes for meat production. We also work with San Juan blood for smaller pet rabbits. These are highly energetic bunnies.
I raise these with my two young sons as a teaching tool for them to learn responsibility and respect for life.

Alicia Miller
Bay City, Texas
Miller Rabbitry
Show quality satin rabbits. Black, blue, otter, and broken varieties.

Susan Bailey
Beaumont, Texas
Mini Rex, Californian, Holland Lop, American Blue, Champagne D’Argent
3-DB Rabbitry
We are a family rabbitry located in Beaumont, Tx. Our Rabbitry is 4H project for our kids. We raise show quality and pedigreed Mini Rex, Californian, Holland Lop, Champange D’Argent. Our rabbits are handled daily and very well taken care of.

Shannon Pankow
Beaumont, Texas
Californians, NZW, Rex
One Acre Farm Rabbits
One Acre Farm Rabbits is dedicated to raising quality, locally adapted, purebred Californian, NZW and Rex rabbits for a variety of purposes, including meat, breeding and show. We breed meat pens for FFA/4H and county shows, so call to reserve yours today!

Jason Day
Burleson, Texas
American Fuzzy Lop, Fluffy
ABC Rabbitry
I would like a female that has fluffy hair

Debbie Griggs
Conroe, Texas
Harlequin , Harlequins Magpie an Jap all varieties; Lionheads; Netherlands Dwarfs
Deb’s Bunny Barn
I have been showing an breeding rabbits for over 30 yrs. I am a member of the American rabbits ass. ; the lionheads club an the American Netherlands dwarf club. I breed for show an pets. I try to help all new breeders an pet owners in any way I can. I have several colors in lions an dwarfs. Pictures upon request I live in Conroe near the woodlands calls or text only 832 458 4410

Bobbie Steckelberg
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Hotot, Jersey Wooly, Lion Head- double and single mane
D and B rabbit-tree
We are a small rabbitry located in Beeville Texas.
We raise for pets and show. We welcome all visitors
Once a date and time has been set.
We strive for quality, not quantity,
361- 319 – 6271

Kristi Sroka
Bells, Texas
Mini Rex
Twisted S Farm
ARBA Registered Rabbitry

Tommey and Debby Drake
Belton, Texas
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Drakes HipHop Bunny Barn Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry in Belton, Texas that raises Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex and Holland Lops…We specialize in the Silver Martens in the
Netherland Dwarf breed and Brokens in the Mini Rex and Holland Lops..
Offering show and pet quality rabbits…All rabbits being pedigreed…Our rabbits
are housed in our barn and in air conditioning during the hot summer months…
We take great pride in the care we give our rabbits and absolutely love what we
do…Contact us at any time if you have questions..

Colyn Mroz
Belton, Texas
Faith Farms Rabbitry
Hi. We breed and show quality and pedigreed Flemish giants, french lops, and mini rex’s. We go to many show out of the year, so I am a little recognizable. I started out showing rabbits last summer. The first two rabbits that I had were Flemish giants. They were a blast to watch them grow. I am mostly specialized in the Flemish world. Free to give a call or text at 254-727-0330.

Zac Edmundson
Bertram, Texas
Californian, Holland lops, Mini lops
Furry Foot Rabbit-Tree
Our California rabbits come from Grand Champion Blood Lines And The Holland and Mini lops also come for Grand Champion Blood Lines. All of the fancy rabbits(Holland lops,Mini lops)come with pedigrees. Thanks For Looking.

Amber Higgs
Bridge City, Texas
Dutch, Harlequin- dutch – flop – californian – otter – rex – checkered giant.
A&B epic Rabbitry
Dutch breeds primarily. Also mixed meats. Any breed available by pre order, place orders by Friday afternoon via text voice mail or email . I’m available to answer at most hours pick up is Saturday by order breeds. In stock any day but Friday pick up is available.any There’s a 10$ delivery fee.within a 30 mile radius. Outside of that its a little higher.

Ed Smith
Brookeland, Texas
Californian, Chinchilla, Lion Head, Mini Rex and New Zealand
Lakes Area Rabbitry
Welcome to Lakes Area Rabbitry. Located in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Our rabbitry is located in Brookeland, Texas near Lake Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. We breed and sell Chinchilla, Californians, New Zealand, Mini Rex and Lion Head rabbits.

David Whisenhunt
Brownwood, Texas
Whizz Rabbitry
Raising Californian Show Rabbits in central Texas

Stacie Grange
Bryan, Texas
Californians, American Blue, New Zealands
SLG Rabbitry
Raising quality American Blue rabbits as well as California meat pens and New Zealand rabbits.
Also some mixed Satin/California for pets.

Margaret Lange
Bryan, Texas
Californian, Champagne D’Argents, Mini Lops
M&L Rabbitry
We raise Show Quality Californians an Champagne D’Argents. We are members of the ARBA, TRBA, and CRBA.
We specialize in raising quality Californian Meat Pens for 4-H an FFA exhibitors in Texas. We have been raising rabbits since 1997. Our Winnings prove our quality of rabbits. We are now showing Mini lops again. If you need more info about our rabbity or rabbits please email or give us a call.

Buster Klingemann
Buda, TX
Busters Bunnies
We are home to the original Champion Californians. Specializing in providing 4-H and FFA kids with meat pens for their county fairs. You can also get some show quality breeders for open shows as well as county fairs. We have provided numerous champions all over the state and country. Figure out where you’re gonna hang your Grand Champion banner, then come get your champion rabbits from Busters Bunnies.

Bella DeCorte
Buda, Texas
Holland Lop
Bella’s Bunnies
We are a small rabbity located in Buda, Texas. Our Holland Lops are handled every day to ensure that they are ready to go to their forever homes. Holland Lops are great companions and make excellent pets.

Kelsi Figgins
Buna, Texas
New Zealand, Rex, New Zealand Whites and Reds, Californians, Harlequins
K&G Rebel Ranch
We are a small farm in SE Texas specializing in meat rabbits. We have several varieties and colors to choose from, offering show quality to pets to meat crosses to feed your family!

Terri Snell
Burleson, Texas
Mini lops, Jersey Woolys
The Dancing Hare Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in the metroplex area of Texas raising show quality Mini Lops and Jersey Woolys.

Robin Short
Burleson, Texas
Mini Lop
The Flying Hare
Raising quality show rabbits since 1999. Specializing in Mini Lops.

Monica Burton
Burnet, Texas
Holland Lop
Burton’s Hollands
We are located in Central Texas and specialize in raising quality, pedigreed Holland Lops for pet or showing. We have a small herd of nice Hollands. Our main buck is a beautiful blue-eyed white. Visit our website for pictures

Monica Burton
Burnet, Texas
Holland Lops
Burton’s Hollands
We are a small rabbitry located in Burnet, Texas. Our rabbits are not just for breeding, they are a part of our family. All babies will be well socialized and are around people from day one.
Our male is a blue-eyed white Holland. So we hope to have BEWs available soon.

Donald Pierson
Caddo Mills, Texas
Pedigree Flemish Giants and New Zealand
DMP rabbitry
We pride ourself on breed quality pedigree Flemish gaints. We also breed non pedigree New Zealand rabbits. Let us supply your rabbit needs

Cassidy & Cody Caldwell
Caldwell, Texas
C & C Rabbitry
We breed Californian show rabbits for Burleson and surrounding counties including, Washington, Brazos, Milam, Grimes, Robertson, and Lee. We are new breeders and building our stock so make sure you call early to reserve rabbits since our numbers may be limited.

Mark Yost
Camp Wood, Texas
Rex, Standard Rex, American Blue, New Zealand, Californian
Yost Family Rabbitry
Yost Family Rabbitry is a small 32 hole rabbitry that specializes in raising standard Rex, American Blue, New Zealand, and Californian rabbits for breeding stock, pets, and meat production. Rexs and American Blues are pedigreed stock.

Jennifer Price
Campbell, Texas
Lionhead, English Lop, Mini Lop, Califorian meat
Hop to It Ranch
At Hop to It Ranch our biggest concern is our rabbits. We currently have over 40 rabbits and they all are pampered and spoiled. We have pedigree and non pedigree rabbits. We specialize in pedigree Lion Heads and pedigree English Lop. But we also have Mini Lops and Californian meat Rabbits. Our rabbitry is family owned.

Todd Gamel
Canton, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, Reds, and American Blues
TAP Homestead
We primarily raise and sell pure breed New Zealand rabbits in a variety of colors such as whites, reds, and chestnuts and the occasional broken for meat production. Soon we will be adding pure bred American Blue meat breed as well.

Greg & Penny Baker
Canyon, Texas
Dutch, Californian, Havana
Honey’s Dust Bunnies
We have a wide variety of top show prospects, pets and breeding stock.

Madison Harrison
Canyon/Amarillo, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand X
Madison Harrison
We are a small, hobby rabbitry with 3 New Zealand crosses. We breed our does year-round with about 9-12 rabbits available every 3 weeks or so. Our buck is an otter New Zealand X, one of our does is solid black and the other is broken black and white. These baby bunnies can be kept as pets as they are handled everyday and end up very tame, or they can be bred as meat rabbits. Please call us to see what we have for you!

Lexi Bowhay
Carrollton, Texas
Holland Lops
High School Sweet Heart Rabbitry
Hello! My name is Lexi, and it has almost officially been one whole year since my boyfriend, Alex, and I came into the Rabbitry business. I can honestly say it’s one of the best, most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. As of right now, we have five bunnies! Soon, I am going to start weaning my bunnies and their babies to BEW’s. That’s right! We’ll be having beautiful white, blue-eyed, floppy eared babies soon! I do not sell any bunny to someone I do not trust. If you sound fishy, I’m sorry, but I cannot risk my babies not being taken care of! I love them too much! That being said: I allow the babies to be sold at 8 weeks old (unlike a lot of Rabbitries) because I know you’ll take great care of your fluffy-tailed angel! Every bunny is overly sociable because I take time to make sure they’re handled and played with. They are all sweet and great with kids. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you decide to contact me soon.(:
(214) 998-1379

John Allen
Cedar Creek, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Mountain Valley Farms
Our farm produces top quality gourmet meat rabbits. All our rabbits are organically raised with organic feed. We do not use hormones or antibiotics. We beleive in raising them all natural. We sell rabbits for meat, show and breeders.

Tim Gutzke
Chester, Texas
Hollow Kingdom Rabbitry
We are starting our 4H meat pen and show rabbitry for kids in 4H. We currently have a small 12 hole rabbitry. Please reserve your pen 1 month before the breeding date for your show. Currently, a pen of 5 is $150. A pen of 3 is $100. Individual breeders will start at $40.

Derik Samuelson
Cibolo, Texas
Holland Lops
The Rabbit Den
I breed our show quality Holland Lops as a hobby. I want to allow more families to own one of these great rabbit breeds. A pedigree comes with all our rabbits.

Steven Bilbo
Cisco, Texas
SB Farm and Rabbitry

Devin Franklin
Cleburne , Texas
Fasa babiiis
My name is Devin I’ve Ben breeding for a few years now , for just a hobby and now I’ve decided to make it profitable , I only raise Californian breed I have 5 different Black and White couples that I keep separated and I produce around 25 healthy babies a month! I am in Cleburne Texas and I am always available for meet ups and drop off , my rabbits are raised with love and all grow to be nice and big ! Thank you and God bless

Mindy Marquez
Clyde, Texas
New Zealand, Californians, Dutch
Am Farmers Rabbitry
We sale quality show and pet rabbits! We have white, black, and broken New Zealands. We also have black and chocolate Dutch rabbits. We have pedigree Flemish Giants in black, fawn, buff. We have show quality Californian rabbits as well. We strive to keep and breed quality rabbits.

Krista Bligh
College Station, Texas
Holland Lop, Lionheads and Holland Lops
Lone Star Lions
We raise show quality Lionheads and Holland Lops. I mainly do Lionheads although I do have a small herd of Holland Lops that I am working on. I am currently working on the colors Blue Tort, Black Tort, REW, and Siamese Sable for Lionheads. I only have Black Tort and broken Black Tort for Holland Lops. We work hard so that we raise healthy happy bunnies. If you are interested in finding a show bunny or even just a cute pet definitely send me a message and we will see if we can find the right bunny for you.

Bryan Kotrla
College Station, Texas
Creekbottom Bend Rabbitry
Creekbottom Bend Rabbitry is a family owned and operated facility.
Initially we started 10 years ago with family 4-H projects. I personally bred meat Rabbits while in high school years ago and picked up a great deal of efucation over my lifetime. I believe it is on a positive note purchasing kits from a small supplier because it allows for hand picking a buck to doe which helps with quality controll instead of quantity.
It is always best to buy from a breeder who can help you along the journey to the destination of the show floor and with qualityrabbits and good management practices, ending in the sale ring.
My wife and I are both 4-H adult leaders in our local club and officers in our county 4-H Adult Leaders Club. Our kids are very active and have acquired lead officer positions in both of the above clubs and in the FFA. It is a great service to our community to assist the youth of today to become better leaders of tomorrow.

Daralyn Wallace
College Station, Texas
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, American Blues
Realta Rabbitry
We are a family-oriented breeder, raising rabbits for show, meat, and pets. We strive to have friendly, healthy rabbits that meet the ARBA standards. We offer discounts for FFA & 4H students. ARBA Member # GREEDA03

Bryan Kotrla
College Station, Texas
Creekbottom Bend
We are a small operation housing that breeders at tjis time. We provide for 4H and FFA students throughout the state of Texas. Our goal is to have you make the sale every single time. We start with quality type and then assist you in growing your rabbits out and offering assistance in penning them.

Gretchen Bass
Conroe, Texas
Bassanova Rabbits
We raise meat pen rabbits for 4H/FFA. We often have breeding stock available and can breed meat pens for your upcoming show. If you need a meat pen contact us 2-4 weeks prior to the breeding date to reserve a doe for your breeding date.

Anissa Beal
Corpus Christi , Texas
Holland Lop, Velveteen Lop, Mini Rex, Mini satin, Netherland Dwarf.
Bevly Beal Farms
Small rabbitry in Corpus Christi Texas. I am a grandmother that loves my bunnies. I hand tame all of my babies from the day they are born. I offer bunny boarding, nail trims, rabbit rentals for pictures or parties, and stud service as well. I am very responsive and I am here to help you even after the sale is made.

J & B Lambert
Corpus Cristi, TX
J&B Bunny Barn
Small family owned lovable California rabbits. Some are of show quality. We have one neutered pet Buck, 4 Breeding Does and 2 Healthy Bucks. Our rabbits are fed quality rabbit feed, fresh veggies, and hay daily. Vitamin water treated weekly. We retire our does at 1 yr. Quality meat and show stock available on regular basis. We handle stock daily to keep them friendly enough to be a pet or easy to show.

Bobbie Steckelberg
Corpus Cristi, Texas
Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lops, BEW polish, Chocolate polish, Jersey Wollys, Mini Rex and New Zealands
D and B Rabbit Tree
I am a small rabbitry located in Beeville, TX. All my rabbits are given the best of care. I do have some new zealands, which are raised for meat pens. I hope to have young of all my breeds come cooler weather. I am very happy to answer any and all questions and if I can’t then send you to someone who can. My rabbit web will be up before long. Right now its just email.

Leslie Wade
Corpus Christi Area, Texas
Holland Lops, Occasional Meat Breeds
South Texas Holland Lops
We operate a quality rabbitry out of our home. Its very family orientated and we started it to give our daughter a business to grow and take care of. She has already learned a lot of responsibility and is starting 4-H with her bunnies this year. We have focused on providing quality pet rabbits, and specifically chose the Holland Lop breed. We have raised Holland Lops for 2 years now and can offer some good advice and information, as we have already surpassed some good learning curves. Please send us your referrals or follow us on facebook, at South Texas Holland Lops!

Jennifer Carlisle
Corsicana, Texas
Carlisle’s Californians Rabbitry
We are a brother and sister team that started raising and breeding Californians for 4H and Junior FFA. We got together and decided that our 4H projects could benefit others as well. We sell breeders, meat pens, and pets. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Amy Seibert
Crosby, Texas
Flemish Giant, Californian, and Checkered Giant mixed with Flemish Giant
The Funny Bunny Farm
Small rabbitry just getting started and will be getting more breeds soon as barn is expanding. At the moment the main breeds I have are the mixed and Californians. I’m working on breeding my purebred Flemish steels but my female isn’t taking so have to try different methods. The checkered mixed with Flemish are great pets and dont get as big as Flemish and have a sweet temper.

Micah Haarhoff
Cut-N-shoot, Texas
Californian, Californian/new zealand
Cut n Shoot rabbitry
Good healthy meat rabbits ready for the table.

Darbi Green
Cypress, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Green Rabbits
New Zealand White breeder rabbits. Baskal rabbit pedigree.

Izair Rickert
Cypress, Texas
Californian and Champagne D’Argents
It’s a Bun Rabbitry
Small rabbitry that is continuing to grow and produce better rabbits with each breeding. Our rabbits are handled often and live outside. They have sweet personalities and love to be pet. My Rabbits are manly show rabbits and breeding rabbits.

Katherine Garrigues
Dallas, Texas
Mini Rex
Rumpus Is Running
Rumpus Is Running is a Rabbitry specializing in quality, pedigreed Mini Rex rabbits. Each bunny born receives human interaction daily, so that they may grow up to be quite docile. Every bunny that comes out of Rumpus Is Running comes with a full pedigree.

Dorion Gipson
Dallas, Texas
American Chinchilla, Lion head, Blue Eyed Chinchilla, Tiger Stripe lion head
I am looking for a breed of a Lion head I cannot find. Blue Eyed or Tiger stripe Chinchilla rabbit.
Thank you

Hannah Nicholson
Dallas, Texas
Velveteen Lop
Northwood Lops
Northwood Lops specializes in pedigreed Velveteen Lop rabbits, small bunnies with Eeyore ears and plush rex fur. Healthy, happy babies for pet and ARBA show homes are available occasionally. Find us on Instagram @NorthwoodLops for sneak peaks of upcoming litters!

Angelica Perez
Dallas, Texas
Holland Lop, Lops mixes, new zealands, callies, Dutch mixed,
AJJ animals
Our rabbitry is small right now, we do breed some rabbits, but we do not breed during mid-summer, the heat is bad on their body and risk heart attack or strokes. We do however try to recuse animals as we can, find them forever homes.They all have big comfortable cages, they all get playtime, the mamas and babies are separated from the rest of rabbits, they get their own hutch. Some rabbits are nicer than others, we very honest with what their attuides are. Also if you do not like or can not take care of your rabbit anymore, we will take back for free. We do not want anyone dumping or taking them to shelter to be put down.

Alana Taylor
Dallas, Texas
English Angora
Tadashi Angoras Rabbitry
Beautiful air conditioned and climate controlled small rabbitry with Grand Champion bloodlines. My bunnies have gentle, tame, and sweet dispositions, and each one is nurtured until ready for their new home. I focus on quality over quantity and screen each potential owner to find the right match. I have exquisite show quality beauties, and would like to find like minded and show savvy people to help promote and market this spectacular breed. They are truly magnificent rabbits and make wonderful pets as well.

Anna Sloan
Dallas, Texas
English Angora
either a black female or gray female. if the angora has spots that would be so cute!

Sophia Whitehead
Dallas, Texas
Standard Chinchilla, Lion head, Standard Rex
Local family rabbit farm breeding lionhead chinchilla mixes and Rex Chinchilla mixes

Mike Miller
Dawson, Texas
Two Bucks and a Doe Rabbitry
We’ve been breeding Californians since the early 90’s We’ve been very competitive winning (or selling the winners) of several county shows annually and various national (ARBA, CRSC and AFNZRBA) in meat pens and breed shows. In 2015 we advised the winners of state & national shows – CA, PA, TX and CRSC. Check out our website at www.twobucksandadoe.com for info and advice. Contact us for meat pens or breeding stock.

Jorge Sangerman
Dayton, Texas
Texas rabbitry
Texas Rabbitry is about supplying people/customers with good quality Lionhead Rabbits. Even though we’re just a small start-up we focus on having quality Does and Bucks for our customers to have as pets or to show in rabbit exhibitions. We are currently not registered with the ARBA, but one of our goals is to get registered by the end of this year. One of our other main goals is having more Rabbit Breeds besides Lionhead Rabbits.

John & Susan Head
Dayton, Texas
J & S Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry located in S.E.Texas. We have gone far and wide to collect our vast aray of many blood lines of the American Blue & American R.E.W. which gave us the great brood stock we have today. We are members of the A.R.B.A.

Pete and Sharon Muskiet
Dayton, TX
Broken Bow Farm
We started raising Californian rabbits when our youngest son wanted to join 4-H. That was 3 years ago and we have loved every minute of it. We are currently striving to breed the best quality rabbits we can. Our rabbits have placed highly in local shows.
Please feel free to contact us.

Kara, Natalie, and Chelsea Pannell
Decatur, Texas
Holland Lops, Standard Rex, New Zealand
Ninja Bunnies Rabbitry
We breed Show Quality rabbits following the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Happy, healthy bunnies with good attitudes are important to us. We love our bunnies… We support the Youth.

Bill Lee
Denten, Texas
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland lop
ABC rabbitry
You should not be a scamer

Russell Thompson
Denton, Texas
Mini Lops, Holland Lops & Mini Rex
Rustic Ranch Rabbitry
I have just started this business used to raise regular bunnies several years ago but now raising pure bred registered lops and rex’s will be adding other pure breds as I grow in the business.

Jackeline Ibarra
Desoto , Texas
Mini Lop, Holland lop rabbits
Rabbit Breeders
I want a mini rabbit that doesn’t grow as big . I’ll want one ASAP please .

Julie Geeslin
Dime Box, Texas
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
DandyLion Rabbitry
My rabbitry raise Netherland Dwarf rabbits in these colors chinchilla, otter, sliver marten, and chestnut for show. I have been raising them for 6 yrs and have been showing for 3 yrs we have received several grand champion. I also raise Holland Lop rabbits black, otter, tort, blue, chestnut in broken or solid just starting to expand them. Both breeds are small and very easy to take care and make great pets as well. Spectacular personality and attitudes very calm, sweet and loving rabbits that love their kisses.

Ronnie Walling
Doucette, Texas
Flemish Giants, Californians
Briar Rabbits Farm
We are a very small rabbitry. We are learning as we go and enjoying every minute of it.

Esteban Garza
Edinburg, Texas
Californian, Rhinelander, Chinchilla, New Zealand, Rex, Lionhead
Cantu’s Rabbitry
Hello my name is Esteban Garza am 18 yrs old. I recently decided to start a rabbitry mostly for the fun of it but also because i have a lot of extra time. I was born in Edinburg Texas June 1995. As soon as i was able to walk and talk i began helping my grandfather run his rabbitry which consisted of 500+ mostly Californian and New Zealand rabbits. I started showing rabbits for him in the Hidalgo County Town & Country 4-H when i turned 8. When i turned 13 my grandfather passed away and we had to sell all of the rabbits. I recently settled back down in my mom’s place also in Edinburg and started a small 40-60 rabbit heard of Californian ,Rhinelander ,Chinchilla ,New Zealand ,Rex ,and Lionhead rabbits for more info

Avonlea Miller
El Campo, Texas
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
LJ Rabbitry
I started raising rabbits in 2019. I’ve had Mini Lops, Mini Rexs, and Holland Lops. So far, Mini Rexs are my favorite because of their velvety and hypoallergenic fur. They’re quirky and energetic. But I’m also hoping to have a few litters of Holland Lops.

My goal is to provide healthy, show quality, and friendly rabbits. I do my best to give my rabbits the best care possible; from vet checkups to garden-raised food.

Corina Sepulveda
El Paso, Texas
My rabbit is a male. White with black. He is a beautiful rabbit. He need a female.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark
Emory, Texas
New Zealand, Mini Rex
Lone Star Bunny Ranch
New Zealand meat rabbits and Mini Rex pets

Kara Estrada
Ennis, Texas
Dwarf Hotots and Polish
Heart K Rabbitry
Located about 30 minutes south of Dallas, Texas.

Alex Crenshaw
Ferris, Texas
Dutch and Mini rex
Taylor Farm Rabbitry
We raise Dutch for show and pets. We raise Mini Rex too. We have black and blue Dutch and Black and Black Otter Mini Rex.

Tori Castro
Frost, Texas
Flemish Giant, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini Lop, and Lion Lop
Common Sense Rabbitry
We specialize in Show Quality Flemish Giants, and Holland Lops. Common Sense Rabbitry is hands on and we love all our bunnies. They are raised with children and other animals, so that they are socialized. For questions, pictures and reviews please find us on Instagram @Common_Sense_Rabbitry or contact us!

Tori Moses
Frost, Texas
Flemish Giant, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Lion Lop, Mini Lop
Red Sea Ranch and Rabbitry
Welcome to Red Sea Ranch and Rabbitry! We are Family Owned and Operated. Our Family raises Grand Champion Flemish Giants and Show Quality Holland Lops. We also have pet bunnies available. Check out our Website, our Instagram @redsearanchandrabbitry , or our Facebook.

Taylor Crenshaw
Ferris, Texas
Dwarf Hotot
Taylor Farm Rabbitry
We raise Dwarf Hotots for pet and show.

Candace Chilton
Floresville, Texas
Mini Rex, Californians, Lops
KIK Dirt Ranch
Small Rabbitry (so we can properly care for them all)!
Raising healthy, award winning rabbits for: pets, show, sell, breeding or meat…we have have a balanced variety.
Our Californians are very productive and acclimated to extreme Texas weather conditions.
The Mini-Rex’s are beautiful with silky soft fur and friendly demeanor’s. They love to play.
Our Lops are a mix of Holland and English Lops who are a lively bunch.

Kristi Seesengood
Floresville, Texas
Seesengood Rabbitry

Kaitlin Berry
Forney, Texas
Holland Lop, Holland Lops
Woodmeadow Wabbits
We breed show quality and pet holland lops on the DFW area.

Steven Coyne
Forney, Texas
New Zealand
Texas Rabbit Barn
We breed for meat breeders only. We do not provide pedigrees, nor do we tattoo our rabbits. STRICTLY MEAT RABBITS! If you’d like us to breed for your meat pens, please contact us a minimum of 110 days prior to your show date. Our breeding stock is pedigreed and comes from the John Gillis bloodline. Please contact us for additional information.

Buddy Brown
Forth Worth, Texas
TAMUK Composite
B and M Rabbits
Texas A & M University Kingsville has developed the TAMUK Composite rabbit. It is a meat rabbit usually reaching 5 lbs in about 8 weeks. They were developed to take the Texas heat better than most other rabbits due to their longer ears and shorter coats. The rabbits come in several different colors and you can have different colors within a litter. My last litter had a dark blue grey, 2 light grey, 1 tan and 1 brown.
As of today we have 2 bucks and 1 doe left to sell but 3 more does are pregnant with the first one due in about a week as of 4/919. Doe bunnies $35 Buck bunnies $40.

Lynanne Crippen
Fort Worth, Texas
Mini Rex
Haulin’ Buns Rabbitry
During my daughters 11 years in 4-H she won several top honors at the local, state and national levels were acheived, Including Top 5 in Youth NMRRC sweepstakes in the Chinchilla Variety for 4 years straight and 1 year was #1. As well as Winning Numerous Grand & Reserve Champion Rabbit Meat Pens at the Local County Fairs, and Numerous Grand Champion Certificates. Once Erica Graduated in 2003, I took over ownership of the rabbits and that’s how Haulin’ Buns Rabbitry became.

Adrian Dawkins
fort worth , Texas
Satin, Californian, Broken Satin, Broken Californian
Meat and Pet Nursery
I am a person raising money for college. I am just starting out and will be in multiple places through out the year. I am currently raising broken satin rabbits and will be expanding to different types of rabbits as I have the money to buy breeding stock. I raise both pet and meat rabbits if you want meat rabbits I will wean them and then sell unless you want a rabbit just to breed later. Email is the only contact info I will use. ALL EMAILS WILL BE RECORDED FOR CONTRACT REFERAL.

Kim Grippe
Fort Worth, TX
Mini Rex
Horseshoe Rabbitry
Very loving and clean rabbitry located in Fort Worth, TX specializing in Mini Rex Rabbits. All our rabbits are handled daily. Babies are handled daily since birth as well.

Jenna Hines
Fort Worth, Texas
Mini Rex, Mini Rex/New Zealand’s
Jenna’s Rabbitry
My name is Jenna Hines. I am in the FFA and I just recently started breeding and raising rabbits. I have a female mini Rex, a male mini Rex/New Zealand, and a bunch a babies. I plan to raise them as pets and nothing more. Although if you would like one for your own use that absolutely perfect.

Colleen Lockwood
Fort Worth/Keller, Texas
Mini Rex
Magnolia Rabbitry
The Magnolia Rabbitry specializes in Mini Rex Rabbits. These are show quality rabbits. The fur is velvety, thick and short-haired. These rabbits are handled early on to also make wonderful pets. Contact us for current availability.

Scarlet Balzer
Fort Worth, Texas
Rhinelander, Curly coated Astrex, Harlequin, Rhinelander, broken red and broken black NZ, white, black and blue NZ.
Parkview Ranch Rabbit Resort
We have a small backyard rabbitry that is specifically geared towards developing curly coated Astrex. We have the broken black and broken red New Zealanders as well as the solid white, black and blue New Zealanders, Rhinelanders and Harlequin. Our rabbits are pet and meat quality and are handled daily to ensure that they are friendly and sweet. Please feel free to contact us via phone or text at 817-888-2220
as well as email: parkviewrabbitresort@gmail.com

Dianne Butler
Friendswood- Pearland, Texas
Netherland Dwarfs
Sugar Bunny Rabbitry
Home raised and healthy Netherland Dwarf bunnies just for you. Many colors for you to choose from. I am a retired nurse, so I have plenty of time to devote to the care of your bunny’s mamma and your future bunny baby. Not a commercial rabbitry, I am a hobby breeder and do not have bunnies for sale all the time. You can check my website for photos and availability.

Campbell Mckee
Frisco, Texas
Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf Dutch
Dutch Rabbitry
Needs to have proper care and in Texas

Sofia Mazza
Frisco Texas, Texas
I will like to buy a baby rabbit for me I want a REX if it’s white or white with black or cream color. I want my baby pet I live in frisco Texas . Contact me please 214-971-5910

Tori Contello
Frost, Texas
Flemish Giant, Holland Lops, Californians, Rex Mixes, American Blue Mixes
Common Sense Ranch
There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our ranch and what it has to offer as much as we do! Check out our website https://commonsenseranch.com
We are a family owned and operated ranch with lots to offer. We have many different purebred rabbits for show and breeding as well as fun mixes that make great pets! From Flemish Giants to Tiny Holland Lops we have a great selection!
For more information and pictures please visit our website!

Cadence McCammack
Garland, Texas
Mini Rex
EC4 Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that shows in 4-h. We pride ourselves in keeping and selling healthy, lovable rabbits. We currently are only doing Mini Rex rabbits that could be used for show, or just as pets. All of our rabbits are kept in an indoor, air conditioned environment and are taken care of and worked with every single day. For more information check our website, our Facebook page, email us, or text us.

Toby, TJ and Wyatt Small
Gatesville, Texas
Mini Rex, Polish, Thriantra, Mini Satin
Small’s Rabbitry
I raised Mini Rex from 1994-2001 and did very well with them and I had to give it up when I got married and in September my son’s wanted to do the county fair and 4-H thing so here we are Small’s Rabbitry and we are enjoying.

Nicole Scially
Gatesville, Texas
Holland Lops, New Zealands, Jersey Woolies, Californians
Just starting out. Still looking for a good breeding stock!

Haley Rodgers
Gatesville, Texas
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Mini Lop, Californians, and Flemish Giant
Double R Rabbitry
I have recently started up my own rabbitry here in central Texas! I have a variety of rabbits but mostly focus on mini Rexs and standard rexs. Soon I will sure enough have babies and be able to start selling for stock shows or even some pets.

Kaylee Williams
Gatesville, Texas
Mini Lop
Lucky Lops
We raise pedigreed show Mini Lops. Solids and brokens, all colors available.

Mark Woelfel
Giddings, Texas
Woelfel Rabbitry
We are growing and have done very well. I am currently taking orders for Summer and Fall meat pens. Please call and reserve your meat pen. We are strictly Californian Breeders and have been very successful in the last 4 years with our Breeding Stock and with our Meat Pens. I will have Young Breeding stock available for sale after March.

Mark and Donna Wood
Goodrich, Texas
Flemish Giant, Californian, Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Dutch, Lionhead
Rocking DM Rabbitry
A small East Texas rabbitry concentrating and great quality rabbits at affordable prices. We have 5 colors of Flemish Giants, and are working on getting the other two colors. We have Chocolate and Red Mini-rex (along with broken in these colors). We also have show winning Californian stock for meat-pen breeding. We have just started with the Lionhead breed and are working on double mane. We also have single mane Tort and broken colors (tri-color). We have a small number of Dutch, black and tort.

Kacie Houk
Grand Prairie, Texas
Holland Lops and English Lops
Bonsai Bunnies Rabbitry
My name is Kacie Houk, I raise Holland Lop and English Lops. My bunnies are very docile and sweet. I spend tons of time with my rabbits and I love them all to death! I am located in Grand Prairie TX, which is right between Dallas and Fort Worth and south of Irving. If you know where Traders Village is, I live about 5 minutes from there. I strive for the perfect bunny in the breeds that I raise and while I love working with colors I will NOT sacrifice quality for color.

Lisa Wallen
Greenville, Texas
Holland Lops, Fuzzy Holland Lops, NZL/CAL cross
Windmill Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in north-east Texas. Our rabbitry was started in June 2014. Holland lops are our main breed. Currently we are working on a Fuzzy Holland line so eventually we can them as American Fuzzy Lop with the ARBA. I am a member of the ARBA (WALLL101), ETRBA, and the AFLRC. I worked last year with my granddaughter’s on their 4H rabbit project. We Received 2 rescue bunnies NZL/CAL cross. The female was pregnant. 8 kits were born. When they were 5 months old we gave them to FFA and 4H kids to start their rabbit projects. We are thinking of doing this again Spring 2016 for our local kids. We presently have 30 rabbits with 5 does expecting any day now. When a customer purchases a rabbit they receive 7 days worth of food, small bag of timothy hay and a booklet on the care and feeding of their new rabbit. They also receive one of our business cards so if they have any questions or need any help, they can call us. We love our rabbits and want their new families to enjoy, respect and love their new bunnies as much as we do. I have recently started sending the booklet home with them to read and decide overnight whether they want this long term commitment. So far it has been working great. I want the new family to be well informed of the responsibilities. Hopefully this will help save the rabbit from ending up in a shelter.

Marrisa Campbell
Groesbeck , Texas
Holland Lop, English lops, mini lops, French lops, lionheads, Rex, mini Rex, Dutch, netherland dwarfs, California, composite, and Flemish giant
Ariella’s Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is run by me, Marrisa, my mom and my 2 sisters! We love rabbits and strive to provide others with the best rabbits for pet or breeding purposes.

Laura Wallace
Gustine, Texas
Wallace Family Farm
We have several rabbit breeds but are most proud of our Californians. We sell for our local 4H shows and as loving pets. Please email with picture request and additional contact information.

Jeff Brandes
Hallettsville, Texas
Brandes Rabbitry and Meat Pen Rabbits
We raise Californians. Meat pens are the bulk of our sales. We do sell for Roaster and Stewer divisions as in Jim Wells county. We do sell Breeder rabbits but its best to call well ahead of time. This is a hobby, we have a small rabbitry 25-30 does currently. we cull very hard. We don’t keep does because they are does. We only keep stock that has good features and at least one outstanding feature that would make a winning meat pen litter. If we say wow when posing a rabbit chances are it will be kept or sold for a Breeding stock. otherwise they get butchered. You can also find us on the web at: www.BrandesRabbitry.com.
(361) 798-0563

Heather Gear
Haltom City, Texas
Flemish Giants & Holland Lops
The Bunz Hole Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry specializing in the Blue variety of Flemish Giants. We also raise Holland Lops in Orange, Frosty, Chin, and Tort.

Shannon Roark
Harper, Texas
Mini Satin, English Lop, Lionhead
Das Hasenhaus
This is a rabbitry of about 100 rabbits in the Texas hill country. Concentration on type and temperament. We have won #1 Mini Satin breeder in Texas for 5 years and #2 Mini Satin breeder one year. We won Best of Variety Red at Satin Nationals in 2012. We also raise top quality English Lops and Lionheads.

Ray Alexander
Hempstead, Texas
Californians, Champagne D’ Argents
BNKH Rabbitry
We currently carry 50 Cal and 10 Champagne does and will be expanding in the coming year. We show both breeds and have success with each in breed shows as well as meat pen shows. We breed for both 4-H and FFA as well as open. We have an interesting story on how we became the BNKH Rabbitry and would be happy to share it, should anyone be interested.

Frank Bearden
Henderson, Texas
New Zealand Whites
T&F Rabbits
T&F Rabbits is a small backyard Rabbitry breeding quality New Zealand White Rabbits for show and pets. Our Rabbits are raised in a very clean and well kept environment. Our Rabbits are fed show quality feed with a fresh watering system. T&F Rabbits have been raising Rabbits for over 15 years.

Alf Mole
Hico, Texas
New Zealand (Red and White)
Hico Hoppers
We have happy, healthy NZ reds, whites. and crosses. Please call, or leave a message at any time.

Bonnie Quiroga
Hitchcock, Texas
Flemish Giant
Bellflower Industiries
Our rabbits are full-bred Flemish Giant. We like to keep things small so we can provide the much needed time and care for each rabbit. Our rabbits are handled daily, fed very well and considered members of our family.

Bobbi Smith
Hockley, Texas
New Zealand Whites
Smith Rabbitry
Most of my NZ Whites are pedigreed. Will have non pedigreed now and then. We are in SE Texas

Donna Stone
Holland, Texas
Californian and Mini Rex
Lil’ Texas Bunny Barn
Lil’ Texas Bunny Barn is a 60 cage facility housing both Californian and Mini Rex breeding rabbits. We serve several counties in Texas with Californian meat pens for youth county shows and provide Mini Rex rabbits for ARBA shows and pets. In addition to show rabbits, Lil’ Texas Bunny Barn offers rabbit supplies and equipment including cages, feeders, carrying cages, nest boxes, books and much more.

Coeli Sullivan
Hooks, Texas
English Angora
Sullifarm’s English Angoras
Hi! I’m 16 and I raise English Angoras in Hooks, Tx. All of my English Angoras are pedigreed and I show most of the babies before they are even sold. I strive to reach the ARBA standard of perfection for Angoras.
Pet and fiber quality rabbits are $75 and show quality bunnies are $100+. I take very good care of my rabbits and I sell them only to homes that will do the same! English Angoras are a wool breed, bred for their amazing softness and wool warmth. Due to this fact, they grow very long coats and will need to be housed where it stays cool and where they will receive bi-weekly grooming to keep away matts.
Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions or would like some pictures!

Brieanna Camper
Houston, Texas
Dutch, Rhinelander, Rex
Brie’s Bunny Barn
All of our rabbits are well taken care of and we look to assist up-n-coming rabbit breeders with their new herd. I have been an active member of the ARBA “American Rabbit Breeders Association” for over 3 years now. I specialize in Blue and Tortoise varieties of Dutch and a spokesman for the Rhinelander breed of rabbit. I hope to bring back the breed and take the Rhinelander off the rare breed list.
For information, pictures and prices contact me at https://www.facebook.com/BriesBunnyBarn/

Darneshia Reese
Houston, Texas
Flemish Giant, Males
darneshia reese

Diandra D
Houston, Texas
Holland Lop
Houston Holland Lops
We are a small-scale, family run rabbitry hobby breeder located in Spring, Texas just 30 minutes north of Houston serving the greater Houston metropolitan area.. Our Holland Lop rabbits are our pets and get regular exercise, organic hay, premium feed, filtered water, and plenty of attention from our family

Natalie Crawford
Houston, Texas
Mini Lop and Lop Eared Bunny
Lop eared bunnies

Kristyn Granat
Houston, Texas
KG Rabbitry
Californian rabbits raised and breed for FFA in the Cy-Fair area. Adult Californian Does and Buck, and young does shown in Washington County fair and Cy-Fair isd Livestock show.

Katherine Heller
Houston, Texas
K&H Rabbitry
I have graduated from High School and I am leaving home to go to college. So I have liquidated my assets and sold all of my rabbits. I don’t have any available rabbits, they are all gone. Sorry.

Sarah & Vicki Owen
Houston, TX
Tan, Himalayan, Britannia Petite, Polish
Owen’s Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry in Houston, TX specializing in Tan and Himalayan rabbits. We pride ourselves in raising good quality and sweet natured rabbits.

Stephanie Sanchez
Houston , Texas
I am selling 2 Californians one buck and one doe more info call me or I (prefer a text message)

Kendall Specht
Houston, Texas
Sunshine Rabbitry
I raise quality Dutch rabbits in black, blue and chocolate. Located in Houston, Texas area.

Taylor Byrd
Houston , Texas
Holland Lops
Lonestar Lops Rabbitry
We are a small, boutique sized Rabbitry located in The Woodlands, Texas. Our little Oasis of wooded meets modern living is tucked just outside the urban center of Houston, Texas. LSL specializes exclusively in raising Pedigreed Holland Lops for pet, brood, and occasionally, show potential.

J.R. Thomas
Houston, Texas
Rex, Standard Rex, Tamuk Composites
Animal Farm Rabbitry & Hatchery
Located outside Houston in Cypress, Texas. Our rabbitry has over 50 Rex (standard) breed stock and 40 Tamuk Composite breed stock. We raise meat for restaurants and for pet stores and back yard breeders who need great unrelated stock.
If you need a Rex or Tamuk Composite we sell them fluffy or nutritious!!

Jimmy Huh
Houston, Texas
Holland Lop
Jimmy’s Rabbitry
Jimmy’s Rabbitry offers quality holland lops

Sabrina Schwertner
Greater Houston Area, Texas
English Angora, Lionheads, Teddywidders, English Angoras, Fuzzy Lops, Lionlops
Our Little Barn
We raise quality Lionheads, Teddywidders, Fuzzy Lops, English Angoras, and Lionlops to share with our neighbors and friends. We strive to deliver quality and healthy bunnies to loving new homes. We are passionate and truly care about our bunnies and it shows when you come for a visit. All of our bunnies have their own unique names given to them by my youngest son. They are given the highest quality of food and hay and live inside an extremely cool air conditioned bunny shed. They also enjoy and outside courtyard area where they can run and play.

Kasey B
Houston/Tomball, Texas
Netherland Dwarf, Holland lop and Jersey wooly

Simone Crawford
Hubbard, Texas
Blanc de Hotot
Crawford rabbitry
We are selling Blanc de Hotot to increase their population in the US as they are close to being on the endangered list, they are also very friendly

Sabrina Thompson
Humble, Texas
American Chinchilla, Flemish Giants
The Humble Bunny Rabbitry
Small backyard rabbitry located in Humble Texas. We have Pedigree American Chinchilla’s and Flemish Giants! email is the best way to reach us! info@thehumblebunny.com

Deb Cartwright
Huntington, Texas
Harlequin, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Californians, New Zealands
Sanstar Rabbitry
Family owned and operated rabbitry. Raising and showing all breeds in open and youth shows on local, State and National level. We raise and show harlequin in japanese and magpie groups in all varieties and mini rex in blue, tort, red, chin, sable point. Hollands We do some meat rabbits for county show projects. We have holland in several varieties. Located in east TX near Huntington.

Loren Henry
Huntsville, Texas
Flemish Giant
Henry Farm
Small Farm that breeds Flemish Giant Rabbits for pets. Currently we only offer Fawn color.

Kristen Hutson
Jacksonville, TX
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
7K Rabbitry
I started out raising rabbits for my 4-H club. I have pedigree mini rexs and Holland lops that come from great blood-lines. My mini rex herd includes broken black, broken brown, broken red, red, and black casters. Also a few chinchillas. I’m just starting my Holland lop herd which includes brokens and torts. I have a 20 to 40 hole rabbitry(depending on time of year).
355 County Road 4219, Jacksonville Texas, 75766

Katherine Dixson
Jasper, Texas
New Zealand, California’s Flemish Giants
Dixson’s homestead & rabbitry
I have been raising rabbits sence 2008 . If you are interested in new Zealand or California’s give me a call or text.

Allison Letney
Jasper, Texas
Checkered Giant, Havana, Dwarf Hotot
Black and White

Ashley Beverly
Justin, Texas
Holland Lop and Mini Lop
Beverly Rabbitry
Award winning show rabbits

Jennifer Stephenson
Justin, Texas
Californian, Mini Satin Chinchilla, Californian
Jennifer Stephenson
Californian and mini satin chinchillas available.

Chad Treadway
Gatesville, Texas
Mini Rex, Standard Rex & French Lop
C, A & E Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits for about 7 years now. We started small and went into large operation with over 300 rabbits, packing and shipping meat. We have down sized to small rabbitry now just for raising show quality rabbits for the kids county fairs. We work hard to help the kids learn, raise and breed rabbits.

Piper Nitsch
Katy, Texas
Holland Lops
Family Treasures Rabbitry
A small family rabbitry, West of Houston TX. We do not keep pet or brood quality rabbits due to space, our show rabbits are our breeding stock and our pets. You can get a nice quality show animal for breeding due to a DQ such as missing toenails or in the case of our last jr. buck with two legs, a broken tip to his tail.

Autumn Turner
Katy, Texas
I just want 3 Californian rabbits. 2 does & 1 buck

Penny Newton
Kaufman, Texas
New Zealand, Californian, Mini Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Dutch Dwarfs, Polish, Harlequin and Flemish Giant
Penny’s Bunny Hutch (PBH)
I have raised rabbits for over 40 years. I find it interesting to talk to other breeders and hear their ideas. My children and our customers have brought home several Best of Show and Best of Breed ribbons as well as Grand Reserve Champion winnings. I keep several pedigree animals as well as some mixed breeds. We sell rabbits mainly as pets and show rabbits. Depending on the time of year our rabbitry usually consists of 350 – 700 rabbits. In two years I will retire from my teaching job and am planning to enlarge our rabbitry.
thejourneybegins2013@hotmail.com or penny.newton@edu.forneyisd.net
469-570-8694 text only please

Nancy Honea
Kerrville, Texas
Rex, Netherland Dwarfs and Texas Composites
Old Cypress Mill Bunny Farm
We are a small hobby Rabitry, located in Central Texas.
We are dedicated to preserving the breeds quality and standards in our breeding program.
We currently have 3 Rex Doe’s and 2 Bucks.
6 Texas Composite Does with 3 Bucks and
2 Netherland Dwarf Does with 1 Buck.
Old Cypress Mill’s Rex are show quality.
Our Amber Doe Carmello, has done well at the shows she competed in prior to coming to us.
Along with amber, we also have chocolates, lilacs, blues and blacks,
Our Netherland Dwarfs are beautuful pet quality stock.
We currently have black otter color.
The Texas Composites rabbits we have are great quality. Colors available in our Composites are chinchilla, in dark and light grey, black, chocolate, steel tipped and white.

Bryan Swicker Sr
Kerrville, Texas
Californian/New Zealand, Flemish Giants/Californian/New Zealand
Circle S Rabbitry
Right now we only have meat pen rabbits,
We are looking to buy pedigree Flemish Giants.
We are involved in 4-H, But there are not any rabbit shows close to us to start a 4-H rabbit club. We live in Kerr Co. Tx.
We really want to start a rabbit club here in The Texas Hill Country.

Russell Salazar
Kerrville, Texas
New Zealand, Californians, Harlequins, Rex, New Zealand Whites and Reds
RAM Rabbit Farm
RAM Rabbit Farm is a small size rabbitry with many different meat rabbits on a steady rotation. Currently averaging litters every 2-3 months. We have adult breeders to new born kits available. Please inquire about litters and colors currently in stock. See our Facebook page with kits available.

Kelly F.
Killeen, TX
English Angora
The Kelfla Project
We raise beautiful English Angoras for show and fiber.

Wesley McClain
Killeen , Texas
Californian, New Zealand
AWH Lonestar Rabbitry
We breed quality Californian and New Zealand meat pens for county shows!

Lia Worley
Kopperl, Texas
New Zealand, Holland Lops and New Zealands
Willow Springs Rabbitry
I show, raise and sell show and brood quality New Zealands and Holland Lops. I try to breed year around. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!

Todd and Angelina Andrews
Lampasas, Texas
Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarfs
Andrews’ Rabbit Ridge
Andrews’ Rabbit Ridge is a family owned Rabbitry. We started it all with 2 Mini Rex rabbits for our daughter as a 4-H project. From there we have added more to the herd and have also branched out to Netherland Dwarfs as well. Our goal here at Andrews’ Rabbit Ridge is to breed show quality rabbits.

Jessica Shanzer
La Vernia, Texas
Shanzer Rabbitry
We are a small family farm who are striving to produce quality show meat pen rabbits for our local 4H and FFA shows. We will do our best to accommodate your meat pen show rabbit needs.

Michelle Ellis
Leander, Texas
TAMUK (Texas A&M Composite Breed
Southern BlueBelles
We raise and sell T&M Composites, also known as TAMUKs. This ‘breed’ is a composite of 9 different meat breeds that were bred together in a special program at A&M over several years. They have thinner fur (to better cope with Texas summers), large litters, and mild dispositions. Adults usually weigh in at 8-10 lbs. Colors run the full gamut from Chinchilla to Orange to Blue-eyed white and more.

Megan Way
Leander, Texas
New Zealand
Megan’s Backyard Rabbits
Starting over. Currently I have New Zealand Reds but hope by summer I will have Blues. In also hope to have rabbits ready to go every month.

Amanda Eubanks
Liberty, Texas
American Blues and Whites
Texas Star Rabbitry
I have been raising Americans for over two years as a hobby. I started with a trio of American Blues. Since this breed is rare it was hard to locate any other breeders but I have been able to purchase a pair of American Whites.

Cindy Sandoval
Little Elm, Texas
Holland Lop, Lop-eared
Loppy Lion bunnies
We offer holland lop earred bunnies and lion head. All are handled daily and are comfortable around other animals.

Lem Burch
Livingston, TX
Californians, Mini Rex
Lem’s Hobby Rabbitry
Insulated Metal Pole Barn Tarp sides Hanging cages auto watering system
232 Hubert Lane, Livingston Texas, 77351

Mary Burnette
Livingston, Texas
Californians, Rex, New Zealand, Flemish Giants
Burnette’s Bunnies
Family owned and operated we raise meat pen rabbits and pets. Our rabbits are not pedigree rabbits and we cross breed colors and patterns as well as breeds i.e., Calif / NZ Calif/Giant etc. Our “pets” are well cared for, named, petted and loved each and every day by one of the staff. Some are tattooed and many are not. We have a variety of ages and certain times of the year. Call to see if we have what you are looking for or email us which is much easier. Hope you enjoy our rabbit website. God Bless, Mary and crew
POB 1138 Livingston, Texas 77351

Mr. and Mrs. Vailes
Livingston, Texas
Californians, Meat Pens
V Bunny Farm
We have quality Californian meat pen rabbits for sale for 4-H & FFA county shows in Texas. Contact us early about your breed dates and orders. Meat pens are sold 4 per pen. We have been breeding rabbits since our children got interested in 4-H back in 2005. Our most recent results: 2012 Results:
3rd place Meat Pen, Trinity Neches Livestock Show and Rodeo, Livingston, TX
2011: Grand Champion Meat Pen, Trinity Neches Livestock Show and Rodeo, Livingston, TX
2010: Grand Champion Meat Pen, San Augustine Co., TX

Jamie Jackson
Campbell, Texas
Himalayan and Rex
Get the Point? Rabbitry
I raise Himalayans in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac and a small herd of rex in californian, REW and broken.

Sandra Barahona-Fletes
Jourdanton, Texas
T&AM. Composed
The Magical Cottage
They weight between 6 to 8 lbs. Good for the heat weather. Excellent breeders. Beautiful colors. Teasty flavored meat

Mark Harral
Lubbock, Texas
Californian and Satin
Open A Rabbits
We use renewable energy to raise our rabbits which is apart of Department of Energy funded research project. We selected our meat rabbits due to the size and breeding capabilities. Feel free to reach out to learn more about our rabbits and research.

Laura Higgs
Lubbock, Texas
None of the above, American Blue, Californian, Caster/Harlequin/ pure black Rex, Harlequin, Mink coated mix
Higgs Pedigreed Rabbits
I would like American Blue to be featured but it’s not listed above.

Higgs Pedigreed Rabbits
I specialize in the endangered rabbit breed American Blue originating in America. The original blue American rabbits were initially known as the “German Blue Vienna”, later renamed as the “American Blue”, after World War 1. They were developed, in Pasadena, CA, by Lewis H Salisbury in 1917 and then recognized as a new breed of domesticated rabbit by the ARBA in 1918. The white variety of the American rabbit gained recognition, in 1925, by the ARBA. This breed is noted as a commercial or 6-class breed of rabbit, due to their size and body style. Additionally, American’s are known to have very sweet temperaments and are quite docile.
What is an American Rabbit ?
An American is a large breed of rabbit with a semi-arched type body. Unfortunately they have been added to the status of a “Rare Breed”; therefore they are considered as being in danger of extinction. They are a very hardy breed. They were created for the purpose of fur and meat production originally, but would make great pets because of their gentle nature. Additionally, the American doe’s are also known for having excellent mothering skills. This breed only has two colors recognized by ARBA, blue and white. There are rare cases a black will be born but is not showable but rather is used to cross breed to deepen the Blue tone in fur. The blue of this breed is considered as being the deepest, darkest fur of all blue rabbits.
Is my American Rabbit show quality?
Show quality American Standard rabbits are large, will a mandolin shaped body in which is displayed from the back of the shoulder, smoothly rising and rounding off over the hips then continues a smooth transition down to the base of the tail. Their head and ears should be in proportion to their body, although the ears are a bit narrow and taper off to a pointed tip. They should be well covered with dense but soft, with a silky texture and present with a firm, solid, muscular body which is well balanced from end to end and width-wise also.
Lifespan: 5-7 years
Name: American or American Standard
Size: 10-12 pounds / medium
Temperament: Sweet/Docile

Stephanie Justice
Luling, Texas
Mini Rex, Californian
Justice Rabbitry
We have lots of rabbits for sale! Great bloodline – several colors to choose: black, white, otter, broken black. 3 months, 6 months and up. Some are ready to breed now, they all make great pets or show animals. Downsizing our rabbitry a bit so priced to sell at $15 per rabbit.

Joe Tetley
Luling, Texas
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
M&J Rabbitry
We Raise and show holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs.
(830) 857-3543

Bonnie, Lewis & Dalton Brittain
Lumberton, Texas
Holland Lops, French Lops, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, Dutch, Californians
Brittain’s Bunnies
We are a small family run rabbitry in South East Texas. All of our bunnies are handled from birth so they are very loving and gentle. We specialize in Holland Lops but raise many different breeds.

Crystal Simmons
Lumberton, Texas
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Southern Jewel Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southeast Texas raising quality pure bred Holland Lop and American Fuzzy Lop rabbits. We have healthy, happy bunnies. Contact us for availability.

Michael Zernial
Lumberton, Texas
American Blues, Californians, Silver Foxes, Mini Rexes, Dutchs, Netherland Dwarfs, Mix breeds for meat or pets
Z’s Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry. Myself (Michael) & wife Susan. We have mostly American Blues. At this time I do not have a website but will be working on it in the near future. I mostly breed rabbits because I enjoy doing it. We breed for pets, meat, or even show. We can provide pedigrees on all American Blues, Californians, or Mini Rex. Silver Fox, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs & of course mixed do not come with pedigrees at this time.

Charley Stark
Madisonville , Texas
New Zealand (Texas A&M Kingsville line), Californian American (blue,white,black)
Deluxe Rabbits
New Zealand are Texas A&M Kingsville production whites.
Americans in blue black or white
californians are meat pen quality

James Countz
Magnolia, Texas
New Zealand
Countz Rabbitry
New Zealand Rabbits are a large breed. They usually get to be 10-12 lbs. With a 5-8 years lifespan. We breed our New Zealand rabbits mostly for their pelts and meat, as they are large, muscular animals that have a beautiful coat. However, they can also be kept as pets who will enjoy plenty of outdoor playtime with their human families.

Ann Allen
Manvel, Texas
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
A.B.A’s Bunny Shack
I am a small rabbitry that specializes in quality texas bunnies.

Kenneth Drews
Marlin, Texas
Palomino, Palomino (Lynx & Golden) Californian
Drews Rabbitry
Raising Californians & Palominos for over forty years. Make most of the rabbit shows in Central and North Texas areas. Will breed for meat pens.

Kira Martin
McKinney, Texas
Jersey Wooly
Periwinkle Woolies
Welcome to our rabbitry listing! We raise show quality Jersey Woolies in tan, self, and agouti colors. We strive to produce healthy animals and do our best maintaining a happy herd. We are very small and located in North Texas. Feel free to visit our Facebook page at Periwinkle Woolies! We strive to meet the ARBA Standard of Perfection for Jersey Woolies, and we can often be found at TX shows loving on our Woolies. Please let us know if you are interested in a rabbit! We’d love to help you out. 🙂

Gordon Green
Medina, Texas
Californians, New Zealand, Lop, Lionhead
Texas Bunny Rabbit Breeder Ranch
Located in texas hill country we currently offer four varieties of rabbits…

MJ Davis
Merkel, Texas
Californian and Black New Zealand
Big Country Rabbit Producers
We have put our 30 years of experience behind breeding the best meat rabbit possible. Find us on FaceBook @Big Country Rabbit Producers.

Kurt Von Ahn
Mexia, Texas
Heart of Texas Rabbitry
Providing show rabbits year round. Our Californian rabbits are specifically selected for top quality. Our rabbits are organically raised in a semi climed controled setting for optimal selection.

Katie Taylor
Midlothian, Texas
Holland Lop
Sonshine Rabbitry
Sonshine Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located 20 minutes south of Dallas. I focus on raising high quality Holland Lops for pets and also for show. I have a wide range of colors including BEWs. All of our Lops are a part of the family and we spend quality time with them daily. I am a member of the ARBA and also the Holland Lop Specialty Club. Holland Lops make great companions. Contact me today to make one a part of your family too!

Megan Padgett
Mineral Wells, Texas
Standard Chinchilla and Californian
Lil’ Clover Patch Farm
We’re a small labor-of-love farm located out of Mineral Wells, TX. In addition to various other critters, we raise two breeds of rabbits: Standard Chinchilla and Californian.
Our bunnies are happy and healthy, and we focus heavily on quality breeding, and quality of life. All of our breeding rabbits are housed in 5×10 outdoor pens, where they can hop, nibble, and just be bunnies. Bunnies under 4 months are housed in a 20×25 social pen.
We sell breeding stock with full pedigrees, in addition to non-breeding pets and as a healthy source of protein.

Haley Gengo
Montgomery, Texas
Lionhead, Mini lop, Mini Rex, Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lionhead Lop
Haley’s Rabbitry
I have mini lops, lionheads, mini lionhead lops, Fuzzy lop, and a mini rex. The babies are all super cute. I sell them for $60 and when you buy one I give you a zip lock bag of food. I’ve been breeding bunnies for about a year. I have some pedigree bunnies and some would be very good for showing. There great pets to have there soft and cuddly. If you ever want a small pet, get a bunny. You can have them inside. You can train them to use a litter box and everything basically like a cat. The best way to get ahold of me is by sending me a text I will text back ASAP.

Linda Gregory
Montgomery, Texas
Holland Lops
J&Z Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry has a inside air conditioned area which opens onto a outdoor porch. We keep are original male and female for breeding. They love being together and the male even helps with the bunnies when they come out of their nest. I look for good homes for my bunnies and love the expressions of the children when they pick out the one they want.
New Holland Lops born on 8/28/2015. Seven bunnies born to our wonderful mother, Fluffy. Our babies receive love and attention. Our Holland Lops have a reputation of being so sweet. Parents are on site. Color is a reddish brown with some black markings. Asking $40 for each bunny. Please call 281-744-4058 if you are interested.

Jill Richards
Montgomery, Texas
Richards Meat Pen Rabbits
Welcome to our site! We’re glad you stopped by!
We started raising Californian Meat Pen Rabbits in 1998. With the help of Ed Hauerland. Our girls, Tracy & Shelly Richards, did very well

Camille Stevens
Nacogdoches, Texas
New Zealand, Flemish Giant
East Texas Rabbitry
East Texas Rabbitry provides meat rabbits and pet rabbits to the public and is looking to expand commercially.

Kathryn Moore
Navasota, Texas
Americans, Mini Rex, Californians, Harlequin
Dunmoor Rabbitry
We raise quality rabbits for meat, show and pet. All rabbits are handled from birth and come with an option for pedigrees.

Madaline Lane
New Braunfels, Texas
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Californians, English Lop ,and others
Lil’ Lops Of Love Rabbitry
We are a small, family run rabbitry around 30 holes. We breed Hollands in Blue-Eyed White, Red, Harlequin , Tri, and some Torts, Black, and the other common colors as well as broken. In American Fuzzies we specialize in Frosty, Orange, and Brokens, as well as common colors. In Californians, we have blue himi, black himi, lilac himi, and chocolate (all 4 varieties). These are mainly for commercial purposes. I am planning to add English Lops VERY soon.I am a member of 4-H, FFA, and ARBA.

Kathy Dawson
New Boston, Texas
Rex, Cinnamon, Harlequin (Black Magpie and Japanese), Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Standard Rex, Rhinelander, Thrianta
Dawson’s Bunnie Barn
I’m a retired elementary school teacher. I started with 3 rabbits in 1984 and expanded to a full fleged rabbitry when my daughter and son started showing rabbits in FFA. After they graduated I had feel in love with the sweet fury animals and continued to raise them My daugther and I show several of our breeds in the open shows. I sell show quality, pet, and meat rabbits to all over. Since I’m retired. this is my hobby, which is a full time job. My rabbits are checked and treated monthly for ear mites. Nails and teeth are checked routinely. I handle all rabbits with care. I’m 30 mintues to an hour from the Arkansas, Lousiana, and Oklahoma state lines. in New Boston, Texas. If interested in or have any questions about any of my breeds please feel free to contact me.

William Purser
New Caney, Texas
Purser “Prestige Worldwide” Rabbitry
Been raising Californian rabbits the past 10 years. Kids are done and now in college. Numerous meat pen champions. Located north of Houston. Call 832 642 5618. Facebook page available.

Jane Morcom
Newcastle, Texas
New Zealand Whites, Reds, Blacks and Brokens and Californians
Springcreek Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in North Texas. I raise Californians and New Zealands whites, reds, blacks and brokens. If you need meat pens please let me know in advance when your show date is. My current price for a pen of 4 is $120.00.

Francis Ramos
North Houston, Texas
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolys, Lionheads
Jes Rabbitry
I have a small based rabbitry. Where we breed for show and pets. All of our bunnies are pedigree. Note we don’t have rabbits always available. Please email or call for availability. Thank you

Reynier Ramos
Houston, Texas
American Chinchilla and Giant Chinchilla
We are a family own and operated rabbitry. With over 20 years of experience in different breeds of rabbits, now we are Concentrated ONLY in American and Giant Chinchilla rabbits. All of our rabbits are full pedigreed. Since we are only based in quality not quantity we don’t always have rabbits available.
Feel free to contact me – reyrabbitry@gmail.com or 281-760-5101.

Christine Hospodar
Odem, Texas
Mini Rex
Christy’s Lil Critters
I raise Mini Rex Rabbits in my Back Yard they have their own area and have pens up off the ground. Fans that blow
on them all summer long . They are my Babies and I love to watch the little ones grow.

Alenna McCray
Odessa, Texas
Mixes, Lionheads, Lops
Marie’s Rabbitry
Mixes – 20-25$
Lionheads- 40$
Lops- 30$
Have been raising and breeding rabbits for 3-4 years now.
Do not do shipping or transportation.
Will be doing Mini Rexes & Flemish Giants eventually.

Odessa, Texas
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Dust ‘N’ Dawns Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry in west Texas. We raise Holland Lops in BEW,Tort,Tri, Harlequin,Chestnut & Brokens. Lionheads as of right now are in the colors BEW & Harlequin. We have great bloodlines, we breed for good sweet animals and very nice quality. We also raise a few New Zealands, Californians, Mini Rex and Mini Lops.

Emma Ford
Orange, Texas
Californian and Californian/New Zealand Whites (cross)
F&F Rabbitry
My rabbitry started out as an FFA/4H project and now its boomed into something more. Most of my rabbits are pure Californians, however some litters are sired by my new zealand white/Californian cross buck. They are good meat rabbits but also are tamed down enough to be pet rabbits. Each rabbit will be $8 each unless i am selling a breeder, the price may vary for breeders but all fryers will be $8. Sales to local clients are preferred. Keep in mind that i AM a high school student so i will not be as available as most other people.

Sarah and Jadyn Morris
Orange, Texas
Mini Rex, Mini Rex, New Zealands, Harlequin(Magpie),Dutch, and Mix Meat
Jadyn’s Bouncing Bunnies Rabbitry
We started out with 2 Mini Rex as pets that were show quality and pedigreed and have grown.. Our Mini Rex include blue, black, broken of those, and lilac Harlequin magpie(blue) also blue Dutch… New Zealand include Red, black, white and will be adding broken…98% of our rabbits are pedigreed and come from great lines..

Darrell Powell
Orange, Texas
O C Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry breeding for show and FFA/4H Meat Pens. We also raise Jr’s. for breeding stock. We may be a small rabbitry, but we produce top quality!
We build all welded wire hanging cages, galvanized after weld, put together with stainless steel hog rings. These cages are made to your specifications and made to last.
Example: 3-Hole (30″ D x 108″ L x 18″ H “babysaver”). Each hole is 30 x 36. $140

Lester & Mildred Deatherage
Paradise, Texas
New Zealand, White New Zealand, Black New Zealand, Dutch
I am a small breeder. I have all ages of rabbits. Please call or text 940.206.7675

Jeff Gordon
Paris, Texas
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
K and A Rabbitry
We have a 60 climate controlled environment rabbitry in Northeast Texas. We raise Holland Lops and Mini Rex for show, brood, and pet. We started in November of 2011 and have continued to grow since then. We really enjoy all the different breeders we meet from all the country. We are really looking forward to attending more of the shows this fall and spring. Please look us up on Face book at K and A Rabbitry.

Tim Johnson
Paris, Texas
French Angoras, English Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Satins
Tpop’s Barnyard Rabbitry
Small north east Texas breeder raising angoras for fur and raising lops and rexs for show and pets.

Josh Langford
Perryton , Texas
Rex, Rex standard and mini
Langford rex rabbits
New rabbitry in Perryton Texas. We have standard size rex black and white rabbits. We also keep mini rex rabbits with white, black brown broken or harlequin rabbits. We don’t mix our breeds. All our bunnies are treated with love whether for pet or to serve other needs. We feed only pellets, Timothy and free grazing.

Dewayne Avery
Petersburg, Texas
New Zealand, California Whites
Avery Rabbits
Due to health reason we need to cut back or sell out completely.

Josh Reynolds
Pinehurst, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Californian
Rabbits for Fun or Food
Raising meat pen rabbits. Different blood lines kept for good breeding sets. Rabbits for sale as pets or for meat.
Dressing service available if you prefer.

Bonita Hunt
Pittsburg, Texas
New Zealands, Meat Pens, Dwarf Hotots, Californians, Mini Lops, Dutch, Lionhead lops, Lionheads, Mini Satins, Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Holland Lops
Baileywick Rabbitry
I specialize, in raising lionhead Lops- they make excellent pets and are very sociable. I promote the NZ colors,for meat pens. I’m the Rabbit project leader and Superintendent for Camp County 4H. When you buy, from me, I furnish you with feed and a Beginners guide for you new friend. I also, provide all the info you need to raise your meat pens and my phone number is always available for any questions. I’m a nurse and I keep my rabbitry in tip top shape and my rabbits, are happy rabbits. They are handled,often. They are checked monthly for any ear mites and the nails are clipped. I use Purina Show Chow(Blue Bag).I have pet and show quality Rabbits. I love my rabbits and love to talk about rabbits. They make awesome and wonderful pets.

Ashley Mikel
Pittsburg, Texas
New Zealand Broken Black, Blacks and Reds and Lionhead
A&S Rabbitry
I have Broken Black, Blacks an Red Bew Zealand’s and Lionheads I raise all mine and sell them I raise and breed mine for our Camp Country Youth Project Show for the past two years!! I enjoy raise my rabbits!!

Vikki Kirby
Plantersville, Texas
Springen Rabbitry
We breed Lionhead rabbits.

Karrie Wilson
Pflugerville, Texas
Wilson Rabbitry
3 month old Full blooded REX bunnies
A new litter arrived this week will be ready in 12 weeks 8 full blooded REX litter

J.D. Cooley
Point Blank, Texas
Cal, White, Red, Broken NZ
Just started raising rabbits for meat
have about 50 does

Jackie Milton
Post, Texas
Jersey Woolies
M & P Rabbitry
Started almost 11 years ago with Havanas. We have required knowledge of many breeds so we can answer tons of questions. I am in the process of getting my registrar’s license.

David Kensing
Poteet, Texas
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
D&G Rabbitry
We are located in Poteet, Texas and strive to produce quality Holland Lop and Mini Rex Rabbits. We also raise and sell Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads. If you are interested in purchasing quality texas rabbits from us be sure to check out our new website or shoot us an email. Thanks!

Verena Naunheim
Princeton, Texas
Funny Bunny
We are a small rabbitry in Princeton TX (close to McKinney). We only breed purebread Lionhead bunnies. They are very even tempered and make great companions for kids. They can live inside or outside, but need some space to run.

Eugene Lowther
Princeton, Texas
None of the above, Taku-k, Texas A&M
Papas Rabbits
Raising Texas A&M cross breed rabbits for meat

Angela Arthur
Ralls, Texas
Satins and Mini Lops
Arthur Family Rabbitry
Dealing in quality show rabbits since 2004. Helping 4-Her’s and FFA kids is our specialty. Rabbits have been a wonderful learning experience for us and has helped many families build relationships. We have Mini Lops and Satin rabbits of all colors.

Becky Huff
Red Oaks, Texas
Netherland Dwarf
Bu Bu’s Bunnie’s
We raise Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.

Heather Watson
Red Rock, Texas
Californian, Holland Lop, Rex
Red Rock Rabbitry
Hi there! My daughter and I run a medium-sized rabbitry. We currently breed Californians, Holland Lops, and Rex. Our rabbitry generally has some rabbits for sale. We try to enter a couple shows a year, and post our results on Facebook. We are always open to information swapping!

Rebecca Dornai
Rhome, Texas
English Angora, Holland lops
Rue’s Rabbitry
Rue’s Rabbitry is a small farm that specializes in English Angoras and Holland lops. Pedigrees are available.

Joseph Gerlach
Rhome, Texas
New Zealand, New Zealand whites, Reds and soon to come blues
JBG Rabbritry
I am an new Person to raising rabbits in America. I have raised them for meat in new zealand for four years and now am hoping to get started out well here!

Heidi Alvarez
Richland Hills, Texas
None of the above, Flemish giants
Heidi’s giants
Show quality Flemish giants both buck and does available

Mildred/John Trimble
Riesel, Texas
Mini Rex, Rex, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Grassy Knoll Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry located in the Waco Tx. area. We have been breeding and raising rabbits for 5 years and showing rabbits for the past two years. We offer an assorted selection of varieties from Tri to Chinchilla and Broken varieties in Mini Rex, Chocolate Otter to Tri and Broken Varieties in Rex. Blues to Chinchilla in Holland Lop, and different varieties in Lionhead. If there is a specific color you are looking for please feel free to call/text/email. You can find us on Facebook as well.

Karen Morey
Rogers, TX
Californians, New Zealands, Polish
Bunnies Out Back
We raise quality winning meat pens and a few show quality polish. Our main interest is in helping 4H students with their fair projects. The new barn will hold around 40 does. Let us know if we can help.

Melissa Souhrada
Rogers, Texas
Flemish Giant, Mini Lops, Netherlands Dwarf
MBuns Rabbitry
New Rabbitry started by FFA member. Raising mainly Flemish Giants! Also have small litters of mini lops and Netherlands Dwarfs!

Jeff Foree
Holland Lop and Mini Rexes
Jeff’s rabbitry
Quality Holland lops for pets and show

Shelbie Boling
Royse City, Texas
Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, American Fuzzy Lop
Boling Babies RC
My sister and I breed rabbits for FFA and produce quality rabbits!

Rayna Bryan
Royse City, Texas
Holland Lop
RL Rabbitry
A small rabbitry in Texas specializing in friendly tort & broken tort Holland Lops.

Ginger Turner
San Angelo, Texas
Turner Farms
We are small rabbitry specializing in market rabbits for show and consumption. We raise show quality Californian rabbits. We have 18 breeders currently. Our children are involved in 4H and have really enjoyed showing rabbits.

Kimberly Hines
San angelo, Texas
New Zealand, Texas A&M Hybrid
Smallwood Farm and Apiary
We raise New Zealand Texas A&M rabbits. These hybrids do extremely well in the Texas heat. They make great furry friends but also a great source of meat. We have lots of colors to choose from: white, brown, black, and gray.

San Antonio, Texas
Holland Lops Bunnies
Alamo City Rabbitry
3 adorable bunnies are available they are friendly kind and litter box trained

L James
San Antonio, Texas
French Lop
Triple J Rabbittry Lovers
As a family, we love our lops and only want the best owners. We want our lops to find warm and loving homes. With over 20 years of experience with rabbits, we must say, this is by far our favorite breed. French Lops are absolutely sweet, friendly, and love a good petting. We currently have 8 beautiful French Lop kits who come from an impressive line of award-winning relatives. They were born January 24, 2015 and will be ready for their new homes in late April.
We only breed our Does twice a year to ensure the healthiest of pets. They are kept indoors away from the (at times) unforgivable Texas weather. Drop a line should you wish to own one of these adorable creatures!!

Kylie Mullis
San Antonio , Texas
I have 4 adults and 8 baby rabbits that I need to get rid of. Now that it is summer I don’t have that stuff to take care of them and I have tried.

Cynthia Cook
San Benito, Texas
Mini Rex
CD&J Mini Ranch
The small size, plush coat and friendly personalities of my Mini Rex rabbits make them one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the United States. They are very popular with exhibitors and only weigh from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds when fully grown. They are short and rather close coupled. The ideal length of fur is 5/8 inch, and the fur has a lustrous appearance and a plush-like effect which offers a distinct springy resistance to the touch.
My Mini Rex have a well-rounded back, with well-developed shoulders, midsection and hindquarters. The head is well-filled and set on a short neck, with thick ears. The fur is extremely dense, straight, and upright due to this and the very hot summers here, I keep them in a cool location with misting fans along with ice pads when needed.

Mary Parker
Sanger, TX
Holland Lops
Shady Bear Rabbitry
My girls and I raise holland lop bunnies. We have been raising rabbits for 3 years now. Members of ARBA.

Jamie Wheeler
Sanger, Texas
French Lop, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Polish, Californians
J&H Rabbitry
My daughter is specializing in French Lops, Flemish Giants, and Californians for FFA markets.
My son is breeding & showing Polish rabbits.
And for myself I breed Flemish Giants & Holland Lops.
Our goal is to help breed to the Standard of Perfection and all to have good show experiences.

Shelbi Butler
Santa Fe, Texas
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Sugar Bunny Farm
Our rabbitry strives to breed sweet, healthy bunnies for all families! We offer a range of colors and breeds.

Jeremy Troche
Scroggins, Texas
Holland Lop
Rabbitry in North east Texas. We have quality show Hollands and occasionally we will have some pets come out of litters.. You can email to get on the waiting list.. Lcsbunnies@gmail.com

Felecia Cheek
Sealy, Texas
Champagne D’ Argente, New Zealand Whites, Dutch
Cheeks Rabbit Habit and More
We are specializing in meat pen and production rabbits.We also have pets and occasionally breeders.We are continually up grading and adding new breeds.

April Sweet
Seguin, Texas
Holland Lops, French Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads, English Angoras, Jersey Woolys, Netherland Dwarfs
Sweet Rabbitry
Pet, Pedigree, and Show Bunnies. We offer BEW programs in our Holland Lops and our Lionheads.

Colby Layton
Seguin, Texas
None of the above, TAMUK/Texas Composite
Seguin Rabbitry
Seguin Rabbitry raises TAMUK/Texas Composite rabbits. This breed does great with the Texas heat as outdoor rabbits, they have large litters, grow quickly, remain very friendly, and have thick fur on their feet to prevent sore hocks.
Our rabbitry is small and family run by my wife and I in Seguin Texas, just outside of San Antonio. I work in Austin so deliveries to Austin are always a possibility.

Barbie Donnell
Seymour, Texas
Barbie’s Bunny’s
We have approx. 55 breeding does. Rabbits available now for late Jan. and Feb. Stock Shows.

Brad & Chad Donnell
Seymour, Texas
California and New Zealand
Family owned climate controlled North Texas Rabbitry facility. Providing high quality purebred California and New Zealand rabbits. We sell both meat pens and individual rabbits for 4H/FFA shows. We are proud to say our rabbits have numerously placed in shows. We love this business and are dedicated in supporting our youths! Phone contact is preferred.
Brad#940-257-8893 Chad#940-256-3350

Jennifer Hill
Sherman, Texas
Mini Rex
Six Hill Rabbitry
Breeder Of Mini Rex Rabbits In North Texas, Specializing In Black Otter Mini Rex In Both Solid And Broken. American Rabbit Breeders Assocation Registered Rabbitry #D2565

Cari & Rhett Parker
Sherman, Texas
Flemish Giants
Red River Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry located in Sherman, Texas, just minutes from the Red River. Our focus is Flemish Giants in Blue, Black, Light Gray, and White. Flemish Giants are good all- around rabbits, known for their docile personality and multipurposes as pets, show rabbits, and meat. We keep only high quality rabbits. All our rabbits have pedigrees and winning bloodlines.
If you are interested in a rabbit, let us know.

Pete Pistole
Sherman, Texas
Pistole’s Hoppers
I have Purchased one buck and three does. I live in an unincorped area and will retire soon. I plan on getting bigger and having more rabbits as I learn more about the trade.
385 Cedar Rd. Sherman Texas, 75090

Eric & Leah McInnis
Silsbee, TX
Californian, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant
Fox Meadows Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in southeast Texas. Our goal is to raise quality show rabbits, both for meat projects and breed projects. Our barn consists of mostly Californians but we are also focusing on a strong breed of Tri-colored Mini Rex and a herd of Flemish Giants.
4643 Fox Meadows Road, Silsbee Texas

Luke Van Ryn
Sisterdale, Texas
Flemish Giant
Holl Country Rabbits
Located in Sisterdale with over 20 years experience in both meat rabbits and show/pet breeding. Specialize in TAMUK and Flemish Giant breeds making for large, docile and loving rabbits that are very tolerant to the Texas heat. 830-388-8040

Sue Ellen Cruise
Smithville, Texas
Lionheads, Lops
Little Long Ears Farm
Here at Little Long Ears Family Farm, we raise very small donkeys and very fancy and beautiful rabbits. Our Long Ears come in all sizes and many colors but big or small they are loved and well cared for.

Wayne & Carolyn Wright
Smithville, TX
Californians, Palominos, Satins, Lionheads
Bar-J Rabbitry
We are ARBA members. We have a 70 Doe operation, focus on breeding and show stock in addition to Meat Pens. We travel to shows all over the United States.

Tate Shannon
Sonora, Texas
English Angoras, New Zealand Angora Cross
Sonora’s English Angoras Rabbitry
I breed and raise English Angoras for ARBA, 4-H, and FFA showing, and English Angora , New Zealand crosses for meat.

Lonny Harris
Splendora, Texas
Harris Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located north of Houston. We specialize in Californian show rabbits and 4H / FFA meat pens. We have traveled all over the US selecting some of the best bloodlines in the nation from some of the top breeders. If you are looking for a solid and well developed Californian show prospect, give us a call. Orders are taken year round for meat pens.

Taylor Byrd
Spring, Texas
Holland Lop
Lonestar Lops Rabbitry
We are a small, boutique sized rabbitry located in The Woodlands, Texas! Our little Oasis of wooded meets modern living is tucked just outside the urban center of Houston, Texas! Lonestar Lops specializes exclusively in raising Pedigreed Holland Lop Bunnies for pet, show or brood. (selectively). Our Hollands are not only our passion, they are apart of our family! All bunnies are housed in our Bunny Burrow which is located indoors. We feed Manna Pro select premium feed, two or more veggies everyday, home-made treats and lots of Timothy hay! Playtime is one of our daily activities for our adults and our kits in the nursery! We are a firm believer that quality is not solely about being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is also about temperament/disposition. It’s about individuality, and healthy development. All of our kits are socialized with our two rescue dogs, three rescue ducks (Yes, ducks!), as well as kids ranging from 3-13 years old. We start the potty training process here at LSL in hopes of an easy transition to their forever homes!

Kolten Burkes
Spring, Texas
Rex, Standard Rex, Californian
The First Best Thing Farms
Established in 1992, TFBT Farms brings country living to the city. Suburban life can be sustainable and our mission is to empower other suburbanites to make small changes in their daily lives that help create a healthier society and environment. Rabbits are a great way to supplement your diet with foods from your own yard and they make wonderful pets as well. We are here to show city dwellers that there is more to life than indoor jobs, grocery stores, and digital entertainment.

Larry Ellis
Spring, Texas
Larry Ellis
My daughter breeds rabbits for FFA and we have extras from showing. Some of these rabbits are from her Grand Champion Breeding Doe from show and her 3rd place Breeding Buck.
These would make good breeders for 4-H or FFA students.
Please contact me for more information 832-766-9154.

Michael Duross
Spring Branch/Bulverde, Texas
Californians, Holland Lops, American Chinchillas
Smithson Valley Farms Rabbitry
We are a small family farm just north of San Antonio. We provide meat pens for 4-H shows in central and south Texas.

JoAnn Wilabay
Satin Rabbit Den
White, Black, Broken, Chocolate, Silver, Californian

Sue Cruise
Smithville, Texas
Mini Lop
Texas Oaks
Mini Lops small farm family raised beautiful rabbits started in litterbox at 4 weeks .
Heathy and ready for homes . Text for pics and info

Olivia Welch
Rex, Standard Rex
Thin Blue Line Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry who breeds (standard) Rex rabbits. Located in Parker County, Tx. All of our rabbits are fully pedigreed. We sell rabbits for any purpose, especially 4-H and FFA.

Kesi Vanderzyden
Stanton, Texas
Mini Rex and Mini Rex/Californian mix
Kesi’s bun buns
Hello I breed mini rexes. I will travel to Midland to meet you if you need.

Tasha Pack
Stephenville , Texas
Lionheads, Silver Fox
Willow Way Rabbitry
We raise Silver Fox and Lionhead rabbits. We got our start when my daughter started showing rabbits in high school. We found the Silver Fox breed and fell in love with them! Later on, we ventured into Lionheads. We love our rabbits and love to connect others with show quality, meat, and pet rabbits.

Wes Archambeau
Stephenville , Texas
Flemish Giant, All 7 colors
Wes n Loris Flemish giants
We have about 150 rabbits

Margaret Crews
Stockdale, Texas
Californian and Mini Rex
Tailspin Farms Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Stockdale, TX. All our rabbits are given the best of care. We have Californian And New Zealands, which are raised for meat pens. We all so have Mini Rex’s. We have show and pet quality rabbits. We would be happy to answer any and all questions. Call or text me at: 210-771-7205.

Jeff & Lynn Daniels
Telephone, Texas
Palomino, Lynx Palomino, Flemish Giants, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, California
Dry Fork Rabbitry
We are a family owned and operated Rabbitry. With 20 + years experience in rabbit breeding. Our goal is to provide our customers with healthy, well maintained rabbits for show, meat, fur and family pets. We love meeting new people and visitors are always welcome to come see our rabbitry.

John Gillis, Jr
Terrell, Texas
New Zealand White
Double T Rabbitry
Pedigreed breeding, show stock and meat pens. Lot of trophy winners raised in insulated building with coolers for summer heat, animals tested yearly by vet. Member of ARBA# GILLJO04, TRBA and AFNZRB.

Terry Townsend
Texarkana, Texas
New Zealand Whites
TJ Rabbitry
We are now breeding 12 months a year. Have added AC to keep our rabbits happy and safe from the hot Texas summers. We have both pedigreed and non pedigreed rabbits right now but soon all breeding stock and offspring will pedigreed. Give us a call or email us for availability.

Carrie Braly
Thrall, Texas
New Zealands, Mixed
Braly Family Rabbitry
We breed New Zealand rabbits for use as pets, meat, show, and fur. We also have rabbits that are half New Zealand half mixed for those interested in a pet with more than just pure white fur. The mixed are also good for use as meat or fur. The New Zealands do not have a pedigree. They can still be shown in meat class competitions. The New Zealands come from stock bred at Texas A&M University. We are a small family run rabbitry who would like to supply to local 4H kids and private individuals. We do not have a commercial number of rabbits.

Ashley Fuller
Tomball, Texas
Lionheads, Mini Rex, English Spots, Harlequins
Stars Barn
We are a Texas Rabbitry. We raise show quality rabbits, but love them like our very own pets.

Samantha Henderson
Trenton, Texas
Californians, Dutch, Polish, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Show and pet quality rabbits. Pedigree and grade available. Meat pen rabbits. My rabbits are bred and raised by me and my kids. They are handled on a daily basis and well taken care of from birth.
I raise Californians, Mini Rex, Polish, Holland Lops, Dutch and Pets. If you are interested in a Pet or Show bunny for FFA or 4H give me a call. If I don’t have what you are looking for I can help you find the bunny of your choice.

Brian & Cindi Hinton
Trenton, TX
Holland Lops, Polish
Quietcreek Farm
We raise quality Holland Lops and Polish for show, breeding and pets in North Texas.

Scott Weems
Troy, Texas
Pride and Joy Farms
Family owned and operated Rabbitry. Our Rabbitry is Registered with The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and we are members of The Texas Breeders Association (TRBA) and The American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Keegan Foster
Valley View, Texas
Rex, Dutch, Mini Rex
Brown, Black and White

Sydney Harmon
Van Alstyne, Texas
New Zealand
Blue Rose Rabbitry
New Zealand Rabbits for Sale:
20$ each
Right now, we have 7 week old bunnies ready for new homes.
Very friendly.

Wayne Bender
Van Vleck, Texas
Bender Rabbits
Show bunnies for meat pens-californian s.

Jennifer Barney
Victoria, TX
Mini Rex
J Bar Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry. Right now we have Mini Rex but we will be adding more to the mix very soon. I breed and raise 100% pedigree Mini Rex rabbits. Our rabbits are handled daily by me and my children. Please contact with any questions or to purchase one of these sweet fur babies!! Thank you!!

Kaylie & Jack Demmer
Victoria, Texas
Polish, Californian Meat Pens
Green Bunny Barn Rabbitry
We breed nationally competitive Polish rabbits in black, blue, broken, chocolate, and REW. We also raise winning Californian meat pens. Orders for meat pens and single fryers fill up quickly so call ahead of time with your show date..

Caitlin Murray
Victoria, Texas
Californian, Californian, Mini-Rex, Crosses
14 Carrot Rabbitry
Show, breed, pet, and slaughter quality rabbits available year round. I have new litters every 1-2 months. If you’re looking for something specific, I’ll send you pictures of my males and females and you can choose which ones you want bred for a fee. Various ages available. I mainly have Californians but I have some half Cali/half mini-Rex mixes that make great pets. My Californians come from champion award winning lines. Competitive prices, and discounts given with proof of FFA, 4H, etc. registration.

Teresa Miller
Victoria, Texas
Funny Bunny Farms
We are a small rabbitry specializing in rex rabbits. We have black, white, blue, opal, castor, chocolate in otter, broken and self colors. We also raise tri colors in black/orange, blue/ fawn. Our primary goal is producing show quality animals with that great rex fur texture.

Caitlin Murray
Victoria, Texas
Californian, Mini Rex
14 Carrot Rabbitry
We pride ourselves on raising award-winning Californians for meat, show, stock, breeding, or pet purposes. I frequently travel to Oklahoma and will happily deliver to you if you are remotely on my way. All of my rabbits are litter-box trained. More photos and information is available on our Facebook page. Feel free to call, text, email, or message on Facebook anytime.

Daniel Anzaldua
Waco, Texas
Flemish Giants
Flemish Giant Rabbitry
We are a family farm located 15 minutes north of Waco, Texas. We currently have a Sandy Doe and a Fawn Buck. We are currently raising these for pets. We love to be with and handle our Flemish Giants. They are very sweet. Please feel free to contact us.

Rachel Lancaster
Waco, Texas
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Satins and Lionheads
Brazos Sunrise Farm Rabbitry
Specializing in friendly, happy dwarf bunnies,

Rachel Moberg
Waco, Texas
Holland Lop
Texas Holland Lops
We are a small rabbitry providing both Pedigreed and non-Pedigreed Holland Lop rabbits for pets or show.

Ashley & Braden Jones
Waco, Texas
Tan, Satin Rex, Californian, Harlequin, Tan Marten, Brown Marten, Silver Marten, Dwarf, New Zealand, Polish dwarfs, Netherland, Lion Head, Mini Lop, Lilac, Dutch, Mini Rex.
Rabbit Heaven
My husband has been in the rabbit business for over 10 years. We now work together to breed and sell pet rabbits and meat rabbits and we wholesale to local farms and businesses. We have over 14 varieties of rabbit breeds as well as a few mixed breeds. Our rabbits are well-maintained and loved by us with the help of our children. We enjoy rabbit farming and love seeing our happy customers with their precious pets. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business!

Daniel Anzaldua
Waco, Texas
Flemish Giant- Fawn, Sandy.
Flemish Giant Rabbitry
We currently breed sandy and fawn Flemish Giants. We are hoping to have blue and black Flemish Giants soon. We are located North of Waco, Texas.

Rochelle Burroughs
Waller, Texas
Romans 5:8 Rabbitry
We raise quality Californian Rabbits in Waller, Texas. Californian Breed Description: white with black ears and feet as well as tail. Contact us if you are interested in buying californian rabbits.

Dana Faber
Waller, Texas
Satin Angora
Gray Haven Farms
At Gray Haven Farms we breed to the ARBA standard of perfection for satin angora. We are members of the ARBA, NARBC, TRBC, and TARC.

Angel Graham
Watauga, Texas
Mini Rex
Graham Rabbitry
Small Mini Rabbitry in Watauga, TX. Family owned and operated. Cuddled and loved bunnies looking for homes! We have Mini Rex babies looking for a great family!

LesLee Lay
Waxahachie, Texas
New Zealand and American Blue cross
Lay’s Land
Lay’s Land Rabbits has two goals. First goal is to raise high quality rabbits. We believe to do that you must start with high quality linage. Our current breeding stock has it’s roots with John Gillis who is well known for his award winning New Zealands. And from Steven Coyne, who was mentored by John Gillis and is also an amazing breeder and mentor. Our second goal is to you. We are dedicated to helping others learn and enjoy there rabbits.
We raise big beautiful bouncing bunnies primarily for meat and breeding stock. Our current breeding stock is Red, Red Charlie, White, and Black New Zealands, American Blue and Blue New Zealand mix.

Gillian Davis
Waxahachie, Texas
Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Interstellar Rabbits
Gillian and Kaylee raise and show quality Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops and Mini Rex rabbits. They participate in youth and 4H shows around North Texas and surrounding areas.

Kim Vanderveen
Waxahachie, Texas
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, and Lionheads
Tailsend Rabbitry
My daughter and I started this in 2011. We are members of the ADHRC, ANDRC and ABRA. We are a small rabbitry located just south of Dallas.

Leo & Marizel Ybarra
Weslaco, Texas
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Californians, New Zealands
Lazy M Rabbitry
Here at the lazy m rabbitry we breed for show and pet we breed holland lops, mini rex, meat pens – californians – new zealands. We are located in weslaco texas.

Sonja Perko
Winnie, Texas
New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf
Sweetheart Bunnies
The funniest or socialize at a very young age they are sweet kind curious like to cuddle.

Cloey Edwards
Whitney, Texas
Cloey’s Lions
Hi! I’m Cloey! In my rabbitry we focus mainly on Lionheads of the shaded varieties, but there are a few exceptions to that. I have been breeding Lionheads for five years. I am a member of ARBA, 4H, TRBA, and FFA. My goal is to produce the best Lionheads I can! I breed only Lionheads so I can focus on that breed. I’ve bred many other breeds (Californians, mini Rex, holland lops, & jersey Woolies) but Lionheads are by far my favorite and I can’t wait to see the improvements lionhead breeders and myself will make in the breed. If you’re interested in any rabbits just get a hold of me and we’ll set up a time. I have rabbits for sale constantly during the year.

Jenny Hurst
Whitehouse, Texas
Holland Lop, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Rex
Jennys Rabbitry
I love raising bunnies ,they are the most loveable animals and I raise for pets. People have took my bunnies for pets and they have a family member they are so loved.

Sheree Jolley
Whitehouse, Texas
Flemish Giant, Rex, Holland Lop, Polish, Lionhead BEW,and Californian
Jolley Farms
We are here for all your rabbit needs!!

Ethan Hamilton
Whitesboro, Texas
New Zealand, Texas A & M New Zealands, Red New Zealands
Hamilton Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry in North Texas. We have New Zealands right now and plan to add more breeds soon including Angora and California.

Shelby Riney
Whitney, Texas
Holland Lops, Californians, New Zealand Reds
Diamond Oaks Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry located about 30 minutes from Waco, Texas. I raise show quality Holland Lops, Californians, and New Zealand reds. I am a member of the ARBA and strive to breed rabbits to the standards.

Terry Spears
Willis, Texas
Californians, Rex, Lops, Dwarfs, Dutch, LionHead
Rabbits Unlimited LLC
We are a USDA licensed rabbit breeder located in Willis, Texas. We have a variety of rabbits for pets and show. We have recently relocated to a climate controlled environment and will have rabbits available year round. Our Californians are available for 4H/FFA. Please check out our website www.rabbitsunlimited.com to see what we have available. If you would like to contact us please feel free to call or email.

Jamie Gattis
Wilson, Texas
Mini Rex, Holland Lop & Netherland Dwarf
JnP Farms Rabbitry
We raise Mini Rex, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf rabbits in this rabbitry. Primarily focusing on Mini Rex in the himalayan, black, blue, Tri and broken variety. We do raise some Hollands in chestnut, black, tort, orange and brokens of each color and are dabbling in BEW and Himalayan Netherlands (separately of course). If we do not have what you need, we will do our best to find it!

Tarah Nyberg
Wichita Falls , Texas
New Zealand Red, Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop, English Angora
T-squared Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry raising rabbits for meat, show, fiber and pets.
Our primary goal is to produce healthy rabbits with good temperaments that conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.
We are an ARBA registered Rabbitry (#D2715).
We also love Rabbit hopping and are training a few jumpers!

Trevor Campbell
The Woodlands, Texas
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Hillbilly Hops Rabbitry
Hillbilly Hops Rabbitry is a fledgling 4-H project but is taking off quickly. Our rabbits have shown to be successful not only as breeders, but as great show animals. They have good dispositions and have never shown signs of illness. Whether you’re interested in our rabbitry for a pedigreed-star-showing rabbit or a cherished family pet, I can guarantee that Hillbilly Hops will suit your needs.

Exotic Pets
The Woodlands, Texas
Holland lops, lionlops, Lionheads, Britannia Petites
Exotic Pets
Exotic Pets is a responsible rabbitry that raises a variety of rabbit breeds for pets.

Ararsr Sfgfdegg
The Woodlands, Texas
Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarfs
Silk Town Rabbitry
Our rabbits are the most prized rabbits you will ever see.

Kelsi Stracener-Figgins
Warren, Texas
Rex, Standard Rex and New Zealands
K&G Rebel Ranch
We raise all color varieties of New Zealand rabbits, as well as a wide variety of colors in Rex.

Korban Albrecht
Weatherford, Texas
None of the above, Rinelander, Dutch, Silky
KA Rabbitry
Hello, We hope you will join the KA Rabbitry family! We have healthy and happy rabbits! They often get to go out to the rabbit run, but they also enjoy there time in their cages being lazy! We hope you will enjoy your rabbits as much as we have!

Shelby Milner
Weatherford, Texas
Cardwell Rabbits
We will have pedigreed californians for sale coming soon. I will update you upon request. Text or call me for information.

Elizabeth Edwards
Wylie, Texas
French Angora, Lilacs, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Liz’s Lops and Angoras
we take pride in our rabbits and provide excellent papered show rabbits! we give discounts on youth showers.

Sergio Regalado
Zapata, Texas
RHR Running Heart Rabbitry
Running Heart Rabbitry is located in Zapata, Tx. Home of Falcon Lake, right In the Heart of South Texas. We raise Californians for 4H and FFA projects. We take pride in proving well bred, healthy rabbits for fryer, broiler and stewers or roasters meat pen competions. I currently have 45 – 50 holes and excellent does and bucks. Please provide us the opportunity to breed your next champion.

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