The Fair Hare Rabbitry

The Fair Hare Rabbitry is a small show and pet rabbitry located in the countryside of Missouri and specialized in Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarfs. Our focus is on improving the breeds and producing beautiful, pedigreed rabbits with outgoing personalities suited for both the show table and family life.

Here at The Fair Hare, our rabbits are cherished. All receive premium care and plenty of hands-on attention and play time. We carefully monitor personalities, allowing only docile, friendly rabbits in our breeding program. Aggressive or overly shy rabbits are never bred. Litters are born in indoor nurseries and handled frequently as they grow to ensure they are well-socialized for companionship.

Our breeding program aims to better the breeds according to ARBA standards. Parents are selected based on pedigree, confirmation, type, and temperament. We breed for proper head shape, body type, fur quality, and ear carriage in addition to health and personality. Our goal is to produce show quality rabbits suited for both exhibitions and family living.

Rabbits ready for new homes are placed at 10-14 weeks old once personalities are apparent. Adoption packages include supplies for an easy transition along with care instructions. As an ARBA member with 50+ years collective experience, you can trust our rabbits are pedigreed and bred with quality in mind.

Let The Fair Hare help you find your perfect Holland Lop, Mini Rex, or Netherland companion. Contact us today to learn more and see available bunnies! We look forward to matching you with a beautiful, well-socialized new friend.

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