Top 25 Rabbit Themed Gifts for Bunny Lovers

Bunny Rabbit Gifts

Rabbits are adorable pets with intriguing attributes. There is nothing more pleasing that giving a rabbit lover a rabbit-themed gift. There are many types of gifts you can choose from depending on what you prefer. You can order the kind of gift from online gift shops and have them shipped to you. Make sure you know what the person you are planning to gift prefers. There are many items to choose from ranging from stuffed animals to accessories you can use to make a fashion statement. With the affordable price points, you are able to choose the gift you can afford.

Best 25 Rabbit Gift Recommendations

1. Bunny with Heart Necklace

Bunny with Heart Necklace

You can choose to purchase the silver plated or the gold-coloured option. Gift this necklace to a special person to show them that you value their presence in your life. This gift is made from durable material and elegantly designed. The chain is made of fine links, and the bunny has a heart shape cut out of it.

2. Bunny Rabbit Chain Pendant

Bunny Rabbit Pendant

This necklace has a beautiful crystal design. The pendant has a silver setting that is crystal studded to add glam and sparkle. The white crystals together with a large solid get make up a bunny shaped pendant.

3. World’s Cutest Bunny Rabbit Backpack

World's Cutest Bunny Rabbit Backpack

Purchase this huggable backpack that is suitable for both children and teenagers. Make going to school for your child fun with this furry stuffed rabbit backpack. It comes in different colors that include pink, yellow, white, grey, and beige.

4. Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

Add girly charm to your outfit with this adorable bunny and rabbit studs. You can purchase a silver plated or gold colored earrings and accentuate your look. These studs are made of stainless steel so that they don’t affect your ears. These right sized earrings can be paired with your favorite bracelet and necklace.

5. Bunny Rabbit Stud Earrings, Semi-Precious Stones

Bunny Rabbit Stud Earrings

These studded earrings spice up your look with the incorporated semi-precious stones. The studs are rabbit shaped and are suitable for a casual look. Make a fashion statement with these animal-incorporated studs.

6. Bunny Rabbit Miniature Figurines Set

Bunny Rabbit Miniature Figurines Set

Design your daughter’s dollhouse with these cute and adorable miniature figurines. You can also use these decorations to vamp your living room table or the terrarium. This is a pleasant gift that comes in a beautiful package.

7. 3D Design Rabbit Socks

3D Design Rabbit Socks

Add these cozy and trendy bunny rabbit socks to your socks collection. You can wear them with skirts or jeans during cold seasons. Warm your feet with these rabbit themed socks.

8. Adorable 3 Bunny Charm Set

Adorable Bunny Charm Set

These are made from durable zinc alloy or Tibetan silver. The colors they come in include vintage bronze and aged silver. Match these with your outfit and make a fashion statement. This exclusive rabbit themed charm set is the perfect gift for anyone who is a bunny lover.

9. Adorable Large Ears Stuffed Animal

Adorable Bunny Stuffed Animal

They come in different colors that include brown, white, and pink. These larger than life stuffed animals work as cuddle bunnies as well as pillows. You can easily take a nap or lie on your back by supporting your head on one of these. They are versatile and can be used in the bedroom and even outdoors.

10. Bunny Rabbit Purse Design

Bunny Rabbit Purse Design

You can now leave your heavy handbag home, and this cute rabbit themed purse. It is designed to fit your phone and credit cards. You can now go shopping without carrying a bulky handbag. It is made of sturdy canvas, and it has a strong zipper that keeps everything safe from falling out. This small and beautiful purse is of good quality, guaranteed to serve you for a long time.

11. Adorable Bunny Ring

Adorable Bunny Ring

Gift a friend who loves rings with this well-thought gift. It is resizable, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. You can also purchase a vintage white ring with a pearl stud shaped like a rabbit. Complete your outfit with this adorable bunny ring.

12. Peter Rabbit Pillow Cover

Peter Rabbit Pillow Cover

This pillow cover is made from linen and cotton. The peter rabbit themed design is adorable and thoughtful. It comes in a plain white canvas that fits all standard sized square pillows. You can use this pillow cover for pillows in your bedroom and living room. Make your space lively with these peter rabbit pillow covers.

13. Handmade Rabbit Cloisonné Enamel Christmas Ornament

Enamel Christmas Rabbit Ornament

These unique decorative pieces are suitable for decorating your Christmas tree. They are economical as you can reuse them. Prepare for Christmas even early by purchasing these beautiful handmade cloisonné’s.

14. Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

This two piece set allows you to celebrate friendship. Surprise your best friend with this thoughtful gift. The pendants are made from zinc alloy which is strong and durable. The pendants weigh just 25 grams so they won’t weigh you down. Surprise your best friend with these cute and adorable necklaces.

15. Black and White Bunny Cushion Pillow

Black and White Bunny Cushion Pillow

These cotton made cushion pillows are puffed up with cotton. They are right-sized and comfortable. Add a warm and welcoming feeling to your living room by incorporating these bunny themed cushions. They have complementing colors that go well with your interior design.

16. Bugs Bunny Costume for Adults

Bugs Bunny Costume for Adults

Surprise your friend with these bugs bunny costume for your next cosplay event. The package comes with head and body mascot as well as hand and shoe covers. They are made from super soft plush, making them comfortable and breathable.

17. Bunny and Carrot Gel Pen

Bunny and Carrot Gel Pen

These plastic made gel pens are a beautiful addition to an office. They can be used by adults and school going children. Use this rabbit incorporated pen to take notes at meetings as well as at school. Add fun to school work and your office space with these rabbit gifts.

18. Best Friend Zootopia Themed Apparel – couple Shirt

Best Friend Zootopia Themed T Shirts

These are made from modal and spandex blended fabrics. Celebrate friendship with these O-neck high hem cut shirts. If your friend is a fan of the movie Zootopia, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are the perfect representation of friendship.

19. Bunny Rabbit Halloween Face Mask

Bunny Rabbit Halloween Face Mask

Add an air of mystery by wearing this facemask to a Halloween party. Because they are versatile, there is no limit to what Halloween party they can be worn to. They are recommended to be used as photo booth props.

20. Bunny Rabbit Watch, Limited Edition

Bunny Rabbit Watch

Make a fashion statement with this stainless steel bodied watch. The clock face comes customized with a vintage image of a bunny rabbit. Its elegant design and durable plated stainless steel make it the excellent rabbit gift. It has sturdy straps and a quartz movement that shows accurate time.

21. Bunny Themed Cotton Fabric

Bunny Themed Cotton Fabric

This rabbit themed fabric is perfect for your DIY projects. The twill fabric is made from cotton and has beautiful patterns. You can use this fabric to make pillowcases or tablecloths.

22. Cartoony Rabbit Figurine Statue

Cartoony Rabbit Figurine Statue

You can choose to purchase one figurine statue or all eight of them and use them as decorative pieces on your tableau or mini garden. There are different characters available, making this set of rabbit gifts versatile and cost-effective.

23. Colorful Kawaii Rabbit T-shirt

Colorful Kawaii Rabbit T Shirt

Its made from broadcloth fabric, these rabbit themed t-shirts come in all sizes. They are short sleeved and are round necked. The breathable fabric is of excellent quality allowing you to wear them all day and stay fresh.

24. Bunny Slippers for children

Bunny Slippers for Children

Surprise your little one with this cute and comfortable slip-on. These are quality footwear that comes in sky blue, pink and rose. They have anti-skid properties that prevent your child from sliding and falling.

25. Fluffy Pompom Bunny Keyring

Fluffy Pompom Bunny Keyring

These hand-made key holders make it hard for you to lose your keys as they are easily noticeable when they fall. They come in different colors that are vibrant and beautiful. These fluffy pompoms come in different colors that include pink, black, and white.

Rabbit Gift Selection Tips

When selecting a gift for a friend or a family member, ensuring it is an item that they will appreciate. Make sure you know their preferences before buying a gift for them. The following are some tips you can use to select rabbit gifts.

• When purchasing online, ensure you buy from a reputable online shop that has fast delivery services.
• Find out the right size of the person you are buying for in case you are buying footwear or clothing
• Compare online prices so that you get the best deal

Bunny Gift Ideas

There are many ideas you can use to purchase rabbit gifts depending on whom you are buying. For instance, if you are buying toys or footwear for a little child, consider the animation movies that intrigue them. You can also celebrate friendship with bracelets and necklaces.

Types of Bunny Gifts

Types of bunny gifts you can choose from are countless. You can purchase jewellery, clothing or even footwear that are rabbit themed. There are also toys and miniature figurines you can buy for children.

Bunny Gift Prices

Prices vary from shop to shop. Before you purchase a bunny gift, ensure you compare prices so that you get the best deals. Purchase when there is a discount or a promotion to get gifts at affordable prices.


In case you have a loving rabbit friend, relative or colleague, consider buying them a rabbit-themed gift. There is a wide variety of gifts you can choose from that incorporate a rabbit character.