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Brooke B.
Alpine, Utah
Holland Lops
All Original Rabbitry
We are a little rabbitry right now but are still growing. We love our rabbits and make sure they get the love and care they need!

Mark Kettle
American Fork, Utah
New Zealand, New Zealand Dutch
Kettle Rabbitry
Here at Kettle Rabbitry, we are a family run business. We raise rabbits in a clean, well-maintained environment. We are striving to have the best New Zealand line that we can produce show quality animals along with top producing quality commercial stock. We offer Black, Whites, Reds, Broken Black. We also offer top quality Dutch in Blue, Black and Steel. We have Stud Bucks, Breeding Does of all colors. We are also a member of the ARBA.

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Emma Hoggard
Bear River City, Utah
Holland Lop, English Angora
River Valley Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry just starting out, and we will be breeding English Angoras and possibly Dutch in the future. Our babies will be handled a ton in order to make them very good pets, companions, breeders and show rabbits.

Giovana Willits
Bluffdale, Utah
Holland Lops
Gio’s Holland Lop of Utah
Our rabbitry is located in Bluffdale Utah. We only breed Holland lops and our main focus is to produce genetically strong animals with Great temperament and type. We only breed within our own herd to protect our rabbits. All of our rabbits have daily playtime,the best diet in the industry and spacious custom built wooden hutches. They are handled and interacted with daily. What sets us apart is that we started the potty training program that many are claiming,but our rabbits live in wood floors not sure cages. They are clean and tame.
We are the only USDA approved Holland Lop rabbitry in Utah,we are licensed and registered ARBA rabbitry and BBB accredited.
We ship our rabbits worldwide!

Vicky Sleeman
Brigham City, Utah
Holland Lop
Tickle Me Pink Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry specializing in quality Holland Lops for show and pet. Our bunnies are bred for adorable personality and great Holland lop type. We have a variety of colors in our barn including sable point, tort, chestnut, black, blue, orange, black otter, and chocolate otter

Alice Hill
Cedar City, Utah
Holland Lops
Alice’s Hollands
Here at Alice’s Hollands we are a small breeder located in Southern Utah. We always breed for quality over quantity, preferring well socialized, healthy rabbits over anything else. Our Hollands are handled everyday and bred for friendly temperaments and unique colors.
We only have 2 females and 1 male, all are fully pedigreed.
Because of our small size we will only have a few litters a year.

Christina Hacking
Cedar City, Utah
New Zealand and Califorian
Blue Springs Rabbitry
We are an ARBA rabbit breeder, and we breed for showing. We sometimes have quality breeders and show animals available.

Leann Pratt
Cedar City, Utah
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Silver Fox
Fuzzy Funny Bunny Farm
I strive to provide quality rabbits to feed my family and hopefully yours. I am a smaller facility that takes every opportunity to assure my customers are satisfied with my product. My kids love to handle the rabbits as often as possible so they are good as dinner dates and also life long companions. I have purebred Flemish Giants, New Zealand and will add Silver Fox soon. At this time I plan to sell purebred but upon request I might have a cross or two available also. Feel free to contact me at anytime with questions. babywolfc@gmail.com

Meagan Perry
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Mini Rex
Blue Moon Rabbitry
We own a small rabbitry located near Sandy, Utah. We started our rabbitry in 2016. I raise Mini Rex in Chinchilla and Otter, and occasionally get Sable Agouti and Himalayan as well as a few other colors. Most of my rabbits are Pedigreed, and all are purebred. Many of them are from show lines, and I strive to produce quality rabbits with excellent color and great temperament. All of my rabbits are interacted with dayly. Please text or email me with further questions or to see what I currently have available.

Michael Litchford
Deweyville, Utah
Californian, Purebred, Pedigreed Americans and Californian.
Mountain Shadow Rabbitry ARBA #D9721
I raise and sell Purebred, Pedigreed Californian and American rabbits. I strive for ARBA SOP. The American rabbit is a Heratige Breed and very hard to find. I keep the best and cull the rest. I have both the Blue and white. My goal is to preserve the Breed it was on the Endangered list but is slowly on the comeback. I also breed and sell Purebred, Pedigreed Californian rabbits which I also strive for ARBA SOP.

Josh Smith
Draper, Utah
Mini Rex
Hi everyone this is O.C.C.MiniRexRabbitry I raise all pedigreed Mini Rex Rabbits. My rabbitry breeds color with color so that I can pruduce the best show rabbits that there are. so just email me at either O.C.C.MiniRexRabbitry@gmail.com

Josh Williams
Eagle Mountain, Utah
Rex, New Zealand reds and blacks, Standard Rex’s (lots of colors), and occasionally NZ/Rex mixes
Coney Cottage Rabbitry
My name is Josh Williams, I’m 17, I raise rabbits because, 1- I love animals, and 2- I want to be more self sufficient and raising rabbits is one way I can earn a little money and raise my own food, while doing something I love.
My goal is to have happy healthy rabbits that I can sell for meat, fur, pets or breeding, and have happy customers who are satisfied with their rabbit(s). If for whatever reason a purchased rabbit dies, is ill, or the customer is unhappy with the rabbit, for two weeks after the purchase they can get their money back, or get another rabbit. After two weeks(at which point I may not recognize the rabbit as one of mine and it’d be easy for someone to bring a totally different rabbit and take advantage of my policy, and any health problems present by then are very unlikely to have been my fault) I won’t do so.
I have New Zealand Reds, Blacks, and Agouti(though this color in NZ’s is not recognized by ARBA) my goal is to have a constant supply of them so people can buy them year round, and those not sold will be culled and go in the freezer to feed people. The average weight for my NZ’s is 8-9 lbs.
I also have standard Rex rabbits, and a variety of colors from solid blacks, reds and whites to broken reds, broken blacks, black agouti’s, and another I don’t know the official name for but it is basically a broken grey/sable, very pretty. Their fur is very soft, very pretty and doesn’t fall out when you tan a hide(at least it hasn’t for me, I use the native american “brain tanning” method, maybe the chemical tanning would effect it differently, I don’t know). My Rex’s on average weigh 9-10 lbs, and the smallest litter any of my Rex does have had is 6 kits. One of my does recently had 11 and raised them all like a pro, not one died, so they’re great mama’s.
I do my best to keep my rabbitry clean and keep all my rabbits happy and healthy. My rabbits are never treated cruelly and are given plenty of attentive care. I feed my rabbits alfalfa pellets(unless I can’t obtain it, then I use commercial pellets) and fresh grass+alfalfa, and homemade hay. I have 3 breeder bucks, 6 breeder does, and a constantly changing number of baby bunnies.
If you have any questions, feel free to call, text or email me.
Thanks! Coney Cottage Rabbitry;)

Diane Taylor
Ephraim, Utah
New Zealand Whites
All rabbits are purebred, pedigreed, commercial stock. Fast growing, large litters. $20.00 each.

Kaitlin Thatcher
Farmington, Utah
Mini Rex
Thatcher Rabbitry
We are a family that has been breeding, selling, & raising mini rex rabbits since 2009! we haven’t been to a show in years, but are still members of ARBA & NMRC.
We specialize in black, blue, & castor.
and are now working with chinchilla & orange tri colors.
we work hard to ensure our bunnies are friendly, and beautiful. we make sure they are well taken care of, get plenty of free time, and are familiarized with people of all ages.
At this time, i would describe our rabbits as slightly above average. they would not be 1st place winners, but could be in the top 10. if you would like more information check out our website or contact me (text is best)

Alex Crenshaw
Ferris, Utah
Taylor Farm Rabbitry
We breed quality rabbits for pet and show.

Natasha Wilson
Fisher Branch Manitoba, Utah
New Zealand, Mini Rex and meat mixes
T-Rex Rabbits
I raise purebred new Zealand’s and purebred mini Rex rabbits for meat, pets and for their pelts. I also raise mixed rabbits as well. I am located near fisher branch manitoba and occasionally i do have pet rabbits for sale.

Brandy Reader
Herrmian, Utah
English Angora
Antelope Island Angoras
Please update the listing with updated Last Name “Reader” and updated email “shopgirlslc@gmail.com”
Thank You


Kristen Hewlett
Honeyville, Utah
Holland Lops
Honeyville Hollands Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry out of Northern Utah that is specializing in the Holland Lop. We are working to breed high quality rabbits with rare colors as well. Right now we are working on the blue eyed white, sable points, frosties, and squirrels.

Deborah Larsen
Honeyville, Utah
Holland Lops
Larsen’s Lops Rabbitry
We are a unique little rabbitry located in Honeyville, UT. Our goal is to give you a wonderfully sweet bunny that you will love as part of your family for a very long time. We have a small herd and focus our breeding on rare color. The thing that sets us apart from most other rabbitries is that we snuggle our babies every day so they are very accustomed to people (including children) by the time you are able to adopt them. Our rabbits grow up trusting people which makes them a fabulous addition to your family. We also take pictures of the babies nearly every day, so you can watch you new bunny grow up from the time it is born to the day of adoption!

Brittany Ashby
Hooper, Utah
Ashby Acres Rabbitry
I raise pedigreed Rex in a variety of colors, including Castor, Chinchilla, Otter, and Chocolate. I strive for show quality body type and a good temperment in my breeding program. I often have babies for sale, and occasionally have adults available. Check out my Facebook page Ashby Acres Rabbitry to see photos of some of my stock.

Michelle Oviatt
Huntington, Utah
Satin (red), NZ/Satin mixes, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Flemish Giant, Silver Fox, Havana, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Hoppy Haven Rabbitry
My goal at Hoppy Haven is to offer high quality, pedigreed show and breeding rabbits as well as meat rabbits from various breeds. I love everyone of my bunnies and want the ones I sell to find good homes where they will be loved and cared for. I am learning more about breeding colors together as well for the best traits.

Linda Feick
Fruit Heights, Utah
Netherland Dwarf
Nazca Rabbitry
Here at Nazca Rabbitry we are dedicated to raising purebred and pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs in some of the common varieties as well as the rare! We strive to produce Quality Netherlands from outstanding, and phenomenal bloodlines from across the county. Our rabbits have placed high at national and local shows and the reason for that is that I am dedicated to the improvement of the breed through careful selection and breeding. My goal for my breeding program is to breed as closely as possible to what the Netherland Dwarf standard calls for, concentrating on body type, coat and ears. Temperament is a crucial factor in showing, breeding and companion pets. I specialize ONLY in Netherlands concentrating my efforts to breed top quality bunnies that place well on the show table as well as bring joy to families that are acquiring companion animals.

Hiedi Butterfield
Kingston, Utah
New Zealand Whites, Californians, Silver Fox & Champagne D’Argents
Double B Bunnies Rabbitry
We sell quality Silver Fox, New Zealand Whites, Californians & Champagne D’Argent. We sell rabbits for meat as well as for breeding and Show quality. We have meat pens all year around!! We also sell Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Havana & Dutch. All rabbits can be pedigreed for a slightly higher price. You can email anytime for information on all our breeds.

Cindy Bennett
Layton, Utah
Orchard Hill Rex Rabbitry
We raise very high-quality Rex rabbits in the following varieties: Broken, Castor, Red, and Tricolor. We are nationally ranked. Our rabbitry is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We often have breeding stock for sale, as well as younger rabbits. If you contact us, we can evaluate which rabbits would be the best for your needs. If we don’t have the right rabbit(s) for you, we may be able to refer you to someone who would have the right animal(s) for your breeding and showing program.

Kinsley Wood
Lehi, Utah
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Carter Creek Rabbitry
We breed quality Holland lops and darling Lionheads. We are a small rabbitry, located in beautiful Lehi, Utah.

Cambrie Gurr
Logan, Utah
Mini Lop, Holland Lops, Lop Mixes
Little Pumpkin’s Rabbitry
I breed some of the highest quality Mini Lops in the country. I also breed Holland Lops. Mini Lops are my main breed and they are all pedigreed and purebred. They are raised in good conditions with lots of handling and love every day. They get to run around and play all the time. I sell my rabbits only to loving homes. Please text me at 4359999748.

Loreena Parkinson
Magna, Utah
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Loreenas Rabbitry
I sell both Holland Lops and Lionheads. Am fairly small but should always have babies available.

Shawn Simons
Magna, Utah
Garden Spot Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry concentrating on producing the highest quality standard Rex rabbits possible. Emphasis on self-colors: blues,blacks, and chocolates. We also have castors,reds, and brokens. Most rabbits can be pedigreed for a slightly higher price. We are always open to purchasing high quality, pedigreed young breeding stock in the self-colored categories. We also offer breeding service from our great bucks in the right circumstances.

Natalie Gabbitas
Magna, Utah
Mini Rex
Gabby Rabbitry
Small and new but have lots of cute babies for sale!

Tom Wigginton
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Western Rabbits
we sale mostly for meat and breading

Brittany Ashby
Ogden, Utah
Rex, Flemish/Californian Cross
Brittany Ashby
Rex rabbits
Focusing on the colors
I have other colors available occasionally.
Pedigree and partial pedigree available.
I raise a meat cross that is comprised of flemish giant and californian blood lines. I breed for substantial size at a young age, as well as a calm temperament and good mothering abilities.

Phillip Peck
Ogden, Utah
Silver Fox
Royal Meadows Rabbitry
Currently raising black and blue color silver foxes. Not currently ARBA Registered, but detailed pedigrees are kept for all rabbits and litters.

Allison Booth
Orem, Utah
English Angora, Satin Angora, Netherland Dwarf
Fluffy Business Rabbitry
We specialize in purebred and pedigreed bunnies that are given plenty of room to breathe and display all their bunny antics. We strive to keep our bunnies well groomed and loved so that they are as healthy and happy as possible when they go home with you. Our current breeds are Satin Angoras, English Angoras, BEW Netherland Dwarfs, and we are looking forward to adding German Angoras to our herd.

Erin Hausam
Orem, Utah
Mini Rex
Hazel’s Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in Utah. I am a member of the ARBA and NMRRC. I raise Black and Himalayan variety Mini Rex, and will soon obtain pedigree stock!

Annie Miller
Panguitch, Utah
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Rex, Harlequins, and New Zealands
Miller Livestock and Rabbitry
We specialize in raising show quality rabbits in the following breeds: Flemish Giants: Fawn & Sandy Variety. Holland Lops: Solids and Brokens. Rex: Solids and Brokens. Harlequins: Yes the actual Breed not just the color and last but not least New Zealand Whites.
We have had the great honor to buy from some of the best breeders in the country and continue to strive for the best quality to meet the ARBA Standards. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via phone, email or website.

Tina Hewlett
Perry, Utah
Holland Lops
Perry Hills Rabbitry
Perry Hills Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Northern Utah specializing in beautiful purebred Holland Lop rabbits for pets and show. We will also be working on our small Blue-Eyed White line.

David Young
Provo, Utah
Mini Rexs, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands, Californians
Young Family Rabbitry
We Specialize in pure breed Mini rexs and Netherland Dwarfs, We have Californians and mixed breeds, We Sale them as The litters come along $20.00 for mixed breeds and $40.00 for pure breds.

Paige Ellsworth
Riverton, Utah
Lionhead and Dwarf Hotot
Sweet Cheeks Rabbitry
We raise Dwarf Hotots and Lionheads to show and breed to become as close to the standard as possible.

Shawnna Blackburn
Roy, Utah
Mini Rex
Kritter Kamp Rabbits
We are working on tricolor mini rexes at this time. We also have some excellent castor coloration. We were members are ARBA a while ago and hope to get back to the shows soon. Our rabbit herd is small at this time but diverse. All our rabbits have 3 generation+ recorded and available. We enjoy each of our rabbits and their different personalities.

Angelique Grossett
Roy, Utah
Dwarf Hotot, Long-Haired, Double-Mane Lionhead
Angel’s rabbitry
My name is Angelique Grossett, I own a male Dwarf- long haired- double main- lion head bunny, he has a broken color consisting of white and tan. He is in excellent health and I would love to start breeding him. I’ve had him for almost three years no and have decided that it’s time to start breeding him. I am a member of FFA (Future Farmer of America) and I am doing a summer agriculture project that consists of breeding my bunny with other people but also raising and learning to take care of several of them. Contact me if you are willing to help me with my project and help me with furthering my career in animal care.

Elise Van Tassell
Roy, Utah
New Zealand, Rex, Californian, Flemish Giant
Van Tassell Family Ranch
We strive to give our rabbits a very happy life while breeding for meat purposes with our large rabbits and for pets with our Rex rabbits.

Ariel Brow
Salt Lake City, Utah
Holland Lops
Brow Family Rabbitry
We are small rabbitry located in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in Pedigree Holland Lops. Feel free to contact us if you live around Salt Lake City and are looking to find quality rabbits.

Bryan Hope
Salt Lake City, Utah
New Zealand White and Polish Dwarf
Hope Rabbitry
We currently just had our first litter so will nor be selling quite yet. I will inform you when rabbits are up fo sale.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops, New Zealands
Little Rascal’s Rabbitry
LRR raises Holland Lops and Dwarf Hotots for ARBA showing purposes. We also raise New Zealands and Californians for many purposes on the side. We are a prized rabbitry in the state of Utah.

Ashley & Sarah S.
Sandy, Utah
Jersey Woolies and Netherland Dwarfs
Wasatch Hills Rabbitry
Wasatch Hills Rabbitry is located in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains in Sandy, Utah. Where we strive to produce quality Jersey Wooly & Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and breeding purposes with occasional pets. We specialize in Self colors: Chocolate, Lilac, Black, and Blue in Broken, Solid, and Otter.
Check out our website for more information or send us an email.

Sandy, Utah
French Angora
Yellow Barn Rabbitry
Yellow Barn Rabbitry is a small-scale French angora breeder. We are committed to raising healthy, fully pedigreed, happy rabbits suitable for wool and/or show. Currently featuring 2 genetic lines:
– REW, sable pearl, sable, and smoke.
-black tortoiseshell, black self, REW carriers.
Current lines have multiple legs in each pedigree. Sire of both lines has GC in his pedigree.
We only breed once or twice per year.
-Breed-on-demand requests with deposit welcomed.
-Stud service available with one kit trade.
Will work with any safe transport you arrange. Discount for purchase of multiple kits.
Pedigree paperwork always included in the price!
Check us out at: facebook.com/YellowBarnRabbitry
Contact us by email, fb messaging, or text. No calls, please.

Julia Wilkins
Sandy, Utah
Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant
Tinstar Heritage Farm
Experienced rabbit breeders located conveniently in urban Northern Utah. We breed color-true show and pet quality Flemish Giant rabbits and show/meat quality Checkered Giant rabbits.

Bryan Rasmussen
Saratoga Springs, Utah
Polishs, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops
Rasmussen Rabbitry
We specialize in breeding Polish, Dwarf Hotot and Holland Lop for show and pets.

South Ogden, Utah
Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Rex
Canyon Rabbitry
I always have rabbits available. I’m starting to get into manly rabbits and blue eyed rabbits.

Dustin Gunter
Spanish Fork, Utah
Californians, Californian Satin, Netherland dwarf, Himalayan, Giant Chinchilla, Mini Rex
D.G. Rabbit Co.
Show rabbits. And custom hutches. I only raise and sell show rabbits, not meat rabbits.

Bob Stephenson
St. George, Utah
New Zealands, Cals
Sherwood Forest
David Sherwood with Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food has been raising rabbits for over 10 years and is also now researching and milling 3 formulations of rabbit food based on past and current research that has been proven in many rabbitries around the country.

Brandy Heimbigner
Syracuse, Utah
English Angoras, Jersey Woolies
Antelope Island Angoras
Small Rabbitry focused on quality, not quantity. I keep in my routine the care and well being of my rabbits. They have garden and human play time daily. I feed high quality feed and hay.
Raising long wooled breeds is alot of work. Anyone interested in getting into a wool breed should research before buying.

Brooklyn Dutson
Taylorsville, Utah
Roses rabbitry
We breed only pedigreed lionhead show quality rabbits, 12 yrs going now.

Kenlee Bryant
Tooele, Utah
Mini Rex
Hey! I breed mini rex bunnies located in northern Utah! I usually always have bunnies available! My bunnies are guaranteed healthy when they leave my house. All my rabbits aren’t healthy diets, not over bred, and proper housing, and have that attention if needed. Text or call me if interested!

Shaersti Fuller
Toquerville, Utah
Holland Lop
Fuller Rabbitry
Hi! I am Shaersti Fuller and I own The Fuller Rabbitry. I raise and breed Holland Lops. I love Holland Lops because of their stocky build and super cute round faces. I have around 10 adult rabbits, I try to keep my herd small so that I can give each of my rabbits the individual time that they need. I am a member of the ARBA my registration number is FULLSH01. The Fuller Rabbitry is also registered with the ARBA, the registration number is D6885.

Becky Jensen
Vernal, Utah
Netherland Dwarfs
HayBaby Rabbitry
Raising quality Netherland Dwarfs for Show, Breeders, and Pets. Colors in Self, Shaded, and Martins. Member of ARBA, ANDRC.

Darci Clayton
West Jordan, Utah
Polish, Mix of Breeds
Rainbow Bunny Rabbitry
I breed, show, and sell purebred polish dwarf rabbits. I am also interested in other breeds of rabbits and would like to expand my Rabbitry to all sorts of rabbit breeds.

Terry Petersen
West Jordan, Utah
Velveteen Lops & Mini Lops
Starlite Farm & Rabbitry
We are located in West Jordan, Utah and specialize in Velveteen Lops as well as Mini Lops that not only do well on the show table but also are excellent companion animals with awesome personalities.

Chase Hockenberry
West Valley, Utah
New Zealand White, Rex, Lionhead, Mini Rex
Hock Rabbittry
Hello my name is Chase I have a few Zealand’s white rabbits two pure breeds and one mix if interested in other breeds as well I have some to thank you call me or text at 3854196035

Marie Memmott
West Valley City, Utah
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Bertanni Petite
Memmottus Prime Rabbitry
My Grand kids and I have a few Rabbits and having a great time taking care and loving them. The grand kids take the rabbits to therapy it has been wonderful to see the difference it has made with them. I could say it has helped the whole family.

Lyndsie Oreno
West Valley City, Utah
Dwarf Hotots
Silver Whiskers Rabbitry
I’m a brand new rabbit owner and part of the Granite Mountain FFA. I decided to get rabbits for a learning experience and I plan on gradually building a bigger rabbitry that I use throughout my life. I give them lots of love and care everyday, with unlimited hay and a scheduled feeding time. I want to sell them to get a little extra profit for me and my family, and maybe one day I’ll sell them for show.

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