Velveteen Lops Ready to 7/29/14


Seller Name: Rhonda W
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Rabbit Breed(s): Velveteen Lops, Pedigreed

These are some awesome babies, really sweet and of course good looking. They have been raised indoors in the midst of all the household activity, noisy kids, barking dogs, vacuum, tv, etc. They have been using litter boxes since around 3-4 weeks old.
I realize school is about to start and a lot of people are a little tight on funds so with that in mind I am reducing the price on these babies for a limited time to 45.00.
I have a few bucks and does left available.
Delivery/partial delivery possible.
E-mail with any questions.

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Velveteen Lops Rabbits
Velveteen Lops Ready to 7/29/14