Velveteen SELL-OUT


Seller Name: Anita Connelly
Location: White Pigeon, MI
Rabbit Breed(s): Velveteen Lops

We are SELLING OUT OF VELVETEENS and need to move them to make room for our NEW Netherland Dwarfs and our babies coming up.

PET STOCK: (No Pedigree!)
Black Otter Velveteen Jr Buck
Harli Velveteen Jr Buck

Show/Breeding Stock: (PEDIGREE INCLUDED) $50 unless marked otherwise
Black Velveteen Jr Doe $75
Chocolate Otter Velveteen Sr Buck
Chocolate Otter Velveteen Jr Buck
Harli Velveteen Jr Buck
Chestnut Velveteen Jr Doe
Black Otter Velveteen Doe Sr Doe who is bred $75 (BROOD DOE that throws ears)
Broken Black Velveteen Doe (Will be available after litter comes and is weaned $40
Broken Black Otter Velveteen Doe $60
Broken Chestnut Velveteen Buck $80 (has ears over 17inches and throws EARS!!!!)
**I have more beside this plus a few more litters coming. These are the ones available at the moment. I do have some on HOLD awaiting funds that may come back on the list.

Seller Email:
Seller Phone: (269)503-1183

Velveteen Lops Rabbits
Velveteen SELL-OUT