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Andrea B.
Barre, Vermont
Mini Lops
Painted Bunnies Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in Central Vermont. I work exclusively with Mini Lops for Pet and Show homes. I have a variety of colors including Tri, Chocolate and Red!

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Victor Milani
Bennington, Vermont
Holland Lop
Bennington Bunnies of Vermont
Bennington Bunnies of Vermont breeds pedigree Holland Lops for pets and show.

Patty Whelan
Burlington, Vermont
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads
Whelan Rabbitry
Rabbits are very young and friendly they are already trained and love too be held by any age. These bunnies are also therapy rabbits and will bring magic to your door. They enjoy living outdoors year round with lots of greens, carrots, pellets, fruit such as apples or bananas and plenty of water. During the winter make sure they get a lot of hay for warmth and eating.

Philip Bowen
Central, Vermont
Mini Rex
Vermont Oak Summit Mini Rex
We are a rabbitry that enjoys working with our pedigreed Mini Rex stock on a daily bases. The Mini Rex is a wonderful breed that is used for companion, pet and show. Our rabbits are handled by our children. They have extremely soft fur and tame easily when provided with the right care. We pride ourselves i cleanliness, healthy rabbits with wonderful temperaments and we breed to the standard. Please contact our farm if you are interested in adding a rabbit to your family or are looking to breed Mini Rex. We would be happy to help get you started off on the right foot. Responsible owners only.

Pam Spear
Central, Vermont
Holland Lops
Maple Grove Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry. We are eager to improve our stock, and look forward to meeting all new breeders.

Shane Quinn
Derby, Vermont
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Orleans County Rabbit Farm
We raise New Zealand Whites. Looking for reds and blacks. We mainly raise for meat but also sell as pets. If your interested in selling pure bred reds blacks or want to buy any of our whites please call 802-673-7920 thanks.

Lesley Faulkner
Essex, VT
Holland Lops
Saltbox Pastures Rabbitry
Rabbitry Description: Beautiful Holland lops in colors; chocolate, tri`s and chinchilla to name a few. Breeding for type as well as color. Show, brood and pet quality available.
Go to my FOR SALE page and also click the link to my rabbitry FB page for the latest updates.

Therese Lussier
Fairfax, Vermont
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Good Time Farm
Small rabbitry raising quality netherland dwarfs and holland lops in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont.

Cara Panton
Ferrisburgh, Vermont
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Flemish Giants
Lion N Lop Farms Rabbitry
We started out breeding a few lionheads for fun but have grown as a rabbitry over the last few years, with a focus now on pedigreed holland lops. Hollands are both raised and bred for showing and for pets. Recently added tris and BEWs into our holland breeding program.

Chris and Melissa Cobb
Georgia, Vermont
Lion Lop, Large Dwarf, and large dwarf and Flemish Giant cross breed we call Giant Dwarf
Brezzy Butternut Farm
We are a new rabbitry in Georgia, Vt. where we raise and sell our bunnies for pet, project, and meat. We raise our bunnies on love. Form the moment they are old enough they are held and loved to prepare them for their new homes as pets. Our bunnies are very kind and friendly and no strangers to being held and loved.
If you are looking for a friendly and lovable pet rabbit that you can be sure will love you back Give us a call.
We have very reasonable prices for our bunnies.

Crystal Milbauer
Grafton, Vermont
Mini Lops
Beau’s Maple Leaf Rabbitry
Welcome to Beau’s Maple Leaf Rabbitry! We are located in beautiful Grafton, VT. We added Beau to Maple Leaf Rabbitry since we lost him recently on 07/18/2013. We wanted to honor him in someway since he was the Bun that started this all. We breed healthy, fun loving Mini Lops. Great with kids and adults of all ages. All are handled from day one. All buns are litter box trained before leaving for their new homes! Please stop by and check us out!

Carrie Street
Hardwick, Vermont
Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Ural Hill Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located on the Hill of Hardwick Vermont. We bred quality Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. We almost always have something available, Please check us out!

Charylene Hoage
Hartland , Vermont
Holland Lop, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Hoage’s Hollow
We are a small Hobby Farm located in Hartland, VT. We started out with a few chickens and then expanded into pet rabbits, geese and Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. Visit us on Facebook at “Hoage’s Hollow”.

Joshua Gillen
Hyde Park, VT
New Zealands
Mckinstry Hill Rabbitry
clean and sickness free

Krystie Wood
Island Pond, Vermont
None of the above, New Zealand
By The Bay Farms
We are a small rabbitry breeding only New Zealand Whites rabbits. Our goal is to keep it a small rabbitry so we can offer the best care to and well-socialize each of the rabbits we raise. In this way they will be happy and comfortable around people so they are well-suited to be kept as pets, meat or breeding.

Marshfield, Vermont
New Zealands, Californians
New Discovery Farm & Rabbitry
We raise Pedigreed New Zealands for show and meat in our newly redesigned rabbit barn. Our rabbits are handled by myself every day as well as by my young relatives so they are used to children and being handling. 4-H youth are encouraged to check out our rabbits. Breeding stock available as well as dressed and vacuum sealed rabbit meat.

Sarah Ouellette
Morrisville, VT
New Zealands White Rabbits
Silver Ridge Rabbitry
At, Silver Ridge Rabbitry, we raise high quality New Zealand White show rabbits and meat rabbits and have Rabbit Cages and Rabbitry Supplies for sale in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Call or E-mail for availability of the rabbits, shipping is available for the cages and rabbitry supplies.

James Sheeran
North Ferrisburgh, Vermont
New Zealand Whites and Flemish Giants.
Sheerans Family Farm Rabbitry
We started our rabbitry in our backyard to raise meat rabbits. We now rent a barn and setting it up for more rabbits. We do both meat and pets. We have added some color to the family. Flemish Giants and the waiting list grows as we post pics on our facebook site (sheerans family farm). At this time we are at 21 working does and 3 bucks and still growing. We will be looking to deal with restaurants and stores in the near future. We love what we do and look forward to growing. We sell to the public right at the barn or we can do dropoffs also.

Melissa Comar
Pawlet, Vermont
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Holland Lop
Oak Summit Farm
At Oak Summit Farm we produce quality pedigreed rabbits for brood, pet, market and show.
Our breeding program consists of three breeds, New Zealands, Flemish Giants and Holland Lops. We are a small rabbitry that focuses on quality and strives to better the breeds we deal with to the best of our ability. We have the harder to find black and broken black, as well as REW New Zealands. Our Holland Lops are offered in many colors including tort and brokens. And our Flemish Giants are something we are very proud of, in colors of Sandy and Fawn.
We love the rabbit for its versatility and value them as prized livestock and beloved companions. We often have quality breeding stock for sale and young bunnies that make wonderful pets.

Neil Morrison
Pownal, Vermont
New Zealand
Wanabea Farm
I’ve been raising rabbits for about eight years. Selling rabbit meat to restaurants and individual use. Buying and selling fryers depending upon demand.

Beverly bice
Sandgate, Vermont
New Zealand
Green River Rabbitry
Whites broken blacks and Reds available

Trista hemond
Saint albans , Vermont
Mini Rex, Holland lops, mini lops, New Zealand (red and white)
Hemond’s Backyard Bunnies
Small hobby rabbitry located in St.Albans VT, we focus a lot on the desirable colors such as magpie, tri, harlequin etc.. When I was younger, my father raised rabbits. I’ve had rabbits up until my teen years and now decided to start my own. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hollow Hideaway Rabbitry
Shaftsbury, Vermont
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex, and Lionlop Bunnies
Hollow Hideaway Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Shaftsbury, Vermont. We currently raise Holland Lop, Lion Head, Mini Rex, and Lionlop rabbits. Our rabbits are handled and well socialized to ensure they make wonderful pets. We specialize in young rabbits, but occasionally have older bunnies available as well.

Kara Zimmerman
St. Albans , Vermont
Silver Fox (Pedigree), Champagne D’Argent
Huckleberrys Homestead
Great winning show lines of Silver Fox rabbits.
(We do not show, we are interested in Heritage conservation and quality in all areas, temperament being in the forefront.
We do serve participants and offer a discount to 4-H youth.

Cassandra Sleath
Waterford, Vermont
Holland Lops
Holland Farms
Raising Holland Lops for show and pet. Located 10 minutes from Littleton, NH and St. Johnsbury, VT. I am member of ARBA & NLRSC.

Michelle Stanley
White River Jct, Vermont
Rexes, Lion Heads, Havanas, and Mixes
Michelle Stanley Rabbitry
We run a small family farm which includes many rabbits. We have Lion Head, Rex, Havana, and some mixes. Our babies are treated as part of the family, well loved and socialized with children of all ages, dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks. We offer rabbits as pets only. Price depends on breed and sex. We are located in Central Vermont, and within five minutes of New Hampshire. All of our rabbits are outdoor born and raised, and can continue living in an outdoor hutch, or indoor cage. We always have many colors to choose from, solids and broken. Come visit our child friendly location and have fun choosing your pet.

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