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Nina Cipriani
Abingdon, Virginia
Rattle Creek Farm
Satin rabbits for sale. Multi-purpose being raised for show, meat and fur in chocolate, otter, blacks, and broken.

Robyn Stone
Alexandria, Virginia
Holland Lops
LivingStone Lops Rabbitry
LivingStone Lops is located in the Northern Virginia Metropolitan area. We strive to provide every customer with a quality, pedigreed, healthy and extremely well socialized bunny. We are a very small rabbitry having one litter at a time so each and every little kit gets individual nurturing and handling. LivingStone Lops is a closed rabbitry for our bunnies health safety. We do not ship our bunnies.

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Benjamin Lutz
Abingdon, Virginia
Mini Lops
Ben’s Bunnies
Ben is 12 years old and loves mini lops. He bought his first mini lop 3 years ago. He takes great care of them and holds them everyday. There are five 7 week old bunnies for sale.He is selling them for $25.00 each.

Allisonn Whartonn
Amissville, Virginia
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants, Lionheads
Hopping Rabbitry
I have some pet rabbits & some pedigreed rabbits

Richard Hunkley
Appomattox, VA
Himalayan, Havana
Back Woods Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry with about 40 holes. With Himalayans in black and blue and Havanas in black, broken, and chocolate.

Tracy Lukeman
Appomattox County, Virginia
Holland Lops & BEW Netherland Dwarfs
Well known Nationally competitive breeder of top quality Holland Lops. “Only the Best of the Best!” Located in Central VA

Angela Cline
Arnett, West Virginia
Flemish Giant, Velveteen lops, English lops, Standard chinchilla, Standard rex, Mini rex, Mixed/Meat mutts.
G & J Rabbitry
We are just starting out and growing and will hvae a variety of many different breeds of rabbits here soon. This is mainly just a hobby for me as I have 2 little boys who love rabbits and we give our rabbits lots of love everyday. Our goal is just to create the perfect rabbits for everyone and have fun doing it. We will have pedigreed and non pedigreed, purebreds and a few mixes. Something for everyone.
304 860 8532

Heather Mirch
Barbourville , Virginia
American Blues, New Zealands
Pastured Dreams Rabbitry
We recently relocated our rabbitry from Texas to Virginia. We currently breed American Blues (threatened), and New Zealand Reds. We are members of The Livestock Conservancy.

Tim Lishen
Bedford, Virginia
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Tim’s Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry looking to serve the public and good quality animals

Katherine Markham
Bedford, Virginia
Holland Lops, Jersey Woolys, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Kt’z Bunniez Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry with pet quality rabbits. I specialize in Holland Lops, Jersey Woolys, Lionheads, and Netherland Dwarfs. All of my rabbits are loved and cared for every day.

Kaitlin Gastrock
Blacksburg, Virginia
Mini Rex
Abbey Road Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Blacksburg, Va
We breed show and pet quality Mini Rex Rabbits
Our goal is quality, not quantity
All of our rabbits are handled daily
I currently have Castor, Opal, and Broken Varieties available.

Cindy and Joey Puckett
Bandy, Virginia
New Zealands and Holland Lops
Hilltop Farms
We are a small rabbitry in Southwest Virginia. We raise New Zealands for meat and potential breeding stock. We have mostly whites but also have a broken red buck and a black does also. We also have a few Holland lops that our 13 year ols raises and sales as pets. If you have and questions give us a holler.

Emily Kelly
Be beach, Virginia
New Zealand
Emily’s Rabbits
Hello, Im Emily kelly and I rase rabbits. Im looking for wonderful loving homes for 6 male adult new Zealand rabbits and one girl. They are from 6 months to a year old. These cute rabbits are plain white or with black and white spots. One of the boys is even a floppy eared rabbit. I also have 5 3 week old baby bunnys that will be avable to go home with you mid dec. Thank you

Ronda Elliott
Bedford County, Virginia
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Flemish Giant
Bunn-E’z Rabbitry
Bunn-E’z Rabbitry is a small, family operated rabbitry located in Bedford County, Virginia. We love all of our Bunn-E’z and know that you will too. Bunn-E’z Rabbitry breeds a variety of rabbits, including Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, and Flemish Giant. We have the perfect one waiting for you!
Call: 434-209-3280 or 540-297-7069, e-mail:, or fill in the contact form on our website: to reserve yours today!

Andrew Tompkins
Bedford, Virginia
Silver Fox
Tompkins Rabbity
Silver Fox rabbits all colors, and genetic variations. Pure Black, Black (choice carrier), Black (choice/dilute carrier), Blue, Chocolate, Chocolate (dilute carrier), Lilac.

Rachel Hess
Bentonville, Virginia
English Angora, Flemish Giant, New Zealand
Brush Mountain Rabbitry
Brush Mountain Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Northern Virginia. We breed high quality pedigreed English Angora, fawn Flemish Giant and red New Zealand rabbits for 4H, shows and as pets. We are an ARBA registered breeder and regularly show our rabbits in Virginia, Maryland and Penns.
Our goal is quality, not quantity. All of our rabbits are fully pedigreed and come from show lines.
You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and MeWe.

Noah Crusenberry
Bristol , Virginia
Double Mane Lionheads
Stickley Farms Rabbitry
I run a small, family owned and operated rabbitry in beautiful Bristol, VA. I am a very small scale breeder and breed with the hopes of producing healthy, high quality rabbits that will thrive as bothe pets as well as show rabbits. All of my rabbits come with a pedigree (upon request). Feel free to message me with any questions!

Hannah & Hope Stratos
Burke, Virginia
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Nugget’s Bunny Farm
2 sisters and a mom raising rabbits in Northern Virginia! We raise pet quality Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, and Lionheads.

Tatiana & Matt Snyder
Big Island, Virginia
Flemish Giant
Tolley Meadow Farmsteading
We have a small rabbitry in Central Virginia and we have been raising Flemish Giants for more than 8 years now. Our rabbits are healthy, large, beautiful, and are very friendly. We have sandy, fawn, black, white, silver and gray colors. Flemish Giants are the only breed that we manage here at Tolley Meadow Farmsteading.

Hannah Walton
Boston, VA
Holland Lop
Huckleberry Hollands
Quality Holland Lops with extraordinary personalities.

Belinda Jackson
Cartersville, Virginia
New Zealand (and until supply is gone, mini rex, lionheads, and velvet lions)
Jackson’s Gentle Giants
I sell New Zealands Rabbits for pets, as well as for meat. Will sell and ship dressed meat. Photography: -my NZ’s pets are hand raised and very tame, they make excellent props for photos with children especially around easter, since they are the “cadbury bunny”. I sell Pinkys, small, med and large rabbits (when available)to reptile handlers, Fur: -I will be soon making my own blankets and pillows and selling them as well, dog treats (the ears), fertilizer. Rabbit manure is the best natural fertilizer out there. I am going to get into making rabbits foot key chains and dying the fur soon. I am constantly expanding. Please contact me for
availability for any of my products.

Nora Rosensweig
Charlottesville, Virginia
American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lop
Girls white and brown or black and white sweet loves kids and attenchon

Stephanie Wood
Charlottesville, Virginia
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead
Boos Love & Kisses
Hi I breed Holland lop, American fuzzy lop and dm lionhead
The colors I work with r chocolates,harliquin,tri,magpie,broken
434 760 0388

CHATHAM, Virginia
New Zealand

Stephanie Wood
Charlottesville, Virginia
Holland Lop, Fuzzy Lop
Boosluvnkisses Rabbitry
Hi I breed Holland lops an fuzzy lops
My color I breed are harliquin, tri, chocolates
You can email my any time thanks

Leigh Creasy
Chatham, Virginia
Holland Lop, LionHead, New Zealand and Flemish rabbits
Lester’s lion heads and lops
Lester’s lion heads and lops are bred to be great loving family pets or for breeding all are purbreed and some are pedigree. We love each one as a child and want to place in the right home and we never mind questions and teaching about the breed and care.

Kori Beekman
Chesapeake, Virginia
We have blue and black Silver Fox rabbits with 3 generation pedigree. We have blue Flemish Giants as well as other breeds. There are occasional mixed breed litters on premises.

Kaitlin Mayberry
Chesapeake, Virginia
Terrific Tans Rabbitry
A small family-run rabbitry specializing in black, lilac, and chocolate show and brood tan rabbits.

Trish Grover
Chesterfeld , Virginia
None of the above, Flemish giants, French lops
Mulberry brier
Hey me and my granddaughter have been taking care of rabbits for 5 years.we sell pedigreed Flemish giants in all colors except white and black.we are also looking for a French lop doe, fawn doe, white buck that are pedigreed. Also our rabbits are very calm and sweet and kid friendly.

Brandi Loan
Concord, Virginia
Holland Lop
Star’s Loplore
Star’s Loplore Rabbitry specialises in Pedigreed Holland Lops.
The varieties are Orange, Tort, broken orange, broken tort, tri, and lilac.
The genetically rare varieties are Japanese Harlequin, dilute Harlequin, lilac Harlequin, Madagascar Tort, Blue Madagascar Tort, and fuzzy variations.
Beautiful, well tempered dispositions from PJ, Saynora, Blue Eyed Beauties, and Camelot lines.
The end goal for part of the Rabbitry is a fuzzy Harlequin line.
To check availability, please call or text 434 238-4730
I’d have to say my first pet Holland Lop “Goldie Lop” inspired my love of the Holland breed. She hopped on a leash, played with the kids like a puppy, and she simply made some hard times bearable. After having the privilege of her presence, I decided to share the love she granted me by becoming involved in breeding Hollands. RIP Goldie Lop.
Origin of the name is a nickname plus a combination of folklore and Lop. It signified the focus on rare “mythical” types.

Heather Mirch
Covesville, Virginia
American Chinchilla, American Blues, American Whites
Pastured Dreams Rabbitry
A heritage rabbit breeder near Charlottesville, Virginia. Currently raising American Blues and Whites as well as American Chinchillas.

Brooke Fletcher
Cross Junction, VA
Californians and Polish
Stoney Creek Rabbitry
We are breeders of both Californians and Polish rabbits. Located near Winchester, VA, we strive to produce quality rabbits.
7405 N. Frederick Pike Cross Junction Virginia, 22625

Cassie Disse
Culpeper, Virginia
Holland Lops , Mini Rexs , LionHeads , Jersey Woolies , Netherland Dwarfs And Mini Lops
Bunny Patch Rabbitry
Show quality and pet Quality bunnies for sale. All different colors and breeds. Handled Daily. Loves kids, We will also have some babies for sale in Easter. Please Call or text (540)-270-3979.

Klaudia Dem
Culpeper, Virginia
Rex & Harlequin
Forever Farms Rabbitry
I breed Rex & Harlequin breed rabbits.
Harlequins are in magpie & japanese in a few colors. Sold as pets, meat & show.
Rex are in red, broken red, tricolor and castor. We are adding new colors as we can find them. I keep color lines clean and don’t cross colors to avoid smuttiness and weird colors. Sold as show and breeders only, none will be sold as pets.
All rabbits are fully pedigreed and will not be sold without one, unless it’s a pet/meat Harlequin.

Jacob Dodson’s
Culpeper, Virginia
None of the above, We breed Howland lops and Dutch’s andLinhead
Happy hop rabbitry
We breed rabbits and sell please call or text us at 5402292072 we are in culpeper va

Cheyenne Davis
Danville , Virginia
Flemish Giant
Gaint Flemish

Rose Moore
Danville, Virginia
Holland Lop, Lionhead. Mini Rex, English angora
Four leaf clover rabbitry
I make sure my bunnies are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I keep my babies inside out of the weather. They are fed fresh food daily and drink from water bowls with fresh water daily. My bunnies are litter box trained with pine shavings. They will have their nails trimmed also . They are handled daily and all my bunnies are sweet and lovable. They eat manna pro select series rabbit pellets and Kaytee Timothy hay text 434-429-3080

Gary Vigue
Dillwyn, Virginia
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Strictly New Zealand white rabbits. Bred from pedigree parents. Raised in clean, well cared for environment. $25 each or 3 for $65. We raise rabbits for meat, pets and to provide other people breeding pairs. We don’t provide registration papers for our rabbits at this time though our rabbits are all bred from registered parents. No mongrels here 🙂 . We carefully control our breeding to get the best traits in our rabbits. Interested persons are welcome to visit our farm. Rabbits are entertaining and fun to raise.
* We supply a week’s worth of feed so you can transition them to your own brand. We can also supply you with care instructions if you need.
Thanks for checking our listing!

Moore Family
Dryden, Virginia
None of the above, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Mini Rex
Moore ‘n’ Moore Bunnies
We’re the Moore Siblings in Dryden, VA.
We have raised several different breeds of rabbits since 2003. We are currently raising pedigreed Holland Lops and pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs in multiple colors. We are working on adding Mini Rex to the bunch. We handle the baby bunnies from day 1 so that they can become special cuddly pets and easy to handle breeders! Each bunny is properly de-wormed before going to a new home.

Sarah Akers
Dublin, Virginia
Holland Lops
The Bunny Den Rabbitry
The Bunny Den Rabbitry is located in Dublin, Va. We love and raise Holland Lops. All of our Lops are pedigreed. We are a beginning herd and have three Lops! In our herd are Sophie, Willow and Dexter. Sophie had Dexter have their first litter and we have six kits available for new homes. We have four broken tort and two tort, and they will be ready on June 11th for new owners! Please call/text 540-818-2191 for more information and pictures. Thank you for your interest.

Gail Sutphin
Dublin, Virginia
Flemish Giant
Mad Rabbit Lady Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in Dublin, VA. We specialize in show and pet quality Flemish Giants, we have Sandy, Fawns, and Blacks. All rabbits are handled to make sure they are gentle. Our show Rabbits have good pedigrees.

Barry Miles
Evington, Virginia
American (Blues), New Zealands (Black, Red & White), Dutch, Mini Lops, Californians, Flemish Giants
Barry Miles Rabbitry
Safehaven Farm is located near Lynchburg, VA. Our family has farmed here for more than 120 years. We raise several breeds of quality rabbits: American, New Zealand, Dutch, Mini-Lop, Flemish Giant and Californian. We also raise Grass Fed Angus Beef, Ducks, Turkeys, Cage Free Brown Eggs and much more. Visit our website for more information. We look forward to serving you.

Courtney Madison
Farmville, Virginia
Mini Rex
Madison Rabbitry
I raise show quality, pedigree and non-pedigree mini rex rabbits of all colors. I’ve been showing mini rex for 3 years now and have finally stabilized some strong breeding does gaining some champions and reserves, that throw excellent color! My main point of focus is broken, tricolor, and Harlequins with 5 breeding bucks and 9 breeding does. I almost always have some bunnies for sale of various color.

Isaac Turpin
Floyd, Virginia
Holland Lop
Shady Branch Farm
Youth breeders rabbitry specializing in quality show Holland Lops. Our lines come from Dwarf’s R Us, NGF, and Camelot. Many varieties in color.

Brandy Clark
Mini Rex
Lavender Farms Rabbitry
Lavender Farms Rabbitry breeds and sells both mini rex and new zealand rabbits for pets.
Lavender Farms is located in Central Virginia in Fredericksburg (22408 zip code) Pedigrees available and colors vary.
(540) 479-5300

Kayla Tanner
Front Royal , Virginia
English lops, Velveteen lops, Holland lops & Netherland Dwarfs
Tanner’s Lazy Lops
We are a small mother / daughter run rabbitry both me and my mom regularly attend ARBA rabbit shows. Our rabbits are raised to have great temperaments as well as type and quality . We raise and show English lops, Velveteen lops, Holland lops & Netherland Dwarfs in a variety of colors .

Candace Tolbert
Glade Spring , Virginia
English Lops, Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs
Pampered Farms ABRA Rabbitry
A small Rabbitry, with the passion of raising and educating owners about rabbits. Our rabbits are a big part of our lives. We currently raise Holland and English Lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs and just recently added Jersey Woolies to our lil farm.

David Bartholomew
Gloucester, Virginia
New Zealand, Purebred New Zealand Reds & Broken Reds and Purebred American Chinchilla
DJ’s Dogwood Rabbitry
Breeding purebred kits, juniors and breeder New Zealand (Reds &Broken Reds), and American Chinchilla to those who simply want a purebred bunny, for 4-H members and others who show rabbits for a hobby, or simply as healthy meat source for your family. Our rabbits can come with pedigree papers, or without. Discounts apply to purebreds without pedigree & associated tattoo.

Karen Griffin
Gloucester, Virginia
English Angoras, American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop, Flemish Giants
The Spinning Rabbit
I proudly breed healthy, show quality and sweet tempered English Angora rabbits. I breed very selectively and have only a few litters yearly. Colors include fawn, torts, lilacs, black, chocolates with special emphasis on agouti varieties. I also have angora fiber and spun wool for sale, all hand spun by me. I have a beautiful breeding pair of American Fuzzy Lops. Both with stellar pedigrees ( only a couple litters of show quality kits yearly). I am working diligently on improving type of tri color Holland Lops and have limited kits available including cuddly fuzzies! I also have 2 breeding pairs of Flemish Giants, fawn, light gray and white. They are heavy boned, massive build with beautiful heads. I love these gentle giants! All my rabbits are dearly loved, live in a super clean barn and receive lots of daily exercise and socialization. I am NOT a rabbit mill!! Please note my former rabbitry name was Bunnies Making Wool and my web site is still under that name. You can also find me on Facebook under The Spinning Rabbit!

Chris Poole
Gloucester, Virginia
English Lops & Velveteen Lops
One Hop Shop
Currently raising Black and Harlequin English Lops & Orange and Tort Velveteen Lops.

Ryleigh Vought
Gloucester , Virginia
Mini Lop
I’m looking for a black and white fluffy mini lip bunny. I have two little sisters who would love to have a little pet.

Emma Wood
Gloucester, Virginia
Holland Lops
Emmas Hollands
This is a small family run rabbitry in Gloucester, Virginia working with Torts and Sable Points in both Solid and Broken patterns.

Tiffany Wood
Gloucester, Virginia
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Rabbit Tree Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbity raising Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop Rabbits in Gloucester, VA. In our Netherland Dwarf herd we are working with Black, Blue, and Chocolate in the Self and Otter varieties as well as Opals and Torts. Our broken program will be based on those colors as well. In our Holland Lop program we will be focusing on Chocolate, Blue, Black, Otters, and Sable Points in both Solid and Broken Patterns.

Tony Lam
Gordonsville, Virginia
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, Missouri Cottontail
Virginia Rabbits
We sell rabbits for pets and meat. Our main breed is New Zealand, but we frequently have others too.

Carrie Clark
Great Falls, Virginia
Holland Lop
Bees of a Feather Farm
Bees of a Feather Farm hand-raises quality Holland Lops, bred for temperament, in Great Falls, Virginia. We have a limited number of available bunnies per year and suggest contacting us via the website to reserve an upcoming litter. Bunnies are handled daily and raised with other animals, to ensure a friendly companion for your family.

Debbie Wade
Grottoes, Virginia
Velveteen lops, Holland lops , Lionheads
Hares for You
We are a family run rabbitry. Our numbers are small to give each bunny the care they need. Yes, they all have names.We raise only pedigreed bunnies.

Lorie & Kevin Kuykendall
Grottoes, Virginia
Holland Lop, Pedigree Holland’s,new Zealand mix, lionheads
Henry’s Bunny Farm
Healthy and happy bunnies. We started with new bunnies 2 years ago and have grown alot. We have good breeding stock. Cheap prices.

Cher Brown
Gum Spring, Virginia
Jersey Wooly
Rabbits of Harvest Moon
We are active breeders and exhibitors of quality Jersey Wooly rabbits, specializing in Black, Blue, Tort, Blue Tort, Smoke, Sable and Broken. Junior and proven stock always available.

Amelia Abbe
Hamilton, Virginia
Mini Rex
Thistle Hill Rabbitry
We raise both show and pet quality Mini Rex rabbits. Located in Hamilton, Virginia, we bring rabbits to both the local county fair and ARBA shows.

Katherine O
Hamilton, Virginia
Netherland Dwarf
Double Acre Farm Rabbitry
Double Acre Farm Rabbitry raises show quality Netherland Dwarf rabbits in Northern Virginia. We pride ourselves in producing rare varieties such as lilacs, blues, and chocolates.

Randal Dilday
Hampton , Virginia
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Mini Rex
Randy’s Rabbit Ranch
Our Rabbitry started out as a project with our grandchildren and has grown. We have pet rabbits and are starting to invest in pedigree rabbits. We have Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Mini-Lops and Mini-Rex.

Angela Ward
Hampton, Virginia
Holland Lop, Flemish Giants, Velveteen Lops, English Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Hoppy Chaos Rabbitry
We are a family run Rabbitry located in the Hampton Roads are of Virginia. We work with pedigreed color correct Flemish Giants in Blue, self black, and fawn—Netherland dwarfs, Holland Lops in BEW and WE, Velveteen lops in multiple colors but working on our chocolate lines, double mane Lionheads, and getting into English Lops as well. The majority of our rabbits are pedigreed and come from all over country to solidify our lines. We do occasionally offer no -pedigreed litters for pets only. Can occasionally work with transport.

Lindsay Kelley
Hanover, Virginia
Holland Lop
Lops of Love
Purebred Holland Lops expected around Easter 2020.
Buck and Doe on site.

Jordan Howell
Harrisonburg , Virginia
Flemish Giants but hoping to expand to Angoras soon
Benny’s Bunny Barn

Deborah Pulliam
Heathsville, Virginia
English Angora and Satin Angora Rabbits
Cheaspeake Bay Angoras
I have a small Rabbitry specializing in English and Satin Angora Rabbits. Located on the Northern Neck of Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay.

Tina Cline
Independence, Virginia
Holland Lops, English Lops, and Mini Rex
Cameo Moon Rabbitry
Cameo Moon Rabbitry is a small family owned and operated hobby nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and in the midst of our musical heritage “The Crooked Road”. Our rabbits are happy, healthy, and well maintained and above all spoiled. Currently have a nice quality line of English Lop, Holland Lop, and Mini Rex. Looking to purchase a few exceptional Mini Rex does. Member of the ARBA.

Michael Hans
King George, Virginia
Silver Fox
Hans rabbitry
I have 15 males/female rabbits. Their colors are black w/ silver streaks or grey w/vsilver streaks. Im asking $40 per rabbit. They are great for kids. Gentle and calm. Or great for your homestead to raise for meat and fur.

Alexandra Endersbee
Leesburg, Virginia
Holland Lop, Lion Head, Rex
Moon Clover Holland Lops
We have been raising Holland Lops since 2017.

Lisa Breeden
Linden, Virginia
Holland Lops, Flemish Giants
Thumper Tyme Rabbitry
We are a brand new small farm oriented rabbitry. Our rabbits are well kept and are handled daily. Shown lots of love with hugs and kisses. Our goal is to produce good natured show and pet quality babies. Our bunnies are not sold for food.

Lisa Noman
Locust Grove, Virginia
H&L Acres
We are a small rabbitry in Orange County, VA with focus on breeding quality purebred Rex for pet or show. Great conformation, fur quality, and temperament.
handlacres@gmail.comPriyanka Johnson
Lovettsville, Virginia
Standard Rex
PJ’s Blue Ribbon Bunnies Rabbitry
I’m a breeder of the Rex. All the rabbits I sell never exceed over $75. All my bunnies are blue ribbon bunnies, and all also have good temperament. I don’t have a website for my rabbitry yet, but here is one of my sites that you can ask any bunny question on, and I’ll answer it! 😀 Share the link!

Amber Henderson
Lynchburg, Virginia
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Jersey Wooly, English Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Fuzzbuttz Rabbitry
I am concentrating on holland lops and have a few other breeds just formy love of bunnies. I have mini rex, netherland dwarfs, jersey woolys, american fuzzy lops and english lops.

George & Gwen Larue
Lynchburg, VA
American Tan, Thrianta, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant
Larue’s Wascawwy Wabbits
We are currently a small rabbitry in Central Virginia. Some of our rabbits are used as therapeutic bunnies for troubled teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. Currently we have only 33 holes but are working hard on expanding. We hope to add some Mini Satins and Holland Lops in the future.

Andrea Parisi
Lynchburg, Virginia
Flemish Giant, Californian
Lovely Rabbits of Virginia
Four month old Flemish/Californian bunnies. Sweet and approachable
4 does – solid white, black brown peppered, two light grey
3 bucks- sand colored, black brown peppered, light grey
Fed top quality feed and beautiful
From nurturing mama and home .
Looking to rehome as soon as possible to make room for other needs on our farm. Text or call preferred – can email but response my be a bit delayed

Kimberly Shifflett
Madison, Virginia
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Beautiful Run Rabbitry
We are small family run Rabbitry in Madison Co Va. We have Mini Rex, Holland Lop and some Netherland Dwarf.

Patricia Montgomery
Manassas, Virginia
Mini Rex
I breed mini rex rabbits at my home in Manassas Virginia. I have been raising these cuties for about 2 years. I keep the babies inside and with their mothers for 8 weeks. I have the retires bucks neutered and paired with the retired females living a life of leisure.

John Gullion
Marion, Virginia
Mo. cotton Tails
Wild Breads
We offer MO. Cottontails

Brittani Coles
Mathews, Virginia
New Zealand, Pedigree New Zealand
Tiny Pines Homestead
We are a family run homestead that breeds beautiful, pedigree New Zealand Rabbits. We take pride in healthy happy livestock and hope to share our sweet bunny’s with you!

Amy Kohr
Milford, Virginia
Flemish Giant, Checkered Giant, Beveren
Silver Hare Hollow
We mainly breed for meat and pets. We have 15 breeder rabbits and have batches born every three weeks . We have a Flemish Giants, checkard Giants, and Beveren. We do get a lot of brindle that have a touch of harlequin

Tammy Conner
Moneta, Virginia
English Angora
Tammy’s Fluff & Stuff Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Moneta Virginia (west-Central VA) specializing in chinchilla colors of pedigreed English Angoras. I am a member of the ARBA. I started out as a pet owner of two English Angoras and fell in love with their personalities so I decided to breed them because I want more people to experience how incredible they are as pets. Since then, I have been researching wooling hobbies and how important their fur is for that. In addition, they are in a class of their own (pun intended) at rabbit shows-I have show quality pedigreed rabbits from The Fair Hare line and would love to see them on the show table! Please contact me with any questions. God bless!!!

Cristina Nelson
Moneta, Virginia
Hollands, Velveteen, English Lops
Hannah’s Loveable Lops
Small rabbitry in southwest Virginia.

Amanda Parker
Nelson County, Virginia
English Angora, French Angora, German Angora, Giant Angora
Magnolia Knoll Fiber Farm
We are a large fiber farm located in Nelson County VA, in central VA. I raise 4 breeds of angora, for fiber and for show. All rabbits are pedigreed and from show lines. I am an ARBA, NARBC and IAGARB member. I specialize in rare colors in English and French Angoras, including but not limited to, chinchilla, sable, pointed white, and steel. I also have a lutino program to introduce lutino color to English and French Angoras, and a silvering program. In Germans I have rare colors as well, including steel, chinchilla, chocolate and non extension varieties. In giants I currently have REW. I have side projects that may become available soon as well, including astrex lutino and champagne d’argents.

These rabbits are raised for their fiber first and foremost. I focus on fiber quality and quantity for high production, as I spin their wool and sell it. I also have raw fiber and fiber blends from my rabbits, sheep, and alpaca available, as well as yarns and hand knit items for sale as well, and occasionally do commissions. I show to help maintain an unbiased assessment of my breeding programs goals.

Find us on Facebook by searching Magnolia Knoll Farm, our official page.

Melanie Hultman
Newport News, Virginia
Giant Angora, Satin Angora, German Hybrids
Windchaser Angoras
All rabbits are pedigreed, bred for beautiful wool for the show table and fiber artists.

Tara Ludi
Newport News, Virginia
Holland Lop, Vienna Holland Lops
Clover Crown Rabbitry
We are a tiny rabbity located in Newport News, Virginia hand raising blue-eyed true dwarf Vienna Holland Lops. (2-4lbs Full Grown)

Our bunnies are extremely popular due to the special care and the socialization each bunny receives. All of our bunnies are bred for the highest pedigree and calm temperament, hand-raised indoors, come litter trained, and are extremely cuddly and chill. Being hand raised around tons of kids and pets makes them very social, comfortable being handled, and most importantly snuggled!

Amy Albano
Nickelsville, Virginia
English Angora
Simply Angora Rabbitry
Simply Angora is a cozy rabbitry nestled in the wooded hillsides of Southwest Virginia. Our vision is to be a full circle rabbitry raising quality English Angora rabbits and producing the finest quality of hand-spun yarns. We are also on our way with our own line of natural dye products that will produce an abundance of God given colors to your fibers! Please visit our website for more information about our rabbitry and our bunnies. We are now happy to introduce Hillside Hollands, our new line of top show quality Holland Lops. See listing for more information.

Deeann Ross
Nokesville, Virginia
French Angora, French, English/French
Trinity Farm Angoras
We raise French Angoras for Fiber and show. We have fiber rabbits only too. They are English/French and very nice.
Our rabbits are have a climate controlled area, housed individually. They are groomed at least once a week. The fiber is an average 5 inches long with as much as 7 inches. They eat high quality feed, with hay, and other yummies throughout the week.
We are located in Northern Va. Not far from I-95, I-66, US 28 and US 29.

Tiara Boler
Norfolk, Virginia
Holland Lops
Boler’s Holland Lops
Two young male Holland Lops for sale!
A black and light brown bunnies. They are brothers so I would like for them to stay together. Everything that they need I will provide. Play pin, hutch, litter boxes, feeding and water bowls, a rug, toys, Timothy hay and pellet food. I want them to go to a good home where a family will love and take care of them. Thank you.

Roger Civil Jr.
Norfolk, Virginia
English Spot
I want a cute beautiful bunny that loves children and bounces alota lot.

Lysinda Hissey
North Chesterfield, Virginia
Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
Falling Creek Ranch and Farm Rabbitry
I have several rabbits available right now. Holland Lops ,Flemish Giants, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarf’s and New Zealands are my specialty, they are bred specifically for superior genetics and personality. All are played with by myself and my children from birth. Holland Lops are the smallest breed of lops available. Most will mature between 3- 3.5 pounds with a few maturing more around 4 pounds. I occasionally also have proven adults available as well. Prices for pets are generally between $30-50 without pedigrees and between $50-100 for pedigrees included, show potential and brood stock along with the pet attitudes. Flemish Giants are the largest of the rabbit breeds. I have rabbits as big as 20 pounds at this time. I offer grays, whites, blacks, and fawns right now, though I do not breed all the time and limited numbers are available. My Flemish will range in price between $75- 200 depending on type, color, size and temperament. Non-pedigreed pets may sometimes go for closer to $50 on rare occasions. Lionheads are a specialty breed with wool. My lionheads range from 2- 3.5 pounds in size and are in shaded colors (Siamese sable, tort, pointed whites mostly) with the occasional Dutch marked pet. Prices range from $30-75 depending on size, color, type and personality. Netherland Dwarf’s are the smallest breed of rabbit available. Most weighing between 2-3 pounds. I specialize in broken colors related to chocolate and agouti. Prices range from $30-50 depending on size, type, and personality. New Zealands. I currently have a trio of whites that are not pedigreed, but come from pure white stock. I have some very nice production typed rabbits. These rabbits are generally between 8-12 pounds. I will shortly be adding reds to my New Zealands, I cannot wait! Prices for New Zealands, for production animals that are not pedigreed prices range between $15-20, animals with pedigrees with excellent type and show potential range between $25-50. I have been working with rabbits for nearly 30 years. I know where my rabbits come from, what size and general appearance to expect at maturity and am happy to help out a 4-H or FFA project. We are located just south of Richmond, VA and travel to Farmville sometimes as well as Fredricksburg once a month. Sometimes we even travel as far as PA as well (once or twice a year). Please contact us for more information.

Charity Spencer
Pilot, Virginia
Holland Lop, Lop, Grey hairs
Spencer Rabbitry
I have a pregnant white Holland lop, the bunnies will be here June 28th and the rabbit will be available on July 26th. The lops will be six weeks old and will be starting at the price of $12. The pops will be grain feed Please bring a box or carrier to put them in. When you contact me with your wishes I will do my best to prepare a rabbit based from those wishes.
Thanks,Charity Spencer

Van, Denise, and Joshua Bartlett
Port Haywood, Virginia
American Chinchilla
Kitts Creek Farm
Our farm is on facebook…website coming soon..check us out

Kayla Wilkerson
Portsmouth, Virginia
American Fuzzy Lop, Furry
What you need for a rabbit
Food bowl
Water bottle
Litter box
Cleaning supplies
Medical supplies
Nail clippers
Grooming supplies

Rodney Sweeney
Providence Forge, Virginia
Giant Chinchilla, Continentals, Cottontails, Mini Rex, Rex, Dwarf Hotot, American Blues, Silver Fox, Giant Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, Nz, Californian, Nzd, Polish, Lionhead, Dutch
Words Wabbitry
Rescue, rehome (fee), raise 22 breeds, buy, sell, trade, stud service, pets only

Melanie Sauter
Purcellville, Virginia
Silver Fox, Mini Rex
Silver Springs Rabbitry
My mission is to share the joys of raising a rare breed of rabbit, expanding the breed’s presence in Fairs, Rabbit Shows, and as a well loved pet.

Dijana Trkulja
Remington , Virginia
Californian, New Zealand and Cream d’argent mix
Cherry’s Shire Farm and Rabbitry
We are a small scale pet and meat rabbitry with about 20 rabbits at the time. We have one or two litters at a time so each kit gets individual nurturing and handling. Our rabbit breeds are New Zealand/Californian mix, Creme d’ Argent, and Creme d’ Argent/Californian mix.
This is mainly just a hobby for me and my two daughters who take care of the rabbits. We enjoy spending time with our rabbits, playing in grass and in our home while they stay in outside hatches at night. Our hope is to provide every customer with a quality, healthy and well socialized bunnies. We have something for everyone.

Quinn Woodard
Remington, VA
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Lops and More Rabbitry
So here at Lops And More I mainly focus on raising Holland Lops. I am breeding them more competitively and have done some showing. My the goal of my program is to breed typey shaded hollands (which is not easy). My lines are or carry seal, sable point, pointed white, opal, smoke pearl, REW, blue, siamese sable, black, broken and some tort. My bloodlines include: ANR, DRU Marys, Camelot, Nature Trail, Lovs, Spring Lake, THF Saynora, Little Ways, Antonioni’s and Proud Ears.

Richmond, Virginia
Holland Lops, Lionheads, New Zealand
2RCZ Rabbitry
I offer Holland Lops In Tri-Color, Chocolates, Blues, Tortes, Blacks, Brokens, Blue Eyed White, & Sometimes other colors. My rabbits are raised indoors in a climate controlled environment. They are handled Dailey and allowed in an exercise pen to spend time with other rabbits out of their cages. They are hand fed small treats occasionally even tho I do not recommend that treats be given on a regular basis. They are table top trained even if they are not going to be shown. This helps them learn that their nails must be trimmed and they get brushed & it’s no big deal.

Kenzie Englehart
Richmond, Virginia
Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Kenzie’s Lops Rabbitry
I have adorable lops ready to go at least once a year, I’d like to start raising English Lops.

Jessica Reinke
Richmond, Virginia
Holland Lop
Sweet Clover Rabbitry
We are a small farm on the outskirts of Richmond Virginia. We have several different colors, but they all are adorable and friendly bunnies.

Lucia Lopes
Richmond, Virginia
Holland Lop
Enchanting show quality Holland Lops, very sweet and lovable!!!
ARBA and RRBA members!

John Urton
Richmond, Virginia
Roar like a Rex, LLC
Roar like a Rex, LLC is a family owned company that is looking to raise and sell Standard Rex rabbits to increase the breeds popularity.

Cailyn Pfost
Richmond, Virginia
Male, Polish, Baby

Gwen Jones
RINER, Virginia

Elizabeth Gibson
Rixeyville, Virginia
Gold Cross Gardens
Small rabbitry transitioning to a humane pasture based system for raising meat rabbits and pets.

Brandy Knighting
Rixeyville, Virginia
Flemish Giants, English Lops, Velveteen Lops, Californians, Mixed Meat Breeds
ShouldaBeenA Farm
We are a small family run rabbitry focused on producing quality pedigreed rabbits for show and also meat production rabbits as well. All of our bunnies are spoiled and handled daily, and have access to daily exercise and playtime. They not only are production animals, but also pets. We love them and spoil them rotten. We breed steel and blue Flemish Giants, as well as English Lops and Velveteen Lops. Our Californians are bred for meat purposes only. Most of our rabbits are pedigreed. Please visit our website or like us on Facebook! We do updates often on upcoming litters, for sale, and more!

Peggy and son Rob Parris
Rixeyville, Virginia
Netherland Dwarfs, Californians, English Angoras, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rexes, Rex
Rohan Rabbitry
We are strictly an appointment only rabbitry. We sell rabbits for all purposes. We usually have rabbits for sale. Please leave a message if you telephone and we will return your telephone call. Thank you.

Katie Garland
Roanoke, Virginia
Belgian Hare,
Romestar Rabbitry
Raising Belgian hares in Rufus and Tan.

Danyel White
Roanoke, Virginia
Holland Lop
Little Lops of Roanoke
Little Lops of Roanoke is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We are located in the Cave Spring areas and only raise Holland lops. Our bunnies are loved on daily and are social, happy, and healthy. We love our bunnies and think you will too!
Visit our website for more information and available bunnies:
We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Rebekah Mitchell
Saltville, Virginia
Flemish Giant
LJ’s Rabbitry
LJ’s Rabbitry focuses on the Gentle Giants of the Rabbit world. We are located in SW Virginia and currently have babies ready for new homes. We also have up-coming babies soon. Colors vary from Silver.Lt Grey; White; Sandy, Fawn; Steel and more. We can accept deposits and payments via paypal. Rabbits average pricing is $100. Come visit us at LJ’s Rabbitry to find your new companion or show rabbit. Rabbits are non-pedigreed working on full pedigree. Visit the Facebook page to learn the story ofa 4 years olds venture to becoming LJ’s Rabbitry. You will gain a heart warming experience and all in love with Giants of the Rabbit World.

Leigh Bell
Round Hill, Virginia
Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf

Graydon Pickle
Saltville, Virginia
New Zealand Whites, Californians
Jackson and Pickle Rabbitry
Just getting started in the rabbit business we are a small farm located in southwest Va. With 10 breeding does and 3 breeding bucks. We are focusing on meat production but will have some available for pets also. We cross new Zealand and Californian for a superior meat hybrid .For any information about our rabbits , and what is for sale call (276)525-0335.

Candy McGuire
Shawsville, Virginia
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Root’n Toot’n Rabbitry
Show/brood quality Netherland dwarfs, some pets available occasional.

Tina Brown
Shenandoah, Virginia
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Some Mix Breeding
T’s Bunny Hop’N Loves
My rabbits do not come with papers, for now I currently sale them at $20.00 price may change later, but for now thats what I get for each rabbit. I breed for hobby and love of rabbits for pets, not meat…there may be some show quality bunnies in my kits, however I do not show any so I am not certain in what all show quality rabbits consist of…so you may end up with a qualified rabbit for only $20.00, just no papers. My rabbitry is signed through facebook not on google search yet.
Best contact for me is to go to facebook through my web page there T’s Bunny Hop’N Loves, I rarely check my emails but on facebook alot.

Shawn Burgess
Skipwith, Virginia
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Full Moon Farm & Rabbitry
We are a beginning rabbitry in Skipwith, Va specializing in the Ozark bloodline of the New Zealand White(NZW) Rabbit.
The Ozark bloodline breeding stock was obtained from Texas A&M, and has been bred specifically for meat production.
We will be offering show quality NZW’s in spring 2015.
We will begin taking orders June 2014 for our Ozark bloodline for kits in early fall 2014.

John Urton
South Chesterfield, Virginia
Roar like a Rex, LLC
Standard Rex Rabbits for sell with a variety of colors.

South Hampton Roads, VA
New Zealand Whites
Farmhouse Rabbitry
Raising Rabbits for Self-sufficiency and Boundless Educational Opportunities in South Hampton Roads, Virginia. Looking to add New Zealand Brokens in both Red and Black in the future. Meat Mutts also available.

Fred Hite
Southhill, Virginia
Jack Rabbit
Large Jack Rabbit

Amanda Harry
Sperryville, VA
English Angoras & Holland Lops
Pine Grove Rabbitry
Pine Grove is a small rabbitry located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I specialize in English Angoras & recently Holland Lops. It is my goal to breed competitive rabbits for myself and others to enjoy.

Erika Fletcher
Spotsylvania, Virginia
Netherland Dwarf
Ridgebend Rabbitry
Ridgebend is a small farm in Spotsylvania, Virginia that raises Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

Ashley Isaacson
Stafford, Virginia
Dutch, English Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Genesis Rabbitry and Farm
We are located in Northern VA. We are big supporters of 4-H. We specialize in Dutch rabbits. We focus on quality and temperament.

Camila Vega
Stafford, Virginia
Dutch rabbits
Dutch babies
We breed pet and show dutch rabbits, they are 30 dollars each and two for $50. Right now we will have a litter available in about 3 months they will be born in 2 months to reserve them but we are starting small only one litter at a time. Dutch rabbits are great companion rabbits and are in the top ten rabbit breeds, they are sweet, small and live about 8 years, we breed grey dutches.

Jennifer Rheaume
Stafford, Virginia
Holland Lop
Rheaume’s Rabbitry
Rheaume’s Rabbitry is run and owned by a myself and my daughter in Stafford, Virginia. We started this endeavor as pet owners and as my daughter grew to love her rabbits and want to show we expanded the rabbitry to be able to do selective breeding. The first time we saw a Holland lop with blue eyes our hearts melted. From there it has been a growing and learning experience of shows and breeders that have lead us to establish this endeavor.
We usually have pets over 8 weeks old available throughout the year. Our brood and show stock are grown out to 16 weeks at a minimum and then offered for sale if we decide to part with them. Most of our lines are Vienna as we mainly deal in BEW, but I do some tort to tort and non Vienna breeding’s to increase my show lines to breed back to the Vienna lines so please ask if you are looking for non-Vienna carriers.

Savannah Rounds
Stafford, Virginia
Ruth’s Rabbitry
We raise a bunch of different varietys of lionheads! Pedigreed and non pedigreed show quality and pet quality lionheads usually priced from $30-$50

Betsy Midkiff
Staffordsville, Virginia
Flemish Giant, Dutch, Mini Rex, American Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Silver Fox and Missouri Cottontail
Midkiff Simmental Farm and Rabbitry
Raising high quality, healthy and socialized rabbits. For breeding, show and pets. Pedigrees available.

Sue Tai
Suffolk, Virginia
New Zealand White
Tai Farm
We are selling pure breed New Zealand white rabbits. They are easy to raise and fun to look after. If you are looking for a pet for your child, it will be a good and affordable way to consider. If you are looking for meat rabbits, New Zealand rabbits are the way to go. Welcome to call us for any question. We have bunnies from two weeks old to full grown size. 757-818-0618

Wes McCormick
Suffolk , Virginia
New Zealand, Silver Fox, & American Chinchilla
Suffolk Bunny Ranch
The Suffolk Bunny Ranch is a Family owned Rabbitry located in Hampton Roads Virginia. We guarantee clean, healthy rabbits for meat or pets. If buying for meat; We can process for you. We breed mostly New Zealand, but at times may have Silver Fox, America Chinchilla, & Netherland Dwarfs.
text: (757)390-8920

Dorothy Walter
Suffolk, Virginia
Holland Lop
Compass Rose Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry currently located in Suffolk, VA focused on breeding Holland Lops according to ARBA standards.

Ashley Isaacson
Stafford, Virginia
Dutch, BEW Netherland Dwarfs and Holland lops
Genesis Rabbitry
I have recently moved to Stafford Virginia. I breed Dutch, Holland lops and Blue eyed white Netherland dwarfs. Please look at my website or email me for more information.

Ken Wrisely
Stafford, VA
American Blue and Whites, New Zealand Whites
AWE Rabbits
AWE Rabbits is a small family owned and run rabbitry in north central virgina specializing in meat rabbit species. We breed rabbits for sale to other breeders, for pets, and for meat and fur use. For the health and safety of our breeding stock, and especially the kits, we do not allow visitors into the rabbitry, but you are welcome to visit the rabbits in their play area or enjoy the hospitality of our house and play with them there.The Rabbitry is ARBA registered and we are members of American Rabbit Breeders Association, Breeders of the American Rabbit, NSC, and the Richmond Rabbit Breeders Association. We have just started to breed some of our rabbits for show.

Allen Bouldin
Staffordsville, Virginia
Californian, New Zealand White
AB Farms
I raise New Zealand Whites and California rabbits.

Vickie Dougherty
St. Stephens Church, Virginia
Mini Rex, Silver Fox and others
Academy Rabbits
I have several types of rabbits: 4 does and 5 bucks as well as many bunnies.
Several ages and many colors. Most of my rabbits now are small breeds being raised for pets, but I am working on raising some of the larger breeds, too for meat.

Richard Patterson
Suffolk, Virginia
New Zealand, California Reds, Angora, American Sable, Flemish Giant
Imperial Rabbitry
Located on 10 acres of rural Suffolk, Virginia, we have state of the art facilities and are USDA licensed. We offer meat rabbits and also pet rabbits for sale.

Becky Copperthite
Tappahannock, Virginia
Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarfs
Too quality Holland Lops rarely offered to the public. I am a small Rabbitry that my main focus is on breeding to the ARBA SOP Standard. I am a member of ARBA and only breed to supply myself with better rabbits to continue to show. Since not every bunny born turns out to be top show quality, I then offer pets occasionally. Also I will sometimes sell breeders to select homes. My pets are not sold with pedigrees.
I am located close to Tappahannock, Virginia and due to health issues only raise a few litters a year.
I do not allow visitors to my Rabbitry so as to protect my existing rabbits from diseases being brought into the Rabbitry. Photos are sent on request of any bunny that may be for sale.

Megan Chapell
Timberville, Virginia
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Flemish Giants
Rebel Ridge Rabbitry
I have been in the rabbit business for 6 years. Not all my rabbits are pedigreed but they are purebred. I bred and raise rabbits for 4H, FFA, and our county fairs. I do breed year around. I mainly have broken, harlequin, and tri-colored mini rex. Tri-colored standard Rex, and gray and fawn Flemish Giants(including F3 generations). Always looking for something new to add to our rabbitry so everything is always changing & never a dull moment.

Kateland Mawyer
Va beach, Virginia
Mini Rexs and Lionheads
Mid Atlantic Rabbit Hutch
Hello. We are a small Rabbitry in VA beach VA raising pedigree mini rexs and lionheads for show,pet and breeding, Pls check out our Facebook and Instagram page @ Mid Atlantic Rabbit Hutch,

Gigi Ram
Virginia Beach , Virginia
Holland Lop, Lion Heads
Lady Bunny at your service
All sweet little ones that are handled daily and use to kids. Indoor set up and free roam with litter training.

Londa Romainity
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Netherland Dwarf
Paws For Aws
We have 1 specific, blue died coat- dark blue eyed bunny, being sold at for the first bidding of 1.00. She is absolutely beautiful and doesn’t need a picture to present its beauty. This bunny is way too young to be breaded. She loves to sit on her thrown and likes to gives powerful looks at times.

Alexa Allen
Verona, VA
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Old Dominion Rabbitry
Hi! I am a youth breeder located in VA and I am also an active member of the FFA. My main breed is Holland lops and they occupy most of the space in my rabbitry. In my Holands I am working with tricolors and chocolates, and I will hopefully get some chocolate tricolors in the near future! I also have Netherland Dwarfs in Chocolate, Chinchilla, and Siamese Sable. I usually have lots of quality bunnies for sale so come visit my web page, , and see what I have available!

Donna Andrews
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Silver Fox Rabbits
Seaside Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that exclusively breeds Black and Blue Silver Fox rabbits. We raise our animals in a climate controlled area in an effort to provide the highest quality offspring possible.

Miranda Begley
Virginia Beach, Virginia
New Zealand, Mini Rex, Siamese,Dwarf, Silver Fox
We have many different breeds of rabbits including New Zealand, Mini Rex, Siamese, Dwarf, Silver Fox. We sell the kits (babies) that these rabbits have. Our bunnies always have babies and we do not force them to breed. Our baby bunnies are always VERY SWEET AND CUTE! They are great with kids and are held since the day they were born. They are 100% healthy when I sell them and they are usually only $25-45. The $45 ones are the Siamese, which are pretty rare. That is a HUGE discount from the pet stores, plus if you get a bunny from a pet store it won’t be nearly as sweet as my bunnies are. My bunnies will come with a little certificate with the date it was born, its buck and does name, and if you want a picture of it when it was first born. I will also give you a little baggy of food to start you off. Please go to my website.

Amelia Blanchard
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Lionhead Rabbit
Looking for a Lionhead rabbit in the Virginia Beach area..

Tamy Carter
Virginia Beach, VA
Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch
Rockin & Hoppin Rabbitry
Show and pet quality Netherland dwarfs and Dutch.

Claire Exner
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Netherland Dwarf
Seaside Rabbitry
We raise quality and friendly purebred Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We offer pet and show quality bunnies ..well socialized and sweet! We are dedicated to improving temperament and type.

William Mynes
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Californian, New Zealand, Smokey Mountain Cottontails, Missouri Cottontails, Tennessee Redbacks, European Cottaintails
Mullens Creek Rabbitry
We specialize in raising Smokey Mountain Cottontails, Missouri Cottontails, Tennessee Redbacks, and European Cottontails for dog training pens. We also raise rabbits for pets and meat.

Terrie Shunkwiler
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Silver Fox
Worcestershire Rabbitry
The Silver Fox is a dual purpose rabbit and as a member of ARBA and the National Silver Fox Club I strive to produced show quality rabbits.

Jacob Gray
Warsaw, Virginia
Satin, Satin, Lionhead
Cedar Hill Rabbitry
Cedar Hill Rabbitry is owned and operated by Jacob Gray, a 14 year old home school student. We are located near Montross, Virginia, and raise lionhead and satin rabbits. At Cedar Hill Rabbitry we believe that our rabbits should have the best life possible so all of our rabbits are kept outside in pens where they can run around and eat grass to their little hearts content. This diet makes our meat rabbits taste superior to grain fed rabbits that are cooped up in cages all of their life.
Look Cedar Hill Rabbitry Up On Google+

Mike Burns
Washington D.C., Virginia
English Angoras
The Fair Hare Rabbitry
I have been working with English Angoras for over 5 years now and love this breed! I especially enjoy teaching others all I can about these wonderful rabbits so that others can share my love for the breed. I currently have approximately 16 adult rabbits. I am a member of ARBA.

Ike & Denise Adams
Winchester, Virginia
Holland Lops
No Chickens Allowed Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry raising Holland Lop show rabbits. We are dedicated to raising the highest quality rabbits. Our foundation stock is Camelot and THF Saynora with a splash of other quality lines.

Austyn Gallagher
Winchester, Virginia
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Fuzzy Friends Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Winchester, VA that specializes in pet and show rabbits. Our rabbits are very people orientated and have awesome personalities. They are great with kids as they are handled frequently by young children.

Sharon Hanks
Winchester, Virginia
Silver Fox, NZ, meat mutts
Skyview Acres
Pasture raised meat rabbits. We currently run pedigreed Silver Foxes and non-pedigreed NZWs. We also have a few meat mutts that are producing great litters for us. We plan on adding pedigreed NZWs by winter 2012.

Jeff Kelly
Winchester, Virginia
New Zealand Whites
Flint Ridge Rabbitry
Flint Ridge Farm is located 6 miles west of Winchester on Rt. 50 West. We have rabbits for show, pets, and breeding stock that is pedigreed and non-pedigreed. Our champion line is from one of the top, if not the top, breeders in the country. Processed rabbit meat is available all year, as well as organs and such for your pets. This year, in the fall of 2013, there will be registered New Zealand Whites of top breeding and show quality. We have three lines of NZW in our rabbitry each varying quality. We offer stud service with our champion line bucks, (must have a vent disease sign off by a vet).

Richard Staats
Woodbridge, Virginia
Flemish Giant, Continental giant rabbits
Staats Rabbitry
Continental giant rabbits for sale. Small scale rabbitry business. We strive to provide the sweetest, healthiest, and most beautiful rabbits that we can! We currently have two breeding does:
A REW, and a steel blue.
We also have two breeding bucks: a blue , and a harlequin double white eared, Vienna marked Heterochromatic.
We have four Does available currently for sale

Jack Hawkins
Yorktown, Virginia
Silver Fox
Hawkins Family Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in historic Yorktown, Virginia. We usually have a litter or two available and/or soon to be available. We have black and blue Silver Fox. Please email for availability or with any questions

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