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Bonnie Johnson
Amboy, Washington
Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Lionhead
Lis-Bon Acres Rabbitry
We love our bunnies and strive to find them loving homes. Our bunnies are smaller sized breeds for the purpose of encouraging indoor pet relationships.

Shauna Horneman
Anacortes, Washington
New Zealand (solid & broken red)
Oasis New Zealands
Quality pedigreed New Zealand solid red and broken red rabbits for sale. Show, meat or pet stock available.

Sharon Leaf & Rebecca Davis
Arlington, WA
Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Sidekick’s Rabbitry
We have been breeding Hollands for over 25 years and strive to improve the breed working on shaded, ring patterns, otters, martens, selfs in both broken and solids.

Samantha Ford
Arlington, Washington
Flemish Giant
Boogies.Bunnies is a farm nestled up on 10 acres in Arlington Wa. We focus on raising Flemish Giants for people to have great pets, and pets for show. We focus on Light Grey’s but are in the process of expanding to Blues, Blacks, and whites. Come hop around and see our buns in person. Check out our website and/or Facebook (Boogies.Bunnies) for more info and details. Thank you for your time! Hope to talk with you soon. 🙂

Micki Martin
Arlington, Washington
New Zealand, New Zealand Red, Black, Broken and Blue
~Creating a better future for the ones that matter most.
Welcome to Backyard Basics, we are micro-urban farm that specializes in,
Rabbits ~ARBA New Zealand Reds, Black, Broken and Blue
Dairy Goats ~ ADGA Nigerian Dwarfs &
AKC Chocolate Labs
Surrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, Backyard Basics is a family operated and productive city farm. It is also a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and eco living in urban areas. Our goal is to create sustainable living within an urban backyard. We want to create a better future for our children and inspire others to make the world a better place. We utilize raised bed/ square foot gardening methods, worm composting and rain barrels to help create a greener footprint. For 2014, we are specializing in goat’s milk soap, goat cheese, pelt tanning and Back to Earth Workshops. If you are interesting in learning more about our micro-farm or purchasing breeding or show stock please email me or call at (360) 322-7277.
“We must be the change we wish to see.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
Note: Website coming soon!!
I do also deliver rabbits occasionally to shows please feel free to inquire if I will be attending a show in your local area.

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Morgan Bradley
Arlington , Washington
Palomino, Florida White, Dutch
Morgan’s Pals Rabbitry
Morgan’s Pals Rabbitry is registered through ARBA. I am located in Arlington, WA in the little town of Oso. The Golden Palomino rabbit is my top breed in my barn. I will be adding a Lynx color to my breeding program soon. I also currently breed Dutch, Chocolate and Black that sometimes throws a torte. I am breeding Florida White rabbits as well. My rabbits come with a pedigree and have great bloodlines. I am very active in 4H and also show my rabbits in Northwest Rabbit Breeder shows.

Ashanda & Kristen Haley
Arlington, WA. , Washington
American Chincillas, French Lop, Havana, Netherland Dwarf, and New Zealand.
Raisin Hare Experience Rabbitry
We establised our rabbitry 3 years ago. We raise American Chinchilla, French lop, Havana, Netherland dwarfs, and New Zealands.
We do sell rabbits and have litters periodically throughout the year. We are starting to travel to shows so if you are not in our area and would like one of our rabbits you can see if we will be at a show close to you!

Sheila Knoth
Arlington , Washington
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Satin, Beveren, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish also Specialize in Meat/Pelt
Homestead Farm Rabbitry
We are a small family homestead farm where our main focus is based on meat and pelt production. We offer purebred and mixed breeds from the very big to the very small for show quality and pets too!

Jennie Thogersen
Arlington, Washington
Beveren, Holland Lops, New Zealand’s red/white/black/harlequin, Blue Beveren, Lionheads, Silver Fox, Himalayan
Thogersen Family Farm
We are a year old rabbitry dealing in all sorts of breeds, from the small to medium size breeds. We originally started this homesteading ‘project’ for meat and pelt production, but have found we have very little (none) left over for meat/pelt purposes and all have been sold for pet and breeding stock. We continue to expand and update our barn to keep up with demand. my husband hopes to surpass said demand so he can’t start having meat production. All our rabbits are almost all handled daily, we have 6 children and all the neighborhood kids, in the barns daily, handling all the babies making them very very friendly, which I have found over the course of getting our own breeding stock from other breeders that most rabbits aren’t the cute cuddly creatures we all assume they are. Unhandled, non-socialized rabbits are terrifying simply put… with that being said our stock is perfect for pet grade and 4H projects and so much more. We have an open barn policy and we just ask that you wash up before handling stock. Feel free to visit and ask questions. We’ve learned much and hope to teach others what not to do in the beginning!

Katherine Bouma
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Holland Lop
looking for a young/newborn holland lop bunny/rabbit. Very friendly and likes to be held.

Susan Melton
Battle Ground, Washington
Lovely Lily Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry with pedigreed purebred Californian rabbits. We have 3 does and two bucks.

Mariah Rodriguez
Bellingham, Washington
New Zealands, Flemish Giants
Mariah’s Rabbitry
I have 3 rabbits 2 New Zealand rabbits buck and doe and a Flemish giant buck. The doe New Zealand is a broken brown while the buck is a chestnut and the Flemish giant is a beautiful fawn color.
The reason I started raising rabbits was because for my birthday my mom got me my buck New Zealand rabbit thumper as a bunny at coastal which I had been asking for a week before y birthday and I absolutely adored him he was very energetic and listened to me when it was time to be put back in his hutch though he gave mini heart attacks when he’d find a way to get out of his hutch when siblings left it open (we don’t have fenced yard) but luckly when I yell his name he comes back he is a one year old and is very big chubby boy maybe weighing in at 10 or 11 lbs and he’s the whole reason I wanted to breed rabbits which led me to get stashe my female New Zealand. We got her from a breeder and she is a very quite independent rabbit not much like my buck the reason for her name is because it looks like she has a mustache on her face which I find adorable. They both LOVE bananas and do flips in the air because of their excitement when they smell them. Stashe has escaped from her hutch before and luckly her love from bananas led me to grab her lol I loved her broken brown color and decided to breed her with my buck and she had a litter of 8 bunnies! With 5 broken brown and 3 chestnut which I am still trying to find homes for 5 of them :/. some have a calm personality like their father while others are a bit rambunctious lol. Finally I will get to the part where we got our Flemish giant, we love large breed rabbits so we decided to go bigger and found chompy our Flemish giant and may I say he is massive lol his parents were very big as well he is 7 months old and is way bigger than our new Zealand buck and is very sweet and friendly and are working on getting them harnesses and building pens to let them roam around our yard to keep them safe 🙂

Emily Taylor
Bellingham, Washington
Silver Fox
Blueberry Fox Rabbitry
Moses is a 5 month old purebred Silver Fox weighing at 7 pounds. His fur is sleek black with some gray peppering on his back and sides of stomach. His feet are large and are a light gray on the bottom. Moses has very tall and straight ears that are just as soft as the rest of his body. He is a curious rabbit who enjoys exploring all he can. He never lacks energy and is quite the character. The Silver Fix rabbit is the 11th rarest breed in the world and Moses is quite a stunning rabbit. If you want rare, beautiful, and playful rabbits then take interest in Moses. Contact if interested. We are located in Bellingham, Washington.

Leslie Hobbs
Bonney Lake, WA
Hobbs Habbitry
Breeders of Netherland dwarfs American fuzzy lops, and holland lop.

Stephanie Broker
Bothell, Washington
English Angora, Satin Angora
Angora Family Farm
My name is Stephanie Broker, my family is new to the rabbit breeding community as we are hoping to become a rabbitry in the Bothell, Wa area. We are specialize in breeding quality Angora rabbits and hope to expand to other breed of rabbits and fiber producing animals. We sheer our Angoras, card and package the fur and offer it for sale.
We hope to have our first litter within the next 4-5 months, estimating 16-20 kits. The does are a 50/50 Satin Angora Mix and the bucks are 100% English Angoras.

Presley Dewald
Bothell, Washington
Polish, Mini Satins
Blooming Bunnies Rabbitry
Hi Everyone, I’m Presley… I Specialize In Raising Quality Polish, and Mini Satins; I Breed Almost All Year Round And Almost Always Have Babies Of Both Breeds:) Mini Satins: I Raise Chinchilla, Siamese, and White. Polish: I Raise Chocolate,Broken,Blue,Black, And trying to get nice BEW’s.

Brenda Nelson
Bothell, WA
Champagne D’ argents, Satins
Brenda Nelson’s Rabbitry
Raising purebred Champagne D’argents with champion lineage, purebred satins (chocolate, black, broken, otter), and also purebred Cinnamons. All three breeds can be used for meat and show.

Carrie Campo
Bothell, WA
Holland Lops
Campo’s Cottontails Rabbitry
Raising quality colored holland lops for over 26yrs. All colors, shades, steels, agouties, selfs, otters in solid and brokens.

Shelley Dickinson
Bremerton, Washington
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop
Dream With Me Rabbitry
DWM is a small hobby farm working mostly with Holland Lop rabbits for show and mixed poultry for egg production.We have been working with livestock since 2008 and building on over time.
Currently we are a 10 hole rabbitry, meaning we have very few breeding rabbits. This also means we devote a great deal of extra attention to our young bunnies, show quality or not.
We breed primarily with Orange, Cream, Tri-Color and some tort coloring. Dream With Me Rabbitry is also a member with the HLRSC, and the WSHLRC.

Braden Roth
Brush Prairie, Washington
Silver Fox and Mini Rex
Roth Rabbits
Raise Silver Fox for meat and show and also breed mini rex

Annie Wilson
Camano Island, Washington
Champagne d’ Argent, New Zealand (White, Red, Broken Red), Champagne D’Argent, Beveren, Argente Brun
Seawind Rabbitry
On camano Island (accessed by a bridge), I have been raising meat rabbits for about 10 years. I actively show my rabbits to maintain their carcass value. My rabbitry is ARBA licensed and remain in the top points nationwide with my New Zealands and Champagnes. Always willing to help someone starting in rabbits, or needing new blood in your lines.
I have probably tried everything you might be thinking about, and would like you to learn from my successes as well as failures. rabbits are great. many have great personalities, and the breeders can quickly become pets. I do sell show quality as well as meat animals (they cant all make the show grade). We keep our animals as organic as possible including the occasional treatments necessary involved with rabbits.

Naomi Jud
Camas, Washington
Holland Lops
Cottontail Cuties Rabbitry
We sell pedigreed Holland Lops, and are located in Camas, Washington. I hope you consider us first.

Martin Watson
Camas, Washington
Polish, Jersey Wooly, Silver Fox
Watson’s Wabbit Tree
We are a small rabbitry specializing in raising high quality, Silver Fox, Jersey Wooly and Polish rabbits.

Heidi Kuester
Carbonado, Washington
Heidi’s Hoppers
Specializing now in providing homes for physically challenged (blind, etc) as well as “not so pretty” bunnies to a forever home. Breeds from Netherland Dwarf to Flemish Giants and many in between, that assist in training animal emergency responders for the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) – educating kids & adults alike on proper care and handling. Showing experience 8 years, 36 years in ownership & management. 20 head avg.

Centralia, WA
English Lop
Blue Pez Rabbitry
Small breeder of English Lops in Centralia, WA. Breed for type, ears, head, and personality. All buns are raised with tons of interaction by myself and my kids.
Centralia, Washington – 98531

Tina Krischano-Rupe
Cheney, Washington
Beveren, New Zealand, California, Chinchilla, Champagne, Rex
Dynamite Farms
Rural farm focusing on medium and large-breed meat rabbits, with some purebred breeds for potential show rabbits. Rabbits are raised in above-ground pens for cleanliness and bio-security. The farm is not open to visiting but we can meet people in the Spokane area. We usually work with New Zealand, Californian, Rex, and Chinchilla mixes for large fast-growing meat rabbits, but occasionally have some purebred stock available in several breeds. Have just started raising Beveren Rabbits, in White, Blue, and Black. Please visit my facebook page for current litters in the box and growouts available, plus info on my breeding stock.

Macy Morgan
Chewelah, Washington
English Angoras
Macy’s Rabbits Rabbitry
We are a small, excellence-driven breeder dedicated to breeding, showing and raising quality English Angora rabbits. We hope you will take a look at our website and see our lovely rabbits! Thank you for your interest.

Tezra Freeman
Cinebar, Washington
Selling for meat, i have a few questions about pricing. I just had a batch of cross bred, californian and some other breed.

Jessica Swopes
Clarkston, Washington
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Crimson and Clover Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is located in Clarkston Washington. We are a 15-20 hole rabbitry. We started off raising Holland Lops and have expanded our rabbitry to include Netherland Dwarfs. We recently built a new bunny barn and are excited to move the bunnies down to their new home. We love a variety of colors and have had: blues, blue tort, tort, oranges, creams, fawns, blacks, chestnuts, siamese sable, blue eyed whites, and more! We are a member of the ARBA and HLRSC.

Karen Doane
Cle Elum, Washington
American Chinchilla
TOP Farm Rabbittry
ARBA Member D3570
Beautiful show quality American Chinchilla rabbits

Julie Zwink
Clinton, WA
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots
Hidden Jules Rabbitry
Raising Quality Rabbits on Beautiful Whidbey Island about 30 minutes north of Seattle plus a short ferry ride. I usually have show, breeding and pet quality rabbits available. I love the Colored Holland Lops and Shaded Netherland Dwarfs!!

Lori Little
Cloverdale, Washington
American Chinchilla, New Zealand Red
Hot Rod Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry that strives to breed quality, friendly show and breeding, and meat stock. We are located 10 minutes north of the Washington/British Columbia border.

Amy Easley
Colville, Washington
Mini Rex, Holland Lops & American Chinchillas
Rockin Double D Rabbitry
A small family rabbitry focusing on quality rabbits.

Sue Gower
Colville, Washington
American Chinchilla, Champagne d’ Argent, Satin Angora, German Angoras, Angora Hybrids
Daisy Hill Farm
Nestled in the mountains of NE Washington Daisy Hill Farm produces healthy, pedigreed rabbits (and fiber from sheep, alpacas and llamas). Also available are frozen fryers. We show our rabbits, and breed them to ARBA guidelines. Focus is towards the rare and heritage breeds.

Robert Paffenroth
Colville, Washington
Flemish Giant
Paffenrabbits rabbitry
I raise flemmish giants, not on wire but in stalls. I have baby fawn, silver grey, and some time Sandy babies all summer and fall until sold out! They are pretty, super sweet and tame. I started with 3 big giants and keep them in stalls. They are fed all natural clover Timothy mix. No pesticides, and are never given antibiotics or unnecessary meds.

Keri Korven
Columbia Valley, Washington
New Zealand and Flemish Giant
Columbia Valley Rabbitry
The rabbitry is located in Columbia Valley, just south of Chilliwack.
Currently raising New Zealand Flemish Giant cross as well as New Zealand.
Raised on a farm and handled from birth. Great for meat or can be used to start your own rabbitry.

Nellie Huisman
Custer, Washington
Champagne D’ Argent, Mini Rex
Huismans Bunny Barn
I have a small, 20 hole rabbitry that I started in order to put fresh meat on the table. My goals for the rabbitry have expanded since I first started. I have been able to make a few good friends and help a number of people get their own back yard rabbitry started. I raise rabbits for the fun and joy it brings.

L Johnson
Davenport, Washington
Mini Rex
LER Rabbitry
Reds, Hemi, Broken Black, Smoke Pearl, Caster Buck – Some Registered, all with Pedigrees and most out of Grand Champion parents & grandparents.
509 995-9192

Dana Henry
Deer Park, Washington
Satin, Holland Lop, English Lop, and other mixed meat breeds
Veiled Eyes Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry located just outside of Deer Park Wa, it is split into two sections Veiled Eyes as the main body of the rabbitry, which contains most of the purebreds and my son’s rabbitry Bodu’s Corner, which contains most of the mixed breeds and genetics projects. We currently have Chocolate Satins, we are looking to add black satins as well, English lops, and Holland lops. We are starting Blue-Eyed Whites summer of 2014.
We also have other meat type rabbits.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Patty Nelson
Deer park, Washington
English Lop, Mini Lops, Tans Blue & lilac.
Lone Pine Rabbitry
WE live in the Pacific North West. We show our Rabbits. So most of the ones we sell will have a leg or 2 we also sell them with 3 legs ready for Champion registry
We Love our English Lops. Of course I also love myTans. We have the Blue and the Lilac. Our Lilac did well this year. Were just starting Mini Lops.

Ayana & Kevin Rhoads
Deer Park, Washington
American Fuzzy Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot
Peaceful Rhoads Rabbitry
At Peaceful Rhoads Rabbitry we strive to produce quality rabbits. Although american fuzzy lops are our specialty, we do occasionally have netherland dwarfs and dwarf hotots. Are rabbits are happy, healthy and do excellent at the shows! Please feel free to contacy us if you have an questions or if theres something particular you are looking for!

Vicki Weisgerber
Deer Park, WA
Netherland Dwarfs
Peek t chu Rabbitry- http://peekatchurabbits.com/
It is our dedication, determination and obsession to breed the most ideally typed netherland dwarfs as per the ARBA Standard of Perfection and our desire to provide the most clean and efficient environment, these are the things that are paramount to Peek At Chu Rabbitry.
W. 7314 Herman Rd, Deer Park, Washington, 99006

Travis Criswell
Deming, Washington
Silver Fox
Hillside rabbitry
All of our rabbits are raised in a colony free range setting on a natural diet and focused on a loving and stress free life The silver fox rabbit is a rare and delicious variety.

Rachel Warren
Des Moines, Washington
Silver Marten
Warren’s Rabbitry
Taken few years break, now back into showing. Breeding, raising rabbits for shows, 4H, with our daughter. Starting to focus on Silver Marten for show, pet, meat. Mostly our rabbits will be in black variety.

Darcey Elston
Elk, Washington
Pine Forest Rabbitry
Small rabbitry raising pedigreed purebred and F3 Lionheads in Washington.

Elizabeth Packett
Ellensbburg, Washington
Holland lops, Mini Lops
LizziesDouble Rabbitry
Rabbitry Description: We are a small beginning rabbitry, In fact so small I just created the name for us, but we are seriously working to make it a great thing for others, we specialize in a well social bunny that is ready to be a pet for who ever its new home is,
We are into 4h with my children and attend rabbit shows here in the Washington area , We are currently located in the wonderful town of Ellensburg and looking forward to the Show here in June,
As I said we are new and on the right track of getting better:)

Janessa Mitchell
Ellensburg, Washington
Polish, (Occasional English spots, planning to add Lilacs)
Homeland Rabbitry
I started breeding and showing rabbits in 4-H back in 2006. Over the years, I’ve owned and showed many breeds both through 4-H and ARBA but my main focus has always been Polish. I currently have Polish in black, blue, chocolate, and broken as well as the occasional lilacs that pop up. I also have English spots but am currently putting that breeding program on hold.

Homeland Rabbitry is an ARBA registered rabbitry, #D9004

Holly Wisniew
Everett, Washington
Holland Lop
Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry
I raise and breed family-friendly Holland Lops for show, brood, and pets. I strive to improve the development of the Holland Lop breed as well as inform and educate prospective bunny buyers or new rabbit owners. Raising and breeding Holland Lop rabbits are my hobby and passion.
Our rabbits are handled daily and frequently get running around time outside their cages. We will always have a small rabbitry so we can focus on taking care of each individual rabbit and baby bunny. We cannot keep very many rabbits from our litters, but we will always keep the outstanding best to continue with our line.
Please visit my website and check out my blog!

Felicity Elliott
Everson, Washington
Holland Lop
Rusty Sun Rabbitry
Rusty Sun is registered with ARBA

Rikki Olson
Granite Falls, Washington
English Angora, English Angora, Satin Angora
Raging River Rabbitry
Show and wooler quality English Angoras and Satin Angoras.

Eos Rising
Ferndale, Washington
French Angora, French Angora’s, Cinnamon’s
Eos Rising Rabbitry
We raise French Angora for spinning fiber and Cinnamon Rabbits for meat and fur. To find out more please visit our website.

Carrie Merrill
Forks, Washington
New Zealand, German Angora
Beaver Farms
Pure bred New Zealand Rabbits

Jenna Perelli
Gig Harbor, Washington
Blue Oaks Rabbitry
Lionhead Rabbitry In Washington State. Breeding for 6 years, focused on the Lionhead breed for 4 years. Breeding Bew/vm/vc rabbits. Some examples of our colors are Harlequin/magpie, bew, chestnut, Chinchilla, torts, and Siamese Sable. Quality over quantity. We strive to breed healthy, quality, and well temperamental bunnies.

Travis Read
Goldendale , Washington
American Sable & Florida White
Pedigreed Show, Breeding, & Meat Rabbits available. We breed to ARBA Standards and for temperament.
Many years of experience with rabbits, we have had several BOB/BoOS winners at the shows we have attended.
The American Sable is a medium weight/boned, docile, has large litters, has great mothering ability, and make excellent show/meat rabbits.
The Florida White is a lightweight, fine boned, docile, has large litters, has great mothering ability, and make excellent show/meat rabbits.
See our webpages for more info.

Bill Swarens
Graham, Washington
American Chinchilla, California, American Sable
B.A.R.R. Rabbitry
Mainly breeding Rabbits for fur and meat.

Bobbie Crawford
Graham, Washington
Little Moon Rabbitry
We breed show quality Rex in several varieties.

Gryph Rivas
Graham, Washington
Silver Fox, Champagne d’Argent, Argente Brun, Rex
Edelweiss Ranch & Rabbitry
We raise Champagne d’Argents, Argente Bruns, Rex, and Silver Fox rabbits for show, meat, pelts, and pets in lovely Pierce County, Washington.

Sally Childress
Grand Mound, Washington
Californians, New Zealands, Chin, Flemish Giants
Sally B’s Rabbitry
Meat rabbits, live sale only, breed year around, 100+ holes, pedigreed breeding stock, often have replacement breeding does for sale.

Jennie Thogersen
Granite Falls, Washington
Beveren, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Beverens, White New Zealand
Thogersen Family Farm Rabbitry
We are a two year old rabbitry, we’ve honed down our heard and are now specializing in two specific Dwarf breeds; Lionheads, and Holland Lops. We are ARBA members and have been for the past two years THOGJE00. Currently we have 20 Lionhead breeders, and 17 holland lop breeders. Almost all of our breeders are fully pedigreed, resulting in fully pedigreed litters. We breed for pets, show, and fun. Profits obtained from sales goes into helping us financially afford extra-curriculars for our children. This project originally started as a meat/pelt production, we have since moved on to dwarf rabbits and are working toward high show quality buns. We have an open barn policy and we just ask that you wash up before handling stock. Feel free to visit and ask questions. (We also have the blue Beveren and white New Zealand lines that have been relocated to a friend’s property and he is taking over those lines. we can pass on said information until he’s ready to independently manage the heards himself)

Lizzie Garr
Greenacres, Washington
Holland Lops
Lizzie’s Rabbits
Small rabbitry focused on producing quality lops.

Marilyn Waddington
Harrah, WA
Silver Fox, Mini Lop
Rocking W Rabbitry
About 35 hole rabbitry with black and blue Silver Fox. Hoping to have chocolates by this year.

JR Rondeau
jefferson County, Washington
Californian, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Blackmoon Rabbitry
Please contact me via email for more info. We also have a Facebook page with updates.

Sara Marshall
Kennewick, WA
Mini Lops, Mini Satin
MoonWillow Rabbitry
I currently Raise Mini lops as my main breed and I am also just starting with Mini Satin, so currently do not have stock yet, but soon will!

Adriana Post
Kent, Washington
Holland Lop
Blue Clover Rabbitry
We specialized in rare vienna marked holland lops. They are raised by hand in a social environment and are a huge part of our bunny therapy sessions. We also socialize our bunnies with our dogs. All details can be found on our website Bluecloverrabbitry.com.

Ethan Shillo
kfar-saba, Washington
Silver Marten
I live in israel i know how to take care of rabbits have a big yard

Claire Harvey
Kirkland, Washington
Netherland Dwarfs
Western Washington Wabbitwy
Ouality pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs, raising for show, brood and companion. Self, otter, broken and orange available. Registered with the ARBA and the WSRBA. We are involved in the Rasin’ Hares rabbit club and love to help out 4H kids!

Celeste Wade
Lacey, WA
American Chinchilla; Mixed, American
Crosstown Farms Rabbits
We are self taught “rabbitiers”, having started raising rabbits for food in September 2010. We live in the heart of the city and have recently worked with the city to change the rules on rabbits. We started with mixed rabbits and a New Zealand buck, but then learned of American Chinchillas and converted! American Chinchillas have great personalities, are great moms, grow fast & have nice pelts. We have recently aquired a pair of Americans as well, so eventually will have 3 lines running: Purebred American Chinchillas, Purebred Americans & Mixed strictly meat/pet rabbits. We have 1 Blue American Buck, 1 American Chinchilla Buck; 2 American Chinchilla Does; 1 American Doe; 2 Champagne/NZ cross Does.

Judy Fosdick
Lake Stevens, Washington
Cinnamon, Silver Fox, Dutch
Nina’ Lucky Rabbitry
Starting as a 4-H project, the rabbitry has grown to three breeds and multiple breeding pairs. Silver Fox and Cinnamon rabbits are very docile, good mothers, good for breeding, show, or meat. Silver Fox sire is 2012 Grand Champion 4-H in Washington.
425 760-9462

Shelby Thomas
Lake Stevens, Washington
Holland Lop, Lionhead and Mini Lop
Happy Hoppin Rabbitry
Happy Hoppin Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Lake Stevens, Washington. Our rabbitry will have two Holland Lop litters, two Lionhead litters, and four Mini Lop litters a year. Our does produce both broken and solid kits.

Joeleah Matsunaga
Lakewood, Washington
Holland Lop
Lavender Garden Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry whom raises Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs all of our rabbits come from pedigreed breeding stock whom have amazing personality’s. Along with that we are striving to breed to the ARBA Standard Of Perfection. Our bunnies are fed high quality feed and hay and given filtered water. All babies from our Rabbitry are litter box trained.

Emma Hindley
Leeds, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Clover Rabbitry
Small, black and white with a tint of grey and small with brown eyes.

Emily and Amanda R
Lewis County, WA
Mini Rex, Rex, Netherland Dwarfs
Blue Camas Rabbitry
Located in Southwest Washington, we focus on Mini Rex, Rex, & Netherland Dwarfs in a variety of colors.
Mini Rex – Ruby Eyed White
Netherland Dwarfs – Shadeds & Selfs
Rex – Black Otter (with other colors available too)
We also breed for meat production.

Heather C
Long Beach, Washington
Satin Angoras, English Angoras
Oceanside Angoras Rabbitry
Nestled where the pacific ocean breezes meets the evergreens, Oceanside Angoras specializes in high quality Satin and English Angoras for show and wool. With over 20 years experience as a hand-spinner, knitter, and crocheter, we strive to produce bunnies who can supply us with the fiber we love. Fiber, and yarn also for sale. We breed occasionally, and maintain a waiting list for prospective homes. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information on fiber, angoras, or bunnies in general.

Vivienne Sisco
Lynden, Washington
Californian, Holland Lop
Three Firs Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry located in Northwest Washington just south of the Canadian border. We love Californians and Holland Lops for their striking color and sweet docile nature. It is our goal to share the joy and knowledge we have gained from raising rabbits, and want to encourage others in their homesteading ventures. 🙂
We hope you enjoy visiting Three Firs Rabbitry and look forward to helping you with your purchase. Thank you 🙂

Sherri Anderson
Malaga, Washington
Show Quality Mini Rex in Black, Broken, Himalayan and Otter
Soft Hop Mini Rex
I raise show quality Miini Rex in Black, Broken, Himalayan and Otter. I can deliver to the shows I attend.

Courtney Campbell
Maple Valley, Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Lionhead & Beveren
Bunny Valley Rabbitry
Purebreed and Pedigreed buns for show, pet and meat. Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rexes, Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Lionheads in many colors and Blue Beverens. Stud service and out breedings welcome, contact me for more details. Discounts available for 4H, FFA and/ or ARBA members.

Robert Fiut
Marblemount, Washington
New Zealand Whites
Robert’s Rabbitry
Raising pedigreed New Zealand whites in Upper Skagit County. State-of-the-art, all-wire quonset-style cages/hutches, and innovative 4-hutch “table frames” also available.

Beverly Cramer
Marysville, Washington
Holland Lop, Dwarf Holland Lop. (3 to 4 pounds)
WillowTree Rabbitry
I’m a small in home Rabbitry My Rabbits are raised inside my home in a clean environment. I have 2 Does and 3 Bucks. I’ve only bred my original Doe and Buck that I got when they were babies 8 weeks old. So far I have only had 2 litters, I kept 1 buck from the first litter and 2-1 buck and 1 doe from the second litter. My focus is on producing family pets and for kids in 4-H. My bunnies are handled daily, social and sweet. They are kept in nice individual cages, they have a play pen to exercise in and occasionally I’ll take it outside in the grass for them to get fresh air.
I’m working on developing a website under the name of WillowTreeRabbitry
Please text for inquires

Danny Luster
Marysville, Washington
Luster Wabbitry
I breed and show black and Blue Dutch’s. I try to breed closest to the standards of perfection as possible.

Teddi Pais
Matlock, Washington
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Floxglove Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry where my son and I breed Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops. We breed for conformation and disposition. My son is a member of the Making Tracks 4-H Club and I am a 4-H leader. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Samantha Robinson
Mission, British Columbia, Canada, Washington
New Zealand, California
Robinson Rabbitry
Fairly new rabbitry located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I have been around for the last year but just recently gave a name for myself. I mainly breed Pure Bred New Zealands but I do breed Californian X Giant Flemish Bucks to my Netherland, Californian, Giant Flemish X doe. I mainly breed my rabbits with the understanding that they are a Meat Rabbit. I sell them as pets, broods, and meat. I am evolving my rabbitry to focus on developing a pedigree for my Pure Bred New Zealands as well as shortly I will be breeding dwarf rabbits with the intent to develop show quality, pedigree pure bred dwarfs. My husband says pick one so I am deciding between Netherlands or Mini Rexs.

Brittany Clem
Monroe, Washington
Satin Angoras
Violet Trees Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Monroe, Washington. We currently show and breed Satin Angora rabbits.

Kimberly & Justin Lange
Monroe, Washington
English and Satin Angoras, Polish, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Fuzzy Gems Rabbitry
It all started a year ago with one Rabbit for Justin’s Birthday. Now we raise our breeds and strive to produce quality rabbits that maintain the standards set by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We travel the northwest showing our rabbits and enjoy meeting our bunny friends. We are proud members of ARBA, Washington State Rabbits Breeders Association,both the Nation and Washington State Holland Lop Club. We are currently active in trying to establish a Speciality club in the Northwest for Angora Breeders.

Kristina Williams
Monroe, Washington
Lilacs, Giant Angoras, Himalayans
White Rose Rabbitry
White Rose Rabbitry is a small 25-hole rabbitry located in Monroe, WA. I raise Giant Angoras & Lilacs, also a little bit Himalayans on the side. I have been breeding and showing rabbits in both open and 4-H since the year 2000.

Corina K
Moses Lake, Washington
Silver Fox
KF Rabbitry
We are a new, small rabbitry. We breed the rare heritage, Silver Fox. Please visit our website for more information.

Wendy Lange
Moses Lake, Washington
English Lops and Holland Lops
The Carrot Hutch Rabbitry
The Carrot Hutch is a small rabbitry owned by myself and my son. We started out with an English Lop named Carrot and it took off from there. The Hollands Lops are my son’s, he is excited about showing and raising them. We will have babies for sale at some point. Please feel free to check with us!

Shelly Ramsey, Nikole Ramsey
Moses Lake, WA
Dutch, English Lop, Silver Fox, Champagne D’ Argents
Ramsey Rabbit Tree
Located in Sunny, Moses Lake, Washington, we are a small family farm and 20 hole rabbitry. We strive to raise the healthiest, and strongest animals we can without the use of unnatural by-products or medications! We enjoy taking good care of our animals and the kids take much pride showing in 4-H and other shows in the area. Most of what we raise goes to put food on our table…and sometimes becomes the food on our table :O)
12512 RD 9 NE Moses Lake Washington, 98837

Jeremy Cowan
Mount Vernon, Washington
CHI Farms
I raise blue and white American rabbits.

Paul Sires
Newcastle, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Reach for Heaven Rabbitry
Selling high quality show Netherland Dwarfs. Our rabbits have won multiple Best of Breed and Best in Show awards. Visit our website for more information!

Evva Burts
Okanogan, Washington
Northern Lights Rabbitry
Breeding DM lionhead rabbits of pet and show quality

Laurel Chappell
Olympia, Washington
Holland Lop, Holland lop
Hop N Hollands Rabbitry
Raising holland lops in all the beautiful rare colors including blue eyed white. Family hobby where bunnies are raised around children and very well caredone for.

Whitney E
Olympia, WA
Americans, Satins
Eternal Heritage Rabbitry
This rabbitry is co-owned by Lindsay & Whitney, both members of the ARBA. We are located in Olympia, WA. We raise Americans (Blue & White) and Satins (Black & Red). We strive to breed to the Standard of Perfection and our rabbits do well on the show tables. Our Americans have proven themselves on the show tables. We carry the CanAm bloodline here and our Americans carry the Ed gene which causes the dark blue that is very desired in Americans.
We raise rabbits for show, meat, and pets.
For more information on us and our rabbits, check out our site!

Ciara Wertzbar
Pittsford, Michigan
C&J Rabbitry

Elisabeth Bedard
Omak, Washington
Mini Lops
Floppy Loppys
I am a 4H kid in the 9th grade. I have been working on starting my Rabbitry for a couple of years and I am excited to say I currently have 3 adorable Mini Lops for sale! As of 5/1 they are 15 weeks old. I offer a discount for 4H kids! These will make great 4H bunnies! Each Mini Lop has been handled since birth and is very socialized. The Sire is a Broken Chestnut Agouti and the Dame is a Lynx. I have 2 Broken Chestnut Bucks and I am deciding on the doe right now, but I will have either a Broken Chinchilla Doe or a Solid Chestnut Doe as well. Everyone needs one of these Floppy Loppy’s in their life! Contact me today!

Aviana & Solana Vazquez
Otis Orchards, Washington
Holland Lop
Jade Acre’s Rabbitry
Located in Washington

Christina Tsoukalas
Pacific, Washington
Holland Lop, Standard Rex and Mini Rex
White River Rabbitry

Hi all! My name is Christina and I am the Head of White River Rabbitry. I am a loving individual whose passion is rabbits! I breed, raise and condition beautiful Holland Lops, Standard and Mini Rex’s. I carefully pick every rabbit in my herd for strong breeding lines to improve their genetics the best way possible. I specialize in unique color combinations including black/orange tri colors, Harlequin, blues, otters and torts. I treat every rabbit like a part of my family. Every bunny gets the individual attention it deserves. Daily Practices include handling everyday from birth, being subjected into foreign environments and familiarizing with new people (and sometimes dogs) are used to ensure a a well-balanced/friendly rabbit. I also introduce special probiotics at a young age to ensure their digestive system gets off to a great start.

Grace Sapp
Palouse, WA
Holland Lops, Rex
Happy Hoppy Farm
We are a small Rabbitry south of Spokane, WA. WE mostly raise the Holland Lops as my kids and I think they are the cutest! Call or email and let me know what you are looking for!

Brandon Maher
Pasco, Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Satins, Mini Rexes
Maher Rabbits
I run an Official ARBA rabbitry in Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) Washington. I raise show quality Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rexes, Satins. I started the Rabbitry when I first joined FFA 4 years ago. I was taught how to raise Netherland Dwarfs first then expanded to 2 other breeds (Satins and Mini Rexes). I have 25 rabbits in my Rabbitry and take care of them everyday by feeding them Vit. supplements with there food causing them to have better litters and/or be in better condition when showing. Every rabbit I sell is very calm and have nice attitude when being handled or judged. I also help support my local FFA and 4-H clubs be supplying Market rabbits for fair. I also have wonderful pet rabbits at a cheaper cost to youth and/or families looking for a nice pet.

Tiffany Carlton
Pierce County, Washington
Dwarf Hotots, American Chinchillas
Heart’s Quest Rabbitry
Small rabbitry raising and showing quality Dwarf Hotots and American Chinchillas. Located in Pierce County, WA.

Bobbie Crawford
Pierce County, Washington
Little Moon Rabbitry
We breed beautiful Rex in white, castor and black otter. Our rabbitry is well ventilated and clean, we believe a rabbitry should be so for the health of the rabbits.

Justin English
Port Angeles, Washington
Rex, New Zealand Whites
English Bunny Bits
We provide the Olympic Peninsula with healthy and happy rabbits for the enjoyment of all.

Amber Collier
Port Orchard, Washington
Holland lop, Flemish Giant, Rex, New Zealand
Smoke Stack Farms
We raise lops for pets as well as flemish Giants. We raise meat rabbits as well.

Carrie Thompson
Port Orchard, Washington
Silver, New Zealand, Rex, Silver
Silverwolf Rabbitry
We are a ARBA Registered Rabbitry Showing & Breeding New Zealand, Rex, & Silver rabbit Breeds.
We are a established Rabbitry located in Puget Sound area of Washington State.
It is our goal to breed and raise quality show stock. We are registering most of our breeding stock and will eventually breed only registered stock. We also show and work towards a Grand Champion certificate for most of the rabbits we raise. Our goal is to produce healthy, vigorous individuals that meet the ARBA Standard of Perfection for all Breeds of Rabbit that we raise. We hope to be able to Grand our show stock before retiring them for breeding. Eventually we hope to establish our lines by having Red, White and Blue registered animals. We want to produce show quality stock with a proven, quality pedigree.

Joseph S Walker
Port Towensend, Washington
Giant Chinchillas, Californians, New Zealands
Diamond A Rabbitry
Rabbitry located in North West Washington raising Giant Chins. I have several breeds for meat and show. I also build Custom wood Hutches which are designed to protect rabbits from the weather while providing a safe attractive hutch when painted.

Emilee Wilcox
Poulsbo, WA
Creme D’ Argent, Champagne D’ Argent, Cinnamon, Beverens, Netherland Dwarf
Heartland Rabbitry
At Heartland, we strive for excellent quality rabbits with excellent temperaments as well. Preserving the rare breeds is extremely important to us! We mainly focus on Cremes, since they are our main and favorite breed!

Cathy M cPeek
Puyallup, WA
American Chinchilla
BeeHaven Rabbitree
Just starting. One Buck + One Doe= a dozen bunnies!

Grethe Steensgaard
Redmond, Washington
French Lop
Golden Heart Rabbitry
Hi, Golden Heart Rabbitry is located in Redmond, approximately 20 minutes from Seattle. We are a small, family run rabbitry with approximately 15 rabbits at all times. We have been involved in the rab

Teresa Van Beek
Renton, Washington
Purple Rain Rabbitry
We are just starting to breed Lilac rabbits, the 8th rarest rabbit breed recognized by ARBA. We are registered at ARBA, NLRCA, WSRBA, and are 4-H’ers. Contact us if you are interested in buying this amazing and rare breed!

Abigail Flores
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Dainty Netherland Dwarf Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Tri-Cities Washington that produces beautiful netherland dwarf rabbits. They have full pedigrees and are show or pet quality!

Benjamin Inglis
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Riverbend Rabbitry
Where the bunnies play

Hannah Keele
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Red Mountain Rabbitry
we specialize in lionhead rabbits we also sell cages and food bowls. name is Hannah keele and our rabbits are of the best Quality. stop by our website and reserve your rabbit now.

Michaela Merriman
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Blue Beauty Rabbitry
All bunnies are raised in doors and have tons of attention daily. Cage cleans every 3 days, fresh water several times a day and fresh food and hay daily. They have monthly nail trims and scent gland cleanings. All my bunnies are use to being held by kids, loud noises like vacuums and tv, and they are also use to dogs. All bunnies have several toy and chew options in their cages as well. They can be used as breeders, show bunnies, 4H projects or just as pets. I specialize in several colors and can produce random other colors during breeds but my main colors are Blue Eyed Whites, Chestnuts, Cinnamons, Oranges, Siamese Smoke Pearls, Siamese Sables, Red Eyed Whites, Hotots, VMs, Black Silver Martin and Black Otters. I also provide pedigrees for the majority of my bunnies. I do not transport bunnies but I can meet in Richland or Kennewick, WA
You can also view our site at BlueBeautyRabbitry@Weebly.com for further details. There is a contact form on there so you can ask further questions or request a certain color of Netherland. If I do not currently have that color I can schedule the next breed to get the color requested. Quicker response when you do the contact form through my website but I do check my email as well.

Arminda Tarr
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Riverbend Rabbitry
ARBA members
Breeding Netherland Dwarf bunnies
For show and fun.

Heaven Henry
Rochester, Washington
German Angoras and German Hybrids, Polish, and Rex
Just Dande Farm and Rabbitry
Selling quality German Angoras and German Hybrids. We also have Polish and Rex. Located in Southwestern Washington.

Debbie Perry
Rochester, Washington
English Angoras, Holland Lops
Dancing Waters Farm
Hobby rabbitry and farm. Form, Function, Fiber, Temperament are key goals on this farm. Occasional litters. All the animals here are valued ~ when bred, I am trying to produce quality that will benefit the people they will live with on all levels.

Tammy & Kevin Vaughn
Roosevelt, Washington
Giant Angoras, German Angoras, Satin Angoras, Californians
Fuzzy Vaughns Rabbitry
Home to the Fuzzy Vaughns. Giant Angoras, German Angoras, Satin Angoras, & Californian Rabbits.

Dr. Barbara Brooks-Worrell
Roy, Washington
French Angora, Dutch
Ol West Farms
We are a small family farm raising mainly fiber animals (cashmere goats, french angora rabbits, llama, and alpacas). We also enjoy our lovely Dutch bunnies.

Justin Kaufman
Saint John, Washington
Silver Fox
Kaufman Silver Fox Rabbitry
We raise Silver Fox rabbits exclusively because we believe they have the best all around qualities. At this time we have two bucks and three does that we breed regularly, and they produce black kits and occasionally blues. Our rabbits are healthy, large, have good temperaments and good color.

Freddie Bestwick
Salt Spring Island BC, Washington
Flemish Giant, Standard Rex, Lop, Himalayan, New Zealand, Californian
Fur Lined Rabbitry
I live on Salt Spring Island BC Canada where I raise rabbits for meat and fur. Fur Lined Rabbitry has been up and running since spring of 2015, although I have owned rabbits since 1999 for 4H, pet and show.
I have Flemish Giants that I love so very much, their personalities are just incredible, and they are amazing mothers. I also breed in Standard Rex, New Zealands, Californians, Lop, and a little Himalayan for my meat producing rabbits. I try to keep as much Flemish as possible in each litter, without raising my food costs too high; Flemish Giants eat a lot!
It is important to me to not only have healthy and fast producing meat rabbits, but that each rabbit has a nice temperament. This is because at any point I may sell one as a pet. With my meat mix breeds, sometimes I get really interesting coats in the kits, and these sell fast as pets.
I do a lot of my own slaughtering for personal consumption and closed market -friends and family. When I process I keep the pelts(hides) ears and organs of each rabbit. I believe in not wasting anything the rabbits can give us. Most of the extras I process into dog treats that I sell. A portion of the fryers I get done at an inspected abattoir, and then sell them at our local farm stand. Rabbit meat is so healthy and great for you.
I believe each rabbit is special and deserves a great life. It does not matter to me if they are a pet, show, meat producing, or a fryer, I give them all lots of attention and care. My rabbits mainly live in hutches and wire bottom cages for health and cleanliness, but I always circulate them through my grass runs on good days. Rabbits need to play, run, jump, dig and eat lots of grass, my grass runs let each rabbit do just that.
Fur Lined Rabbitry is located on Salt Spring Island BC, v8k 1a9.

Victor Black
Seattle, Washington
Flemish Giant, Mixed breed meat rabbits
Victors Rabbitry
Hi i am i small rabbitry based out of seattle i have been breeding rabbits for 4-h all my life. Give me a call and come by.

Sarah Cleavenger
Seattle, WA
Double Dutch Rabbitry
ARBA Judge raising quality Black & Blue Dutch in Seattle, WA. Website has a lot of rabbit information.

Elisabeth Miller
Seattle, Washington
Holland Lops
Ellie’s Lovely Lops
We are a small rabbitry that raises colored Holland Lops in Seattle, Wa.

Kendall M
Seattle Area, Washington
Silver Fox & Netherland Dwarf
Charming Stars Rabbitry
A dedicated breeder of Netherland Dwarfs and Silver Fox in Washington State. Specializing in friendly, show quality, Pedigreed rabbits! Breeding for type and temperament, quality not quantity. In Silver Fox I focus on black, and in Netherland Dwarf I focus on Chestnut. Member of ARBA, WSRBA, NSFRC, ANDRC, & WA state 4-H.

Jonathan Campbell
Selah, Washington
Californian, New Zealand, Flemish Giant
Heaven-Sent Rabbitry
Our rabbits are well taken care of while they are living at Heaven-Sent Rabbitry.We specialize in the meat rabbit breeds and raise them for that purpose.We usually keep around 120 rabbits in stock and are looking to expand in 2015 to keep approximately 500.

Alexis Carlstrom
Shelton, Washington
Holland Lops, Dutch
TF’s Dutch and Holland Lops Rabbitry
Breed and sell show and pet quality Holland lops and Dutch rabbits.

Sherri Clarke
Shelton, WA
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Fantasia’s Rabbitry
I have a outside rabbitry that consist of 3 single hutches, 5 double hutches, and 12 cages. I raise and breed Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, and 1 Mini Lop buck. My husband builds all of my hutches with my help.

Adam and Elisabeth Waldron
Skagit Valley, Washington
Holland Lops, New Zealand Reds
King’s Bunnies Rabbitry #D2046
We raise purebred, pedigreed, show quality Holland lops in Chestnut, Opal, Orange, Cream and Tort. We breed for type and color. We also raise purebred, pedigreed New Zealand Reds for show or we sell live for the meat. All of our rabbits are handled since birth and have friendly personalities.

William Brown
Spanaway, Washington
New Zealand and Champagne d’Argents for meat and pelts
Wabbit Seasoned
We are a smaller family rabbitry that specializes in New Zealands and Champagne d’Argents for meats in the Spanaway/Roy “Y” area. We are a 100% Organic/All Natural meat producer.

Kelly Trower
Spangle, Washington
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf & Hollands
T&J’s Emerald Acres Rabbitry
Washington State Business License. Second year ARBA & Netherland Dwarf Association Members. Focusing Sable Point, Red, REW, Castor and Broken Black Mini Rex. Have Chestnut, REW, Black Otter, Black Himi & Chinchilla Breeding Netherlands & 1 pair of Holland Lop breeding partners that produce Red, Broken Red, Broken Blue, Black otter and Tri kits.

Jessica Hood
Spokane, Washington
Cinnamon, New Zealand (White, Black, and Broken Black)
Genesis 41 Rabbitry raises quality New Zealands as well as Cinnamons. Our Cinnamons have a full pedigree and come from excellent show stock. We pride ourselves in the quality care we provide in raising our rabbits. We only breed rabbits with good temparments so all of our bunnies are docile and would make wonderful pets. We sell for meat, pet, or show.

Laurie J
Spokane, Washington
Mini Rex, Himalayan, (Rare ” Smoke pearls), and Blues
LER’s Rabbit Ranch
I ad breed Himalayan mini Rex for show and (4 H for kids), I do have pets for sale some time.
I started raising rabbits when I was just 7 yrs old . I had several breeds up to now. I mainly have rabbits for show.
I have mini rex now:in the color of himayan , both black and blue, (rare) Smoke pearls. I have focused on not just show quality type, but also disposition.

Jessica O’Reilly
Spokane, Washington
Holland Lop, Half Lionhead/Half Holland Lop mix
S&J Bunnies
We are S&J Bunnies, selling primarily full holland lop breeds, but with an occasional litter that has a mix of Lionhead as well. We recently fell in love with our special bunnies and decided to breed them. We hold 4 of our bunnies (3 female and 1 male). They are the most special thing and would love for you to add a new bunny to your home. Holland lops are great show animals along with excellent pets to have around families. They do not grow to be large, and are easily attainable while being a lovable animal to play with. Our hope is that our babies will start coming along at the end of January, so we are looking for loving homes for the babies 8 weeks after that. Please contact me directly if you are interested! Feel free to visit our website as well, we will post new pictures of the babies as they come, and get ready to leave us for another home!

Joty K
Surrey , Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf hotot
Fantasy Rabbitry
I have netherland dwarf bunnies and hotot dwarf bunnies for sale.. all the adult bunnies are treated as pets .. our family loves each one of them .. we raised them from birth ..

Grethe Steensgaard
Redmond, Washington
None of the above, Lionheads, Holland Lops
Golden Heart Rabbitry
Hi, Golden Heart Rabbitry is located in Redmond, approximately 20 minutes from Seattle. We are a small, family run rabbitry with, on average, 15 rabbits. If you’re looking for a baby rabbit, well, half the time I have them, half the time I don’t, but I always have rabbits for sale. All of Golden Heart’s rabbits have been handled since birth and are very mellow. They go to shows often, (4H, ARBA, and WSRBA) and are used to kids of all ages and also to dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and even tortoises! Different rabbits sell for different prices, but all of my rabbits are priced under $75. I have been working with rabbits for almost seven years. I’d love to answer any questions you have. You can contact me on my cell or by email. If you use my cell you can either call or text. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
(425) 518-8072

Abigail Flores
Richland, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Dainty Netherland Dwarf Rabbitry
DND Rabbitry is a great place to get fully-pedigreed, beautiful, adorable, and super friendly bunnies! We have a small rabbitry, so all of our bunnies get cared for with the very best and are loved on every day!

Tami Applebee
Rochester, Washington
French Angora
Bonnie and Clyde’s Vault
Quality fiber bunnies that have easy going temperaments are the goal of our small rabbitry. Mom and Dad live indoors on site and have clean quality fiber to offer with staples at 3+ inches long. Occasional breeding allows us to carefully hand raise litters of well adjusted, healthy fiber bunnies. We offer fiber, bunnies, and bags of good quality garden amendment.

Beth Braaten
Seattle, Washington
Lop breed or Dwarf Lop
Lop breed
Baby dwarf or Holland Lop breed

Jamie Hayworth
Seattle, Washington
Holland Lops
Sugar Pine Rabbitry
We are a small-scale hobby rabbitry focusing on personable Holland Lops for pets. Working towards the tricolor/calico pattern, so we have broken (spots) and magpie/harlequin (stripes) in our herd. Selecting for playful, friendly, happy, quirky, and/or calm personalities is a priority, and babies are handled extensively. Our bunnies are given regular playtime outdoors and are well-loved and socialized. If you are in the Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Everett, or surrounding areas, and looking for a small companion rabbit, please feel free to contact us. Not sure if a rabbit is right for you? Email us with any questions, and we will do our best to help. Our Netherland Dwarf breeding project is currently on hold.

Christian Albright
Spanaway, Washington
Champagne d’ Argent, Purebred Californians
Peter’s Rabbits
I am 14 years old and I am learning to run a business doing something I love- taking care of animals. I am in 4H, soccer, etc…. I raise and show some very sweet Californians and Champagne D’ Argents. We also have some mixed breeds. Please look at my website for more info…Thank you!

Eliza Gray
Spanaway, WA
Rex, Standard Rex Doe and American Sable Buck
Gray’s Rabbitry
I have only been raising rabbits for about a month they didn’t have that on here but i plan on breeding standard rex rabbits and american sable for my food and my snak’es food.

Kelly Trower
Spangle, Washington
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops & Meat Rabbits
T&J’s Emerald Acres Rabbitry
REW, Red, Castor, Sable Point and Broken Black Mini-Rex Breeder. Himilayan, Smoke Pearl, Chestnut, Black Otter & REW Netherland Dwarf available. Meat Rabbits Available. Located out of Spangle, Wa. We breed for temperment, color, pet and showable Rabbits. ARBA Members, Netherland Dwarf Association Members & Washington State Business owners 🙂

Michelle Gunstrom
Sprague, Washington
French Angora, Satin Angora, Giant Angora, Holland Lop, English Lop
Wild West Fiber Bunnies
We mainly breed fiber rabbits as we are fiber artists. We recent added lop eared rabbits. Our main Angora breeds are French and Satin, giants are bred for fiber production. We actively show our rabbits and they have won many awards.
We are located in eastern Washington. Our rabbits adds handed frequently and have experience around dogs and children.

James Horn
Spokane Valley, Washington
Holland Lops
Happy Hopperz Rabbitry
Happy Hopperz Rabbitry is located in the heart of Spokane Valley Washington and specializes and only works with Holland Lops. We work with Harlequins, Magpies, Tris, Otters in Blue, Black, Lilac, and Chocolate, Blue Points, as well as solid and broken varieties of Opal, Chocolate, Blue, and Lilac. We like to have a very large assortment of colors and like to go away from what the mainstream of holland lops are which is in my opinion the very beautiful yet boring and over-bred Tort and basic Black. Are biggest concern when breeding our rabbits is temperament; if the rabbit doesn’t have a good temperament we don’t breed it to keep the babies from having bad temperaments. Second thing we go for is quality we are looking to breed colored Hollands in quality that can stand up to Torts. We very much love every rabbit and baby we have in our rabbitry and greatly look forward to meeting you and your family and hope you come take a look at our Rabbitry!!!

Genesis Middlebos
Spokane, Washington
Himalayans, Netherland dwarfs (Chocolate, black, chocolate)
Country Roads Rabbitry
I raise himalayan rabbits, and Netherland dwarfs in Washington. You can contact me via email or phone. Hope to hear from you!

Laura Heath
Startup, Washington
Lionhead, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Jersey Wooly, & English Lop (just starting this breed)
Sky River Farm Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry and support the youth in showing rabbits in 4H and in ARBA. Feel free to contact us.

Kelcie Hahn
Sultan, Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Rucker Rabbitry
Here at the Rucker Rabbitry (RR Rabbitry) we breed show quality, fully pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs in the variety of Otters, Silver Martens, Himalayans, REW, and Tortoise Shells. We also breed pet quality Lionheads and are working in conjunction with Bunny Wonder and Bunnies for Birthdays to keep them supplied with cute, likeable rabbits for their parties and events. Thank you for looking and we look forward to your inquiries.

Kelcie Hahn
Sultan, Washington
Netherland Dwarf
Rucker Rabbits
Many Varieties are available.
Currently we have Tans, Selfs, Otters, Himalayans, REW, Tortoise Shells, and Martens

Bill Pichon
Sultan, Washington
New Zealand Whites, California
Sultan Rabbitry
We specialize in New Zealand Whites, we raise for our own meat, and usually have some of our better rabbits for sale as breeders. We do have a few other breeds of rabbits as well, check with us, and we may have what you are looking for.

Shay Stenchever
Sultan, Washington
Triple Crown Rabbitry
Carefully producing well typed Silvers in both Fawn and Brown.

Paige Andersen
Sumner/ Buckley, Washington
Holland Lops and Rexs
Cedarview Rabbitry
Mainly breeding broken holland lops but we do breed soilds. Have Standerd Rex’s mostly Byrd lines mainly for meat, pelts, and raley show. (Prices for Rex’s pricing not yet determed) If your wanting meat the rabbits will come prossesed. Our hollands are reddily avalible. hollands are very sweet and loving animals. Pets are $25 Brood $50 Show $60+ Proven,showen, and has a legs, $70+

Daina Smith
Surrey, Washington
Backyard Heart Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry raising the Rex breed. We specialize in Tri-Color and Otter. I have been raising rabbits most of my life and started with the Rex breed almost 2 years ago. I have started breeding for good temperament and show quality rabbits. We also raise for meat and pelts.We do sell rabbits and have litters periodically throughout the year. All our rabbits are almost all handled daily and are given lots of pets and attention. They do get out of their cages a few times a week to run in the grass and dig and get excerise and just be bunnies as I feel this is important for the over all health both metal and phyical. I raise rabbits for the fun and joy it brings. It is my daily happy place. We also have a facebook page where I keep updated info/pictures on anything rabbit related going on. If you have any questions please ask. I love tlaking bunny.
We are located 10 minutes north of the Washington/British Columbia border.

The Tree House Homestead Rabbitry
Tacoma, WA
Contact: iamnewlyawakened@yahoo.com
Pedigreed American Chinchilla Rabbits

Elisa Rak
Tacoma, Washington
Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, New Zealand
Hopalong Warren Rabbitry
We are a small, urban farm and rabbitry raised in the heart of Tacoma, WA. We focus on quality Silver Fox, New Zealand, and Flemish Giant rabbits. Our small house is our treasure and we are blessed to share it with the animals that give us sustenance. Our small homestead, like many, was decided upon due to increased inflation and our concern for unhealthy food additives. Aside from our rabbits, we also raise a diverse selection of chickens for eggs and meat. The garden beds we have constructed help supplement our rabbits and chickens. We use minimal amount of artificial medications or pesticides in our growing of both animals and plants. Instead of artificial medications we use proven home remedy methods such as apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, diatomaceous earth powder, and other natural plant extracts.
We pride ourselves on having the max amount of homesteading possible within our small home. Our Rabbitry is all about taking what another has thrown away and turning it into a useful piece of our life.

Renee Terralumina
Toledo, Washington
Giant Angora, Satin Angora, English Angora
Terralumina Gardens
Our focus is sustainable agriculture. Rabbits are a natural part of this as they are able to compost things such as brassicas which should not be put in a compost pile, and their manure doesn’t need further composting and can be immediately returned to the soil. I love rabbits, have my whole life. I also love spinning fiber and (because I am also a midwife) love knitting and crocheting baby items when I am at long labors. Angora rabbits were a natural addition to our farm, and in short time eclipsed all my other interests (except midwifery). I love my Angora rabbits. Many are kept in rabbit tractors and are allowed to graze freely. Some who are docile are kept in mobile grazing community pens, and a few are kept in large individual cages in the barn. I care a great deal about giving my rabbits a good life, and producing sustainable, cruelty-free fiber. I am also committed to producing exceptional rabbits that produce high quantities of this luxurious fiber. I have done some showing, however with a midwife’s schedule, shows aren’t always possible. I raise show-quality stock and when I do show, my rabbits tend to do well.

Kara T.
Tri-cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), Washington
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch
Easy Ears Rabbitry
Here at Easy Ears Rabbitry my rabbits are handled daily, and loved greatly! I breed and raise pedigree Holland lops, Dutch and Netherland Dwarfs. My goal is to raise well tempered, tame and healthy rabbits. Check out my website or Facebook page for more information and pictures, or feel free to contact me through the email address provided below!
Website: http://easyearsrabbitry.jimdo.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/easyearsrabbitry

Karen Bartlett
Tulalip, Washington
Continental Giants, Netherland Dwarf, Polish Dwarf
Soluna Ranch Continental Giants and Dwarfs
One of the few breeders of Continental Giants in the States (German Giants), also breed Netherland Dwarfs and Polish

Jamie Harris
Tulalip WA
Netherland Dwarfs
Country Field’s Rabbitry
I have about 50 holes I raise Netherland Dwarfs for Showing Pets and Breeding have done very well with my rabbits.
1930 116th St NE Tulalip WA, 98271

Ashley Felton
Vancouver, WA
Jersey Woolies, Standard Chinchillas, and New Zealand White Rabbits
M an’ M Rabbitry
Raising Grand Champion Jersey Woolies, Standard Chinchillas and New Zealand White Rabbits in Southwest Washington State.

Chelsea Hesse
Vancouver/Camas, Washington
New Zealand
Columbia River Rabbitry
Show quality New Zealand’s bred for health, disease resistance, litter size, lactation production, fast growth rate and high meat yields.

Danielle Jensen
Vancouver, Washington
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Loppin’ Around Rabbitry
Located in Vancouver Washington
Pet quality, no pedigrees currently on Holland lops.
Mini Rex will be pedigreed by january 2021.

Emily Martin
Vancouver , Washington
Netherland Dwarf, Teacup Netherland Dwarfs, & Holland Lops
Brambleberry Bunnies
Here at Brambleberry Bunnies, we raise Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops in a variety of fun colors! We strive to provide happy and healthy lives for each of our rabbits, while educating the public on proper animal husbandry, through requested presentations and online content. We offer fun bunny merchandise and plenty of helpful information to provide your pet bunny with the best life possible! Each of our rabbits are handled on a daily basis from birth, making our adoptable pets friendly and easy to love on. In addition to raising beautiful bunnies as loving pets, we work hard at improving our line for the show table. With help from imported lines from Germany and Holland, we are proud of our winning Netherland Dwarfs we have been able to produce.

Jillia Virtue
Vancouver, Washington
Holland Lop
Bunnies in Bows
True, quality Holland Lops bred for the breed’s standards and for personality. Offering all ages for sale as your next show winner, 4-h or beloved pet. This rabbitry is ARBA registered.
These rabbits are kept in a clean environment and I take extra pre cautions to make sure they are healthy and happy. Every bunny that leaves here is sent with a care packet. Visit the website to join the waiting list for particular colors or bloodlines.

Mickey & Tawnya Richards
Waitsburg, Washington
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, New Zealand, Californian
Richards Rabbits
Located in the southeast corner of Washington, Richards Rabbits strives to raise our bunnies as natural as possible wether for show, pet or meat. With our yard as a “Bunny Park”, our rabbits can live on the ground in a natural, holistic habitat. Drop- in for a visit, and maybe you can also meet our family pet “IZZY the CAMEL”.

Cecilia Romero
Walla Walla, Washington
German Lop
Pure bred German Lop with papers

Kimberly Whidden
Walla Walla, Washington
Lionheads, English lops, and Belgian hares
Yellowhawk Creek Rabbitry
Located in the beautiful Walla Walla valley, we raise 3 fancy breeds suitable for pets, showing, and breeding. Our rabbits are handled from birth.

Jillia Boston
Washougal, Washington
Holland Lop, English Lop, New Zealand, Californian
Cotton and Clover
A newer rabbitry producing quality show, pet and meat rabbits. I could not help but get back into bunnies, bringing my husband along for the ride. Putting love and knowledge into the rabbitry, helps us strive for the best of the best.

Nita & Kaela Shannon
Washougal, Washington
Lionhead, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Legendary Farms Rabbitry
Our main breed is the 48th breed to be recognized by ARBA and is the Lionhead Rabbit. We have been raising and showing the lionhead for about 9 years. We are currently working on the COD for Siamese Sables and Seals. The colors we raise are Siamese Sable, Seal, Smoke Pearl, Sable Point, REW, Pointed White, Tort, Black, Red and some Chestnut. We also raise Holland Lops in tort and Broken tort, and Netherland Dwarfs is shaded colors. We are in the town of Washougal, Washington.

Debra Brown
Yacolt, Washington
French Angora
Spin the Bunny Rabbitry
Breeding French Angoras since 1991. Show. Pet. Wool.

Laura Larsen
Yakima, Washington
American Chinchilla
L3 Farm Rabbitry
Our rabbitry specializes in, produces, and sells champion American Chinchilla rabbits. We show them throughout Washington state, Northern Idaho, and Northern/Central Oregon. We also show at West Coast Classic, and have shown our rabbits at the ARBA National Conventions since 2016.
We only raise one breed, choosing to focus all of our effort and dedication to the American Chinchilla. We are devoted to their continuing improvement, success, and preservation.

Emmy Fanslow
Yelm, Washington
Holland Lop
Bunny Boo Rabbitry
I breed purebred, pedigreed Holland Lops to improce the breed.

Faylee Moses
Yelm, Washington
English Lops, Lionheads, Rex Mixes, VM Fuzzy Lops
BFF Rabbitry
We are a small family run Rabbitry. We raise pedigreed English Lops and also some smaller mixed breeds just for fun. Our rabbits are well socialized by our kids, cats and dogs. They can live indoors or outdoors in a hutch.

Taylor Olsen
Yelm, Washington
Belgian Hares, Mini Rex, Standard Rex
Last Paige Rabbitry
I am a very small rabbitry that breeds mini and standard rex, Also Belgian hares. I focus on the tri-colors, harlequin, and brokens with my rexes. The minis and hares are papered.

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