What is the world’s most expensive Christmas Tree?


As prices go up each year on Christmas decorations and trees.. You might have found your self complaining about expensive decorations. Well after this post you might find yourself thinking in a different way. Lets take a look at the world’s most expensive christmas tree and reveal where it is located… It could probably may for a rabbit herd of around a half million to give you a hint! – (in market price for meat rabbits that is).

First try and guess where this tree is located. New York City? San Francisco? Los Angles? Paris?

The tree is not in the US, it is not in England, France, not even in Europe. Not in China or Japan either.

It is in the Middle East in the oil rich city of Abu Dubai (a city where the average person is worth a million dollars!)- The tree is located in a several billion dollar hotel and is covered in many diamonds. This tree in the Emirates Palace Hotel breaks the world record for the most expensive tree at $7 Million Euros.

I would sure like to visit that hotel (don’t think they would allow rabbits in the building though, LOL)…

Happy Rabbit Raising, Talk Soon……..