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Amanda Hedlund
Albany, Wisconsin
Champagne d’ Argent, Mini Lop & Champagne d’Argent
Fur & Feather Haven
Meat, show, pet, brooder rabbits sold here!

Almond, Wisconsin
Jersey Wooly, American Fuzzy Lop
Snuggle Buddies Rabbitry
Quality Jersey Woolies and American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits Available in central Wisconsin.

Kjiersten Kazda
Amherst, Wisconsin
Silver Foxes, New Zealands, Flemish Giants, and Holland Lops
Pine Haven Rabbitry
Here at Pine Haven Rabbitry we currently raise rabbits for showing, pets, breeding rabbits. and meat. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and fed pellets, locally grown hay, clean water and homegrown veggies. They also live in sanitary hutches custom built for our rabbit’s needs. We can guarantee that every rabbit we sell will be healthy and at an appropriate age. We also provide our customers will addition rabbit information such as general care. Please check out or website for more information, updates, and pictures!

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Jaime Sanford
Almond, Wisconsin
Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotot, Polish, Mini Rex, Tans, Satins, and Flemish Giants
Mystic Rabbitry
We offer a wide variety of rabbits: Dwarf Hotot, Satins, Tans, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Polish, Netherland Dwarfs, and Flemish Giants in Wisconsin.

Chris Clapp
Appleton, Wisconsin
Flemish Giant, Continental German Giant Rabbit
CRC Continental German Giants
Small rabbit breeder breeding continental German giant rabbits imported from the UK. Very low prices and perfect looking healthy rabbits that are hand tamed by children in the home.

Ally Netz
Ashland, Wisconsin
Lionheads, Mini Lops, Velveteen Lops
Willow Creek Rabbitry
I raise pet, brood, and show quality Lionheads, Mini Lops, and Velveteen Lops in Northern Wisconsin. Striving for quality, not quantity

Clover Rabbitry
Appleton, WI
Polish, Netherland Dwarfs
Clover Rabbitry
I raise pedigree Polish and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. For Polish I raise black, chocolate, and broken. Netherlands I have mainly the shaded variety. I have been showing at the fair for many years, and 2 years of going to rabbit shows.
I also have a few Harlequins, and Holland Lops.

Sofia’s Rabbitry
Appleton, Wisconsin
Lionheads, Fuzzy lop, Mini Rex and Jersey Woolie’s
Right now we are trying to down size so we have Adults for sale. Very cute and cuddlie. Must be raised indoors or a heated and Air conditioned building. Very healthy. Please call 920-730-8453. Thank you

Destiny Anhalt
Arlington, Wisconsin
Rhinelander, Rhinelanders
Rolling Ribbon Rabbitry
I raise a small herd of top quality black rhinelanders.

Vicky Olson
Ashland, Wisconsin
Lion Head, Flemish Giant, Dutch
Olson’s Rabbitry
Family raised Lion Heads, Dutch and Flemish Giants. Baby bunnies occasionally available.

Loriette Westfall
Athens, Wisconsin
Beverans, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Polish, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Dutch
Loriwestfalls Rabbitry
I raise my rabbits and an enjoyable hobby.mynniece shows rabbits at our local fair.

Natalie Walker
Bear Creek, Wisconsin
Silver Fox
Natalie’s Sliver Foxes
I started raising rabbits last year as a 4-H project. I am raising my first litter of black silver foxes. They all carry the blue color gene. We are very small so they are all handled often.

Georgia Petersdorf
Beloit, Wisconsin
Mini Rex, Holland Lops and New Zealand
Petersdorf Acres Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in southern WI. It all started with my daughters’ 4H projects. We raise and breed rabbits for shows and pets. We attend fairs and ARBA shows. The Mini Rex is our main breed that we raise. The varieties are Black, Red and White. We hope to add Broken, Blue and Otter soon. We also raise Holland Lops and New Zealands.

Patty Shambaugh
Beloit, WI
Standard Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Backporch Rabbitry
Our son’s 4H project, became our family’s hobby. We show Standard Rex and Netherland Dwarfs. We generally have litters year round, we have our rabbits on the enclosed”Backporch”. We purchased Rex rabbits from some of the top breeders in Wisconsin.

Liana Bush
Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf
Bushesbunnies Rabbitry
We are a smaller rabbitry in North West Wisconsin, currently caring for 16 holes. JayCee and Dylan both 4H members here in Jackson County, show open and youth at the closer ARBA shows and 4-H shows. Spring of 2012, JayCee was the proud recipiant of the Reserve in Show at the Fin Fur and Feather Show in Sparta WI. with her buck ‘Harley’. We have recently granded the Black Otter herd buck ‘Hummer’. With several shows under our belts and meeting some awsome people in the bunny world we are soo hooked!! please feel free to visit our site, always check our sale page and Hoppy Trails!!!

Tim Green
Black River Falls, WI
Standard Rex, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, and French Lops
Redneck Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in Wisconsin, we will be offering Standard Rexes, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops and French Lops this upcoming spring.

Kalyn Smith
Black River Falls , Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads
K.C’s Kritters Rabbitry
I am a small rabbit breeder with only about 10 holes located in Wisconsin.

Samantha Swenson
Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Holland Lops, Lionhead, Jersey Wooly and Dutch
Plum Hill Rabbitry
I raise Lionheads, Woolies, Lops and Dutch. I usally breed in the fall and spring. The rabbits stay outside in the spring, fall and summer and are moved inside in the winter. I have 12 rabbits at the moment.

Todd Gilbertson
Blanchardville, Wisconsin
New Zealand & Californians
Regal Rabbitry LLC
New Zealand & Californians for sale-All colors of New Zealands and Californians available immediately. All ages in each sex. As well as bred does. Top quality bloodlines from the top herds in the country. Show and commercial quality. Great prices and discounts for multiple purchases. Also stud service of many multiple leg grand champion bucks. Full health guarantees and pedigrees on all.

Deanne Holmstrom
Blanchardville, WI
Mini Rex, Champagne D’Argent
Island Stream Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry that is just getting started to show at the local fair an at some local shows in the area.

Lisa and Jason Swenson
Blanchardville, WI
Flemish Giants
Pecatonica Family Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry, raising quality Flemish Giant rabbits in 4 of the 7 colors, White, Lt.Gray, Sandys and Fawns.

Eryn Bugenhagen
Brookfield, Wisconsin
None of the above, Palomino, Blanc de Hotot, New Zealand
The Humble Homestead, LLC
We are advocates for the genetic protection and conservation of endangered livestock and raise rare rabbit breeds to promote their necessity for meat, fur, and presence in the show ring. We also believe in the power of learning and independence and hope to help you on your journey towards self-sufficiency with raising meat rabbits!

We raise golden palomino, blanc de hotot, and several colors of New Zealand rabbits. Our rabbits are fed an 18% protein commercial pellet in addition to free-choice salt licks, seasonal vegetables and herbs from our own garden, quality hay, and apple branch sticks. They receive fresh water at least twice a day which contains a small amount of apple cider vinegar to promote health and vigor. The rabbits also receive enrichment toys for mental stimulation and fun, including items like stacking cups, tumbling bells, pinecones and cardboard tubes filled with hay and sticks. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sandra Starck
Cadott, WI
Silver Fox, New Zealand Whites, Harlequins
Starck Rabbits
We raise New Zealand Whites, Silver Fox in Blacks, Blues…and Chocolates/Lilacs coming soon! Also raising Harlequins, both Japanese (orange) and Magpies (white) in all 4 color varieties…(black, blue, chocolate, and lilac). We are located in west-central WI. Rabbits are quality stock and sold as meat producers. Show stock also available from time to time.

Mark Donnelly
Cambridge, Wisconsin
New Zealand-(whites), Flemish Giants, Californian, Rex
Donnelly Farm
We are a meat producing rabbitry, but we also sell live rabbits for pets! We started out with two rabbits for our boys and now we have over 50 does and 10 bucks!

Stephanie Korth
Cascade, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf
Korth Netherland Rabbitry
A small business being started by me in high school as part of an FFA project to receive my proficiency in rabbit production

Dennis and April LeGrave
Casco, WI
Rex, Polish, Rhinelander, Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchilla, Satin, English Spot, Netherland Dwarf, American, Thrianta
LeGrave’s Country Rabbits
Our whole family has enjoyed our rabbit project, as the varieties and number of rabbits continue to grow. Our rabbits get lots of attention, we name them all and make them members of our family.

Brooke Hrabak
Chetek , Wisconsin
Mini Lop, Holland Lops
Lucky Charms Rabbitry
We breed for show quality Mini Lop and Holland Lop rabbits. We are a member of ARBA and we are a 4H and FFA family. All our rabbits are 4H rabbits and are handled daily by kids of all ages. We have 4 adult rabbits, a buck and doe for each breed. We have been raising rabbits for five years. You can check us out on facebook.

Mckenzie Evjen
Ladysmith, Wisconsin
Mini Rex
Forest Side Rabbitry
Blue ribbon bunnies is operated by me ( McKenzie ) , I’m 15 and very mature about business. My family has bred bunnies and the past and I wanted to take on the business, so I do have experience. I raise mini rexs at the moment but we are planning on adding Holland lops to my rabbitry. I only have 3 rabbits that consist of a doe and 2 bucks. Because I have such a small rabbitry each rabbit gets the most attention everyday. All of my rabbits are very sweet and have No anger problems that could possibly be passed onto there offspring. I do show my rabbits every now and then to get a better understanding out what stock I should breed. I will try to show each baby before they are placed into a new home. I just became members of the NMRRC (National Mini Rex Rabbit Club). To me this isn’t just a business its a hobby because I love what I do and I enjoy doing it everyday.

Erica Humbert
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Satin, Rex
Crane Rabbits
Raising rex and satins in standard size. Dedicated to producing dual purpose animals for the homestead.
Current colors
Rex- black otter, black, broken black, castor, broken castor and white.
Satin- black, broken black, siamese, broken siamese. Tort and broken tort coming soon.

Madison Smith
City of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop

Hello Everyone – My Partner and I love Rabbits.
I have bread them for years in Canada, and now I will begin in Northeast Wisconsin.

The Rex is a variety of rabbit that exhibits plush fur that is often described as having a velvety texture. The breed originated in France in 1919. Its origin was a litter of wild gray rabbits and has been developed over the years by fanciers and the fur industry. The Rex Rabbit was first shown publicly at the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924 and has been recognized as a standard breed in parts of Europe since 1925. The Rex was first imported to the United States in 1924.

We have pure-bread rex kits, netherland dwarfs, and holland lops. We do no support the killing of these animals.

For further information please contact myself or husband. Thank you.

Theresa Williams
Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Mini lops, Satins, Rexes & Mixed Breed Rabbits
Williams Animal Haven
We are just starting up again -years ago in Iowa ( we raised french Lops, mini lops ,checkered giants, flemish giants, new zealands and california rabbits , MY husband is retiring & this will give us something to do together.. we have mini lop purebreds but the babies are not registered right now as I don’t have the tattooing equipment. we have some French lops, Satins, Rexes, a brown and white Dutch buck -(who is for sale … our prices start at $15.00.. we are animals lovers & humanely raise them all , Our Bunnies are well fed & cared for.We have bought quality stock & hope to show at the local shows & fairs . We will have pet, show and meat rabbits for sale at our Clear Lake ,Wi. residence ..We also have horses(various breeds,mini ponies,Boer & Fainting goat crosses,Banti chickens- Japanese (blks)and assorted color Rosecombs , eggs for sale & Geese. We have Yorkshire terriers once in a while from (whom we call our children as our Yorkies are our family…

Kim Meyer
Clintonville, Wisconsin
French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Sunset Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in central Wisconsin. Raising and Breeding rabbits for Show, pet and meat. We have a full line of color and size of French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads.

Santanna and Shelly Longdo
Colfax, Wisconsin
Jersey Wooly and Mini Rex
Tanna’s Cuties Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry that raises mostly Jersey Wooly rabbits. We also have a small Mini Rex Herd. Santanna shows in 4-H, FFA and ARBA shows whenever possible and has done well with her Woolys. Shelly shows in Open ARBA shows.
You can also find us on Facebook under Tanna’s Cuties Rabbitry.

Casey Bodenheimer
Combined Locks, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf
CB Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. WE raise Netherland Dwarfs and focus on Shaded and Tan varieties with the hope of added some Augouti and other fun colors very soon. We are small and prefer to stay that way to produce quality not quanity. Babies are being born all the time so please send an email to get a on a waiting list or to recieve more information! Thanks for looking!!!!

Dawn Ruben
Denmark, Wisconsin
Silver Fox Blacks & Blues
Ruben’s Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry located 15 miles south east of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I started raising the Silver Fox because they have great personalities, are friendly and have unique fur. They are also one of the best producing meat rabbits.
6380 S. County Rd. T, Denmark, Wisconsin, 54208

Gary Falk
Depere, Wisconsin
GF Rabbitry
GF Rabbitry is a small operation, We give our rabbits one on one attention.
Our rabbits are breed for pure stock shows, Pets and meat. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a Quality Californian.

Angel Schwechler
De Pere, Wisconsin
Mini Rex, Satin, Standard Rex
Roocake’s Rabbitry
We are two college students breeding rabbits to help fund our college experiences! We’ve had rabbits for 11 years and have been breeding litters off and on for almost 8 years. We’re located in Hobart, Wisconsin near De Pere and Oneida. We have over 30 rabbits of many different breeds, but are currently only breeding Mini Rex, Standard Rex, and Standard Satins. We have bred Netherland Dwarves and may breed them in the future or by request. We also hope to breed Mini Lop in the future once we find a nice doe. Thank you for reading our bio and we hope to add a new bunny to your family! Feel free to contact us with any questions. All rabbits for sale are on our website along with more details about our rabbitry.

Bekah Wilbert
De Pere, WI
Californian, Mini Lop
Titletown Rabbitry
I raise quality Mini Lops and Cals for 4H and FFA purposes. I show at my county fair and several other shows in Wisconsin. Although I don’t have many rabbits, I have quality ones.

Marissa Brown
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarf
Happy Hotots Rabbitry
My name is Marissa Brown, I live in Eau Claire WI, and I am a youth breeder dedicated to breeding quality dwarf hotots that live up to the ARBA standard of perfection. I do occasionally acquire Netherland Dwarf rabbits from friends of mine who need help getting rid of theirs, so check out my website today to see what’s available!

Katie M
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Holland lops
C&C Rabbitry
My name is Kate M and Cute & Cuddly Rabbitry is a very small home based rabbitry specializing in gentle, show able Holland Lops and Netherland Drawfs. I breed to get healthy, good quality show and pet rabbit. I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and I also show in FFA/4-H. All my rabbits have pedigrees and have been handle since birth. I’m a member of ARBA and WSRB. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Noelle Olson
Eau Claire Area, Wisconsin
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Lot’s of Hops Rabbitry
I have a very small rabbitry and breed for healthy good quality and pet quality baby bunnies. I have at least two litters of bunnies a year. All my bunnies are papered and have been handled since birth.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Holland Lop
EC Holland Lops
Small rabbitry located in the Eau Claire area specializing in pedigreed holland lops from great lines.

Amber Stacey
Edgerton, Wisconsin
Silver Fox, Harlequin
Koshkonong Silver Fox Rabbitry
We mainly raise Silver Fox, but also have Harlequin. We are a small rabbitry located in Edgerton, WI

Chris Redding
Ellsworth, WI
Flemish Giant
Blooming Rabbitry
We have raised many breeds of rabbits over the years, but the Flemish has always been here. Flemish are now the only breed we raise. Currently we have light gray, steel, white and sandy. See our website for more details.

Emily Baeseman
Endeavor, Wisconsin
Satin, Californian, Thrianta
Rusty B Rabbitry
Family rabbit breeder located in Wisconsin. Our focus is breeding quality show, pet, and meat rabbits. We specialize in Californians, Satins, and Thriantas. We are ARBA & WSRBA members. Varieties of satins raised: black, blue, broken, Cal, Chin, Red, White.

Pearl and Edith Loging
Ettrick, WI
French Lops, dwarf hotots, himalayans, french angoras, silver martens, flemish Giants
Pearl’s Friendly Rabbits
We are a mother daughter rabbitry, we work hard to preduce heathy show qulity animals. Are main breeds are french lops and french angoras they are normaly available year round. -Pearl and Edith-

Susanne Siefert
Ettrick, Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Polish
Thumper Creek Rabbitry
We raise Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots , Holland Lops, and Polish. I have raised rabbits since I was 14 and started showing rabbits when I was 24. I am always working towards raising show quality rabbits and in a variety of colors. My Rabbitry is registered with the ARBA. Feel free to call me Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm and Sundays 9-8.

Brittni, Brianna, Bethany Schneider
Fond du lac, WI
Schneiders Little Lions
We are a small rabbitry located in northern Wisconsin. We are dedicated to breeding quality rabbits that meet there SOP and are competitive on the show table.

A.J. Tilly
Fredonia, Wisconsin
Red Rabbit Rabbitry
Red Rabbit Rabbitry, while in its infancy and piloted by a youth exhibitor, is committed to breeding quality Thrianta rabbits for pets and show. Each show rabbit listed will have at least earned one 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbon and will be pedigreed. Each pet rabbit listed will have been to at least one show and simply not made the cut as show stock but will be no less healthy and robust. ALL of the rabbits from Red Rabbit Rabbitry are well socialized and easy to handle. It is important to us that we produce stock that is first and foremost healthy, have good, tractable, personalities, and are true to type. We are excited about embarking on this adventure and look forward to connecting to other breeders.

Danielle Ryan
Fremont, Wisconsin
Mini Lop, Mini Satin, Californian, Lion Heads
Ryan’s Rabbitry
We are small rabbitry and have been raising rabbits for years. We have mini lops, mini satins, Californians, and just recently lion heads. Most of the parents have been showed and did well.

Crystal Marohl
Gillett, Wisconsin
Havana, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Californians, New Zealands, Harlequins, Lionlops and Mini Rex
Little Paws Rabbitry
My rabbitry is based off of my 4-H project that I started a while back with a Mini Lop and a Mini Rex. After that… I kept expanding and now have too many rabbits to count. I mostly breed Havanas, Mini Lops and Flemish Giants but also do breed Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Californians, New Zealands, Mini Rex, Harlequins, and Lionlops (I think that’s it!). We have only a few acres in Northeast Wisconsin and I have reasonable prices for great quality rabbits. I’m also willing to answer any questions anyone has about anything to do with rabbits, I’ll answer the best I can! Thank you!

Audrey Tietjen
Gilman, Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotots, and hopefully to come Holland lops
The Honey Bunny Tree
Here at “The Honey Bunny Tree” every bunny gets lots of attention, and is loved everyday.
Whether you are looking for a lovable bunny as a pet, or a breeding rabbit, you’ve come to the right place!
We are breeders of Dwarf Hotots.
We supply full detailed pedigree/papers and all our bunnies are litter trained.

Brittany Culp
Greenwood, Wisconsin
Silver Fox
Silver Lining Harvest
Silver Lining Harvest is a small, family rabbitry established July 2021. We have purebred, pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits in black and blue varieties currently. We have two breeding pairs and produce litters for pet, show, brood and meat.

Green Bay, WI
Satin Angoras, French Angoras
Urban Abode Angora
A micro-rabbitry focused on breeding fabulous, friendly fiber animals. Occasional litters available.

Pam Hall
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Havana, Holland Lops, Thrianta, Satins
Halls Hoppers
We have a small rabbitry NE of Green Bay, WI. We raise Havana, Holland Lops and Thriantas and more…

Tina Lube
Hartford, Wisconsin
Holland Lops
Bunnies and Blooms
Small rabbitry of Holland Lops. Mostly have BLue eyed whites, siamese sable, and vienna marked. Very socialized. Raised outdoors but brought inside to play. Run and jump in our fenced in yard. All of my rabbits are easy to walk up to and pet or pick up when running free. All are given lots of playtime.

Walt Oberbroeckling
Hazel Green, Wisconsin
New Zealand, New Zealand Red and Broken Red
Oberbroeckling Rabitry
A small rabbitry devoted to raising quality New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds

Paige and Debbie Kramer
Helenville, Wisconsin
French Angoras, American Fuzzy Lops, English Angoras, Velveteen lops, Satin Angoras
Paige’s Darn Kuties Rabbitry
We are located in Southern Wisconsin between Madison and Milwaukee. We show and sell rabbits plus raw rabbit fiber. We have American fuzzy lops, specializing in Blue-eyed white american fuzzy lops, Velveteen lops, French angoras, Satin angoras, and English angoras. We go to a lot of shows in the state of Wisconsin.

Cynthia Hertzfeldt
Hixton, Wisconsin
Californians, Netherland Dwarfs and Dwarf Hotots
We have a family-run farm, where we raise rabbits for show and sale. Our rabbit breeds consist of Neterland dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, and Califonian rabbits. Please contact us for prices and availability. Check us out on Facebook at CEJE’S rabbitry.

Harry Kimball
Hudson, Wisconsin
Holland Lop
Kimball Rabbitry
Kimball rabbitry raises and sells the most kind and loving Holland lops in the twin cities! If you want to have a very strong bond with a Holland lop like us on facebook or contact us using the number listed bellow.

Cindy Cole
Janesville, Wisconsin
Mini Rex
CG Rabbitry
Here at CG Rabbitry we raise and show the mini rex rabbit. We have all four colors of otters- Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. We also show Lilac, broken, blue, and chocolate. We have a new and improved website. Come and check us out and let us know how you like it. We sell the rabbits that we win with. We always have show quality rabbits for sale and sometimes we have pet quality.
316 Racine St. Janesville, Wisconsin, 53545

Tyler Crowe
Janesville, Wisconsin
Flemish Giant, New Zealand
We have a small backyard rabbitry located in janesville Wisconsin. I breed Flemish giants and new Zealands. We treat our rabbits with love, respect and give them the best life we possibly can at TCRabbitry.

Susan “Dixie” Hughes
Janesville, WI
Silver Fox (Blue, Black)
FiddleFart Critter Ranch
Located in South Central Wisconsin, we breed and raise quality pedigreed Silver Fox Rabbits of both the blue and black color variations. Offering our bunnies for breeding stock, show prospects, or a nutritional meat source. At this time, we do NOT offer dressed meat sales. All rabbits will be sold as live animals, tattooed and pedigreed. On occasion, we also have fainting goats available (as pets only, usually only by request/down payment required) and various meat goats. As our primary purpose is our line of Silver Fox rabbits, please do not be surprised if goats are not available, especially at certain times of the year. We reserve the right to sell or not to sell to any individual or group.
(414) 350 – 1010

Felicia Tousey
Janesville, WI
English Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, French Lops, Satin Angoras, Lionheads
Gracie’s Dreaming Bunnies
Welcome to Gracie’s Dream Bunnies. We are a small rabbitry out of Janesville, WI… I noticed that I never really introduced myself. My name is Felicia and the name of my rabbitry is Gracie’s Dreaming Bunnies. My rabbitry is family operated, it consists of my wonderful mother and two younger siblings. I am currently in college and will be moving down to AR to be with my fiance in January. I wanted to tell you our story about why we started Gracie’s Dreaming Bunnies. Two years ago, my brother and I were out cruising, some bad things had just happened to our family including a death in the family. I wanted to go out in the country and just enjoy the peacefulness. Well, while we were driving a black German Shepherd ran out in front of my van. Being the animal lover that I am, I could not hit it. I refused to so I swerved a little, however when I went to get back on the road I noticed my wheel was trapped in the ditch which made my steering wheel lock up, in turn my brakes did too. I looked around for cars and then at my at the time eleven year old brother in the passenger seat. We were heading at 60mph straight for a mailbox and there was nothing I could do. Well we hit it, hard. Our van started flipping, in the air my brothers seat belt ejected him and quickly in order to save him I took mine off and threw myself across the windshield. My brother mind you was double my size, hit my back with his head. We were both rushed to the hospital that day, I had no feeling from collar bone down but I kept asking about my brother. They gave me a shot and a couple months later I started feeling my upper body. I was put in a wheelchair but was really depressed. We decided to get into rabbits. We had our first litter, Holland Lop babies. I started become happier and happier. They gave me something to look forward to. I rescued my Border Collie and she started urging me to get on my feet again. She kept kissing my face every time I fell down. I finally started walking fine a year later. I walk on my own now but will never give up rabbits. I now have French Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, English Lops, Satin Angoras and Lionheads. The name Gracie came from my Blue Chin English Lop that lost feeling in her back legs and cannot move them. She still has a little but she cannot stand on them. I renamed it Gracie’s Dreaming Bunnies because Gracie inspires me even more and reminds me how strong the relationship can be between an animal and human.

Jim Haley
Jim Falls, Wisconsin
Wanted to buy snowshoe hare
WANTED. Snowshoe hare to buy
Snowshoe hare

Ben Crum
Juneay, Wisconsin
Palomino, New Zealand, California albino
Crum farms
Clean, urine guards under each cage, cleanup droppings every other weekend, hanging cages

Angela & Rachel Penterman
Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Thrianta, French Angora, Giant Angora
Tower View Rabbitry
We are Youth breeders who have been raising quality rabbits since 2011. Our small rabbitry focuses on Thriantas, French Angoras and Giant Angoras. We breed for show quality rabbits with pet personalities.

Katie Gostomski
Kaukauna, WI
Netherland Dwarfs
2 Carrot Gems
I raise Netherland Dwarfs exclusively for show quality & pet personality near Green Bay, WI. My main focus is on Otter (Black & Blue), REW, Chestnut & Opal varieties. I am striving for champion rabbits, using champion lines.

Dana Linse
La Crosse , Wisconsin
Mini Rex, Californian or Mini Rex
any thing close to la crosse wi
i would like two Mini Rex rabbits one a doe and one buck from different litters and or two Californians one a doe and one a buck also from different litter so that i can breed them and show them.

Mckenzie Evjen
Ladysmith, Wisconsin
Mini Rex
Blue Ribbon Bunnies
Blue ribbon bunnies is operated by me and my best friend Kat , we are both 15 and very mature about business. My family has bred bunnies and the past and I wanted to take on the business, so I do have experience. We raise mini rexs at the moment but we are planning on adding Holland lops to our rabbitry. We only have 5 rabbits that consist of 2 does and 3 bucks. Because we have such a small rabbitry each rabbit gets the most attention everyday. All of our rabbits are very sweet and have No anger problems that could possibly be passed onto there offspring. We do show our rabbits every now and then to get a better understanding out what stock we should breed. We will try to show each baby before they are placed into a new home. We just became members of the NMRRC (National Mini Rex Rabbit Club). To me this isn’t just a business its a hobby because we love what we do and we enjoy doing it everyday All rabbits sold will have pedigrees.
We are located in Ladysmith, Wi. I can make trips to Chippewa Falls or possibly Lake hallie. Or if I’m gonna be at a show and you live around there.

Estrella Mendoza
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Polish and New Zealand/Californian
Star bunny farm
Polish bunnies cost $20-$25 or 2 for $40-45
New Zealand/Californian $40 each or 2 for $70
Non of my bunnies are pedegrieed.Reasons you should buy from us
1-they are treated right they aren’t abused we have big outdoor home’s for them and we don’t grab them from the ears like some people do
2- they have unlimited food and aren’t over weight we give them fresh vegetables every day
3-they don’t bite even though there not held every day
4-they will come with a small plastic bag of pellets and a plastic bag of alfalfa
5- they aren’t living on wire cages . some breeders put them in wire cages Wich is bad for there feet
6- you can return the bunny or bunnies within five months if it’s not healthy or not the gender you wanted and we will give you the money back
7-they get gromed and sprayed with flea and tick spray since they live outside and so they don’t get fleas and ticks. 1 time a month text 2627457162

Mindy Lockhart
Loyal, Wisconsin
Beveren, Jersey wooly
Rascally Rabbits Rabbitry
Raising Quality Blue and White Beverens for 4-H and to promote the breed for its hertiage.

Lisa Harding
Madison, Wisconsin
American Fuzzy Lops, Lops, Dwarf
Angels Rabbitry
I am breeding lop bunnies; they are black and white and very friendly.

Timothy Baker
Madison, Wisconsin
Himalayan, Polish, Havana
Baker Family Rabbitry
Family rabbitry breeding quality Himalayans, Polish, and Havanas. Our priority is to produce healthy rabbits that meet ARBA standards for our chosen breeds and are competitive in state and national competition. We sell breeding/show stock and also rabbits as pets, but we do not produce substandard rabbits just to sell them; improvement of the breed is the goal of every breeding.

BritnyLe Gosz
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Giant Angora, English Angoras, Satin Angoras, and English Lops
Black Rose Breeders
We are a small, family run, rabbitry on the beautiful lakeshore area of NE Wisconsin. Our rabbits are raised indoors in our home and handled daily. Our bunnies are exposed to many different things including children, dogs, and cats, basically from birth. We feel temperament is just as important as appearance, and strive to offer rabbits that not only have great show potential, but they are also loving, friendly, pets. Our rabbits have come from top show lines from all over the country. We love helping out youth and 4H members interested in our breeds, and do offer discounts to them. Our website doesn’t always get updated as often as planned but you can also find us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BlackRoseBreeders.

Christine Mittnacht
Manitowoc, WI
Satins, Harlequins, Cross Meat Rabbits
Mittnacht Rabbitry
A small family project where we raise satins and harlequins for show and crossbred meat rabbits for our freezer. Get in touch via email to see what we have for sale!

Cheryl Neff
Manitowoc, WI
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Thriantas, Polish, LionHeads, American Fuzzy Lops, Flemish Giants, English Spots
Neff’s Bunny Train Rabbitry
We Breed for Quality, not quanity. Our main breeds that we breed and show are…Holland Lop’s, Netherland Dwarf’s, Polish and Thrianta’s. We have a variety of colors in our rabbitry…and size also. :0) Please feel free to e-mail with questions and stories. Love to hear about other rabbit lover’s experiences.

Kristin Lehman
Marshfield, Wisconsin
Lakola Rabbitry
I just started raising Harlequins in 2011. I’m a member of the ARBA and the Harlequin Rabbit Club. My goal is to stick mostly with black and blue Japanese and Magpies, just to keep the numbers down. I have space for about 15 permanent residents and multiple litters throughout the year. I have show stock, breeding stock, and pets available year round, or I can put you in touch with someone else who may have what you’re looking for. I show as time and money permits and also raise some rabbits for meat.

Ashley Hern
Central Wisconsin, Wisconsin
Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf
Purple Clover Rabbitry
Located in Central Wisconsin my family and friends located between Marshfield and Eau Claire have pedigreed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf bunnies.

Camarato Family
Madison, Wisconsin
Holland Lop
Stony Creek Rabbitry
We are a 4-H family in Wisconsin that specializes in loveable, quality Holland Lops. We are members of 4-H as well as ARBA and WSRBA. We attend shows all over Wisconsin including Ag fairs, Jr. exhibit fairs, ARBA shows, Holland Lop specialty and national shows. If you are interested in one of our rabbits or have a special request feel free to contact us. For faster response, please text (608) 609-2634. or find us on Facebook: Stony Creek Rabbitry.

Julie Owen
Marshfield, WI
Flemish Giant, English Lops, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Julie’s Rabbitry
We are a small, family owned rabbitry located in Central Wisconsin. We started out with 3 mutt rabbits that have been our pets for years (Fluffy, Countess, and Thumper). Our son joined 4-H in the middle of 2009, so we bought our first show rabbits and now it has become an addiction for us. We love all of our rabbits and devote countless hours daily to their care and well-being. The Lionheads are my favorite rabbits we have.

Laura Peters
Medford, Wisconsin
Mini Rex, Polish, Holland Lop & Dutch
Back Forty Rabbitry
We raise healthy pedigreed rabbits in northcentral WI. Most have full pedigrees and parents have been shown in arba shows and fairs and do very well. I have had rabbits since the mid 1980s as pets and 4h projects. I started breeding pedigreed mini rexes in 2006 and have added on since then. Mini rexes in black, blue, brokens, black and blue otters, occasionally Himalayan, tortoise, tricolor and others:) Polish in chocolate, black and brokens. Holland lops we have a chestnut, fawn and broken frosty and Dutch in black and Blue.

Christa Maloy
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Silver Fox
Fox Pen Farms
Very small operation, but growing.

Corey Meyer
Merrill, Wisconsin
Californian and New Zealand Blacks
Central Wisconsin Rabbitry
I breed rabbits to help feed my family and friends. In addition, this rabbitry also functions to sell rabbits to anyone wanting rabbit meat or live rabbits. Central Wisconsin Rabbitry is a clean, safe environment for raising rabbits. The cages are cleaned often and all rabbit manure is collected for garden fertilizer. I also build rabbit hutches for others. Please let me know if your interested in purchasing any rabbit meat, hutches or live rabbits (Californian or New Zealand Blacks).

Elvira Garcia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Flemish Giant,
Flemish Giant rabbit

Angela Snyder
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rex Male
Looking for a white, Rex male. Please contact me at angelmonique35@aol.com.

Melissa Takacs
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Jackalopes
A very small rabbitry, silver fox rabbits, pedigreed.

Megan Leitner
Monroe, Wisconsin
Satin, Mini rex, Holland lop, Netherland dwarf
Leitner Rabbitry
Proud 4-H/FFA family. I raise my rabbits for quality, not quantity. We have won at local fairs numerous times for all of our breeds we raise. I am also available to answer any rabbit-related questions and to make connections with other farmers. We have reasonable prices for great animals.

Donna Towell
Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Giant Angoras, German Angoras, German/Giant Hybrids, English Angoras, Satin Angoras
D. Lee Woolee’s Rabbitry and Yarns
Our rabbitry is located in the Southeast part of Wisconsin, We have been raising show and fiber wool rabbits for 14 years. We take pride in our care and quality and try to offer you the best we can. D.Lee Woolee’s Rabbitry and Yarns also carries handspun yarns, mill spun yarns, roving and raw Angora fiber to help with any spinners, or knitters craving.

Donna Danke
New London, WI
Flemish Giants, Harlequins, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Satins
J ‘n R’s Muddy Creek Critters
Family owned, show at ARBA and County fair. Member of ARBA.

Tami Onsager
North Prairie, Wisconsin
German Angora’s
Prairie View Farm
We are a small farm in Genesee Wi with Alpacas and German Angora rabbits.

Ken Severn
Oostburg, Wisconsin
New Zealand, New Zealand Black
Black River Rabbit Hutch
The Black River Rabbit Hutch has a small rabbitry with excellent black New Zealand rabbits for pets, for show, or for one of the healthiest meats available. We sell the freshest eggs you’ll find from our small flock of Rhode Island Red, Buff Rock, and Barred Rock chickens. We also have a custom wood shop specializing in hand-crafted furniture and home accessories.

Nicole Weisensel
Holland lops, English lops and Continental Giants
BNB Rabbitry
Main focus is English lops and holland lops. In search of a continental giant doe to start on this breed as we are in love with this breed.

We only breed in the spring and summer. We don’t like breeding in winter as it already takes a toll on our bunnies with the cold weather.

Abigail Haese
Pine River, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Tan
Rosies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in central WI.

Ashly Shore
Pine River, Wisconsin
Jersey Woolies, Mini Lops
Shore Thing Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in central WI, focusing on raising quality Jersey Woolies and Mini Lops. We have Woolies as our main breed and have placed in National shows. We strive to breed to match the SOP and also wonderful temperments. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about either breeds.

Olivia Gramer
Portage, Wisconsin
Gramer Rabbitry
We are a smaller rabbitry dedicated to showing New Zealand’s. We have 2 bucks and 5 does. Our rabbits are very high quality and we occasionally have mixed meat rabbits. Please visit our rabbitry website!

Alexis Dreger
Princeton, Wisconsin
Sandy Fox Rabbitry
Pure bred Californian rabbits for sale- Male or female, $20 each. good for pets or raising meat.

Ted and Angela Dietz
Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Californians, New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Da Wascally Wabbit Wabbitry
We are about a 150 hole rabbitry with the main focus being are meat rabbits.
We breed the meat rabbits for a bone to meat ratio not for show quality. I do raise my lionhead and Netherland dwarfs for show quality and pets but they are more of a hobby with only about 15 holes. We are ARBA members our mem # is DIETAN00 and DIETTHO1

Marilyn Nate
Reedsville, WI
Lion heads, hollands, Lion Lops, English Lop
Royallions Rabbitry
I am breeding for tri, harli, and broken
anything with a lot of color.
lion Lops are so cute and not many breeders around here in the U.S.
mostly in the UK
as they are popular show breed there

Jessica Parsons
Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Silver Fox Rabbits
JP Silver Foxes Rabbitry
Raise, Sell and showing Silver Foxes. Also starting into Blues and Chocolates.

Katherine Winrich
Reedsville, Wisconsin
Giant Chinchilla, Dutch, Britannia Petite, New Zealand cross meat rabbits
Spirit Of June Farms
Small rabbitry run by a family of 4-H sisters Spirit of June Farms strives to raise the best rabbits we can. We have rabbits for show, breeding stock, meat, and pets. Let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can help you. Rabbits are reasonably priced and we are very willing to help other 4-H or FFA members.

Janelle Cook
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Mini-Rex
MarJan Farms
Raising rabbits with my disabled daughter. It gives her such joy to be around her animals. She loves the whole process of breeding bunnies. We sell the bunnies to help offset the cost of feed for all of our animals. We currently rasie/breed/sell Netherlands, Mini-Rex and Lionheads. Marlee is in charge of training each baby. We call her our Bunny Whisperer, as she is so great with them. We call our little hobby farm, ‘Our little peace of heaven’. It has made a huge difference in all our lives.

Steve Sadnick
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
New Zealand and Californian
Old Colony Gardens Rabbitry
A small breeder of New Zealand REW and Californian rabbits. EST. June 2020. One trio of Californian , Two New Zealand bucks one doe and growing to 2 New Zealand trios by spring 2021. Breeding and growth records will be available after January 2021.

Dalton, Angie, Dawn Dobbs
Richland Center, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Tuckaway Valley Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in SW Wisconsin and specialize in quality, not quantity. We raise pedigreed Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and we occasionally have pet quality rabbits for sale. We offer 4-H and youth discounts.

Dawn Dobbs
Richland Center , Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarf
Tuckaway Valley Rabbitry
We raise and show only Netherland dwarf rabbits and usually have both pet and show quality rabbits available. We offer pedigreed and pet quality (pets do not come with a pedigree. Lots of different colors available.

Marlene Dreifke
Rio, Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Lop and Mini Rex
D & L Rabbitry
My granddaughter and I run D & L Rabbitry. She started with one Mini Rex Buck she had been given, got into 4-H showing, got a Mini Lop doe, then branched out to Dwarf Hotots… We raised horses for over 40 years so it was a natural to go into the rabbit breeding to teach Riley how to breed the best, not the most rabbits. We are a small rabbitry with very good pedigrees, good show records, and now good breeding records. We give personal attention to our rabbits and our customers.

Heather Petersen
River Falls, Wisconsin
Mini Rex
HareFair raises mini-rexes with care and love. We now raise Himalayans. However, we might soon raise otters, blacks, chocolates, lilacs, and torts. Check our website for these updates. Our rabbits and cared for with the utmost adoration; we love our bunnies very much. Any bunnies you get from us are sure to be sweet and used to people.

Aria Seitzer
Pulaski, Wisconsin
New Zealand, New Zealand Crosses
The Fluffy Chick ‘N’ More
I breed Purebred New Zealand rabbits. I am working on a pedigree for them as of now.
I graze my rabbits in the summer on grass, producing extremely healthy bunnies and rabbits.
I am a small rabbitry with only 30 rabbits at the most. I usually have bunnies for sale in spring and summer.
New Zealand rabbits are the best breed I have had yet!

Michelle & Michael France
Salem, Wisconsin
German Angora’s, German Hybrid Angora’s, Rex and New Zealand
Shelby Rose’s Rabbitry
Our goals for our rabbitry are to produce quality German Angora’s and German Angora hybrids. We added the hybrids to be able to offer quality fiber from the natural color’s of rabbit’s. We may at times have rabbit’s available. Please contact us for pricing and color of our Angora fiber. We are a member of IAGARB, please refer to their site for information on the German Angora.

Jessica Parsons
Schofield, Wisconsin
Silver Fox and Mini Lop
Second Chance Silver Foxes
Raising showing and selling Silver Foxes near the Wausau area

David Fischer
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Mini Rex

Aleksandra Krstic
Slinger, WI
Lionhead, Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf
Pine Acres Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is located north of Milwaukee, WI. We focus on producing quality rabbits for pets and show. Our rabbitry is fairly small and at the moment we only expect to grow to around 30 holes. If you would like to purchase rabbits from us be sure to check out our website.

Candace Rogers
Slinger, Wisconsin
English Angora
Mora Angora – English Angora Rabbirty
Mora Angora – English Angora Rabbitry focuses on quality, pedigreed English angoras with exquisite wool. Our rabbits are well socialized, raised in a home environment, and groomed 3x a week while in our care.

Angie Wee
Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarfs, Lion heads, Holland Lops
Lonesome Pine Farm’s Rabbitry
We are located on a beautiful ridge in rural Southwest Wisconsin we are a very small Rabbitry we pride ourselves in raising quality show Rabbits.

Laura Diamond
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Holland Lops
Little Way Rabbitry
I raise Holland Lops only and myself and some of my younger children enjoy showing these bunnies and raising them. I usually have some pet bunnies available year round. I think they are the friendliest and cutest out of all the breeds! They weigh 2-4 lbs at adult weight and are SMALLER than the mini-lops… Great with children and easy to care for. These rabbits make great pets with minimum care… you can see my website at www.freewebs.com/littlewayrabbitry and enjoy my site.. thanks for looking:) . Sincerely, Laura Diamond.

Liz Reeb
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New Zealand Whites
Hoppin’ Nuggets Rabbitry

We raise purebred white New Zealands for both meat as well as breeding/showing stock. ARBA member! All rabbits are pedigreed. We breed year-round, and trios are often available. Can also breed for meat pens, just contact to discuss. Our animals are healthy, solid producers with an excellent track record for large litters. I’m happy to help teach or answer questions as needed. Rabbits can also be reserved with a deposit.

Tammy Larson
Sparta, Wisconsin
Californian, Silver Martens and Mini Rex
Tams Happy Hutches
We are a small scale rabbitry focusing on raising quality meat stock as well as the beautiful Mini Rex in several different colors. We started in 2004 when my daughter was in 4H and our rabbitry grew from one to several over the past 10 years. I encourage first time bunny lovers as well as providing quality stock for show or meat.

Jenna Heil
Stratford, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Tans, Champagne D’Argent, Crème D’Argent
I have been raising rabbits all my life. Here are my breeds and colors I am focusing on.
Netherland Dwarf colors are orange, tort, and chocolate do occasionally get other colors.
Holland Lop colors are orange, creme, chocolate, tri and lilac
Tan colors are chocolate and black
Champagne D’Argent is standard
Crème D’Argent is standard.
Just getting into Giant Chinchilla
I have show quality rabbits, usually have something available year round.
I was involved in 4H for 11 years, have shown at large and small shows. Rabbits are my passion and just trying to help future breeders out.

Jody Sielicki
Suamico, Wisconsin
Mini Rexes
Jodys Quality Critters Rabbitry
My name is Jody and I am not working right now due to some medical issues and am new to rabbit breeding and spend all my time learning new and exciting things about the rabbit business. Right now, I love raising and spending time handling my bunnies, as soon as possible, so they are well mannered and a pleasure to interact with. They have great personalities and are very lovable. They are great for pets but almost all are pedigreed and show quality also. Right now it is more of a hobby but it is quickly becoming a business for me as I get my stock built up. I enjoy all aspects of breeding, raising, and selling my critters. I also build custom outdoor pens and runs for the rabbits to get fresh air and exercise. I am located in Northeast Wisconsin just outside of Green Bay but will travel to surrounding areas for a fee. Right now, I am focusing on mini rexes and the many variations: broken white/ browns, broken white/opals, and broken white/ blacks. Opals, blacks, and castors but would love to get into reds. In April or May of 2014, if all goes well, I plan on starting breeding Flemish Giants as well but not sure what colors I will specialize in. I will post what I have for breeders and what kits I will have for sale on my Facebook page (Jody’s Quality Critters) and my up and coming website www.jodysqualitycritters.com.

Adrianna Schultz
Tomahawk , Wisconsin
Giant Angoras, English Lops
Mohawksin Rabbitry
I own a small rabbitry in Northern Wi raising English Lops and Giant Angoras.

Wayne Lezama
Trinidad, WI
New Zealand, California
The Secret Garden Rabbitry
I am located in Wisconsin and have 50 Does, 5 Bucks, approx. 135 fattners as of present.

Nancy Norvalls
Twin Lakes , Wisconsin
Flemish Giant
Lucky Feet Rabbitry
Lucky Feet Rabbitry is proud to offer purebred and pedigreed Flemish Giant rabbits. Our bunnies are happy and healthy and make great pets.

Laura and Jake Hoffman
Union Grove, WI
French Lop, Californians
Hands Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry that started out as a 4H project with our oldest daughter. We settled on French Lops after trying a few other breeds and fell in love with these gentle giants.
We soon decided to add Californians as a meat project. We only breed twice a year, spring and fall, and take pride in breeding for temperament first. Who wants a bunny that they can’t hold? We have started showing with the ARBA and were very excited to have our first Best Of Breed win this passed summer!

Katie Birkhauser
Verona, Wisconsin
Silver Fox
Birch House Rabbitry
We raise Silver Foxes, and are selecting for fast growing pedigreed meat rabbits, in black, blue, chocolate and hopefully lilac.

Julienne Melinda Patane Bond
Veroqua, Wisconsin
French Angora
Dancing Star Angoras
Dancing Star Angoras is very small rabbitry,in the heart of the Driftless area of Wisconsin. We breed show quality French Angora rabbits, and are dedicated to quality, producing only a few litters a year. All of our rabbits are fed organic pellets and fresh produce, organic grain and seed mix, and wild leafy greens. French Angoras are a dual purpose breed, having both wool and a commercial body type. The coat has a large amount of guard hairs, making French Angoras easier to groom than other breeds of angora. We enjoy working with these amazing rabbits and we hope you will too!

Ron Dwyer
Warrens, Wisconsin
Flemish Giants New Zealand White/ Red, California
R&K Rabbits
Started small and growing. Proudly raising rabbits in the state of Wisconsin.

Debbie Herolt
Waterford, Wisconsin
Creme D’ Argent, New Zealand
Blueberry Hill Rabbitry
We are a 4-H family that enjoy raising rabbits. We raise Creme D’Argents and New Zealand’s (white).

Ashely Romero & Andrew Faust
Waukesha, WI
Lionheads, Holland Lops
Goddess Cove Rabbitry
We are a Small Rabbitry. We have been Breeding On and Off over the Last 3 years.. We breed as a hobby and for the love of the breeds so we keep our rabbitry small (less then 10 adults at a time. We breed Lionheads In Most every Color Though we Are trying to Narrow that down to broken colors and Magpies/ Harlequins. We breed Holland Lops in Broken varieties.

Rebecca and Scott Luce
Wautoma, Wisconsin
Flemish Giant, Chinchilla, Mini Satin, Mini Lops, New Zealand (white, red, black), Californian, Harlequins, Dutch, Havana, Satins, French Lop
R&S Rabbits
Hello there!
We are a family run rabbitry located in rural Wautoma, WI.
We take pride in raising our rabbits in a country setting with plenty of sunshine and fresh air! This makes for happy rabbits and even happier owners!
We make smiles happen!
Currently we are breeding Flemish Giants, Chinchillas, Mini Satins, Mini Lops, New Zealand Red White and Black, Californian, Harlequin, Dutch, Havanas, Satins, and French Lops. We also have some pet and meat mixes containing the above listed breeds.

Katalinia Virnig
Windsor, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarfs
tiny paw prints
we have up coming litters for 2019

Alyssa Morse
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Heavens Hoppers Rabbitry
I raise quality Mini Rex and Holland Lop rabbits in south-central Wisconsin. In the Mini Rex I focus on the Tri color, but I also have a few: Tortoise, REW, Castor, and Red. In the Holland Lops, I get: Tortoise, Black, Tri, Sable Point, REW, and Pearl. Please check out my site, we usually have show, brood and pets available! 🙂

Meghan Tillinger
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarfs, English Angoras
Rollin’ Puffs Rabbitry
We raise show quality rabbits that are great pets, too.

Tania, Tanille & Nataszia (Tasha)
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops
The Rabbidashery
We raise Mini Rex & Netherlands in a variety of colors, Dwarf Hotots are mainly black banded, but we have 1 chocolate & are working on creating more. Hollands, just depends.
We are located in the north central part of southwest Wisconsin. (make sense? LOL!) I also travel throughout the year, so let me know if you’re 1-2 states away, we’ll see if we can work something out.

Dan, Julie, Kolton & Kiara Krolow
Wittenberg, WI
Holland Lops
Riverview Ridge Rabbitry
We operate a small rabbitry in central Wisconsin focused on raising quality Holland Lops for pet, show or 4H projects.

Sharon Pittsley
Woodman, Wisconsin
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarfs
MAHANAIM God’s Country
I am small rabbitry. I raise mainly Holland-Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. I am hoping to expand into Mini-rex. I have raised several breeds for many years. I like to help out 4-Her’s , kids and anyone who has a real interest in having rabbits. I have some pedigreed stock, mostly have pet quality stock. I am reasonably priced. Located in Southwest Wisconsin. I also make and sell all wire rabbit cages. When contacting me ask for Sharon..by phone is best.

Bernadette Romo
Woodville, Wisconsin
English Angora
Rabbitville RAbbitry
We raise a small number of English angora rabbits. Bunnies and rabbits are occasionally offered for sale. We currently have a litter for sale born 3/4/16. Non pedigreed bunnies $50.00

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