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Kristin Ellis
Buffalo, Wyoming
Rex, meat crosses
Green Key Rabbitry
I raise Rex rabbits in Buffalo, WY, for show, pet, and/or meat. My purebred Rex are shown at ARBA shows, but make loving, calm pets as well. I do mix Rex with Silver Fox and NZ to produce meat rabbits as well.
Kristin Ellis

Avery DeVore
Buffalo, Wyoming
Mini Rex
FoxTail Rabbitry
Avery has been breeding and raising mini rex rabbits since 2010. Babies are for sale on a consistent basis, all purebred and pedigreed for showing in ARBA or 4-h.

Matasha Hock
Casper, WY
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionheads, New Zealands, Angoras (English and French)
Hock Rabbit Ranch
My rabbits are used for 4H and FFA, but mostly I show in 4H and ARAB rabbit shows, around wyoming. My rabbits are all tame and and lovable, there mostly train to show in rabbit shows.

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Jessie-Lauren Foster
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Standard Rex, Californians
Rockin J Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry for now. My mom has been breeding and showing since the 80s and now it’s my turn! Right now we have an amazing pair of Standard Rex and Californians.

Jennifer and Dave
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Californians, New Zealands, Mini Rex
Momma and Poppa’s Lil Ole’ Homestead Rabbitry
We raise rabbits both for pets and meat. We keep our operation small to give the best care to the animals. They have room to run in a protected outdoor area, not just caged as in many operations. We love our rabbits and want others to as well.

Cara Quesenberry
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Holland Lop
Berry Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We breed Holland Lops for pet, brood, and show. We specialize in chocolate and rare colors.. Our rabbits are smart and gentle and are handled daily.

D’Ona Pierce
Clearmont, Wyoming
New Zealand Whites
Pierce Ranch
I have rabbits ranging from just weaned to butcher size available and always more on the way.

John and Debbie Severeide
Cody, Wyoming
DJ Rabbits
Striving to raise quality Californian rabbits in Wyoming.

Cassie Reesman
Elkhorn, Wyoming
Satins (Reds)
Cassie and Lauren’s Rabbitry
My sister and I have been raising rabbits for 6 years now and we have love the Red Satin breed. We have won many grand champions and reserve champions at the fair with our rabbits. They are high show quality and they would be good for breeding. We have 7 red satin rabbits that will be ready for sale July 19. Their are 4 does and 3 bucks. They are very friendly and they would be great with children!

Michel & Cecilia Rosendahl & McWilliams
Gillette, Wyoming
Jersey Wooly, Dutch, Harlequin, Holland Lops, Polish
Bomber Mountain Bunnies
We established in 2015, to help local kids in 4H & FFA find smaller, easy to handle bunnies for their Exhibits & Showmanship competition. We added Harlequin’s in 2018 as an experiment to see if there was any interest our part of the USA.

Chandra Williamson
Gillette, Wyoming
Holland Lop, Mini Rex and Holland/Mini Lop mix
Williamson Rabbitry
We are just getting started and are trying to get good quality Holland lops.

Kennedy Wright
Gillette, Wyoming
Holland Lop
Double K Livestock
Two pedigreed rabbits, born April 12, 2022. I have one buck and one doe available.
Their mom and dad are both 4-H and FFA show rabbits.
Black doe- $60
Brown/grayish buck- $50

Trinity VanNornam
Glenrock, Wyoming
Blanc de Hotot, Dwarf Hotot, Blue-eyed White Polish, Holland Lops
Deer Creek Rabbits
A small town Rabbitry located in Glenrock Wyoming. i have been running my rabbitry for almost three years now.

Tammy Woods
Glenrock, Wyoming
Flemish Giants, French Lops
Tammy’s Frenchies and Flemish Rabbitry
I have a small Rabbitry of 10, I breed French Lop (Blacks/Agouti’s/Opals) and Flemish Giants (Sandy/Fawn/Maybe later Lt Gray) it’s just a hobby that I Love to do, I Love Rabbits and they are fun. My Does use Litter boxes in their hutches and runs, therefore the kits learn to as well, they make “GREAT” House Bunnies. The Kits are very socialized when they go to their new homes. I have Showable Pedigreed Kits and Pet Quality Non Pedigreed Kits. My herd can be seen on Face Book @ “Tammy’s Frenchies” Thanks for looking.

Larry and Fallon Olsen
Hanna, Wyoming
Rex, New Zealand, Meat Mutts
Spartan Winds Rabbitry
We have beautiful show quality Rex rabbits with pedigrees.
We are just getting started with New Zealand whites, and usually have some meat mutts available as well.
Please feel free to e-mail spartanwinds@outlook.com or txt 307-339-7044

Dillon Hedges
Lander, Wyoming
Champagne d’Argent, Champagne D’argent, Tans and Mini lop
PoPo Agie Rabbitry
Currently about a 50 hole rabbitry I specialize in raising top quality show stock. My Main breed is my Champagnes, but I have some good stock in both of the other breeds as well. I usually have babies available in the fall and the spring.
(307) 349-6290

Abby Odell
Laramie, Wyoming
Mini Rex & Holland Lop
Granite Springs Rabbitry
There is four members in this rabbitry. There is Selina Steiert who is the leader of our rabbitry. Then there is me Abby Odell,Charlotte & Claire Golden. Abby Odell and Selina Steiert live in Laramie,Wyoming. Charlotte and Claire Golden live in Colorado.We raise mini rexes and Holland lops. We raise show quality rabbits. Me and Selina Steiert are involved in the rabbit project in our local 4-h program. If you are interested in getting a show rabbit just call or text Selina Steiert at 307-399-9511.Or we could meet you at a local rabbit show.

Jami and Brooklynn Salo
Laramie, WY
New Zealand Whites, Dutch
BAP’s Bunnies
We started raising a rabbit for 4-H and turned into full fledged breeders in a matter of just a few months. Our daughter raises New Zealand Whites and mom raises Dutch in both chocolate and blue. In the past we have dabbled in Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex (chocolate only), and New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds.

Selina Steiert
Laramie, Wyoming
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Mixed Meat Rabbits
Granite Springs Rabbitry
We are a Rabbitry in South East Wyoming, we are 4-H members, and also go to ARBA shows near the area. We breed Mini Rexes, Holland Lops, and mixed breeds of meat rabbits. We mostly breed our bunnies in the winter, and have alot for sale in the spring. go check out our website to see what we have in our rabbitry! Go to granitespringsrabb.wixsite.com/rabbitry and please note that it works better on a computer.

Brittany Mangus
Lovell, Wyoming
Standard Rex, New Zealand Whites
Fearlessy Enchanting Rabbitry
The Standard Rex are sold by Brittany under FER, however the NZ are sold by the family farm Mangus Family Farms.

Paul Eitel
Newcastle, Wyoming
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Broken Arrow Rabbits
Specializing in raising quality meat rabbits. Currently raising pure bred New Zealand Whites, and Californian / New Zealand White cross breds.

Cissie Englebert
Newcastle, Wyoming
New Zealands – Blacks, blues and brokens
CTD Rabbitry
My kids also have Flemish (blue and black), Polish (blue, black and brokens) and Mini Rex (castor) for 4-H and FFA projects.

Dawson Smith
Newcastle, Wyoming
Mini Lop
Dawson Smith
I just want a mini lop rabbit

Tristean Grover
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Palomino, Lynx Palimino
Grover Brothers Rabbitry
We have a smallrabbitry that is mostly run by my older boys with their 4-H rabbits.

Abra Karhan
Saint Stephens, Wyoming
Satin, Rex, New Zealand, Mini Rex, Meat pens
Desert Sage Rabbitry #D892
I have been raising and showing rabbits on and off for years. Now my children are carrying on the tradition. We concentrate on Rex- castor, black, tricolor, chinchilla. Satin- white, black, siamese. New Zealand white, black, blue, brokens. Mini Rex- tricolor, sable point. Meat pens- any color. Other colors are also born in the barn. I try to help 4h’ers whenever I can and donate to the local fair. My rabbits have full color 7 generation pedigrees with the parents pictures when I have access to the information.

Caitlyn Anderson
Sheridan, Wyoming
Mini Lop
Windy Willows Mini Lops
Purebred mini lop rabbits. Our rabbits are show quality and very docile. We provide a comfortable, loving home for our rabbits and we strive to find our babies the best homes possible.

Rhonda and Sheila Miller
Shoshoni, Wyoming
Main Breed: Holland Lop
Donut Hole Ranch Rabbitry
We make our own outside hutches and also use a shed. Eventually we will be building a rabbit barn. We currently have around 250 rabbits. Our breeds include; Californian, Champagne d’Argent, Dutch, Flemish Giant, Florida White, Harlequin, Havana, French Lop, Holland lop, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Rex, Mini Rex, Mini Satin and Satins.

Ian Engling
Wheatland, Wyoming
Rex, Standard Rex
Double Dual Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Wheatland WY. We specialize in Top Quality Rex Rabbits.

Raegan Harnish
Wheatland, Wyoming
Holland Lops, American Chinchillas, New Zealands
Windy Wyo Rabbitry
We specalize in the Pedegreed show quality Holland Lops, but also maintain high quality meat production rabbits through our New Zealands and American Chinchillas. We show in 4-H and ARBA occasionally and are happy to help young members.

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