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Champagne D' Argent Rabbit Breed Info

Champagne D' Argent Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: one standard color.

Size: 9-12  pounds.

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Champagne D' Argent Rabbit Information and History

Just like Blanc de Hotot means “white [rabbit] of Hotot,” Champagne d’Argent means “Silver [rabbit] of Champagne.”  Contrary to what you might think, the word Champagne does not refer to the silvery color, but rather to the region in France where the breed was developed.

Today there are at least seven breeds of “Argente” rabbits worldwide.  The ARBA recognizes two: Champagne and Crème.  A chocolate version, Argente Brun is also seeking ARBA acceptance.  But the Champagne is the oldest of them all.  Its exact origin is not known, but documentation suggests the breed was present in France by the mid-1600’s. 

Champagne d’Argents have commercial body type and are entirely suitable for market rabbits.  In fact, there have been some Champagne meat pens to give Cal’s and New Zealands a run for their money!  The fur is to conform to the ARBA commercial fur standard, and is therefore a close-lying flyback.  This was not always the case, however.  When Champagnes were first brought to this country in 1912, they had long, loose coats, not unlike that of a silver fox (canine.)  While that sounds attractive, the silver color was found to be much improved on a shorter length coat, so it became standard.  General type is worth 55 of 100 points in the ARBA standard, with color carrying 20, fur carrying 15, and condition 10 points.  It is a six-class breed with showing groups for senior, intermediate, junior, and pre-junior bucks and does.

These “silver plated” rabbits indeed seem to put on shining armor as they grow.  Champagnes are born solid black and the silver hairs develop as the rabbit matures.  They silver out from the underside up, finishing last over the back and face between 6 and 8 months of age.  The color will continue to lighten as the rabbit matures.  Genetically, Champagnes are a black rabbit with the silver gene, symbolized by si.  The gene is incompletely recessive, so rabbits with one copy of the silver gene and one copy of the normal gene will appear lightly silvered.   The gene can also cause solid white spots, which is cause for disqualification according to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

This breed is certainly not one of the top ten most popular in the United States, but is in no danger of extinction.  There are breeders of the Champagne is several countries worldwide, though the exact shade of silver varies to some degree.

Champagne D' Argent Rabbit Care

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Champagne D' Argent Rabbit Resources

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