Meat Pen Rabbits

Find Meat Pen Rabbits in your area using our meat pen rabbit breeders directory. Use our resource list to find information on raising meat pen bunnies for 4-H and FFA Shows. Most of the rabbit breeders listed below breed Californian or New Zealand Rabbits. If you are a meat pen breeder and would like to have your rabbitry added to this list, please visit our meat pen breeder submission page.

Meat Pen Information

What is a Meat Pen? – When I use the term meat pen I am referring to a pen of three rabbits which usually weigh between 3 and 5 pounds. Normally the rabbits are either Californian or New Zealand. A “meat pen” is one of the forms of competition, many times offered by an ARBA sanctioned show. When an exhibitor enters a meat pen into a show they usually are choosing their best three rabbits (approximately 70 days old), to be judged in a fryer competition (judging on ideal meat qualities). Although they are judged based upon meat characteristics the rabbits themselves are very rarely used for meat. Instead they are usually kept for breeding stock or sold at auction for competitive prices.

For a Complete Guide to Raising and Showing Meat Pen Rabbits be sure to grab a copy of: Raising Meat Pen Rabbits by Aaron Webster.

If you are looking to buy rabbits for meat or other purposes please check out our state breeder index or our breed index to find rabbit breeders in your area.

Breeder Listings

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Featured Meat Pen Rabbit Breeders:

George Webster
Willis, Texas
AA Rabbits
We specialize in raising top quality Texas Californian Meat Pen Rabbits for 4-H and FFA shows. Lots of meat pen rabbit showing success in the last few years. Numerous Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and placing meat pens at Texas Rabbit Fairs/Shows. We are located approximately 60 miles north of Houston Texas. Call and leave a message if you are interested in potentially purchasing meat pen rabbits from us. (Contact name: George Webster) Also you can visit our website: ( for more information about our Texas Californian Rabbitry.


Chris Ratcliff
Conway, Arkansas
Ratcliff’s Rabbitry
Rabbits for pet, meat , and show including New Zealand whites, mini Rex , standard chin, Flemish giant, and silver martens most of our rabbits are pedigree and are ( proven).

Mark & Pat Berry
Sheridan, Arkansas
Berry Rabbit Farm
Flemish giant cross nzw, and nzw, Flemish giants.

Recommended Rabbit Books

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Raising Rabbits 101 Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Pet Rabbit Guide


Traci Eggleston
King City, CA
Lewis Creek Pastured Meats Rabbitry
We raise Californians all year round! We focus on raising rabbits with good feed efficiency and early growth and maturity. A rabbit meat pen of three sells for $120.00.

David Roe
Tracy, CA
Roe’s Bunny Farm
New Zealands, Californians, Breed Year Round… Pen Sale Price $120


Scott DeManche
Berthoud, CO
DeManche Rabbitry
Top show Californians. High end Meat pens for sale.

Rebecca Haas
Fort Collins, CO
Haas Rabbits
We have New Zealand Rabbits. Exercised and handled daily. Contact if interested in purchasing.

Blake and Brady Hopkins
LaSalle, CO
B & B Rabbitry
We will have a limited number of Quality Californian Meat Pens available for county fairs this summer at $125/pen. Contact us early to reserve your rabbits.


Jack Dandridge
Brooksville, Florida
Jack’s Rabbits
NZW does bred to Altex bucks make up a pen of three does and one buck. Crosses are also available. A pen of four rabbits sells for $60.00. We also build starter cages, four holes with feeders. Custom cages can also be built.

Larry Kneeshaw
Kneeshaw’s Rabbitry
We are small Rabbitry concentrating on high quality show rabbits, pets, and meat rabbits. All show rabbits come with a pedigree. Feel free to call anytime for information. We are located a mile of I-95 on the border of Florida.

Maleah Williamson-Ashby
Homosassa, Florida
BFF Rabbitry – Bunny Friends Forever
We have REW New Zealand pen of meat rabbits readily available. We also are working on developing our AlTex line at this time, and hope to soon have them available to you. If you choose to use the larger rabbits for your pen we also have Flemish Giants for you to choose from.

Mike & Dee Blaha
Masaryktown, FL
Rabbits, Etc. Rabbitry
We are a 350 Doe operation. We sell for meat, pets and feed.

Nathan White
Orange Park, Florida
White House Rabbitry
For two years I watched and listened to show and meat pen people and decided on the Californian breed. A medium bone which produces more meat per 5lb weight at ten weeks than most other breeds. Californians have become so popular that its become hard to hold on to a few for my table.
1 buck 2 does $95.00

William and Angie Pippin
Zolfo springs, Florida
Orange Blossum Special Rabbitry
We specialize in pure New Zealand and Californians
Also crosses we have imported some of the best genetics
That are available east of the Mississippi River
Our rabbits have excellent meat to bone ratio we sell pairs
Or singles and we always have our phones on to help answer
Any questions you may have before and after the sale has been


Blake Nelson
Island Park, Idaho USA
High Mountain Rabbitry
We raise high quality show, and commercial New Zealand Whites. Only quality rabbits go out with our name on them.


Jerry Fisher
Martinton, IL
JC Bunny Ranch
I raise only champagne d’argents.
I breed meat pens for the fair, from july to sept. Start breeding in April for pens.
I get from $40 to $60 each depending on confirmation. 20% off for youth breeders.
Had 2 first place meat pens last year and 2 winning fryers. took all think to the convention,1st place sr doe,2nd and 3rd jr bucks,3rd place sr buck,2nd place jr doe.4th pace 6-8 buck. all from my 2 winning meat pens.


Duane Kline
Claypool, Indiana
Triple K Rabbitry
Raising both New Zealand & Californians. We concentrate our Californians on meat pen competition. We breed throughout the year. Call us for more information. God Bless.

Jeff Mckee
Hills N’Holler rabbitry
Pedigreed California and Non pedigreed New Zealands

Steve Dunn
Waterloo IND
Oakline Rabbitry
Californians for meat pens.


Alan Harbert
Petersburg, IL
Indian Point Rabbitry
Show quality meat rabbits. Breeds I raise are; new zealand white/red/black/blue, californian, standard rex & broken rex. I sell live rabbit & also sell rabbit meat.


Grace Jakes
Indianola, Iowa
Graceful Meadows Rabbitry
I sell quality Silver Fox rabbits at affordable prices. I am an exclusive breeder of Silver Fox rabbits. I can sell rabbits for meat as well as for breeding and my rabbits are all very healthy, I have a website called were you can learn more about the rabbits I breed.


Joe Petersen
Greater Kansas City Area, Kansas
New Zealand and Standard Rex
Red Oak Farm
We sell breeding stock – New Zealand White, Black, and Red. We also have Standard Rex rabbits. A member of ARBA, we try to breed year-round.


James Moore
Mt Olive, Kentucky
G&J Rabbit Farm
We are new to this and we hope to sell our first litters in May, feel free to call.


Cynthia Bixby
Lyman, ME
Hoppy Kidz Rabbitry
Silver fox with pedigree and show quality rabbits.


Ken Anderson
Violetville, Maryland
Ravens Fan Rabbitry
ARBA listed hobby sized rabbitry producing high quality meat pens, pedigreed show and pet quality rabbits using Silver Fox, Satin, and NZW brood stock. We are not for profit and strongly support 4-H and FFA providing youth discounts. We breed year round and look forward to your interested inquiries.


Christina Laverty
Newberry, Michigan
Thunder Struck Rabbitry
I breed pedigreed Rhinelanders and sell a meat pen for $25. Most of my litters are born late spring to early summer so they will be ready for meat pens by fair time. If you are looking for meat rabbits for a meat pen at a different time, let me know. I may have some rabbits that fit the bill at that time or we can work something out.

Kecia Visser
Plainwell, MI
Kecia’s Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand White and Californian rabbits. I usually have kits year round, but the more notice I have that you are looking for something specific, the more likely I can have what you are looking for. Prices vary depending on which lines the rabbits are from and the age at which you buy them. They may be as cheap as $5 each up to $50 each.


Ford Eastin
Picayune, Mississippi
Eastin Rabbitry
We have Californians and New Zealand White Meat Pen Rabbits.

Ronald & Lynn Lott
Sandy Hooks, Mississippi
R & L Rabbitry
Raising Californians and New Zealands


Bob Hartless
Carthage, Missouri
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Californian
Hartless Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry born from my daughters 4-H project started several years ago. She continues to show in ARBA shows as well as county and state fair meat pen shows. She has won the county fair meat pen show three years in a row and just won the Missouri State Fair meat pen show 2015. We are continuously working to improve our genetics for both show and meat pens. We have breeding stock available in New Zealand and Californian and can produce meat pens with enough prior notice. Contact us with your needs and we will do our best to provide you with rabbits you will be proud of.

Cathy Page
Macomb, Missouri
Page Hilltop Farm
We have New Zeland Whites only 1.75 lb. We have rabbits for sale all year, we have a small 45 doe rabbitry, but are increasing 15-20 more this year.


Columbia Falls, MT
Majestic Mountain Rabbitry
I raise beautiful Californians. Most of my Californian stock came from Ohio, Indiana, and Idaho. I usually have some available all year round except I usually don’t breed in Winter. But I usually have breeding pairs and breeding trios available all the time. The price depends on with or without a pedigree.


Micki & Mandy
Reno, NV
M&M Rabbitry
We have meat pens available for end of April & end of august. Breeds are Californians, Champagne D’Argents & Cal/Champ crosses. Pens are normally $30-$60. Contact us with enough notice and we can breed for any time frame.

Donna Stuckey
Spring Creek, Nevada
DD Rabbit Ranch
We raise and sell Meat Pens Spring through Fall, or can have specific breeds or time of year by request. We have Californians, New Zealands and Californian / New Zealand Cross available. Prices for a pen of (four) 4 Rabbits range from $30.00 – $45.00. Contact us for further information.
775-778-6656 or 775-750-6300

New Mexico

Leroy Rodriguez
La Puebla, NM
Plaza De Colores Rabbitry
Plaza De Colores Rabbitry is family operated and have been breeding for meat pens for a few years now. Our pedigree Californians and New Zealand Whites meat pens have made to the 4-H auction ring locally and through out the state. We have the capability of breeding year round. Let us know your show dates in advance and we can custom breed for you. Price varies dependent on quality and age at the time of purchase. A pen of 3 starts at $60. Call for current price and availability.

New York

Sean & Alyssa Davis
Frankfort, NY
Champagne d’Argent
Brick House Acres Rabbitry
We are a family run homestead & berry farm located in upstate New York. We raise Champagne d’Argent rabbits for pets, meat, fur, and show. Purebred breeding, pet, and show stock available from championship lines.

Deb Graning
Middleport, NY
Graning’s Northern Lights Rabbitry
Champagne d’argents. I breed for meat pens in Feb. and June for 4h fair and Ohio state convention.

North Dakota

Lisa Miller
Linton, North Dakota
North Prairie Rabbitry
We sell New Zealand-Califorian satin crosses. We will start breeding year round. Our prices depend on with or without pedigree. Usually start at $15 to $25 without pedigree. $ 25 and up each with pedigree. Can discount for 4-H or multiple purchases of three or more.


Lee Miller
Centerburg, Ohio
MarLee Farm’s Fakano Rabbitry
Breeding for 35 years. Meat Pens, Breeding Stock, Show Stock. Californians and New Zealand White, Black, Broken…….also fancies of Hollands and Mini Rex.

Eddie Thompson
Liberty Township, Ohio
Buster’s Bunny Barn
We currently raise New Zealand white, black and broken meat pen rabbits. Our rabbits are from excellent breeding lines. In addition to our meat pen variety, we raise Dutch and French Lops. We enjoy raiding them and showing them locally.
513-899-1467 or 513-899-1HOP

Ted Stidham
Lucasville, Ohio
LTJ’s Rabbitry
Breeders of show quality meat pens for the last 20 years. Breeders of the several grand & reserve champion meat pens for several county fairs in Ohio , Kentucky & Michigan. Meat pen bunnies are $20.00 each and are available June through Sept.

Carl Barrick
Minerva, OH
C and J Rabbitry
We raise several varieties of satins for show and meat. Have had several grand and reserve champion meat pens.

Tony Gregory
Mount Gilead, Ohio
Silver Pond Rabbitry
Sliver Pond is a medium sized rabbitry growing only Californian rabbits. Quality has been very important to us as we have grown to be one of the largest Californian Rabbit breeders in the state of Ohio. Sliver Pond is very involved with youth and assists hundreds of 4H and FFA members every year with their meat and breeding rabbit needs. Show ring success however tells the ultimate story. If you are looking at raising meat rabbits or are looking for competitive rabbits for 4H or FFA you owe it to yourself to check us out.


Jason Sullivan
Baker City, Sullivan
B2 Rabbitry
We sell Californian/New Zealand X rabbits for meat. We breed our Meat Does through out the year. If you would like meat rabbits and we don’t have any available we will have them ready for sell within three months. The sale price for a litter of three is $10.00.

Amy Hillecke
Northeast Oregon
Hill Rise Rabbitry
We have New Zealands and Californians, and usually aim to have pens available for fairs during the last week of July/first week of August (depending on your fair regulations, that could be as late as the 2nd or 3rd week of August), but with 4 months notice, I can do a custom breeding for 4-H/FFA members who need a pen. Pens are normally weaned at 5-6 weeks of age, and I offer options to local kids who need a place to keep the pen.


Rachel Zagata
Nicholson, PA
Adorable Angora
We focus mainly on the angora breeds, but also have giant chinchilla rabbits and Alaskan rabbits!

Wendy MacDonald
McVeytown, Pennsylvania
West Wind’s Rabbitry
Raising quality Californian rabbits for meat pens in Pennsylvania. We breed year-round, so usually always have rabbits ready to go!

Michelle and David Waltz
Middleburg, Pennsylvania
Waltz Flemish Hoppers
We raise Californians, New Zealands (white, red, black, broken reds and blacks), silver fox, champagnes, and we cross some of our white New Zealands with our Flemish Giants. You get a really fast growing meat rabbit. We usually get $20.00 each, but if you buy multiple rabbits we discount them.

Matt Chilson
Rome, PA
Chilson’s Bunny Barn
We have californians breed in spring.

Brooke Lechner
Wampum, PA
Bunnies by the Brooke
New Zealand White Meat Pen Rabbits…Winter/Spring Breeding.

South Carolina

Amy Douglas
Winnsboro, South Carolina
KALB Rabbits
We have New Zealand, San Juan, and Flemish Giants. We breed in the cooler months, July and August we do not breed. Our price is $1.50 per pound.


Shirley Stewart
Chattanooga, TN
Wabbits and Wranglers Rabbitry
Specializing in Silver Fox Rabbits, originally bred in the USA for meat and for their exceptional coats. With their excellent dispositions, this breed is beginning to make a comeback from near extinction. Meat rabbits offer a healthy alternative for concerned individuals and families who don’t want to eat commercially produced meat (beef, pork, poultry) which have been fed GMO laden grains, unnecessary antibiotics and other growth producing drugs most of their lives. When you raise your own meat, you have control over what they eat. There are many reasons to raise Meat Pen rabbits. What’s yours? ARBA #STEWSH01

Scott Payne
Columbia, TN
City Limits Rabbitry
Many different meat pen breeds. Flemish, New Zealand California, American sable, harlequin.

Randy & Allison Woods
Lexington, TN
Woods Rabbit Farm
Raising New Zealand Whites + Flemish Giants
731-614-0619 731-614-8681


Dustin and Audra Coker
Bremond, Texas
ACDC Rabbitry
We raise California rabbits. Please let us know in plenty of time so we can breed for your fair. This is our first year showing and our son won Grand Champion with his single fryer and made the sale with his meat pen. We charge $30 per rabbit. We look forward to visiting with you.

David Whisenhunt
Brownwood, Texas
Whizz Rabbitry
Quality California meat pen rabbits for sale. We also sale breeding stock and single meat rebbits.

Kristofer Knesek
Gonzales, Texas
The Knesek Rabbitry
At The Knesek Rabbitry we are dedicated to providing you with quality meat pens for 4-H and FFA fairs and stock shows.
We provide Californian, New Zealand Black, New Zealand White, New Zealand Broken, and Rex Meat Pens to youth throughout the state.
Please contact us by email, text, call, or by visiting one of the links below.
To order your meat pens please visit:
We also raise quality polish at:

Margaret Lange
Bryan, Texas
M&L Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits since 1997. WE have been showing/selling meat pen projects since 2000. We specialize in Californian meat pens. We also have Champagne D’Argents for meat pens. You can go to our website an look at our winning page. It tells you how our rabbits do at the shows. We strive to raise an keep only the best we can. Call/email to get on the list for your show. WE will help you with your project.

Gretchen Bass
Conroe, TX
We raise Californian Rabbits for 4H & FFA meat pen projects. Our kids show at the Montgomery County Fair and Houston Livestock Show. We often have breeding stock of all ages available as well as pets & fryers.

Steven Coyne
Forney, Texas
Texas Bunny Barn
We are a New Zealand White Meat Pen Breeder in Forney, Texas. We do not show, tattoo or register our rabbits. We also do not provide pedigrees. We focus our efforts on the breeding of quality stock. Our stock breeders are healthy and have great fur and shape. Our original breeding stock came from the John Gillis bloodline. Please contact us for additional information.

Jeff Brandes
Hallettsville, TX
Brandes Rabbitry
I breed Californians for meat pen shows.
(361) 798-0563

Ray Alexander
Hempstead, Texas
BNKH Rabbitry
We raise Californians and Champagnes for both breeding and meat pens. We breed year round and would appreciate 1 months prior notice to the breed date to ensure availability of does. Our kits sell for $30 per kit and we suggest that buyers purchase a minimum of 5 per order.

Penny Newton
Kaufman, Texas
Penny’s Bunny Hutch
New Zealands, Californians… Sometimes Harlequins Available. We sell Pen of 4 for $120.

Lem Burch
Livingston, TX
Lems Hobby Rabbitry
I raise californians for meat pens, I try to keep my does producing year around. However if you give me a standing order and breeding date i will breed for you. Price this year is app. 140.00 for a pen of 4.

Gordon Green
Medina, Texas
Texas Bunny Rabbit Breeder Ranch
We raise meat pens for different county shows let us know your show dates in advance .new zealand white and californian.

Regina Woodley
San Angelo, Texas
Promised Land Rabbitry
We average 30-40 Californian rabbits and try to breed year-round. Our own kids have started showing meat pens and have done well. Sire of our herd was a member of a champion meat pen. $75 for four so you can have “wiggle room” to pick the best three. Call as soon as you know your show date so we can reserve a litter for you!

Eric & Leah McInnis
Silsbee, TX
Fox Meadows Rabbitry
We breed Californian rabbits for meat pens. We will breed for your show if you submit your show dates ahead of time. Preferably 4 months. I check show schedules often to try to have a few pens available. Our current price for a pen of 4 is $150.00. Please check website’s “For Sale” page for availability dates.

Wayne & Carolyn Wright
Smithville, TX
BAR-R Rabbitry
We raise and sell Californian, Palomino, and Satin Meat Pen Rabbits in Texas.

John Gillis, Jr
Terrell, Texas
Double T Rabbitry
My New Zealand Whites breed all year round, main sales and orders are from Sept. thru April. $ 30.00 per 5 week rabbit w/gal. of feed. First place pen or fryer purchased from us will receive award and $ 75.00, we want to hear about our winners. Quest welcome.


Marshfield, Vermont
New Discovery Farm & Rabbitry
We breed primarily New Zealands and also have Californians available. We have pedigreed and non-pedigreed New Zealands available. We breed year round so if you let us know when you need your meat pen, we can plan for it. Meat pens run from $90 up depending upon pedigree or non and if you want a trio meat pen or a meat pen of four. Contact us for more information depending upon your needs.
802-426-3566 or 802-279-8135


Ashanda Kristen Haley
Arlington, WA
Raisin Hare Experience Rabbitry
We raise New Zealands & American Chinchillas and compete in meat pens with ARBA. We also raise some other breeds; Netherland dwarf, Havana, and French Lops. We establised our rabbitry back in 2010.

Goldendale, WA
OE Read’s Rabbits
We may have American Sable Rabbits and AS crosses. AS make great meat rabbits! The AS, Pointed White (sports) non- showable, look like a Californian. They also come in Seal, dark almost black Sable pattern (sports) non-showable. In addition to the Showable Sable color. We will be breeding for the Klickitat County Fair, WA. Sept. with an advance request we can breed to fill other requests. Pricing will depend on: quality/quantity pedigree/without? $20. – $60. There currently are no restrictions on the breed your allowed to market for 4-H or FFA.
509 773-3006

Christian Albright
Spanaway, Wa
Peter’s rabbits
Hello! I am in 4H and I raise Californians, Satins and New Zealands. Please check out my website for more info. Thank you!

Adam and Elisabeth Waldron
Skagit Valley, Washington
King’s Bunnies Rabbitry


Abra Karhan
Saint Stephens, Wyoming
Desert Sage Rabbitry
Expecting Californian and Satin meat pens this year. I will also have some New Zealand crosses. Pedigreed pens are $60 ($20 rabbits) and non pedigreed or crossbred with pedigreed are $45 ($15 rabbits).

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